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Chapter 10: Chapter 10

Sun Yuchen hadn’t come to school for several days, but Tong Jia learned from Sun Yuchen’s good friend that her mother had finally agreed to divorce, and she was now ready to go through with the formalities. She had also said sadly that Sun Yuchen may possibly drop out of school and live abroad with her mother.

In fact, this was right. From the perspective of adults' thinking, this was the best result for both Sun Yuchen and her mother. Although Sun Yuchen was very reluctant to give up her father, Tong Jia knew that in the long run, she would hate her father, and leaving was the best choice before hate had yet to breed.

Sun Yuchen's mother was a serious beauty. Such a person should not spend the rest of her life in a failed marriage, but pursue happiness. Tong Jia didn’t want to judge others, but still felt heartbroken thinking about it. She thought that three people should remain together. Did the mistress think that she could rest easy the moment she became a legitimate member of the family? It was a good thing that Sun Yuchen's mother had left that cheater. It was really unfortunate to be with such a scum.

Recently, Tong Jia had also encountered something bad. Qin Yue knew her address and sometimes drove to her house downstairs, which made Tong Jia annoyed. Whenever she was free, Tong Jia would go check out houses online. It wasn’t that she didn't want to meet Qin Yue. If Qin Yue could fix his attitude, she didn’t mind just being friends with him, but he obviously wanted to make up with her. Tong Jia felt uncomfortable at the thought of this.

However, Qin Yue had appeared again. Tong Jia couldn't wait to turn and leave, which she did. But Qin Yue rushed forward, took her hand, and said, "Tong Jia, don't do this, okay? I worked overtime a few days ago, so I left work early today. Let's have dinner together, alright?”

Tong Jia felt extremely helpless. She couldn’t do anything about Qin Yue; she could neither beat nor scold him. It wasn’t until a while later that she had wanted to move houses. Tong Jia didn’t understand. What was Qin Yue doing this for? She didn’t believe in his feelings at all. It wasn’t an extreme statement. Tong Jia knew what kind of person she herself was; when it came to feelings, she had a high demand for loyalty, so she couldn’t accept Qin Yue's claim that he loved her the most.

Originally, this kind of thing would depend on how they got along with each other. If they didn’t get along, they would break up. She and Qin Yue had long separated, and now that he was making such a heartfelt gesture again, Tong Jia accepted it as incompetence.

She hadn’t asked Qin Yue to be with her forever. After all, halfway through, she had lost her feelings for him and let it go. But as Qin Yue had said, although he had been with Wan Xiaoyu, in fact, the person in his heart had always been her. Even Tong Jia felt sad for Wan Xiaoyu.

Tong Jia knew that no one was likely to love only one person in their life, but at least they should be treating others wholeheartedly when with them. Otherwise, wouldn’t they be playing with their feelings?

"Qin Yue, I am very tired today and have already eaten. Can you let go of me?" Tong Jia looked at Qin Yue. She didn't want to be like this with Qin Yue. After all, they had previously been together and those memories had been wonderful.

"Tong Jia, I know you are bored of me, but I can't help it. If I don't, there will really be no hope left for us." Qin Yue really regretted it. He couldn't wait to return to the past. His relationship with Tong Jia had ended on his own initiative. Now that he thought about it, he wanted to beat his previous self up. People always understood love late.

He used to like Tong Jia, but he felt that he couldn't give up his dignity for her. So when Tong Jia would always desert him because she was busy, Qin Yue felt very tired. He felt that this relationship had been supported by him alone. He didn't even know what love he was talking about!

When he was young, he’d always thought that he’d meet many people. Tong Jia had just been a phase, so he’d let go of her easily. He felt that he had let go of her for his dignity. To prove himself, he got together with Wan Xiaoyu, who had always liked him. But after he was with Wan Xiaoyu, he discovered that it was not the same thing. Wan Xiaoyu was very active, but he felt particularly bored. He hadn’t been enthusiastic about either watching movies or having dinner dates. If only the other party was someone else; he felt that it was boring.

After separating from Wan Xiaoyu, Qin Yue didn't feel compelled to be with Tong Jia either. At the class reunion, the others had asked about Tong Jia, and when he had seen that Zhou Yanchen was also there, he had deliberately said those words for him. Although it had been very childish, he had been very happy that night, and had even dreamed of marrying her. When he had heard the news of Tong Jia's return, he had woken up suddenly, his heart beating quickly. At that time, he had realized that although some feelings were buried deeply, they would grow into towering trees one day.

He had just suddenly found out that he really only liked Tong Jia.

When he had been young, he had felt that ego was the most important thing, but didn't realize until now that as long as he could get Tong Jia back, he would do anything.

Tong Jia was silent for a moment. She suddenly spoke softly, "Qin Yue, you can do whatever you want. It’s your own business, I can't force you, but you can't be unreasonable. You have the right to pursue and I have the right to ignore. So can you let me go now? I'm really tired.”

Qin Yue slowly let go of her hand and watched Tong Jia turn and walk into the building. He stood by the car. He had never panicked before. It suddenly occurred to him that a lot of boys had pursued Tong Jia before, but she would always solve it calmly or ignore them. At that time, he had been both jealous and happy. He had always felt that Tong Jia was so good that he didn't have to do anything at all. But now that her detachment and disregard were directed towards him, he got to know how hurtful it was.

Tong Jia went back to the house, walked to the window, and saw that Qin Yue was still downstairs. She felt quite annoyed and finally went to take a bath to feel a little better. Tong Jia was still thinking about Sun Yuchen. The class monitor's proposal today was also pretty good. If Sun Yuchen really wanted to go abroad, the people in the class wanted to give her a farewell party. The class monitor had also said that she would be invited to attend. Tong Jia liked her section's students very much and had a good relationship with them, and with this in mind, Tong Jia felt comforted.

Song Chi had a good relationship with Sun Yuchen. After all, they had been in the same class in primary school. After they had gone to middle school, they’d had few acquaintances in the same class. He also knew what happened at Sun Yuchen's house, but couldn’t do anything except secretly curse at Sun Yuchen's father. Two days ago, he had sent a WeChat message to Sun Yuchen, and she had told him that she was really going abroad. Today, when the class monitor had said that he would give Sun Yuchen a farewell party, Song Chi also had other thoughts.

His birthday was coming. In the past, his eldest brother had given him a reservation at a hotel outside, saying that it was for the birthday party. In fact, all the adults had come to talk about business, which had made Song Chi very upset. He also wanted to invite his classmates to his house and have a birthday party like other students. He thought about hosting his birthday party that would also be a farewell party for Sun Yuchen in his house, but didn't dare mention it to his eldest brother.

During dinner, Song Chi started to speak, but faltered several times. Whenever he would glance upwards and see the expression of Song Yancheng, he wouldn’t dare say anything.

Song Yancheng noticed Song Chi's body language. After drinking his last sip of soup, he put down his porcelain bowl, looked at Song Chi, and asked, "Do you have something to ask me?”

Strangely enough, Song Yancheng knew that he had only one younger brother, but couldn't figure out why this younger brother was not close with him at all.

When Song Chi heard the words, he shook his head, then shyly nodded and said, "Brother, it’s my birthday soon."

He didn’t expect his elder brother to remember, but the secretary or housekeeper usually reminded him so he would still know.

Song Yancheng froze for a moment, a little stuck, then said, "Well, what gift do you want?"

Children of this age should be looking forward to gifts, right?

It was Song Chi's turn to be surprised. He didn't react. He had received a gift from his eldest brother before, but he knew that all of them had been chosen by his secretary. Last year had been a new car model and the latest computer. It was the first time that his eldest brother had asked him what gift he wanted face-to-face. Song Chi was flattered.

Song Chi tentatively asked, "Is anything OK?”

It was very tricky for children to ask this question. Song Yancheng smiled lightly and replied, "As long as it is within my ability, it will be fine.”

“Then, can I invite my classmates to have fun at home? Just let the housekeeper cook us something to eat, and… can you not let other people come to my birthday party?" After Song Chi finished, he lowered his head.

He really hated it when he saw too many non-related people at birthday parties.

Song Yancheng couldn't remember what had happened before. He felt that Song Chi's request was very reasonable, so he nodded and said, "Sure. You can let the housekeeper arrange it. It's your birthday party, it should be your call.”

...Already overwhelmed by the unexpected approval.

Song Chi felt that he was in a dream. Despite this, he grinned and asked, "May I invite Teacher Tong to come over? She's been nice to us all.”

Not only Song Chi, but the other students in the class also liked Tong Jia and were willing to have fun with her. They felt that there would be no pressure when with Tong Jia.

Song Yancheng said with a smile in his eyes, "Of course you can."


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