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Chapter 9: Chapter 9

Teacher Zhang's corridor light had broken. Without proper lighting she couldn’t see, so she had fallen. As she was already in her old age, Teacher Zhang could only take bed rest. It was said that it would take a hundred days for the bone to fuse and tendons to heal, so Teacher Zhang had no other choice but to apply for a leave.

The school was being overworked; Teacher Zhang's section five had an adequate number of teachers of other subjects and were enough to substitute her, but those teachers were also teaching the graduating classes. Therefore, they were having a hard time managing their schedule. After several meetings, the school decided to let the new teacher, Tong Jia, take her place as the class teacher.

The dean had a good impression of Tong Jia. Although she was a new teacher, she was very responsible and had a good relationship with her students. This was a good opportunity for her, too. Tong Jia had suddenly received this important task, and although she was somewhat uneasy, became the proxy class teacher seriously and responsibly.

On this day she came to class as usual. The monitor told her that Sun Yuchen hadn’t come to class, but some students had seen her at the school gate this morning. Tong Jia decided to look around the school first, and if she couldn’t find her, she would have to tell the dean. She knew something had been wrong with Sun Yuchen recently and had also talked to her before, but the children of this age already had their own secrets that they didn't want to talk about. Tong Jia didn't have a lot of options.

Tong Jia went around the school and found Sun Yuchen behind a building in the northern area.

This school’s students belonged to wealthy and noble families. Sun Yuchen had been taught ballet from a young age and was a well-behaved child.

Tong Jia could see her sitting with her back straight. She steadily approached her, and at that moment, Sun Yuchen looked like she was in an awkward situation. Her hair was in a mess, and she was sobbing and out of breath. Tong Jia walked over carefully.

Tong Jia sat beside her, patted her on the shoulder, and asked in a warm voice, “Sun Yuchen, why don't you go to class?”

Sobbing, Sun Yuchen turned to look at Tong Jia with tear-filled eyes. She cried even harder.

Tong Jia didn't advise Sun Yuchen to go to class, instead taking her to KFC near the school. She had found a lot of information on the internet about teachers and students but hadn’t yet verified them. Unlike other teachers, Tong Jia felt that teachers shouldn’t only care about students' grades. Because students of this age could already think independently, a little carelessness could affect their life.

Facts proved that Tong Jia's choice was correct. If she had taken Sun Yuchen to her office, Sun Yuchen would have developed an evasive personality. After ordering a kid's meal for Sun Yuchen, Tong Jia didn’t press her. Instead, she patiently wiped her face with a wet tissue.

After a while, Sun Yuchen asked with a thick, nasally voice, “Teacher, are your parents together?”

With those words, Tong Jia instantly understood where the crux of Sun Yuchen’s behavior lay. There was probably something wrong with Sun Yuchen's parents and it had affected the child.

“En, they are together.”

Tong Jia nodded and smiled. She did not take the initiative to ask Sun Yuchen what happened but waited for her to say it herself.

Sun Yuchen's face fell and there were signs of crying again. She put her hands on the table, lowered her head slightly, and kept biting her lower lip.

It took her a long time before she continued, “I have a little brother, but he has been given birth to by another woman with my father.”

Her tone quite evidently showed how lost she was.

After Tong Jia heard what she said, she froze. She wanted to say something, but this had been beyond her expectations.

“Dad doesn't like me, and Grandma doesn't like me either. Now Dad wants to divorce my mother and she’s been crying in secret—I’ve seen her!”

Sun Yuchen seethed and clenched her small fists. There were no tears on her face. On the contrary, her eyes were full of resentment.

“Dad doesn’t want my mother and me! He doesn't want us anymore! Dad only likes my little brother!”

Tong Jia's living environment had always been very simple. She didn’t know how to comfort Sun Yuchen; after all, no one could empathize with such a thing. It was meaningless to say grandiose words. Even at her current age, she couldn’t accept her mother’s and father’s divorce. What's more, Sun Yuchen's situation was still very complicated. If she was guessing correctly, the father was cheating, and the mistress had a son who was about to become a legitimate member of the family.

What a scumbag! Listening to Sun Yuchen, her father and her grandmother seem to have a preference for sons! What scumbags!

Sun Yuchen stumbled and talked about matters both small and large, saying that the mistress had now entered and exited her dad's company in a fair manner, with the people outside calling her Mrs. Sun. She cried while talking. When she had had enough crying, she wiped her face.

With a voice mixed with hatred, she said, "If he doesn't want me, I also don't want him!”

Tong Jia thought for a while. For the time being, she hated Sun Yuchen's father. She couldn't understand Sun Yuchen, and couldn't tell her what was right. She had to dial Sun Yuchen's mother's number to let her pick her up.

Sun Yuchen's mother came quickly. She was a very beautiful woman, but her face was filled with fatigue and sorrow. After thanking Tong Jia repeatedly, she took Sun Yuchen away.

Looking at the exiting figures of the mother and daughter, Tong Jia suddenly felt much emotion. The adult world was too cruel. Now she only hoped that this could minimize the damage done to Sun Yuchen.

In the evening, Song Yancheng was invited to a banquet. Everyone knew that he had just been discharged from the hospital, so no one dared persuade him to drink. He was accompanied by Feng Hao, the financial director of Song Corporation, and his secretary Sun Xi. Song Yancheng saw that everyone else was afraid of him. Feng Hao was very natural when talking to him, so he deduced that Feng Hao must be his friend.

Feng Hao casually undid his shirt buttons and breathed a sigh of relief. Looking sideways at Song Yancheng, who was expressionless, he deliberately jabbed him with his elbow and joked: "Hey, I heard that Chen Qi has recently been following the eldest son of the Li family. I think she’s very beautiful. Have you no impression of her at all?”

Song Yancheng couldn’t remember which Chen Qi he was talking about. He thought before shaking his head. "No.”

Indeed, on the contrary, he hated her fragrance, and her touch and tears felt very fake. In short, he didn’t like that person at all.

“You also didn't like the Miss Wang before her? I met her the other day, but when it came to you, you still had that expressionless face." Feng Hao asked again.

……No impression at all. Song Yancheng continued to shake his head.

“All right." Feng Hao recalled something, hit Song Yancheng again, and winked. "To be honest, I really doubt your orientation. There have been no women all these years. What's the matter with you? Don't worry, if you tell me I will support you.”

Song Yancheng, the president of Song Corporation, was indeed a legend in the industry. In just a few years, he had pushed the Song Corporation to the peak. His figure and appearance were as good as those of idols. But such a diamond-like male had never had a girlfriend in recent years. Let alone a girlfriend, he hadn’t seen even his bed mate.

Song Yancheng listened to Feng Hao and a hint of anger flashed in his eyes. "What nonsense!"

Feng Hao saw that Song Yancheng was really angry. He quickly straightened his expression and put down the glass in his hand.

“Well, I spoke wrongly. Don’t mind it, I was just casually speaking.”

He also felt a little strange in his heart. After all, when he would tease Song Yancheng about this matter, Song Yancheng would always sneer. In fact, he wouldn’t take it to heart at all. Sometimes, he would scold him for being boring. How could he become serious now? Maybe… eh? Feng Hao didn't want to put too much energy into it. But the more he imagined, the bigger the hole in his head became, and he was unable to reach a conclusion.

Feng Hao suddenly glanced at a man and woman pair not far away. He was a man with an endless love for gossip. He cozied up to Song Yancheng’s side and said in a low voice: "Look, Sun Cunrui is laughing so much he has almost turned into a chrysanthemum. He really isn’t much. Not to mention, when he was young, he had been chasing Bai Qin to death. But now, his mistress is holding her head up high. She gave birth to a boy some time ago and Sun Cunrui is eager to divorce Bai Qin so that he can make his mistress the legitimate wife.”

Song Yancheng looked. From his line of sight, he could see the man in a suit and tie holding a woman with a good figure. If he hadn’t known the inside story, he would have also felt that they were a perfect match. Now… a trace of disgust slipped into the face of Song Yancheng.

"In fact, divorce is also good. Han Jiang hasn't yet married and is waiting for Bai Qin. Sun Cunrui, this scum, is really harmful." Feng Hao was used to these things in this circle, but still despised such shameless people like Sun Cunrui.

Song Yancheng didn't want to listen anymore. He only thought that it would dirty his ears.

When they were talking, Sun Cunrui walked toward them with a smile on his face with a pure looking woman smiling brilliantly beside him. He walked in front of Song Yancheng, and his tone was full of respect.

"Hello, Mr. Song, I don't know if it would be convenient for you to attend my son’s one-hundred-day banquet.”

He was several years older than Song Yancheng, but the Sun family couldn’t compare to the Song family anyway, so he had to act nice when he saw Song Yancheng.

Song Yancheng felt that a gaze was being firmly nailed to his body. He turned his head and looked at the woman smiling sweetly at him. When he did so, she greeted him sweetly, "Hello, Mr. Song.”

Song Yancheng didn't even bother to look at her again, and the smile on her face turned a bit awkward.

Sun Cunrui also noticed that the tip of the nose had begun to sweat. He had known that Mr. Song had a strange personality. When he had met him a few times before, he would nod to greet Song Yancheng. Today, he had actually been ignored. What had he done to provoke this king of hell?

Although Feng Hao despised Sun Cunrui, he also wanted to step down at the moment.

"Our President Song has just left the hospital.”

It meant that he didn’t want a stroke of bad luck to happen that quickly!

Sun Cunrui immediately understood, thinking of what had happened to the Song Corporation during this time. He had a smiling face and led his girlfriend away. But after he had turned his head away, his face sank.

This Song Yancheng was too impudent, he would see how long he could stay proud!


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