Pampering You Even More Chapters List

Chapter 30: Chapter 30

Tong Jia and Song Yancheng went to the cinema to take their tickets from the automatic ticket machine. There was still one hour left before the movie. As today was a weekend, many people came to the cinema, and the sofa booths were all full. Tong Jia actually did not want to stand up for one hour, so she turned towards Song Yancheng and suggested, “How about we go to the shopping mall next door and see if we can find a place to sit down and have a drink?”

Song Yancheng naturally agreed. Indeed, the two of them standing for one hour would wear off the good mood of watching a movie, even though he had no interest in watching romantic comedy.

As soon as they entered the mall, they could smell the fragrance of perfume. Generally, the first floor of a mall has cosmetic and perfume counters. Most of the patrons were women, and at a glance, most of them were followed by men carrying small and large bags. Tong Jia could not help but laugh when she saw this. She moved closer to Song Yancheng, and whispered, “This is more embarrassing than accompanying to buy clothes.”

Sure enough, on the cosmetic counter not far away, a fashionably dressed woman was holding two lipsticks in one hand, and asked her boyfriend, “Which lipstick colour suits me?”

The boyfriend was obviously confused. He was really trying hard to identify them. After a while, he weakly said, “Aren’t they all the same colour?”

The woman gave him a few glances unceremoniously. “How are they the same? This is coral, this is blood red, this is bean paste colour, this is red orange. How are they the same?”

“Aren’t they all red?” The boyfriend whispered.

Song Yancheng, who was standing beside Tong Jia, also leaned slightly and whispered, “Aren’t they all red?”

Tong Jia glanced at him sideways and protested, “Of course they are not the same colour.”

She was actually curious, were men’s eyes different from women’s? Obviously they were all different colours, why could men uniformly call them red?

Song Yancheng tried his best to keep his eyes open. He was also trying to identify the colour like that male compatriot. In the end, his eyes were hurting, and he still thought that they were all red. He put his eyes on the green-coloured plants nearby and let his eyes rest.

He tried, but failed.

“I’m starting to suspect that the articles on which lipstick colour attracts men on Weibo are not very reliable. In your eyes, everything is the same.” Tong Jia began to have some doubts about the articles online about which lipstick colours attract men or which perfume attracts men.

Song Yancheng was silent. He actually did not know how to answer this question.

Tong Jia motioned to him to look at her face. “Did I put any makeup on today?”

This time he did not pretend to be dead, Song Yancheng glanced at her. Probably because he was shy, he quickly withdrew his gaze. “No?”

Childish! Naive!

How was it that she was without makeup? Obviously, she put on foundation, mascara, and eyeliner and drew her eyebrows. It was just that her lipstick was a neutral shade.

She wanted to give up on straight guys.

Tong Jia motioned to Song Yancheng to look at the fashionably dressed woman and asked, “Did she put on makeup?”

Song Yancheng nodded without hesitation, exactly as Tong Jia expected.

That woman wore pure red lipstick.

After they had such a boring and meaningless conversation, they heard a scream from upstairs, and some people were pushing towards the elevator.

Although they did not know what happened, it was the nature of people to watch. Tong Jia and Song Yancheng were no exception. They were obviously taught not to watch the crowd, but their bodies were more honest than their minds. By the time the two reacted, they were already on the second floor, following the crowd moving slowly to the most lively place.

“Sheng Yan, Sheng Yan, I love you!”

“Sheng Yan, marry me!”

“Sister, don’t steal my husband!”

“He is my son!”

With the screaming of female students, Tong Jia lost interest and pulled Song Yancheng’s clothes, “Let’s go.”

“Huh?” Song Yancheng did not understand. They would soon be at the front and get an unobstructed view. Did she want to give up?

Tong Jia originally wanted to tell him that she did not like this fresh meat*, but she swallowed her words because she realised that she was surrounded by Sheng Yan’s hardcore fans. By saying this, although she would not be beaten, it would inevitably attract the attention of some onlookers. Maybe someone would brainwash her, saying, ‘You did not know how good he was! You did not know how hard working he was! He continued singing when he had a 50 degree fever!’

*TL Note: 小鲜肉 (Xiǎo xiānròu) : younger men

“I want to buy a drink,” Tong Jia said.

She really did not like Sheng Yan. In her final year abroad, she had a new roommate; a young woman who had recently begun her studies overseas. Tong Jia kept seeing her feeling sad while holding a picture. Before Tong Jia left, the young woman told her a story.

The young woman had known an adonis since she was a child. Later, the adonis agreed to her pursuit, and she became the happiest person in the world. She pleaded with her family in order to help the adonis fulfil his dream. Following that, her dearest sister helped introduce him to a company, and even gave him resources to grow.

After the adonis became popular, the girl was happy for him. However, she discovered that his heart had already belonged to someone else. He agreed to be with her because he wanted to fulfil the dream he shared with the person he liked.

The mall security was still busy when Tong Jia and Song Yancheng withdrew from the crowd. Sheng Yan was shopping with his friends and did not think that he would be recognised. He probably had left by now.

“Are you not happy?” Song Yancheng noticed the changes in Tong Jia’s expression and could not help but be concerned.

“No. I just remembered the things abroad, but it’s not important.” Tong Jia was a very gossipy person. She spent all day on Weibo reading all sorts of gossip from all over the world. However, she did not want to tell anyone regarding Sheng Yan because she did not want to attract any unwanted attention. Her roommate had already moved on and had begun seeing an Italian guy. She was no longer interested in Sheng Yan.

She did not want to elaborate further, and Song Yancheng naturally would not ask anymore. At this moment, Song Yancheng’s phone rang. He retrieved it from his pocket, saw the name on the screen, and directly answered the call.

Tong Jia noticed Song Yancheng’s phone screen was broken. It was very apparent. She asked in surprise, “When did it break?”

“Oh, this one. I accidentally broke it in the afternoon, but I can still use it to make a phone call.” Looking at Song Yancheng’s indifference, Tong Jia once again felt it was good to be rich.

If it were her, she would probably be mad for a long time, because changing a phone screen was expensive.

“Then, what are you going to do with it?” Tong Jia asked again.

“The housekeeper has helped me to buy a new one.”

A local tyrant.

“Then you won’t be using this? It’s still new,” Tong Jia said casually. Of course, she thought of herself as an ordinary citizen. As long as the phone was still working, changing the screen would only cost a couple of hundred yuan, but changing to a new phone would be a waste.

Needless to say, Song Yancheng was a local tyrant, and she was poor. She definitely could not compare to him.

Song Yancheng quickly analysed Tong Jia’s tone and meaning. He thought she would probably not want him to change the phone and said, “I’ll ask the housekeeper to repair the phone.”

Yes, be quick-witted!

“It takes time to repair and you are usually busy. Buying a new one is also good,” Tong Jia reasoned, she knew Song Yancheng was taking her perspective.

Was it to change or not? Song Yancheng was not certain for a while.

At the same time, the Song Residence was not so harmonious. Song Chi was angrily hugging his piggy bank and thumped the sofa. “How can Brother be like this?! Why did he take my money!”

The housekeeper could not help but laugh, “He said he wants to exchange money. The money is on your table.”

“My piggy bank is empty again…” Song Chi shook the piggy bank and noticed how light it was. He felt sad for a while, but once he saw the red note on the table, he was roused from his melancholy. He got up and looked at the maid beside him. “Auntie, do you have coins? I want to exchange 100 for 50…”

The housekeeper slapped his forehead. Song Chi had no habits of saving money. He only put money in when he remembered. In this case, why did he explode so much?

Both brothers were the same.

“Yes, yes, yes!” The servants looked happy. Everyone in the Song Residence knew Song Chi’s interest, so everyone had a habit of collecting coins.

It turned out the big boss had this kind of hobby.

Well, should she share this exciting news with the other sisters? The maid had a new problem.

Song Yancheng put the matter of changing his phone aside. He decided to rethink what Tong Jia meant when he was home. Whether it was related to Sheng Yan or not, the mall seemed to be more crowded, and even the dessert shop was full. Tong Jia and Song Yancheng had no choice but to walk around until they heard someone calling Xiao Tong.

A middle-aged man wearing a sports suit walked briskly towards them. “Xiao Tong, it’s really you.”

Tong Jia quickly said, “Hello, Principal.”

“Don’t be so formal outside.” The principal glanced at Song Yancheng, frowned and in uncertainty said, “Xiao Song?”

Song Yancheng naturally did not remember him, but when he heard Tong Jia called him Principal, he also smiled and politely said, “Hello, Principal.”

The principal had an unbelievable expression on his face. “What happened to you? Why are you suddenly very polite with me? I told you I won’t pay back last month’s donation!”

Was he wrong? Song Yancheng could not remember at all, so he could only say, “Honouring a teacher and revering his teachings are moral excellence.”

Oh, very amazing.

However, the principal looked at Tong Jia and quickly understood Song Yancheng’s sinister intention. Could it be that he liked Xiao Tong and needed to behave in front of her? He knew this brat would not be polite in front of him, and still said honouring the teacher and his teaching, bah!

Tong Jia quickly asked, “Principal, why are you here?”

The principal still looked suspiciously at Song Yancheng, but did not forget to reply to Tong Jia, “I’m accompanying my wife and children. They are trying on clothes, and I am just wandering around, looking for a bookstore to pass time.”

Tong Jia was quite familiar with this place. She pointed to the front, “Principal, go up that lift and go straight until the corner. There is a bookstore there.”

The principal nodded and left.

Song Yancheng was still at loss. What did he do? Why did the principal look at him like he was a thief?

“McDonald’s has a new flavour ice-cream cone. Let’s try it, half-price for the second one.” Tong Jia knew there was a McDonald’s store not far ahead.

“Okay.” They walked to McDonald’s. Before they arrived at the door, Song Yancheng’s phone rang. Written on his phone screen was “Blackmailer”?

“Let me take this call.”

“Okay, I’ll buy the ice-cream.”

Song Yancheng walked to the side, received the call, and asked who it was. The other side was giving him a lecture, “You boy! Let me tell you! Xiao Tong is a good girl. You don’t deserve her at all. You know my temper, don’t provoke my subordinate. You have to be good to her; otherwise, you will bring me shame. Let me kindly remind you, your father could not beat me that year, but he was more powerful and stronger than you. Thank you.”

This tone, this contempt, this voice… He knew who it was and politely replied, “Principal, don’t worry…” He was serious towards her.

Before the second half of the sentence could be said, the other end exploded, “Don’t think if you talk to me like this, I will praise and say good things about you in front of Xiao Tong!”

Uh… He really did not have this intention.

“Unless…” The principal spoke again, but paused for a while. “That, you know, the school library has to be remodelled…”

“I’ll discuss it with my assistant and the finance team.”

“Yancheng, I also saw you grow up, and is counted as your elder. Xiao Tong is a great girl. You be good to her; otherwise, I cannot forgive you. Don’t be too comfortable when you put your hands on my territory.”

Song Yancheng could not help it anymore, “She hasn’t agreed yet.”

The principal was silent for a while and laughed out loud, “I really want to give her a raise…”

He was very happy!

Tong Jia was queuing, and a student couple was in front of her.

“Sister, I also want to buy an ice-cream cone. The second one is half-priced. Let’s order together!” A boy with a white T-shirt stepped forward in a hurry, looked at Tong Jia and smiled.

He seemed relaxed, but only he knew how nervous he was. As soon as he came out of the store, he saw her, and after gathering his courage, he bravely stepped forward.

According to Weibo, when ordering together, he could send a red envelope on WeChat so that he could leave a contact information.

It was really smart!

“That…” Tong Jia wanted to refuse and explain.

However, the boy was also scared of her refusal, and hurriedly added, “You are also buying an ice-cream cone, and I am also buying one. Half-priced for the second one is really cost-effective!”


Tong Jia wanted to laugh. When she was about to say she did not need to order together and that she was buying two cones, a low male sound suddenly sounded beside her.

“We are buying two cones.”

The boy and Tong Jia looked back. He immediately understood and went away with a blushing face.

Song Yancheng walked to her side and said helplessly, “I just answered a call…”

How could someone else start a conversation with her in a blink?

Tong Jia understood what Song Yancheng meant and laughed, “Calm down, calm down.”

It happened to be Tong Jia’s turn. When she opened her wallet to pay, Song Yancheng’s hand was one step ahead. He gave a few coins to the cashier lady.

Tong Jia was surprised, “You have coins?”

“Of course, look.” Song Yancheng opened his wallet to let her take a look.

He thought of it when he passed Song Chi’s room and saw the piggy bank on his table. Maybe he would need some coins when he went out. It seemed he did the right thing. Now he used them up, and would ask the housekeeper to exchange coins later.

The two of them held one cone in their hands. Song Yancheng took a bite and immediately commented, “How sweet.”

The student couple who was in front of them before was also standing beside them. The girl moved her cone in front of the boy’s mouth. The boy immediately licked it and his eyes were full of love, “How sweet.”

The cone was the same; the comment was the same, but the situation was completely different.

Song Yancheng and Tong Jia looked at each other, and silently chose to be low-profile.

Couples should not make single people envy with their public display of affections.*

*TL Note: 单身狗什么的,可以不爱,但不要伤害 (Dānshēn gǒu shénme de, kěyǐ bù ài, dàn bùyào shānghài).

While Song Yancheng and Tong Jia were eating cones, Shen Rong was sitting in her car disheartened. She felt she was unlucky. Forget about the accident, she encountered a second-rate citizen and their argument was seen by Song Yancheng and his girlfriend. Under the pressure of being beaten by her, Liu Kang said her attitude was unsightly. Forget it! And now, why was she still being reprimanded by her brother!

Shen Yang stood outside the car. He was so angry that he started smoking, “You are actually following Song Yancheng?! Who gave you the guts?! Did you forget who you are? Shen Rong, I don’t care how you are behaving normally, but I have reminded you. Don’t provoke Song Yancheng. My work is very busy and I don’t have the time to check on you. Can you cut me some slack?”

“He didn’t notice either, why can’t I follow him? Brother, I said that I like him. I want to see what his girlfriend looks like…” Shen Rong did not back down and defended herself.

Shen Yang did not get angry, but smiled, “Then, did you see her?!”

“No, maybe she isn’t something. Otherwise, why didn’t Song Yancheng tell everyone who his girlfriend was.” Shen Rong did not want to believe Liu Kang’s nonsense about his girlfriend being a goddess. Liu Kang saw everyone as a goddess, he was not reliable at all!

“If you did not look too much like mom, I really doubt you are my sister.” Otherwise, why was she very stupid? Shen Yang was aware of his sister’s low IQ, but he thought girls did not need to be very bright. Anyway, as long as the Shen Family was still here, she could be wilful and naive, but why did she have to like Song Yancheng and not anyone else?

“Let me tell you about our family background first. Do you think our family is very rich? The Shen Family is no match for Song Yancheng’s fingers. Will he look up to the Shen Family? Speaking about appearance, you go back and look in a mirror. Can you be compared to Chen Qi? Chen Qi couldn’t even take him down, let alone you. Is it because several boys confessed to you, and you think you are the most beautiful? Lastly, let’s talk about character. You know Miss Wang from Chengbei, right? Miss Wang doesn’t dare to make trouble in front of Song Yancheng, while you did these things again and again. Let me ask you, will Song Yancheng like you?”

This was the most serious talk Shen Yang had ever given her. He really loved her sister, but because of love, he had to wake her up now. Otherwise, no one would be able to save her.

Shen Rong’s face slowly turned pale, but she gritted her teeth and refused to admit defeat, “Then, his girlfriend’s family background is very good. She is very beautiful. Only if she is better than me in everything, she can be Song Yancheng’s girlfriend. So why can’t I?”

Liu Kang simply could not listen anymore. At the start, he also jeered because he thought Shen Rong still had a chance with Song Yancheng. However, after he saw his girlfriend, Liu Kang, as Shen Rong’s loyal friend and family, felt that they could not play around, not in this life, not in the next life and not ever!

He thought what Shen Rong’s brother said was right, and his analysis was quite reasonable. No matter how stubborn the Shen Family was, they were just small shrimps in front of the Song Family. If they offended Song Yancheng, not only Shen Yang, but also the Shen Family would not be able to escape.

“Rong Rong, I don’t know her family background, but she is really beautiful and has a good temperament. Forget about it…”

Shen Yang was not selfish, but if the Shen Family’s position was comparable to the Song Family, he would not care as long as his sister was happy. However, that was not the case, and she messed up.

“What do you know!” Shen Rong turned her head and scolded Liu Kang.

“I don’t know her family background, her appearance, and moreover her character. However, I know one thing,” Shen Yang paused, “As long as Song Yancheng likes her, it is enough. Put away your desire, Sheng Rong, I warn you. Don’t make fun of the entire Shen Family. Even if you are not afraid, dad, mom, little brother and I are all afraid.”

Shen Rong was afraid when she heard the warning. In her world, her family yields to her, her classmates yield to her, her friends yield to her. She thought… that woman should yield and give Song Yancheng to her. Although she still had such thoughts, she realised her brother was very serious. She was silent for a while, and turned to Liu Kang, “Is she very beautiful? More beautiful than me?”

“I took a picture. You can see it for yourself.” Liu Kang took out his phone and opened the photo gallery. It was a little blurry but still could roughly see her face.

Shen Rong grabbed the phone and looked at the picture. She actually wanted to say how ordinary the woman was, but nothing came out.

For the first time in her life, Shen Rong was powerless. She felt sorry for herself. It was not easy to find someone who could warm her heart, but because of her family, she had to give up.

Shen Rong’s arms hung down weakly. She dropped her head and said, “Okay, I know.”

Seeing her like this, Shen Yang felt a little comfort in his heart. No matter how wilful and unreasonable his sister was, she still cared about her family, and that was enough. She would slowly grow up later.

Shen Yang stretched out his hand and touched her head with a doting smile, as he did countless times before. “Rong Rong is really good.”

Liu Kang also added appropriately, “Rong Rong, you will meet someone who really likes you.”

“Let me see the picture.” Shen Yang stretched out his hand. He was curious what kind of woman a man like Song Yancheng liked, the woman who made him speak in that tone that day.

After he returned to the country, he directly entered the Song Company, and the journey was very smooth. Shen Yang had fear towards Song Yancheng, but also worship.

Right, who would not worship this kind of man?

Shen Yang took the phone, looked at it intently, and frowned the more he looked. Was it her? Unexpectedly, it was her?

Shen Rong noticed his expression, and could not help but ask, “Brother, what’s wrong? You… know her?

“How is it possible?” The corner of Shen Yang’s mouth twitched. “I don’t know her.”


Now that the atmosphere was lively, Liu Kang enthusiastically asked, “How is it? Isn’t she beautiful?”

That was his new goddess!

“Shut up!” Shen Rong glanced at him angrily. He blew up her self-esteem.

Shen Yang lowered his head, glanced again, and said solemnly, “Yes, beautiful.”

Shen Rong felt this situation was boring, got out of the car and angrily slammed the door, “It’s so annoying!”

Liu Kang reluctantly followed. Remembering that his phone was still in Shen Yang’s hand, he turned around to take his phone.

Shen Yang was left alone and fell into contemplation.

Tong Jia and Song Yancheng arrived at the theatre on time, and they were lining up to enter one after another. Tong Jia was carrying a paper bag of aloe vera gel and cotton pads in her hand, which Song Yancheng paid for. They were insisting on who would pay, which made other people laugh, and in the end, Song Yancheng paid first.

“It was very embarrassing!” Tong Jia was a little indignant.

Since they were arguing about who was paying, some people in the line said, “Just let your boyfriend pay! This is the time when you can rip him off, don’t be unwilling.”

Song Yancheng was very happy, and satisfyingly said, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

As soon as they entered theatre 3, there was a section of stairs that had no light, so it was dark. Tong Jia almost slipped, but fortunately, Song Yancheng’s hands strongly supported her.

Tong Jia felt awkward, but Song Yancheng was happy. After all, this was counted as physical contact.

After they found their seats, Tong Jia had an ominous premonition because a mother-son pair was sitting beside her. The son who looked like only 7 or 8 years old was eating and drinking.

Tong Jia, like the majority of people, was afraid to see children in the theatre. Although children were not necessarily naughty, making children, who were not particularly well-behaved, sat down for two hours was basically not very assuring.

Was it a good idea to bring a 7 or 8-year-old child to watch a romantic movie?

Of course, before something unbearable happened, Tong Jia was ready to stay quiet. After all, world peace was the best.

Tong Jia had seen the movie trailer, which was a conventional romantic comedy. However, because there was a campus element, the box office was very high.

In today’s era, it seemed that recalling youth would resonate with many people. At the beginning, Tong Jia did not want to watch this movie because she had seen several similar box office movies. Not only did she not resonate with them, but she also felt they were unrealistic.

It was counted as puppy love, right? She held hands with Qin Yue, and he only kissed her forehead before going abroad. This was the most intimate thing they did.

Most of the time, they had continuous exams, and time between classes was only 10 minutes. How could there be a time for romance?

Every month after the monthly exam, they monitored the ranking table. How could there be a time for couples to be in love?

However, this movie was not the same. The male and female leads had a crush on each other, but did not say anything until graduation. After a few years, everyone was already working and they were reunited again.

Well, this was pretty close to reality.

Just as the female lead was cleaning the blackboard, the male lead came in with a bucket. Both of them blushed as they looked at each other. Suddenly, the little boy beside her could not stand it anymore. He pushed his mother and said in what he thought was a small voice but actually was very loud, “Mom, I want to play with the phone! I want to play with the phone!”

Tong Jia frowned, but still looked at the screen.

“Play what? Watch the movie!” The little boy’s mother said in a relatively loud voice.

The person sitting behind them coughed to remind the mother and son to be quiet.

“I don’t want to watch the movie! I want to play games! I want to play games!” The little boy stood up, pulling her and shouting. If the gap was not too small, he would have rolled on the ground.

At this point, Tong Jia thought the mother could handle the matter, so she kept silent.

It was a pity that the mother ignored the child, and even turned her head to watch the movie.

The little boy was probably bored. How could he understand such a movie? He could only stomp his feet and cried out, “I want to go out! I want to go out! I don’t want to be here!”

The child’s mother dragged him back to his seat, and finally coaxed him, “The phone is running out of battery. You can eat.” Tong Jia could not see what snack the mother gave the child, but she could smell food similar to hamburger. Even though the sound of the child’s eating was pretty loud, it was better than him shouting.

Tong Jia calmed down and continued to watch the movie. Her ears were finally at peace.

Once he had finished eating, the little boy sat for a while, but soon started to make noise again. He stood up, jumped and talked loudly. Tong Jia could not help but say in a small voice, “Little friend, could you be quiet please?”

Song Yancheng was sitting right next to the little boy, and he probably had been patient all those times. The boy did not listen at all, but was even noisier. Song Yancheng slightly turned and politely said, “Miss, we are watching a movie. Please calm the child down. It’s really disturbing.”

The child’s mother who did not say anything finally spoke up coldly, “Is this your family’s theatre? If you were not a parent, you wouldn’t know how hard it is to be a mother.”

Tong Jia could not bear it any longer, “That was not what I said. Everyone is watching a movie here. Your child is too noisy and has disturbed us.”

“If you have money, book the entire theatre. Don’t speak if you don’t have money. The child is also not yours. My child can do anything he likes. It’s none of your business.” The child’s mother sneered.

It seemed they have encountered an exceptional person.

Normal people would apologise and calm the child down, meanwhile this person behaved like everyone else owes her money.

There was no more gentle smile on Song Yancheng’s face. He said coldly, “Parents should teach children not to make noise in public places, instead of asking others to understand them. This is your child and he has disturbed us watching the movie.”

Song Yancheng’s aura was so strong that the woman could not say any more words.

A young couple at the back seat also chimed in, “Yes, how can we watch the movie if it’s too noisy? And those who don’t know may think that this theatre is yours.”

The child’s mother was probably angry when she heard this, but her fire was aimed directly at Tong Jia, “Young people these days are all the same, don’t understand other people at all. I have a hard time raising children, and you cannot tolerate it. Wait until you have your own.”

Song Yancheng wanted to rebuke her, but Tong Jia stopped him. Her voice was cold. “If I have children, I will definitely teach them properly, instead of asking other people to understand everything they do.”

At this moment, Song Yancheng’s phone vibrated. He deliberately adjusted his phone to watch the movie. He took out his phone from his pocket, and the light from the screen illuminated its surroundings.

The bear boy saw the phone, and without thinking, he stretched his hand to grab it. Song Yancheng was not expecting it to happen, and the phone fell down.

Tong Jia responded very quickly and grabbed the phone, “Oh my God, the phone screen is broken! How much does it cost to replace the screen!”

Song Yancheng immediately understood. He fixedly looked at the child’s mother, “I don’t know, at least a few hundred yuan.”

To deal with such a person, it was useless to reason.

Sure enough, the child’s mother pulled back the child, and angrily said, “Your phone must have already been broken!”

Song Yancheng spread his hands, “It was obviously your child who grabbed my phone and broke it.”

Tong Jia also added, “Aiya, you just bought your phone…”

The child’s mother had already pulled the child up and cursed in a low voice as she walked out.

People inside the theatre sighed. Finally, they could watch the movie in peace.


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