Pampering You Even More Chapters List

Chapter 31: Chapter 31

The movie could have gotten a two-star rating, but Tong Jia felt quite happy after watching it. Since Song Yancheng had cooperated well with her, she calculated that she had a higher degree of favorability towards him. Compared to an overbearing president’s arrogant request to shut up, Tong Jia thought Song Yancheng was cuter.

They walked out of the movie theatre side by side, and Tong Jia started complaining without hesitation, “I really hate people who make noise during a movie. I have a female senior who even had a fight in the cinema.”

Song Yancheng nodded while smiling. “You are right. People have to have a certain degree of self-control and self-discipline. If a child doesn’t understand, the adult should have the responsibility to restrain and teach the child.”

“Right. I won’t ask other people to understand me in the future. Too many people are taking others’ kindness for granted.” Tong Jia also had a similar experience. One afternoon on the bus, a middle-aged woman with a child came up to her seat and asked her to give her seat to her child. She was annoyed because she had a period that day and her body was uncomfortable. The child was not even that young, around the first or second year of elementary school, and there were also not many people in the bus. Was it a must to ask other people to give up their seats?

Song Yancheng glanced at her and said with an admiration in his tone, “You were so witty. I never have thought of something like that.”

“I only thought of it when the child grabbed your phone. It’s useless to reason with people like her. You can only treat her that way.” Tong Jia still could not help but sighed when she remembered that little boy. “Seven, eight-year-old children are the most naughty. My brother used to be like that. He took some money from my desk. After I found out, I told my parents, and my father beat him with a belt. From that day on, he no longer dares to touch other people’s things. My father said children can’t differentiate between right or wrong, they have to be beaten until they are scared, and will understand in the future. ”

It had always been this way for Father Tong, so Tong Ming was beaten quite a lot as a child. Anyway, although her brother was not a very talented person, it was enough that he was not someone who would endanger the society.

Song Yancheng listened attentively and nodded frequently, “Your father did the right thing. If your father only reprimanded him strictly, your brother might have turned his head and forgot about it.”

“Strict father and loving mother are the most reasonable. One parent has to be stricter and the other one has to be more loving. My family is like this. Every time after my brother was beaten, my mother would take him to buy popsicles, which is beneficial for mental and physical health.”

Song Yancheng liked to listen to Tong Jia talking about her family. He felt he was closer to her. He curiously asked, “It seems that you were obedient when you were a child. Your father didn’t beat you, right?”

“He did.” Tong Jia shrugged indifferently. “I had a boyfriend a few months before the college entrance examination. When my father found out, he suppressed his anger and didn’t say anything. He whipped me the day I got my entrance examination result. After that, my family put a lot of thought into giving me a better study environment. By the way, when I was beaten that day, my brother gloated over my misfortune. Looking back now, he was very annoying.”

“How about now? Do you still contact him?” Song Yancheng pretended to ask casually.

How could he hide it from Tong Jia, but there was nothing she could not say now. She nodded. “He came to me when I returned to China, but I’ve stopped being in contact with him.”

Even though Aunt Qin’s words could not represent the whole Qin Family, she still felt frustrated. Her parents were also angry. Besides, there was no need for her to contact Qin Yue anymore. It was better to take this opportunity to completely cut off contact.

Song Yancheng felt a little relieved when hearing these words. He believed that what Tong Jia said was the truth, so he did not continue asking. She was pleased.

Qin Yue went to sleep in a hotel after getting off the plane. His mother’s call greeted him when he woke up from his deep slumber.

His right eyelid twitched as he had a bad premonition.

Indeed, as soon as the phone was connected, his mother blamed herself. “Xiao Yue, let me tell you something. Don’t be angry. Your aunt went to buy breakfast this morning. She met a few neighbours… and spouted nonsense… Your aunt didn’t mean anything. She just has a nasty mouth, but she was doing it for you.”

Qin Yue pinched his brows and remembered what his aunt said last night. “What did she say?”

“Uh, it’s nothing, just the words she said yesterday…” Mother Qin hesitated, which made Qin Yue’s eyelid twitched even more.

Finally, with Qin Yue continuous questioning, she could only helplessly say, “She said Tong Jia’s only worth is her beauty, and she also said she wants to introduce you to a better woman. Your father is lecturing her right now. Don’t bother her.”

Qin Yue felt his whole body was like being in an ice cellar. His heart was getting colder and his face turned pale. “And then?”

Mother Qin sighed heavily. “Tong Jia’s parents are angry, and his father directly told your father not to have contact with them anymore.”

People who knew Tong Anguo understood that he loved his children the most, especially Tong Jia. She was the apple of his eye. How could anyone badmouth his daughter? Mother Qin, despite telling Qin Yue not to be mad, was actually angry. Even though their family had gradually drifted apart from the​​ Tong Family over the years, it was a pity that they would never communicate again after this incident.

Father Qin came three times knocking the door to apologise. Although Father Tong was relieved, he still said the two families would not communicate again for the two children’s future marriages. When Father Qin came home, he smoked in his room. He obviously felt guilty, and almost fainted due to sheer rage.

“Xiao Yue, are you still listening?” Mother Qin asked when she heard nothing from the other end. When a heavy breathing came through the microphone, she continued to persuade earnestly, “Son, forget it. You and Tong Jia are not meant to be. If it continues, I’m afraid the two families will become enemies.”

“Mom, if there’s nothing else, I’m gonna hang up.” Qin Yue’s voice came from the other end of the line after a moment of silence.

Mother Qin was confused for a while when the line was cut off.

Lying on a messy bed, Qin Yue felt his eyes were sore and swollen. Were Tong Jia and him really impossible that something like this kept happening, making her hate him more and more? However, his heart could not accept it. After thinking for a long time, Qin Yue called Tong Jia from the hotel’s phone.

As soon as it was connected, Qin Yue did not wait for Tong Jia to speak, and he quickly apologised, “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again in the future.”

“Yes. Is there anything else?” Tong Jia did not resent Qin Yue despite all this.

Hearing her calm voice , Qin Yue remained silent. On one hand, he was relieved that she was not angry, but on the other hand, he was even more helpless. He felt that whatever happened, she seemed like she did not care, which made Qin Yue more frustrated and uncomfortable. He would feel much better if she sneered at him.

“Tong Jia, do you really have no feelings for me at all?” Qin Yue licked his dry lips and gritted his teeth.

He kept thinking about this question, but he was afraid to ask, until now.

“At least not the kind of feeling you want.” Tong Jia relentlessly chose to tell the truth.

“Forget it.” Qin Yue did not expect her bluntness. Regardless, this was not the answer he wanted. He also did not want to let it go, so he pretended he never heard it and continued to deceive himself.

“Whatever.” Tong Jia did not know how other people would view her, but she knew Qin Yue very well. If she was gentle, his imagination would turn wild into a non-existing hope. Because she had been together with him and knew him for a long time, she could not be soft-hearted.

Being resolute was needed when breaking away from a relationship. Soft-heartedness would only bring more pain.

Song Yancheng was walking towards Tong Jia while holding two bottles, and she was facing away from him. When he was not far behind her, he shouted, “Tong Jia, is this the iced tea you wanted?”

Qin Yue, who was about to say a few words, was stunned when he heard a male voice from the other end.

Was she together with another man? Qin Yue thought for a while and remembered her blind date yesterday. Was this man the person who had gone on a blind date with her? Did they meet again today?

Qin Yue found himself more and more helpless in the current situation. He did not know what he had to do to win Tong Jia back.

On one hand, she had a blind date with someone else.

On the other hand, his aunt had said those words, making the relationship between the two families drop into a freezing point. Tong Ming would also no longer cooperate with him.

He was a little afraid that one day he would not be able to find an excuse to lie to himself.

Tong Jia turned her head, tightened her grip on the phone, and nodded at Song Yancheng. He looked at her apologetically when he saw she was on the phone.

By the time Tong Jia looked at her phone again, Qin Yue had hung up. She did not know what Qin Yue would think, but it was none of her concern. Just like what her father said, since it had been decided that they were not getting back together, the two families should no longer be in contact, and moved forward.

She still wanted to date and get married. Qin Yue also could not be single and kept watching her all the time. For both of their physical and mental well-being, it was best to continue to be indifferent.

Tong Jia took the iced tea and saw the drink on Song Yancheng’s hand. She wanted to laugh. “Do you also like to drink this?”

It was strange. This was Director Tong’s favourite.

Song Yancheng glanced down and nodded. “I think its bottle design is very simple and cute.”

“Pfft!” Tong Jia almost spit out a mouthful of tea.

Simple and cute? Hahaha!

“It’s almost dinner time now. Do you want to go to dinner?” Song Yancheng carefully asked, but Tong Jia shook her head. He was a little disappointed but still respected her decision.

“I don’t want you to invite me to dinner. It’s supposed to be me inviting you to dinner.” Tong Jia saw him visibly deflate, and could not help but laugh.


“How about we eat beef vermicelli clay pot?” Tong Jia was already hungry.

Half an hour later, they walked through an alley and came to a shop with an old-fashioned sign. Although the location of the shop was hidden, there were many old customers and the price was cheap. In order to avoid customers running before paying, they had to pay first before sitting down. Song Yancheng obviously was not used to this kind of place, so Tong Jia began to introduce it enthusiastically, “The beef vermicelli here is a must-have. When I was in high school, I would always come here with my classmates on Friday and Saturday nights. The taste is super good.”

Song Yancheng frowned. He observed the store, trying hard to remember. He felt like he had been here before.

“Two beef vermicelli clay pots… Oh, right,” Tong Jia turned her head and asked, “Do you want to try mung bean soup?”


“Okay. Two mung bean soup and one pig trotters. Thank you.”

“The total is 70 yuan. Is there anything else?”

Tong Jia paid while answering, “That’s all. Thank you.”

“Pig trotters?” Song Yancheng reacted belatedly.

Tong Jia took the change from the cashier and held a number plate. “I want a collagen supplement, besides pig trotters are really good. There are two pieces in one serving, I’ll give you one.”

Alright. She seemed to like not only spicy food, but also pig trotters. Understood!

When Tong Jia and Song Yancheng were about to go in to find a table, Tong Jia suddenly heard a very familiar voice. Her first reaction was to hide, and even Song Yancheng began to feel at a loss and followed Tong Jia around. When Tong Jia was about to trip over the high threshold door, Song Yancheng quickly grabbed her. Tong Jia heard the voice was getting closer and closer, she was running out of option, and quickly buried her face on Song Yancheng’s chest.

Song Yancheng unexpectedly stretched his arms and hugged her.

A middle-aged woman passed by and saw this scene. She clicked her tongue and muttered to herself that the world was getting worse. If it were in her younger days, people would be scolded for hugging in public places.

Hearing the voice disappeared, Tong Jia sighed in relief and withdrew from his hug. She looked at Song Yancheng’s dull expression and explained helplessly, “That person was an acquaintance who lives next door. I’m sorry.”

After all, she had been living abroad for a long time. Her former classmates would hug her as a greeting. So, she was used to it.

Would everyone want to encounter this kind of neighbour? She did not have any bad intentions, on the contrary, she was enthusiastic. However, she was very gossipy and likes to spread gossip. That Aunt Wang was like a loudspeaker in Tong Jia’s neighbourhood.

When Tong Ming was in high school, he was discussing his studies with a female classmate. They happened to go home together and were seen by Aunt Wang. The next day, the whole street knew that Director Tong was catching teenagers in love. It was his own son! Director Tong almost beat him up.

Tong Jia also experienced it. It was the vacation in her third year abroad. Tong Jia was walking with a classmate who had blond hair. They were good friends. So, she thought of inviting him to dinner as a good host. Unfortunately, they were seen by Aunt Wang. Thus, for a long period of time, the neighbours all joked that Director Tong would have a foreign son-in-law.

Encountering these kinds of people, arguing would absolutely be impossible. Tong Jia was calm enough to let them be, and she even wanted to avoid them. She did not have to think. If Aunt Wang saw her and Song Yancheng together, everyone would immediately know that Director Tong’s precious daughter had a boyfriend again…

In short, she was afraid of Aunt Wang.

If Song Yancheng really was her boyfriend, or was about to become one, she really did not mind being seen by her. However, they were still in the process of getting to know each other, and Tong Jia still did not want to tell her parents. Moreover, after the last blind date, she found out that she was at a marriageable age, and her parents were very worried. She did not want to tell her family anything without certainty.

Song Yancheng followed Tong Jia sitting on an empty table in a daze. His palm was sweaty, and his heart was beating fast. He felt like his heart would jump out.

His chest was hot now, the place where she had leaned on was on fire.

The two were hugging, right! Right! Right!

Seeing that Song Yancheng was still in a trance, Tong Jia could not help but clarify, “I’m sorry. That person was an acquaintance. If she sees us, I will be interrogated by the whole family… It’s difficult to explain.”

Don’t act like she was bullying him.

“No, I’m happy.” Song Yancheng clasped his hands together. He did not know if it was because the weather was hot, there were fine beads of sweat on the tip of his nose.

Wait a minute! What did he mean?

Only then did Tong Jia just realise that their actions were too ambiguous. She tried to calmly explain again, “Song Yancheng, this…”

She was speechless.

Just now, she took the initiative to bury her head in his chest.

It seemed like right now she was a scum who told him not to think anything.

… Alright.

Tong Jia lowered her head in frustration and decided not to speak. She buried her head in his chest, eh? She forgot to feel his pectoral muscles…

Stop it! Stop it! Too dirty!

Song Yancheng decided to remember this day, a memorable day, when he had more substantial physical contact with Tong Jia. Of course, he knew Tong Jia did not mean it, and knew she had her reason, but he was still very happy. He suddenly remembered that the male student licked his girlfriend’s ice cream at noon today. The male student said it was sweet, but he still did not know what it meant.

Now, he thought it was really sweet.

A young couple sitting beside them also saw what had happened. The boy was a frank person, seeing that Song Yancheng was secretly having fun, he jokingly said, “Buddy, you look like you are having fun. Invite us too. It’s better to have fun together.”

It was purely a joke, but the whole shop began to jeer. Song Yancheng glanced at Tong Jia, she was lowering her head pretending not to know him. He thought she did not look angry, so he said to the whole shop, “Alright. I’ll pay for everything.”

“Brother really is generous! I want another bowl of green bean soup!”

“Ah… I’m already full…”

There were not many people who wanted to order again. Everyone was just joining in the fun.

Was Tong Jia angry? Of course, not. She was just reflecting, reflecting on her own behaviour. Song Yancheng’s action was due to his joy,and she could completely understand.

Hey! Why did he not say it sooner! She already paid their bill!

She did not even notice that the corner of her lips were rising slightly.

Song Yancheng did not want to eat pig trotters, but Tong Jia had already put it in his bowl, so he had to take a bite. Tong Jia looked at him expectantly. “How is it? Does it taste good? My picky brother also said he did not want to eat it, but now he does.”

“What benefit does supplementing collagen have?” Song Yancheng asked.

Tong Jia thought for a while. She stretched out his hand and touched her face. “It’s to make your skin more elastic. Your skin will loosen as you get older, so you need more collagen supply. Anyway, it’s good to eat this.”

“Oh…” Song Yancheng took advantage of Tong Jia’s inattentiveness, pressed his face, and found that it was still very flexible.

In the evening, after Shen Rong was dispirited for a few hours, she realised that she was also afraid. Although she was arrogant and wilful, she still had people who she cared about—her family. What her brother said was right. Provoking Song Yancheng would only make her family suffer, and she did not want this to happen.

Although until now she still thought that if she was given more time, she absolutely could win Song Yancheng over.

Should she still go to Song Company then? Even though Shen Rong had no choice but to put away her desire, her heart still wanted to hold on. She was conflicted, she wanted to go but did not dare to. Finally, she decided to ask her brother’s opinion, and then apologise.

Shen Rong looked at the time, and it was almost 10 o’clock at night. Her brother might still be working. She slipped into the kitchen, found leftover porridge and warmed it up. She was ready to bring it upstairs.

She was not wearing slippers and walked barefoot without making any sound.

The Shen House was a single villa. She lived with her parents on the first floor, and her older and younger brothers lived on the second floor. Her younger brother had gone to summer camp, and now only her older brother was living on the second floor.

There was a room in the corridor on the second floor that was made into Shen Yang’s office. Shen Rong walked over and saw the door was not closed. When she was about to speak, she was stunned by Shen Yang’s words.

“She came back. I saw her and Song Yancheng together.” Shen Yang sat in front of the desk and took out a photo from the drawer. In the photo was a man and a woman happily leaning on each other.

A trace of pain flashed in Shen Yang’s eyes. “Lynn, please help me ask around for Tong Jia’s address. You cannot expect me to ask my boss where his girlfriend lives. I still want to work at the Song Company, alright.” Shen Yang continued, “I know what I’m doing now doesn’t make sense, but as long as I can find her, I’m willing to give anything.”

Shen Rong almost shouted. Apparently, her brother knew Song Yancheng’s girlfriend, and their relationship did not look as simple. Her heart skipped a beat as she thought she had found something big.

Then, his next words shocked her.

“Of course, I love her. Do you still need to ask?”

Shen Rong took two steps backwards, quickly ran downstairs and went into her room. She could not recover for a long time. Did Song Yancheng’s girlfriend have a relationship with her brother before?

As she thought of something, Shen Rong hurriedly called her mother. “Mom, didn’t you once say that Brother had a girlfriend when he was abroad?”

Mother Shen was still playing Mahjong and replied casually, “Yes, but it was already several years ago.”

The next day, Shen Rong went neither to class nor to work at Song Company. After she dressed up, she squatted near the Song Company building. She must figure out what was going on!

Shen Yang left work early after getting the address. Probably he was too excited, he did not notice that someone was following him.

Tong Jia was on her first day of period, so her stomach was uncomfortable. After class, she asked the other teacher to help her take over. Because the other teachers were also women, they understood. Tong Jia looked at the time, it was just past 4 o’clock. She took her bag and walked to the main road with a pale face.

As soon as she walked out of the school gate, she saw someone standing under the tree nearby. Tong Jia immediately forgot the pain and wanted to run away.

Seeing Tong Jia, Shen Yang's legs moved to chase her. He grabbed Tong Jia’s arm, and said, “Tong Jia, why are you hiding when you see me? I just want to ask something.”

Tong Jia used her strength to shake him away, and with a look of disgust in her eyes. “Go away.”

“I’ll leave as soon as I finish asking you. Where is she now? You must have some contact, right?” Shen Yang’s tone was very eager, and his eyes were shining. He finally saw a hope that he could meet her again.

“I don’t know.” Tong Jia indifferently shook his head

Shen Yang shook his head and grabbed her arm again. “You must know. You have such a good relationship with her. I beg you, please tell me. I really miss her so much…” He choked up at the end.

Shen Rong, who was sitting in a car in the distance watching with a binocular was shocked. Although she guessed her brother must not have a normal relationship with Song Yancheng’s girlfriend, when she saw what was happening her heart began to stir.

Tong Jia was extremely angry at his pleading. “What right do you have to say this? Qiao Yu doesn’t want to see you at all. She has also started a new life. Don’t bother her anymore!”

Qiao Yu was her best friend when she was abroad. The two met when they were in a language school. Because of similar interests, they supported each other through the most difficult times.

Later, Qiao Yu met Shen Yang who was reviewing his studies in a coffee shop she was working at. It could be said it was love at first sight, and they quickly got together. Tong Jia was very happy for them at that time. Even though Qiao Yu moved out from their flat, she and Qiao Yu still had a good relationship.

The story that followed was very infuriating and cliche. Perhaps after the passionate love, Shen Yang grew impatient with Qiao Yu. At this time, Shen Yang met another passionate girl. Like thunder and fire, he totally forgot about Qiao Yu who was cooking for him in the small flat.

Until one day, Qiao Yu received a text message. She came to a motel and saw Shen Yang coming out from there, hugging a girl while laughing happily.

Qiao Yu did not cause any trouble or cry. She just put her ring and keys in Shen Yang’s flat and left.

At that time, at the airport, Tong Jia asked her if she felt any hatred. This was Qiao Yu’s reply:

“She said she was just upset that she fell in love with this kind of person.”

Shen Yang’s body staggered and he took two steps back. His eyes quickly turned red. “I was wrong. I must have been possessed…”

After losing Qiao Yu, he just realised how important she was to him. He always felt that as long as he turned his head, she would be waiting for him.

He wanted to tell her that he was wrong and asked her to forgive him. However, he could not find her at all now, not even a chance of saying I love you.

Tong Jia did not feel sympathy or pity at all. Her face was cold.

Like most people who were hurt by scumbags, Qiao Yu was living well now, even though she had not forgotten the pain. It was very rare for a Jiangnan’s girl like Qiao Yu. She was very gentle, but was very straightforward when dealing with feelings, preferring a clean break up.

Similar to what she said, she valued dignity more than anything, including herself.

Seeing him like this, Tong Jia did not want to respond and was about to leave when Shen Yang suddenly called her, “Is she living well?”

“Very good. She is happier than when she was with you.” Tong Jia lifted the corner of her lips.

Shen Yang wiped his face. “Alright. I will find her. At least, I still owe her.” He paused. He remembered Song Yancheng and could not help asking, “Tong Jia, are you together with Song Yancheng now?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“He is not suitable for you. In the end, he will still marry someone who will bring benefit to the Song Family. No matter how good he is to you now, he will not marry you. Song Yancheng’s mind is too hard to read. You better not get caught in it.” Shen Yang’s relationship with Tong Jia was not bad. Just like he reminded his sister, he also wanted to remind Tong Jia now.

Tong Jia felt angry but also felt it was funny. “You yourself are a scumbag. Do you think other people are the same as you?”

Song Yancheng’s character was something she could judge for herself; she did not need to hear it from someone else’s mouth.

“He is Song Yancheng, not just an ordinary person. I’m just giving you advice as a friend. It’s up to you whether you want to listen or not. Did you forget there was a Chen Qi previously? And there was another person before her. Those people are the kinds that would go out and have fun after marriage. Tong Jia, he is not suitable for you.”

“Enough!” Tong Jia could not bear it any longer. “It’s none of your business. How are you my friend?!”

After she finished talking, Tong Jia quickly left. She was really sick of Shen Yang. She admired him so much at first, but she hated him now. She finally understood what Qiao Yu meant. Qiao Yu said she feared the most when people asked her why she would fall in love with this kind of person.

So far, Tong Jia could feel that Song Yancheng was different from what she thought. She could feel that he was absolutely sincere.

When she was with Song Yancheng, she felt relaxed and happy, so she was willing to accept his invitation. She knew every time Song Yancheng asked her out, his voice would tremble, as if he was afraid of rejection. She did not believe it was fake.

She would attentively feel what kind of a person Song Yancheng was.

Shen Yang was standing there, smoking irritably watching Tong Jia’s retreating figure.

Shen Rong put down her binoculars and confirmed her guesses. It seemed that her brother had been together with Song Yancheng’s girlfriend. No wonder his expression was weird yesterday. No wonder he said those words yesterday. Looking at him now, he should still like her, right? Then… If her brother could chase her back, Shen Rong could be together with Song Yancheng?

Then again, from a woman’s perspective, even though her brother was also very outstanding, he could not be compared to Song Yancheng. He was City A’s Song Yancheng! Shen Rong thought for a while. If she was that woman, she probably would not let a brilliant man like Song Yancheng go, right?

However, that woman was indeed very capable. She could make her brother like this, and she had won over Song Yancheng now…

What should she do if that woman refused to let Song Yancheng go?

Shen Rong bit her lip very hard and thought of a countermeasure. She thought of an appropriate method. As long as her brother was together with that woman, she could be together with Song Yancheng. Would everyone not be happy? Although she did not really like that woman, if she was going to be her sister-in-law, she could consider accepting her.

What should she do?

Shen Rong was very distressed. She really did not have any talent in this area. Sitting in the car for a long time, a thought flashed through her mind. She quickly caught it, straightened her body and snapped her finger. Right, she was too stupid!

She should keep following her brother, and once she found her brother together with that woman, she would immediately tell Song Yancheng, or directly send a picture to him.

In this way, Song Yancheng would feel that that woman had betrayed him. Would he still want her?

Of course, it was impossible!

What man could tolerate his girlfriend who still longed for another man? Song Yancheng would definitely discard her.

At that time, she would appear beside Song Yancheng, comfort him, so he would finally see her!

Thinking about it carefully, she would have an opportunity to become Mrs. Song soon. She was a little excited.


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