Pampering You Even More Chapters List

Chapter 33: Chapter 33

Tong Jia felt the news was mind-boggling.

Shen Yang and her? How was that possible! Looking at the photos and messages again on Song Yancheng’s phone, she became even more confused.

Song Yancheng had always paid close attention to Tong Jia’s every move. Seeing her puzzled, he probed, “Is there something wrong?”

“Of course!” Tong Jia raised her voice. “Who is spreading rumours? When did I get together with this scumbag?!”

There was even a ‘Shen Yang hurt her, and to get revenge on him, she deliberately approached Song Yancheng’. She refused to appear in such a bloody soap opera! This person has brain damage. Tong Jia sat down and tried to calm down, but she gritted her teeth. “That’s not the case at all! Who the hell sent you this?”

Song Yancheng shook his head. “I have a few theories but they could be wrong. How about you tell me your relationship with Shen Yang first? You should know him, right?”

Since she was not Shen Yang’s ex, there was never any scar. So, he could ask confidently and boldly about these things.

Tong Jia’s head was clear now, and she had a realisation. “Don’t tell me you and Shen Yang are best friends…”

If she wanted to speak ill, she must know their relationship first.

But then again, was this world really that small? Shen Yang and Song Yancheng were definitely acquainted, and she knew Shen Yang. The world really was too small.

Song Yancheng had clearly heard her call Shen Yang a scumbag, and both her tone and expression showed disgust. Something would be wrong with his head if he said Shen Yang was his friend. He hurriedly drew a clear line between them. “No, no, no. He is working in the Song Company. We only have a boss-employee relationship.”

Only then Tong Jia felt relieved. She sat cross-legged on the sofa and hugged a pillow. “I knew Shen Yang when I was back in the UK,” she sighed. “At that time, he was my best friend’s boyfriend. Not long after, he cheated, so my best friend broke up with him. I don’t know how Shen Yang found me this time. He wanted me to tell him where my best friend is. I was taken by surprise.”

“So that’s how it is…” Song Yancheng felt that he was not magnanimous. If Shen Yang was really Tong Jia’s ex-boyfriend, even though he would not fire Shen Yang, he would be very unhappy and publicly humiliate Shen Yang out of spite.

“Who do you think sent the messages?” Tong Jia asked before Song Yancheng could reply to her. “I think the other party also doesn’t know my relationship with Shen Yang. Otherwise, are you here to probe me?”

Song Yancheng nodded and furrowed his eyebrows. “Besides, the other party doesn’t know my relationship with you, and seems to mistakenly think we are together.”

Tong Jia actually was a little excited. For the first 20 years of her life, this was the first time that she was involved in such gossip! Although… she subconsciously thought the idea was stupid.

“I thought about it. There are two possibilities. The first one is that the other party wants me to “break up” with you and waits for an opportunity after that. The second one is that the other party wants me to deal with Shen Yang.” Song Yancheng no longer had the embarrassed and amusing expression when eating chicken feet. He became calm and analysed the situation prudently.

“If it’s the latter, it’s a matter of business. I don’t know if Shen Yang has offended anyone, so let's put it aside.”

Tong Jia nodded, following his train of thoughts.

“If it’s the former, it should be your admirer… or mine. Tong Jia, has anyone expressed an interest in you recently?” Song Yancheng had to admit he was selfish and secretly wanted to know if he had love rival.

Tong Jia nodded and shook her head again. “Yes, but it’s definitely not him. He would not use this kind of means.”

Song Yancheng was a little jealous, and asked, “Why?”

Tong Jia glanced at him. “Because I have known him for 20 years. He wouldn’t use any scheme, let alone… Forget it, I don’t want to talk about it.””

She originally wanted to say if it was Qin Yue, he had already known she had a blind date last week, he also knew that she was single. However, she was too embarrassed to tell Song Yancheng she went on a blind date.

The most important thing was that Qin Yue was not a person who could keep his mouth shut. If he thought she was together with Song Yancheng or she had a past relationship with Shen Yang, he definitely would ask her himself, instead of playing tricks.

“Let alone what?” Song Yancheng continued to ask.

Usually, when Tong Jia put a stop to it, he would stop asking no matter how curious he was, but today he could not hold back his jealousy.

“He is my ex-boyfriend. If he knew I was together with someone else, based on his character and behaviour, he would come and ask me.” Tong Jia had no choice but to reply.

Song Yancheng thought that he still got some useful information. For example, her ex-boyfriend was asking for reconciliation. This situation was not good for him. Although he had forgotten his emotional experience, he also knew that the lethality of first love was amazing. The two of them had spent most of their youths together, and these memories were the most memorable. Otherwise, why would youth movies sell so well?

“Will you reconcile with him?” Song Yancheng asked; his eyes were fixed on Tong Jia.

“No,” Tong Jia replied decisively without thinking twice.

As soon as the answer left her mouth, she was stunned for a moment. Not because of her answer, but because she was afraid that Song Yancheng would misunderstand.

Song Yancheng was completely relieved when he heard her reply, but if Tong Jia were hesitant, he would be at a loss. Hedid not know why he believed she would never lie.

When she said no, it would definitely not happen.

He quietly put his heart at ease.

Tong Jia did not want to discuss this matter anymore, so she changed the subject, “Have you met someone who has expressed interest on you recently?”

She thought it must be one of Song Yancheng suitors who caused such trouble.

Song Yancheng began to look around.“Uhh…”

It was difficult to say.

“Hurry up and say it.” Tong Jia said impatiently.

“Alright. I have one suspicion. It’s Shen Yang’s younger sister.”

Tong Jia was stunned by Song Yancheng’s statement. Then, she waved her hands angrily. “Is she stupid? If this is true, it’s not doing any good for her brother. How can there be such a stupid person?”

Men were also jealous creatures. If she really was together with Song Yancheng, and she had been together with Shen Yang before, it would be Shen Yang who would suffer.

“It’s difficult to say. Do you remember the day when we watched the movie, and there was an accident on the street? The one who arrogantly yelled is her.” Song Yancheng was a little angry remembering this. “Also, she is still studying and insisted on doing an internship at the Song Company. On the first day, she came to my floor without permission and even probed my secretary. Anyway, she’s very suspicious.”

Tong Jia’s mouth opened slightly in disbelief. “Huh?”

“Think about it. The first half of the message is not nonsense. Shen Yang did have a girlfriend when he was abroad, and it was true that he cheated and they broke up. This means that the person who sent the message is aware of this. But that person doesn’t know that you were not Shen Yang’s ex-girlfriend, your friend was. That person must know Shen Yang to know about his past relationship and have the motivation to do this. Currently, I can only think of Shen Yang’s younger sister.”

Tong Jia shook her head. “I still think it’s impossible. After all, Shen Yang’s younger sister can still think of the benefits and harm of her actions. Alright, let’s not talk about this, I haven’t a clue. Let’s think of a way to solve this.”

“Since you don’t have any relationship with Shen Yang, I could directly tell him to forget about all this. Trust me, he will investigate more carefully than us.” Song Yancheng thought for a while and said cautiously, “I still have suspicion on Shen Yang’s younger sister. If I tell Shen Yang that I don’t have that kind of relationship with you, he will tell his sister, and I will probably be met with a headache.”

Tong Jia glanced at him. “Spit it out.”

“So, can I not tell Shen Yang that I don’t have any romantic relationship with you?” Song Yancheng also had his own intentions. On one hand, he did not want to get involved with Shen Yang and his sister. On the other hand, he wanted to fulfil his fantasy.

What a calculating man!

Don’t think that she didn’t know what he was thinking!

Tong Jia murmured and nodded reluctantly, “Alright.”

She agreed for the sake of their present friendship.

Song Yancheng was satisfied. He had settled the important matter and now started to gossip. “Shen Yang cheated at that time? He is quite capable at work, so I can’t tell that he is such a person.”

“Work capability has nothing to do with a person’s character. What’s even more disgusting is that he actually told my best friend he made a mistake that men would make. He should be skinned alive…” Cheating was cheating. At most, it was morally corrupt and irresponsible. However, when he said such words, Tong Jia was disgusted by Shen Yang. No matter what he did, he would not change others’ impression or himself.

Song Yancheng could not evaluate his subordinate style outside of work, so he could only listen to Tong Jia’s complaints quietly.

Once Tong Jia complained about every single thing, she finally felt relieved. Seeing that Song Yancheng did not speak, she could not help but ask, “Don’t you have anything to say?”

“Ah… No.” Song Yancheng came back to his senses, and hurriedly took Tong Jia’s cup on the table. There was still some water, so he handed it to her. “Drink some water to quench your thirst.”

Tong Jia was really thirsty, so she drank all of the water in one gulp.

“Shen Yang is just my subordinate. At the present, I can only evaluate his working capability.” Song Yancheng said once Tong Jia had drunk all her water.

“Don’t you think he’s a scumbag?”

“Yes. But your friend already doesn’t care. It doesn’t matter to us what kind of a person Shen Yang is.”

Tong Jia finally understood what Qiao Yu had said a few days ago. She just smiled and said she was not angry at all because she had forgotten everything.

For Song Yancheng, whether Shen Yang cheated or split his legs, it had nothing to do with him. As the boss, his concern was only Shen Yang’s work capability.

For Tong Jia, it did not matter at all.

For Qiao Yu, Shen Yang… was already a past, and had no relation with her at all.

“You’re right. I’m sorry, I made you listen to my complaints for so long.” Tong Jia was a little embarrassed. She kept hurling insults at Shen Yang, and her attitude must have been terrible.. It was obvious that it had nothing to do with her at all.

Song Yancheng shook his head and smiled. “No. If you want to speak ill-words about someone, call me. I’d love to listen to it.”

To be precise, he loved listening to her talking.


“It’s okay if you need me to scold together with you.” There was sincerity in Song Yancheng’s demeanour.

Tong Jia burst out laughing. Her heart was moved. He, who could sit down in her house eating cheap food, who could quietly listen to her talking, should not be doubted of his feelings.

No matter how many times he had been in love, no matter what his past was, at least the Song Yancheng in front of her was extremely sincere.

It was enough.

“Then, you do it too. I want to listen.” Tong Jia smiled.

It was embarrassing for Song Yancheng, but he still pondered for a while, and spit out two words, “Scumbag, scumbag.”

Song Yancheng stayed a while before going back. He took the pickled pepper chicken feet that Tong Jia gave him, and stood at the community gate reluctantly. Why did the afternoon pass so fast?

“I am actually happy.” Tong Jia said suddenly before he got into the car.


“Just like this matter. You will come and tell me, instead of randomly guessing.” Tong Jia felt that if something was troubling her, she must tell the other party. Otherwise, a person blindly guessing would simply bring confusion.

Song Yancheng smiled and said, “Yes. I will also tell you if there’s anything in the future.”

Tong Jia thought this conversation was a little strange, but she did not dwell on it. “Yes, don’t hide it.”

Tong Jia only came back to her senses when Song Yancheng’s car was out of view. What did she say just now?!

Why did she felt like it was a conversation between lovers?!

The order was completely wrong! Tong Jia could not wait to hit the tree beside her. Forget it! She suddenly thought that Song Yancheng would definitely not notice how strange the conversation was.

Song Yancheng really did not notice at all. He was just so happy.

The weekend soon passed, and it was the time for Tong Jia’s first public class. Even though she was very nervous, she did not perform too badly, and she was considered qualified.

At noon, she and Shen Shujuan had a meal and sat in their usual seats. Almost all of the students came from a good household, and every student contributed to the school meal, so the food in the school cafeteria was always good. What made Tong Jia comfortable was that teachers could eat for free.

Today’s dishes fit Tong Jia’s appetite: stewed pork ribs with potatoes, fried pork with garlic sprouts and Kung Pao chicken.

She sat down and had barely taken two bites when she was shocked by Shen Shujuan words.

Shen Shujuan looked troubled and was hesitant. “That… Are you and Song Yancheng together?”

Tong Jia almost choked. After she could finally breathe, she asked, “Why are you asking this question?”

“I actually wanted to ask you last week. On Sunday, when I went to the bookstore in the Convention Centre, I saw you two together.” Shen Shujuan held her chopsticks tightly as if afraid Tong Jia might misunderstand. She hurriedly asked, “Don’t worry, I didn’t tell anyone. I won’t tell anyone about this.”

Tong Jia looked how serious she was, and could not help but laugh. “ We are not together yet.”

It was Shen Shujuan’s turn to be surprised. “Eh?”

“We’re currently getting to know each other. We occasionally eat together on weekends, but we haven’t made the relationship official.” Now that Shen Shujuan had seen them, Tong Jia did not want to hide it and told her the truth.

Shen Shujuan realised her blunder and smiled sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I asked you strange questions, but I was too curious.”

“What are you curious about?” Tong Jia asked with great interest.

“I always thought you two are not in the same social circle.” Shen Shujuan replied sincerely.

This surprised Tong Jia. She did not expect her to be so straightforward.

Shen Shujuan was silent for a moment, as if she had made up her mind, she said, “Tong Jia, have you thought about it? If you are together with Song Yancheng, you may encounter some upsetting things, like being gossiped about.”

“What gossip?” Tong Jia still had a smile on her face. She liked honesty. Even though Shen Shujuan said these words, they were sincere.

Shen Shujuan hesitated for a few seconds, and said, “There will be people talking badly. Tong Jia, I will tell you my own experience. When I was still in my internship period, I had a boyfriend. I was not a teacher yet, I was only working as a clerk in a company. He was really really good to me.”

As she was speaking, she lowered her head and her tone was both nostalgic and lost. “At that time, my salary was very low, and I did not ask my family for money, so I didn’t have beautiful clothes and shoes. When he saw me, he would buy some for me, he would pick me up with his car. We were very happy in the beginning. However, my colleagues in the company gossiped about me. I could hear the gossip in the bathroom and they would sneer at whatever I did. I told them he was my boyfriend, but nobody believed me and thought I was being dirty.”

Tong Jia did not make any sound, only quietly listening to her.

“I wanted to see him at first, but later I was afraid of seeing him. So, I did not let him pick me up again and stopped wearing the clothes he bought for me… Later, I felt pressured and I broke up with him.”

Shen Shujuan raised her head, her eyes were a little dazed. “But after that, I don’t seem to feel love anymore.”

“And then?” Tong Jia smiled at her.

Shen Shujuan did not speak but the meaning was clear.

Tong Jia sighed, “You are trying to say that I am not a good match for him, right?”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant!”

“That was what you were thinking.” Tong Jia was not angry, but on the contrary, her eyes were full of smiles. “If Song Yancheng is together with a woman who has a similar background, do you think people will gossip?”

Shen Shujuan froze for a moment and shook her head.

“You see, Shujuan, the reason you broke up with your boyfriend was probably influenced by those people because in their eyes, you and him are not in the same social standing. So, they will feel you don't deserve him and get jealous. Over time, being in such an environment, and your mentality hasn’t matured enough, you will eventually be affected. In the end, you will also feel you don’t deserve him, so you will be pressured when you see him.”

Shen Shujuan did not deny it, and slowly nodded her head.

“I have always liked Shu Ting’s poem <To the Oak Tree>. The reason why a couple is not a good match is not because of family background, but because of attitude and self-confidence. No matter how rich Song Yancheng is, no matter how big the Song Family is, I don’t feel inferior at all when I stand together with him. The Song Company is his career, and I have my own career— educating and teaching people. I have the ability to support myself and won’t be anyone’s burden. I live positively and optimistically. I have the means to support myself, so why am I not a good match to him?” Maybe Tong Jia did not realise how charming and confident she was when she said this.

“Shujuan, self-confidence is not from family background, but it is earned by yourself. If he likes me, I must have some good points that others don’t. He has recognised me, why would I deny myself? Between him and I, we are equal. I am not lower than him, not now and won’t be in the future.”

Although Tong Jia had laughed at Song Yancheng for being a mogul, and her being poor, in the end, it was a difference of wealth. In terms of vitality, she was worthy of anyone.

Shen Shujuan picked up the chopstick and continued eating, but she ate very slowly. After a while, she nodded. “You’re right. The reason why a couple is not a good match is not because of family background, but because of psychology.”

“Are you still in contact with that person now?” Tong Jia changed the topic.

Shen Shujuan shook her head. The corner of her mouth twitched. “No.”

The two were speechless again. Shen Shujuan suddenly asked, “Tong Jia, if only I had met you earlier, everything would be alright.”

It was too late to realise and to regret.

The two went downstairs when they had finished eating. When they were about to go out, they saw Song Chi and Wei Chuan were fighting. Tong Jia was about to make a joke and left when she saw the pickled pepper chicken feet in the lunchbox on the table. She was bemused.

When Song Chi was not paying attention, Wei Chuan took another chicken feet and ate it. While eating, he inarticulately said, “How stingy, I’m just eating a little bit of your food…”

Song Chi almost exploded, “I didn’t bring much in the beginning, and everything was eaten by you.”

After scolding, Song Chi turned his head and quickly put on a smile. “Teacher, did you finish eating? Do you want to try this? It tastes really good.”

“... No. Thank you. I’m fine.” Tong Jia’s mouth twitched. Should she be happy that her pickled pepper chicken feet were also liked by Song Chi?

“These are from the school’s supermarket.” Shen Shujuan warmly noted.

This kind of pickled pepper chicken feet with pickled pepper and bamboo shoots were the favourite of all adults, let alone children.

She also often bought dozens of packs.

Wei Chuan gasped and tears came out, and said, “No, this is not the same. It tastes much better than those ones.”

Song Chi could not help Wei Chuan, so he turned his head to Tong Jia. “This is really delicious. Teacher, you will regret it if you don’t try it.”

“You have a great relationship with your brother.”

Tong Jia left after saying such ambiguous words to Song Chi.

Tong Jia was not angry, on the contrary, she thought it was quite interesting. The elder brother ate something delicious outside and brought it home for his younger brother. They really were close to each other. It seemed that the relationship between Song Yancheng and Song Chi was not as bad as the rumours. In fact, they had a great relationship.

She had never treated Tong Ming like this. Usually, when she had something delicious, she would eat everything and leave nothing.

Shen Shujuan took Tong Jia’s arm and said, “The Song Family is very upright. I heard that Song Yancheng's parents have a very good relationship. Their family has a warm atmosphere unlike other families. I heard a very interesting story before. There was a woman who liked Song Yancheng’s father and wanted to hook up with him. However, his mother didn't get angry, so his father quickly transferred all the property in his name to his mother's name. Then, everyone knew that the real master of the Song family was Mrs. Song, and Mr. Song was asking her for pocket money. “

Tong Jia thought it was interesting. “That’s a really good man.”

Shen Shujuan glanced at her and joked, “It is said that Song Yancheng is very similar to his father. I believe that in regard to this, his father’s single-mindedness towards his wife will also be inherited.”

“It’s a pity… They passed away so early because of an accident. What a pity.”

“It's not a pity at all.” Shen Shujuan continued, “I also heard about one thing, and I was really moved to tears. When the accident happened, Mrs. Song died on the spot, and Mr. Song's injuries were less severe. He had a chance to escape, but he didn't. Anyway, people speculated that he saw his wife die and lost the will to survive. He was not necessarily a competent father, but he was a good husband.”

“How touching…” Tong Jia was also a woman who would be emotional when hearing such a story.

“Isn’t it?”

“But…” Tong Jia said in a sing-song voice, her eyes teasing. “From whom did you hear these?”

Shen Shujuan was stunned for a moment. Her face turned red when she came back to her senses. Tong Jia thought she would not speak, but when she was about to walk to the teaching building, Shen Shujuan suddenly whispered, "From my ex-boyfriend.”

Tong Jia was in her own thoughts. Could Shen Shujuan’s ex-boyfriend know the Song Family?

Aiya, how curious!

Should she ask Song Yancheng? She really had the mood to gossip at all times.

After returning to her office, Tong Jia thought about it and sent a text message to Song Yancheng to make fun of him.

Song Yancheng, who was busy at work, was confused when he saw Tong Jia’s message.

‘Elder brother is like a father. Father’s love is like a mountain ^_^’

What did this mean?

Elder brother? Was there anything to do with Song Chi?

What did this kid, Song Chi do?

Was he naughty at school? He knew that boys at Song Chi’s age were particularly naughty.

Song Yancheng quickly replied to the text message to express his doubts and the attitude he should have when facing the teacher as the eldest brother.

‘Did Song Chi give you trouble? The child just needs to be taught a good lesson. Don’t worry, if he makes a mistake, you just punish him. His butt is used to the beatings. ^_^’

Tong Jia was silent when she received the message because she suddenly doubted President Song’s IQ.

Song Chi was sitting in the classroom and sneezed.

Because of Tong Jia’s message, Song Yancheng decided to go home early today. No matter what, he was still concerned about Song Chi, so he wouldn't hit him. However, if Song Chi really made a mistake, he still had to reason with Song Chi; otherwise, Tong Jia would have a headache as the temporary teacher.

When Song Yancheng went to the parking lot, he saw Shen Yang’s car and slapped his forehead. He was so busy today that he had forgotten to tell Shen Yang about that matter.

He raised his hand to look at his watch, and decided to talk about it tomorrow. Now, Song Chi’s problem was the top priority.

When he arrived at the Song House, the housekeeper said Song Chi had not come back from school. Song Yancheng nodded and went to the study to handle some matters. However, he realised that something was not right as soon as he entered.

He glanced at the entire study, and when he saw the glass jar of chicken feet on the table, he immediately exploded.

He brought it on Saturday and put it in the study. He was going to eat it as a snack when he had nothing to do. He clearly remembered there was still half! Why were there no more chicken feet now?!

Song Yancheng visibly sank, and suddenly remembered the message from Tong Jia. He quickly sorted out his thoughts, and immediately understood everything.

No wonder she said the eldest brother was like a father, the father’s love was like a mountain!

Song Chi, this little bastard must have stolen his pickled pepper chicken feet!!

He shifted his gaze and glanced at the two red notes under the notebook. Apparently Song Chi put them there, so he had the audacity to say he did not steal it, but he bought it!

Did Song Chi think that giving 200 yuan would not make him angry?

Song Yancheng would not let Song Chi go home for 3 days!

He did not know whether to laugh or cry, but his heart was still burning.

This was cooked by Tong Jia! A very delicious pickled pepper chicken feet! He did not eat much yesterday because he was afraid of not having anymore after he finished it!

And this little bastard stole half of it!!

Song Yancheng immediately went downstairs. Seeing the housekeeper in the living room, he walked over and asked in a deep voice, “What food does Song Chi hate the most?”

The housekeeper thought that Song Yancheng was concerned about Song Chi, and said with a look of consolation. “He doesn’t like to eat carrots. When he was a child, he would cry for a long time if he accidentally ate it.”

Song Yancheng smiled warmly. “Alright, please instruct the kitchen to cook something with carrots today.”

“Ah?” The housekeeper had not come back to his senses. He did not understand what Song Yancheng meant.

Song Yancheng continued to smile. “Children can’t be picky eaters, right?”

“That, you are right, but…”

“For his health, he cannot be a picky eater.”

The housekeeper could only nod. “Yes.”

Thus, Song Yacheng went upstairs, satisfied.

When Song Chi came back from school, it was just about dinner time. The housekeeper pulled Song Chi, lowering his voice, and said, “Did you make a mistake recently?”

Song Chi was almost brought up by the housekeeper. He had deep feelings for the old housekeeper. In his heart, the old housekeeper was like his grandfather.

He carefully thought about it and shook his head, “No.”

“Are you sure? Think again carefully.”

Song Chi was about to say something when Song Yancheng went down the staircase, wearing loose and comfortable home clothes. He smiled when he saw Song Chi. “Go wash your hands and eat.”

“Oh.” Bewildered, Song Chi went to the bathroom and washed his hands obediently. When he returned to the dining room, Song Yancheng had already sat at the head of the table, still smiling as he saw Song Chi coming.

Song Chi felt anxious for no reason.

When he saw the fried pork with carrots on the table in front of him, he could not help frowning and said, “Didn’t I say I don’t want carrots?”

The housekeeper did not say anything, until Song Yancheng said slowly, “For your health, from today onwards, you have to eat it.”

“I’m not going to eat.” Song Chi was very upset when he saw the carrots.

“Huh?” Song Yancheng looked at Song Chi smiling, yet it did not reach his eyes. Song Chi immediately cowered.

“Big brother, I really don’t like carrots.” Song Chi picked up his chopsticks, looking confused.

“Do you know why the housekeeper is very healthy?” Song Yancheng looked like a good big brother at the moment.

Song Chi was bewitched, and shook his head.

“Because he is not a picky eater.” Song Yancheng continued to smile.

“Must I really eat it?”

“You must.”

Song Chi was actually a little afraid of him, so he had to pick up a carrot and eat it as if he were dying. He didn't chew but swallowed it whole, and then kept drinking soup, as if to cover up the taste in his mouth.

He thought about what mistake he made.

Why did Big Brother suddenly be like this?

Song Yancheng turned his head to the old housekeeper who was sitting on the other side of the table, and said, “Please tell the kitchen that there must be carrots for next week. We must get rid of this picky eating.”

“Brother…” Song Chi’s chopsticks clanked as they fell on the table.

“What’s wrong?” Song Yancheng became more and more cheerful. “Carrots nourish the liver and eyesight, clear away heat and detoxify, can enhance immunity, and also have anti-cancer effects. If I remember correctly, it can also lower cholesterol. How can you be a picky?”


“Is it hard to be a good kid who isn't a picky eater? I don't expect too much from you.”


“If you keep saying but, the kitchen will only make carrots for the next month.”

“I’ll eat, I’ll eat. QUQ”


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