Pampering You Even More Chapters List

Chapter 34: Chapter 34

Shen Rong had stayed away from the Song Company. However, she returned after sending those messages. Seeing that she was not looking for Song Yancheng anymore and truly wanted to work, Shen Yang did not bother to care about her.

Shen Yang had been working hard lately, attempting to distract himself from his pain. It was not that he never thought that Qiao Yu might already have someone else, but whenever the notion occurred to him, he extinguished the thought quickly. However, he had to tear his cover-up completely now that Tong Jia had made that fact clear.

Although Shen Rong was not looking for Song Yancheng, she still paid attention to the Song Company’s movement. She panicked when she found there was no tension at all.

It was an early Thursday morning; she happened to have no class and was rushing to the Song Company. She ran across Song Yancheng in the parking lot, who had no work that morning. Instead of walking up to him and greeting him warmly, she walked at her usual pace and carefully observed him. She did not know if she was wrong, but she felt that Song Yancheng seemed to be in a good mood.

Could it be that that woman coaxed him? Yes, she almost forgot that that woman could easily win over Song Yancheng. But then again, no matter how strong that woman’s coaxing skills were, it should be impossible for Song Yancheng to dismiss his girlfriend’s affair.

“Hello, President Song.” Shen Rong greeted him.

When she saw this man before, her heart was beating so fast. Shen Rong had an explicable confidence that she could definitely get him. However, when she saw him today, in addition to her heart beating fast, Shen Rong also had another thought. She remembered what her brother had said. A high-profile man like him, would he also cheat in the future?

Song Yancheng felt helpless when seeing her. He was basically almost sure that she was the one who sent the messages. And right now, she was observing him. She was probably disappointed that he was not violent or gloomy, right?

At this time, Song Yancheng had a brilliant idea. After he nodded coldly at Shen Rong, he took his phone to call Feng Hao.

Feng Hao was lazily lying on his bed but immediately sat up when he saw Song Yancheng’s call. “It’s not that I don’t go to work. I was socialising until late yesterday. Didn’t you say my working times are flexible?”

Feng Hao could only think Song Yancheng had called him for that reason.

Although Song Yancheng was scolding Feng Hao as a slacker in his heart, his expression was gentle and his tone was light, as if afraid of scaring the other person. “I’m already at the office. It’s okay, get some sleep. What do you want for breakfast?”

“Damn it! I'll be right there! Please don’t scare me like this!” Feng Hao began to flounder about and hurriedly got dressed.

Perhaps, Song Yancheng’s expression could be described like this.

Like when his father and mother were fighting, her mother said with a kind face, how could you do wrong? It was obviously my fault. Yes, it was the kind of feeling that made people feel cold for no reason.

“Alright, do you want xiao long bao and soy milk? Or should I ask the kitchen to make some preserved egg and meat porridge?” Song Yancheng’s voice became gentler.

Feng Hao almost collapsed, “You bastard! Don’t scare me!”

Shen Rong stood there in a daze, watching Song Yancheng’s back getting farther and farther. Was he calling that woman? Did he really not care about that matter at all?

So, what was the point of her doing all of this?

However, seeing his gentle and considerate expression, Shen Rong felt that what she had done was worth it.

Song Yancheng did not need to look to know what Shen Rong's expression was like. He did not hear her follow him. A sneer appeared on the corner of Song Yancheng's mouth. People with low IQ usually thought that others had the same or lower IQ as theirs.

He really could not understand. Was Shen Rong not aware of who she was up against when she executed her plan? She was not a child playing house. Did she think everyone would cooperate with her?

Had the thought of what would happen to her brother if it was true never crossed her mind?

Was she too naive or too stupid?

Unfortunately, whether it was naivety or stupidity, Song Yancheng felt very disgusted.

Shen Rong returned to the office in despair. She had no job, and the staff would not ask her to do anything because of Shen Yang. So when Shen Yang came over, all he saw was Shen Rong sitting blankly.

He walked over, put a large mango pudding on her table, and then touched her head. “If you're bored, you can go to the shopping mall near the company.”

Shen Rong was startled and shook her head. She was still occupied by other thoughts.

When Shen Yang was about to leave, she called him. Her face was full of doubts, “Brother, can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“If a man loves a woman, will he forgive her no matter what she does?”

Shen Yang was surprised that she would ask this question. . He first thought of Song Yancheng, but this question obviously had nothing to do with him. Shen Yang shook his head and nodded again. “It depends on the situation.”

“What about the fact that the other party approaches with a motive?”

The more Shen Yang listened the more confused he became. He frowned. “Who are you talking about? Is it Song Yancheng?”

Shen Rong lowered her head to hide the panic in her eyes, and waved her hand. “No, it's about my friend. She has been annoyed recently, and I want to help her out.”

In Shen Yang's heart, Shen Rong would never lie to him, so he did not think about it too much. “Will forgive.”

“How come?!” Shen Rong's tone was a bit sharp, but later realised that something was wrong. She quickly changed her tone and asked in confusion, “But she was together with him not because of love. She had a purpose.”

Shen Yang chuckled and shook his head. “He will still forgive her.”

Shen Rong suddenly became very lost. Could it be that Song Yancheng really loved that woman so much that he did not even care about her past or if she had other purposes? Then what about her and all these things she deliberately did? Were they all jokes?

“Don’t think about things that have nothing to do with you. By the way…” Shen Yang took out a card from his suit pocket and put it on her desk. “You can use this shopping card sent by a customer yesterday. If it's not enough, I’ll give you more.”

Shen Rong took the card, but her mind was completely not on it.

At noon, Shen Yang was about to go to the company cafeteria for lunch when his office phone rang. It was Song Yancheng, inviting him to lunch. Shen Yang had a bad premonition and followed him with his head full of questions. As Shen Yang sat down, Song Yancheng gave him a friendly smile and said, “I heard from Feng Hao that you have been working hard these days. If this continues, I'm afraid I won't be able to pay your overtime wages.”

Thinking that Shen Yang had no relation with Tong Jia, Song Yancheng was happy.

He was even more elated when he thought that because of this, his relationship with Tong Jia had become closer.

It was very rare of him to give Shen Yang a much better attitude.

Shen Yang did not understand why Song Yancheng invited him out. He could not guess. He was actually a little uneasy when he looked at Song Yancheng’s expression.

Sometimes there was no need to beat around the bush between men. Shen Yang gritted his teeth and asked, “I don't know why President Song is looking for me.”

“It’s nothing actually.” Song Yancheng handed the menu to Shen Yang, “Let’s talk while eating. It’s just a small matter. Don’t be nervous.”

Shen Yang was swearing in his heart. Why bother with battling with such trivial matters, and telling him not to be nervous, idiot!

Shen Yang had no choice and ordered two dishes. When the dishes were ready, before Shen Yang had eaten a few bites, Song Yancheng said slowly, “It’s not actually nothing. I received a text message from an unknown number a few days ago. There were also photos. I can't explain. See it for yourself.”

After speaking, Song Yancheng handed his phone to Shen Yang. Shen Yang looked puzzled, and his expression changed drastically.

“President Song, I…” Before Shen Yang could finish, he was interrupted by Song Yancheng, smiling, “I know. Tong Jia has already told me that the two of you are just old friends.”

Shen Yang breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he heard Song Yancheng say, “I had discussed it with Tong Jia. I really don’t know what the other party meant, so I thought of telling you. Shen Yang, I’ll be frank. Don’t be offended. Have you offended someone recently?”

After Song Yancheng said this, Shen Yang's face darkened considerably.

He did not offend anyone! He owed someone else in his last life!

That someone was his sister, Shen Rong!

Song Yancheng continued, “It's good that there are no misunderstandings. I was shocked when I saw the text message, but this silly rumour was just dumbfounding. But the person who sent the text message is really lacking in consideration. You and Tong Jia were not in that kind of relationship in the first place. As long as I ask Tong Jia clearly, the truth will come out. Tong Jia and I have been thinking about it for a long time, but we cannot figure out the other party's intention.”

To say that it lacked consideration was very lenient. In fact, it meant that it was too stupid.

Shen Yang's stomach hurt when he heard it, and his face was tangled, “President Song…”

“Don’t worry, I did not misunderstand. Besides, I'm also worried that someone is trying to trap you, so they did it on purpose. Shen Yang, I’m very satisfied with your work capability, so I hope you can stay in the Song Company for a long time.” Song Yancheng did not think of this possibility before. When he thought about it carefully, if this was really the case of poaching, then the other party, as the boss of a big company should not be stupid, right? So this possibility was denied by Song Yancheng.

Shen Yang thought of this as a slap in the face. He was so angry that his liver hurt, but he still had to laugh. “President Song, don't worry. Since I entered the Song Company, I was already a part of it.”

“That’s good, then.” Song Yancheng gave Shen Yang some food.

Shen Yang's face at the moment was just like a green lettuce.

“President Song, I have an unkind request.”

“Say it.”

“Let me settle this matter. To tell you the truth, some companies recently expressed some kind of wishes to me. I refused them. This matter also started because of me. I will solve it. It won’t cause trouble for President Song and Tong Jia.”

Song Yancheng smiled happily. He believed that Shen Yang had already endured to the limit at this moment. He clearly knew that his sister did it, but he had to bear this for her.

He remembered what Tong Jia said. In any case, Shen Yang had failed in love and was not a good person, but he was kind to his sister.

“Alright. I hope you can solve it smoothly.”

“Thank you, President Song.”

Shen Yang was angry, not only because his sister did such a thing but also because she put himself in an extremely embarrassing position. Shen Yang did not have to guess. Looking at Song Yancheng’s meaningful eyes, he knew that Song Yancheng absolutely knew everything, not just the fact that Shen Rong had done this but also the severity of her actions.

Almost every employee in the Song Company worshipped Song Yancheng. Shen Yang had always been very proud, because he received an offer from the Song Company as soon as he returned to China. He also had great affection for the Song Company. He was a very capable subordinate, and now...

Shen Yang looked menacing upon returning home. Mother Shen greeted him and took the bag in his hand. “I came back very early today. The auntie has prepared a meal. Let's eat together.”

“No need.” Shen Yang walked past his parents and grabbed Shen Rong, who was lying on the sofa playing with her phone.

“What are you doing!” Shen Rong turned pale in shock when she felt how tight his grip on her wrist was. She glared at her brother.

“What wrong have I done to have a younger sister like you?” Shen Yang’s tone was sombre. There was no smile on his face. He looked at her and stressed each word, “You imbecile!”

“What’s this for?!” Father and Mother Shen were all trying to stop Shen Yang, but Shen Yang swept the vase on the shelf, and it crashed loudly on the floor. The living room fell into the death of silence.

No one dared to speak; even Shen Rong endured the pain and said nothing.

This was the first time Shen Yang lost his temper, which shocked everyone.

“Shen Rong, you disappoint me.” Shen Yang looked at his sister and felt unprecedentedly disheartened. He felt that he had failed. He might not be good to other people, but he had loved his sister dearly. He would satisfy all her demands. However, in order to satisfy her selfish desires, she had never considered her brother’s position. He had told her, had warned her, but she never took it to heart.

These words were too serious. Mother Shen frowned and said, “What happened?”

Shen Rong was a little uneasy. She did not know whether her brother knew, so she did not dare say anything.

“Shen Rong, you clearly know what you have done. And let me tell you that your plan has failed.” Shen Yang paused. The corner of his mouth twitched. “Sorry, my ex-girlfriend is not Tong Jia, but Tong Jia’s friend.”

“Who is Tong Jia?” Father and Mother Shen were at a loss.

Shen Rong’s face turned pale. She looked up at Shen Yang in disbelief. “How could...?”

“Do you think your plan is seamless? Tong Jia was not my girlfriend at all! Song Yancheng was looking for me today!” Shen Yang yelled, fury taking over him. He raised his hand and slapped Shen Rong violently.

Shen Rong blankly covered her face, tears streaming down her face.

“Why did you hit her! Can’t you talk properly about it!” Father Shen stepped forward to protect Shen Rong. The atmosphere was tense for a while.

“If I don’t hit her, she will never wake up, and Shen Family will be finished!” Shen Yang pointed at Shen Rong, who was lowering her head and not daring to say a word. “Your good daughter, my good sister. Do you know what she did? To become Mrs. Song, you actually used me in your plans!”

“No, that’s not what I was thinking…” Shen Rong wept.

Even though she liked Song Yancheng, she had never thought of harming her brother. How could he say that!

“No? You took a photo of Tong Jia and me together for him to see. Was it not you? Did you ever think that if Tong Jia were really my ex-girlfriend, what would Song Yancheng do to the Shen Family and me?!”

“What the hell is going on?” Father Shen knew Song Yancheng and could not help but be surprised when he heard this.

“Song Yancheng has a girlfriend, and her girlfriend and I were former friends. I happened to meet her and asked about the past. How could I know that Shen Rong was following me? She took a photo, sent it to Song Yancheng, and then told him that Tong Jia was my ex-girlfriend. And his girlfriend only approached him to get revenge on me. Are you out of your mind, Shen Rong?!” Shen Yang almost roared when he said the last sentence.

“Rong Rong, is it true?” Mother Shen was solemn.

Shen Rong was afraid to answer. Finally, under her parents’ pressure, she could only nod.

“You silly girl!” Mother Shen directly slumped on the sofa. Her eyes were red in panic. “Rong Rong, have you ever thought that if it was true… Song Yancheng would not let your brother go? By then, it would be difficult for your brother to have a foothold in City A!”

“I guess Song Yancheng already knew. Rong Rong, listen carefully.” Shen Yang grabbed her, put his hands on her shoulders, and said seriously, “This time, this matter is over. But you have to promise me; you cannot have thoughts on Song Yancheng and you will not look for Tong Jia.”

No matter how wilful Shen Rong was, she was scared at the moment. She nodded timidly.

“This time, it’s because Song Yancheng recognises my capability, and Tong Jia and I are also friends, so he doesn’t bother to pursue it. He is warning me. Rong Rong, Song Yancheng knew what you did, and he will never like you. So, for dad, mom, younger brother, and me, could you please be a little bit more obedient?” Shen Yang felt that Song Yancheng did not care because Tong Jia had said good things about him. The next time something like this happened again, Song Yancheng would never be tolerant anymore.

“Okay.” Shen Rong’s white face turned red. She nodded vigorously.

How could she dare to provoke Song Yancheng now? Shen Rong felt ashamed when she thought that Song Yancheng had known what she had done. Additionally, that woman was not her brother’s former girlfriend.

No matter how arrogant she was, she now knew her place. She could not help but break into a cold sweat. Indeed, Mother was right. After all, Song Yancheng was a man; if that matter was true, it was unknown whether he would abandon Tong Jia, but he would definitely make his brother unable to stay in City A.

Seeing that her expression did not seem to be fake, Shen Yang finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He really wanted to apologise to Tong Jia, but he paused the thought when he remembered his promise to never look for her again.

On Wednesday afternoon, the rain was pouring. When Song Yancheng heard the thunder and rain outside, he could not help getting up and walking to the floor-to-ceiling window. The whole of city A was shrouded in rain, which gave the summer a cool breeze.

Feng Hao saw this scene when he came in to deliver a report. He had known Song Yancheng for almost ten years. When he came back from the gate of hell, he actually changed a bit.

He loved talking more than before and even had someone he liked.

He also looked more easy-going. Feng Hao thought maybe it was because he had experienced such a time that he took at many things lightly.

When Song Yancheng heard a sound, he turned his head and saw Feng Hao. “Do you think she brought an umbrella?”

Feng Hao was complaining silently. Song Yancheng looked like a young boy in love. If others saw it, their jaws would drop, right?

“How would I know?” Feng Hao put the report on the table, put one hand in his trouser pocket, and walked over slowly.

The two stood side by side in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. Song Yancheng still looked very distressed. “Should I ask her if she brought an umbrella?”

“Up to you.” Feng Hao shrugged nonchalantly. At first, he would give pointers, but now, it seemed that the relationship between the two was proceeding smoothly. It was useless for him to say more, so he let Song Yancheng think about it slowly.

“Let me think.” Song Yancheng was actually eager to meet and call Tong Jia every day, but he was restraining himself because he was afraid that she would find him annoying.

“Master, you are chasing your wife, not embroidering.” Feng Hao still couldn’t help but complain.

He felt that Song Yancheng was just too cautious. He should let go of himself and be bold when chasing girls! Hesitating like this would result in the girl being taken by someone else.

In the end, Song Yancheng still dialled Tong Jia’s number, and she picked it up quickly. “Is something wrong?”

These words put Song Yancheng in a good mood. Everyone knew that only close acquaintances would use that kind of greeting. He sat on the office chair and asked, “It's raining right now. Did you bring an umbrella?”

Tong Jia was preparing her materials and was so busy that she did not have time to even drink. But, at this moment, she put down her pen and replied patiently, “I didn’t bring an umbrella. It’s okay, I checked the weather forecast. It will stop at about 7 or 8 at night.”

Hearing her reply, Song Yancheng continued to ask, “What do you mean?”

“I have to work overtime today, and the rain will stop when I go home later.”


After hanging up the phone, Song Yancheng did not hesitate anymore. He glanced at the time; it was almost five o'clock. He picked up the car key and walked outside. Feng Hao followed. “Where are you going?”

“I’m sending her some food.” Song Yancheng thought about how hard it would be for her to work overtime. He could bring her something delicious, and also take a look at her.

It had been a few days since they had met.

Feng Hao rolled his eyes, “She has him wrapped around her finger.”

Song Yancheng drove to the Sichuan restaurant they had been to before, and bought Tong Jia’s favourite boiled fish and spicy beef. She especially liked to eat both, and she would order this every time she went to a Sichuan restaurant.

“Xiao Tong, you haven’t left?” Another teacher in the office passed Tong Jia's desk and asked.

Tong Jia pointed to the table data on the computer and stretched her body. “I have to work overtime today.”

“You can do it at home.”

Tong Jia shook her head and said with a smile, “As soon as I go home, I want to eat something. I can't calm down at home. I work more efficiently at school.”

“There should be something to eat in the cafeteria now. Buy some, or you'll be hungry later. “

Tong Jia nodded and accepted the teacher’s kindness, but she did not plan to go to the cafeteria to eat. She estimated that she could finish her work at around seven o'clock. Then, she would go to the street stall near the school to treat herself.

Before half past 5, the office was already empty, and she continued her work.

Because she was too focused, she failed to notice Song Yancheng standing by the door with some take-away boxes. He wanted to go in quietly, but he was afraid of scaring her, so he stood at the door and knocked.

Tong Jia raised her head and saw Song Yancheng in a white shirt standing at the door, smiling. “Teacher Tong, can I come in?”

She hurriedly got up, took off the glasses that she only wore when working, and looked at him in surprise. “Why are you here?”

“I’m sending you food and an umbrella.” Song Yancheng walked in. His trousers were wet from the rain, but it did not affect his mood at all.

“What?” Tong Jia muttered, but a hint of a smile on her brows and eyes.

Song Yancheng put the boxes on the table and opened them one by one. “You haven't eaten yet, right? I bought you what you like, and there is also mango sago that you love.”

Sometimes it was really simple to move a person. The more subtle it was, the more meaningful the feelings were for the other person.

When the smell of boiled fish and spicy beef came to her, Tong Jia was truly moved.

Song Yancheng handed her chopsticks and dragged a chair to sit down. When he saw that she was silent, he said, “I also haven't eaten yet. Let's eat together.”

“Wait.” Tong Jia went to the side, poured a glass of warm water, and handed it to him. “These dishes are very spicy. You drink some warm water first.”

The lights in the office were all turned on. He did not know if it was a psychological illusion, but Song Yancheng felt that the lights illuminated people’s hearts.

The two sat down, and each one had a bowl of rice. Tong Jia took a piece of beef and immediately looked satisfied. “It's so delicious.”

“If you like it, eat more.” The two felt a little closer. Song Yancheng remembered something and said to Tong Jia, “By the way, Shen Yang came to me today, saying that the person who sent the text message was someone who wanted to poach him, and I didn’t expose him. Let it go.”

“Is his sister working in your company?” Tong Jia asked.

Song Yancheng thought Tong Jia cared about this, and hurriedly replied, “No, No. Shen Yang is still aware. He told me his sister is still in school and has no time to come again. But I can’t figure it out; Shen Yang is a smart person, how come his sister…”

After all, he was a man, and it was not easy to speak ill about other people.

“Who knows. But this girl is also quite interesting. She probably really likes you. Otherwise, she wouldn't do such a thing.” Tong Jia did not mean to be jealous; she was just teasing Song Yancheng.

Song Yancheng said in a hurry, “This is not my fault! How can this be considered as like? I’ve only met her a few times.”

“Oh?” Tong Jia glanced at him and asked curiously, “Then you also only met me a couple of times before.”

When did she start on the offensive?

Song Yancheng had not ever thought about this question. He said with a serious tone, “I'm different from her.”

Tong Jia became interested and said jokingly, “What's the difference?”

“I really like you, while she is only pretending,” Song Yancheng retracted his eyes and said in a low voice while eating fish.

Although this kind of liking seemed a little inexplicable to others and came too quickly, he felt that he really liked Tong Jia, and it was not fake.

It had nothing to do with the number of times they met or the length of time they had known each other. He really liked her.

“En.” Tong Jia responded. She could still judge whether other people's intentions were true.

“Do you have time this Saturday?” After a brief silence, Song Yancheng took the time to change the subject.

Tong Jia was in a trance for a moment. She felt that she and Song Yancheng were about to enter the next stage of their relationship. They were busy on weekdays, and they would make appointments to eat or watch movies on weekends. However, the strange thing was that she did not reject the feeling of being with him at all.

Let’s see later.

She liked him a little bit, but it was not enough.

When she liked him enough, well, maybe she would not be alone this Christmas!

Thinking that Song Yancheng was still waiting for her answer, Tong Jia hurriedly shook her head. “Not this Saturday, I’m celebrating my brother's birthday.”

Song Yancheng bowed his head and continued to eat.

He was obviously at a loss.

Tong Jia held back her laughter and said seriously, “Are you free on Sunday? I want to invite you to eat something delicious.”

Song Yancheng was stunned like a fool. When he reacted, for fear that Tong Jia would regret it, he kept nodding his head and said in a loud voice, “Yes! I am free! I am free!”


He hurriedly took out his mobile phone and checked the weather forecast. He even left his food alone. “The weather is not too hot on Sunday. Can I take you for a ride?”

“Alright. Let's have a picnic on Sunday, I'll bring the food, and you'll drive. What do you think?”

Tong Jia was still very confident in her cooking.

“Okay! Will there be chicken feet?”

Tong Jia had an I-admire-you expression, but still nodded, “Yes, what else do you want to eat?”

“I can’t think of anything else now…”

Tong Jia simply put down her chopsticks and began to count with her fingers. “I'll make some grilled wings. Hmm, I can also make sushi and bring some home-cooked dishes.”

Song Yancheng listened attentively. “Very good.”

“Can I give you a task?” Tong Jia was also a little excited and began to look forward to the weekend. She was like a primary school student looking forward to a spring outing!

“Sure,” he answered firmly.

“I won’t buy water or any drink. They’re too heavy. I don’t want to lift them from the supermarket to my house. Can you handle this task?”

“Of course.”

The two began to discuss where to have the picnic. There were many small towns in the suburbs of City A, and the air there was perfect. After finishing the meal, Tong Jia said, “You go back first. I have more work to do.”

Song Yancheng shook his head. “I'll sit on the sofa and play games. You do your work. I'll take you home later. The weather forecast said there might be thunderstorms at night.”

Seeing his firm attitude, Tong Jia could not say anything. She started to concentrate on her work. She just hoped that she could finish her work quickly and go home early.

The game downloaded by Song Yancheng on his mobile phone was recommended by Feng Hao. It was a very childish game, but for some reason, once you played it, you could not stop.

The atmosphere was very warm and harmonious, and the room was very quiet; only the sound of Tong Jia turning over the files could occasionally be heard.

Tong Jia pinched her brows again, turned her head, and saw Song Yancheng playing games seriously with his head down. She could not but chuckle.

She always felt that being with Song Yancheng, even if there were no words being said, made her feel at ease.

​​When it was about 7 o'clock, Tong Jia finally finished her work. She stretched, got up, and turned her head. She saw Song Yancheng leaning on the sofa, sleeping with his head tilted.

He must also be tired from his work; managing such a big company must be tiring.

Tong Jia glanced down at the time, thinking that she should let him sleep for a while. She could continue preparing her lessons, sorting out the study plan, and so on.

As soon as she sat down, Tong Jia remembered that the office was air-conditioned. She did not know how to adjust the temperature. In addition to the rain, it was very cold at the moment. She quietly took out a thin blanket from the cabinet beside her, walked lightly to his side, and covered him with it. Tong Jia bent down and looked at Song Yancheng’s face. He was really handsome. When she got closer, she realised that he had great skin.

It made no sense!

He was already 30 years old!!

The pores were not large!

Ah! His eyelashes were very long!

His nose was straight. Everyone said… Forget it. She did not want to think about it.

Tong Jia returned to her seat, opened her notebook, and tried to focus.

Song Yancheng would remember this night for the rest of his life. He slept very comfortably. When he woke up, the first thing he saw was Tong Jia’s back. She was shrouded in light, which was extraordinarily dreamy and gentle.

He was wearing a cartoon character blanket. At one glance, he knew it was hers.

The rain had stopped, and there was still a faint earthy smell in the air.

When he woke up, what he saw was her, and for Song Yancheng, it was love.


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