Pampering You Even More Chapters List

Chapter 35: Chapter 35

Since making a plan with Tong Jia to have a picnic on Sunday, Song Yancheng had been looking forward to it and wished Sunday would come faster.

Song Yancheng got up early this morning. As usual, he walked into his closet and put on his suit and tie. After wearing his watch, he headed downstairs to have breakfast. Even though the housekeeper was old, he strongly expressed that he had no desire to retire. Song Yancheng could not do anything but agree. The housekeeper was still going strong and had been taking care of the Song Family inside out.

Whether it was Song Chi or Song Yancheng, they both liked to eat Chinese style breakfast. Breakfast was very rich every day. Song Yancheng sat down with a newspaper in his hand. “What day is today?”

Although the housekeeper did not understand the significance of Song Yancheng’s sudden question, he still replied respectfully, “Today is Friday.”

Song Yancheng casually browsed the contents of the newspaper, and after putting it down, he whispered, “Why isn’t it Sunday?”

Song Chi, who hurried downstairs, happened to hear such a sentence. Since Song Yancheng seemed to be very easy-going now, Song Chi’s courage gradually grew. He sat down and said, “Do you have any plans on Sunday, Big Brother?”

“Yes.” The corner of Song Yancheng’s lips rose, and with a smug smile, he said, “I’m going to have a picnic this Sunday with your Teacher Tong.”

“Picnic?” Song Chi, who was sleepy, had completely woken up. His eyes glowed brightly as he said with a hint of pleading tone, “Big Brother…”

Please take me with you! Please take me with you!

Song Yancheng shook his head coldly as if he could read Song Chi’s thoughts, “No.”

This date did not come easy for him, so how could he bring another man? Even though Song Chi was a child, he was still a man.

At this time, the housekeeper smiled and lowered his head. “Do you need me to help prepare things for the picnic?”

Song Yancheng thought for a while and shook his head. “No, I’ll go shopping by myself.”

“There’s an RV in the garage. Do you need someone to clean it?”

“RV?” Song Yancheng lowered his head and pondered. It would be more convenient to drive an RV, but he was unsure whether Tong Jia would like it. He decided to be more careful with his actions. “No, let's do it next time.”

The housekeeper smiled excitedly. He had refused to retire because he was worried that others could not take care of the Song Brothers properly. He also wanted to witness the Song Family welcome a Mrs. Song first-hand.

He had been with Grandfather Song since he was a child and had long regarded the Song Family as his own home. After Mr. Song left, he decided to take good care of his remaining sons. Compared to Song Chi, he was more worried about Song Yancheng. Now, Song Yancheng had someone he liked, the housekeeper was relieved. He absolutely fully supported Song Yancheng in pursuing his future wife.

After Song Yancheng finished breakfast, he went to the company in a good mood. He was happy at the mere thought of going to the supermarket to buy food for the picnic.

Song Chi was in a bad mood as he stood at the door with his school bag. “I also want to go on a picnic.”

The housekeeper reached his hand out and touched Song Chi’s head. “It’s not good to be a third-wheel when you’re still young.”

“...” Song Chi was still depressed.

“If you want to go on a picnic, you can invite your classmates, and I will ask the driver to drive the RV.”

“Then should I invite Teacher Tong?” Song Chi rubbed his chin in, scheming.

The housekeeper looked serious. “If you want to eat carrots for another week…”

“See you. I’m going to class.”

“Very well.”

The second class on Friday was English. After the bell rang, Song Chi quickly followed Tong Jia to her office. Tong Jia curiously asked, “Do you need anything?”

Song Chi said in a low voice, “Teacher, my big brother is looking forward to the picnic on Sunday. He’s bouncing all over the place.”

Tong Jia smiled gently. “I will let your big brother know.”

“He held a grudge because I ate his pickled pepper chicken feet and made me eat carrots for a week! My parents in Heaven will definitely come to his dreams and question him.”


“Teacher, the pickled pepper chicken feet you made were very delicious.”

“Thank you.”

“But my big brother’s stomach is unwell lately. Can you not bring the pickled pepper chicken feet on the picnic?”

“... Okay.”

Song Chi was finally satisfied and went to the bathroom with Wei Chuan, who was following him. Tong Jia returned to her office blankly.

Was the word bouncing all over appropriate to describe President Song?

However, his stomach was unwell. Was it true? She knew he had eaten too much pickled pepper chicken feet that day and must have hurt his stomach! Whether it was true or not, Tong Jia decided not to bring any more. Even though the food was delicious, it was too spicy, so it was better to eat less.

Song Yancheng sneezed while sitting in his office. He was about to look for Feng Hao in the finance department, wanting his help with the Sunday’s date. As soon as Song Yancheng got out of the elevator, he saw a man constantly bowing to a manager of another department, “Manager Xie, please take a moment to look at this plan… I won’t waste any of your time…”

Originally, Song Yancheng would not care about this kind of thing. When he was about to turn around to go to the finance department, that man turned and entered his line of sight, a frustrated and disappointed look on his face. For a moment, Song Yancheng felt he knew this person but could not remember anything. It was probably because Tong Jia had previously asked about his past, but he could not remember. The embarrassment and anxiety caused Song Yancheng to call out for that man. “Wait a minute.”

At the same time, Manager Xie also saw Song Yancheng. He quickly walked closer to Song Yancheng, nodded and bowed. “President Song.”

Zhou Heng showed a slight surprise on his face. He did not expect the man in front of him to be the president of the Song Company. He immediately began to be at a loss.

Song Yancheng nodded to Zhou Heng and then turned his head to Manager Xie. “What’s the matter?”

“This is Mr. Zhou. He wants to collaborate with our company. Although the plan is not bad, his company is small.” Manager Xie was a little nervous, but he did not think he did anything wrong. There were so many companies in City A that wanted to collaborate with the Song Company, but the Song Company never collaborated with small companies.

No one knew how urgently Song Yancheng wanted to recall his memories. He knew Tong Jia had begun to show an interest in his past, but he could not remember it at all. Besides, having no memories was actually painful.

He really thought this Mr. Zhou was familiar, so he said solemnly, “Let me see.”

Manager Xie almost did not believe his ears, but he did not dare object the boss’ decision. He hurriedly asked Zhou Heng to bring his plan to the office. Song Yancheng sat down and looked at the plan laid out in front of him. The company logo was printed on the cover. He could not help but smile. “What an interesting company name.”

Zhou Heng had a background in sales. In order to run Zhou Yanchen’s company, he resigned from his job and invested all of his money in the company. He was not afraid of losing money, but he was afraid that the company Zhou Yanchen had built would collapse overnight. Moreover, Father and Mother Zhou were still relying on this company with all their lives, so he had to manage it well. He suppressed all doubts in his heart and replied with a smile, “The founder of the company named it, saying that Hengjia Zhihui has good meanings.”

“Indeed.” Song Yancheng immediately fell in love with this name.

Hengjia Zhihui is a metaphor for the gathering of outstanding people. This company's cohesion must be excellent. In a sense, the boss used the name to affirm each employee's ability.

Zhou Heng was overjoyed, knowing that he finally saw a ray of hope.

Song Yancheng flipped through the plan, and he felt it was very familiar. Many of the points almost coincided with his views.

It was probably the company name or the plan that made Song Yancheng unusually driven after reading it. He said to Manager Xie, “This plan is not bad. Give Hengjia Zhihui more time.”

Manager Xie nodded quickly and agreed.

Song Yancheng looked at Zhou Heng. “Manager Xie will be responsible for this plan. Whether or not your company’s plan will be adopted will be decided after evaluation. In the meantime, you can contact Manager Xie.”

He did not have to oversee these kinds of trivial things. He had helped enough at this stage since he should not open too many precedents for this company.

Manager Xie felt a lot better, but he also understood that President Song liked this plan. No matter what, he would take a look at the plan again.

Zhou Heng immediately stood up and gave a Song Yancheng a deep bow. This plan was Zhou Yanchen’s hard work and was also the key to determine whether Hengjia Zhihui would progress further. Zhou Yanchen had already negotiated a partnership with a company, but that company only recognised Zhou Yanchen. So, the partnership was shelved.

In any case, he had to fulfil Zhou Yancheng’s ambition.

Zhou Heng breathed a sigh of relief when he came out of the Song Company. As he went downstairs and before he walked out of the Song Company's hall, he bumped into Qin Yue.

Qin Yue was surprised. Although he was only acquainted with Zhou Heng, he still greeted him, “Zhou Heng, why are you here?”

“I came to discuss a partnership.” Zhou Heng had no opinion towards Qin Yue. But, since he had taken the initiative to greet him, he could not turn a blind eye.

“Do you need my help?”

Qin Yue was just being polite, but Zhou Heng felt at ease when he heard it. He waved his hand. “No, you’re still working. I won’t bother you.”

Qin Yue knew Zhou Heng took over Zhou Yanchen’s company. He was jealous of Zhou Yanchen before, but Zhou Yanchen had died, and his jealousy slowly faded away. Qin Yue had a more sincere attitude now. “Although I am not a big figure in the Song Company, I will definitely help if I can. This is my business card. Call me if you need anything.”

Zhou Heng could not help but sigh as he walked out of the Song Company, holding Qin Yue’s business card. He learnt from Tong Jia that she and Qin Yue broke up after a year of going abroad. Therefore, during the class reunion, Qin Yue's claim that he would marry her once she returned was false. Perhaps he had done it deliberately for Zhou Yanchen to hear, but it was understandable… Qin Yue did not do anything bad, and the person himself was not bad. Zhou Heng should be nicer to him.

Maybe one day, Hengjia Zhihui would really need his help.

This was the helplessness of growing up. Even though you did not like a person, you must slowly put on the mask you once despised.

Feng Hao’s finance department was beside Manager Xie’s department, so he heard what had happened just now. He winked at Song Yancheng once he entered. “What’s the name of that company? The one you just met.”

Song Yancheng was puzzled and sat down. “Hengjia Zhihui. What’s the matter?”

“It’s my first time hearing that company name.” Feng Hao gave Song Yancheng a cup of tea. “Tell me the truth. Does a company name need to have the word ‘Jia’ in the future so they could talk about cooperation with the Song Company without twice the effort?”

Only then did Song Yancheng understand, and he snorted. “It’s not just because of this.”

“Then what’s the reason? Could it be that you really like this small company’s plan?”

Song Yancheng nodded and looked out the floor-to-ceiling window serenely. “I was just thinking that I would probably use this name if I started my own company.”

“Could it be that you and the founder of this company are friends?”

“Maybe.” Song Yancheng clasped his hands together. “His plan coincides with mine, and it suits my taste.”

Qin Yue knew that Tong Ming’s birthday was on Saturday, and he had already prepared a gift. Tong Ming posted on WeChat Moments before that he wanted to change his phone, but he was short on money. So, Qin Yue had bought a new Apple phone for Tong Ming’s birthday.

He wanted to please Tong Ming since he had blocked him because of that incident. Qin Yue was very angry with his aunt, but she was an elder, so there was nothing he could do. When Qin Yue heard what she had said, he was very furious, let alone the Tong Family. So, he could understand why Tong Ming ignored him, and Director Tong ignored his father now.

However, he really wanted to repair their relationship. He did not hesitate to work overtime, finish his work ahead of time, and return to China earlier to celebrate Tong Ming’s birthday. He wanted to contact Tong Jia, but he did not dare to, and he could only receive her news from Tong Ming.

The two families lived very close, just a ten-minute walk.

After work on Friday, Qin Yue did not go home directly but went to Tong Ming’s school. He had come for Tong Ming several times before, so he knew where his dorm was.

Tong Ming was packing his clothes. His family lived in the same city, so he usually went home on Fridays, not to mention that Saturday was his birthday.

“Youngest! Don’t forget Saturday night! We had pooled money to celebrate your birthday.”

Tong Ming turned his head and said to the boy on the opposite side, “Don’t worry. I said you can go home with me. My house is big enough to accommodate you guys, and my father’s cooking is delicious.”

“Your Third Brother has to go to the construction site to move bricks and earn money for your birthday.” The boy who came out of the bathroom was only wearing shorts. His tone was very funny.

“In order to celebrate the Youngest’s birthday, we got a tan while moving bricks.”

Tong Ming could not stop laughing. He was in a good mood until Qin Yue appeared at the dormitory door.

Tong Ming’s mood was quite complicated when facing Qin Yue. On one hand, he had been calling him Brother Yue for 20 years. On the other hand, he could not bear Qin Yue’s family insulting his older sister, so he simply blocked Qin Yue to save him the trouble.

When they walked out of the dormitory, Qin Yue smiled. “I drove here just in time to take you home.”

“There’s no need.” Tong Ming shook his head. “I’m going out with my sister for dinner.”

Hearing that Tong Ming had mentioned Tong Jia, Qin Yue said in a low voice, “I also want to apologise to your sister.”

“No need. My sister doesn’t seem to care.” It was not Tong Ming’s intention to stab Qin Yue’s heart but what he said was true. As for what Aunt Qin said, among the Tong Family, it was probably Tong Jia who did not care the most.

After an awkward silence, Qin Yue handed a paper bag to Tong Ming. “Happy birthday.”

Tong Ming did not even look at it and shook his head. “Brother Yue, Even though my sister did not care, I do. Don’t be angry, but to be honest, I just wanted to rush to your house and confront your aunt.”

Qin Yue could only stay silent.

“As for me, I caused a lot of trouble for my sister when I was a child. Now, I’m an adult, so I cannot give her more trouble. She really doesn’t want to get back together with you. Brother Yue, thank you for remembering my birthday, but I won’t receive this gift.”

When his sister had not made that statement, he could support Qin Yue a little. However, she said it was impossible for Qin Yue and her to be together. If he still accepted Qin Yue’s gift, something was wrong with his brain. He could beat himself without his father’s belt.

Why bother talking to the Qin Family after they ridiculed his sister?

Qin Yue clenched his fist. He was extremely powerless. “She… Does she have a boyfriend?”

Tong Ming replied decisively, “Even if it’s not now, she will have one later.”

But that person would not be you. Our family would never agree.

When Tong Ming arrived at Tong Jia’s school gate, he immediately told her what happened to get credit. “Did your handsome brother do a good job this time?”

Tong Jia pinched his face and was satisfied when his face turned white. “What if he gave you an iPhone 6?”

“Ah… Can I regret it?” Tong Ming immediately looked heartbroken.

Tong Jia raised her foot and pushed him. “Go away.”

“My future brother-in-law will give me an iPhone 7!” Tong Ming put his hand around Tong Jia’s shoulder. The brother-sister pair walked to the street full of food.



“You will have so many blessings.”

Tong Jia did not say a word. She was actually very moved. The people who really loved her would mind Aunt Qin’s remarks. Because they care about her, the relationship with the Qin Family could never be mended.

Ea on Saturday morning, Song Yancheng received a disturbing call from Feng Hao.

“I ordered a cake. Go get it now.”

Song Yancheng sat up from the bed, his hair messy. He wiped his face, but he had not woken up yet, “... What?”

“Didn’t you say today is Tong Jia’s brother’s birthday? Don’t you need to wish him a happy birthday?” Feng Hao was eating breakfast and rudely complained to Song Yancheng, “Is this how you go after girls? You’re completely heartless.”

Song Yancheng pinched his brows and helplessly said, “We’re just friends at the moment. It’s not appropriate to prepare a gift for her brother.”

Of course, he wanted to prepare a gift for Tong Jia’s brother. At that time, all his words were stuck in his throat, and he quickly swallowed them for fear Tong Jia would be burdened by it. After all, their current relationship was not yet close enough for that.

In summary, if he thought Tong Jia would be unhappy, he would not do it.

Feng Hao was discouraged and almost shouted, “Didn’t you say her first love is still pestering her, and she has known him for years? At this time, who knows that first love of hers would try to please her brother, and you’re still here like a fool. Yancheng, a man has to be decisive; otherwise, the girl will be chased by other men.

After listening to Feng Hao’s reasoning, Song Yancheng fell into contemplation. Indeed, Tong Jia said that she and her first love had known each other from childhood, which meant that that person would know Tong Jia’s brother. Times like this were the best chance to be courteous.

He could not give up on Tong Jia and did not want to see other men chase after her. So, he asked decisively, “Which cake store? I’ll pick it up.”

Feng Hao told him the address of a cake shop regarded as the best in the city.

Song Yancheng asked hesitantly, “Then, should I prepare a gift?”

Feng Hao rolled his eyes. “You said it yourself that you are just friends with Tong Jia. Giving a cake is enough. It won’t be appropriate to give another gift.”


Feng Hao was depressed. He had all the skills to flirt with girls, but he did not have the right girl to go for. He was as lonely as a single cloud in the sky.

Early in the morning, Tong Jia and Mother Tong went out to buy vegetables and called Father Tong to pick up a cake.

“It’s so far.” Director Tong was not happy.

“That cake store is said to be the best, sweet but not too rich.”

“Then, why didn’t you order from this cake store for my birthday last time?”

Director Tong was unhappy and was in the midst of jealousy.

Why did they order the best cake for the little bastard but gave him the cake near their house?

Not fair!

Seeing that Director Tong was unhappy, Tong Jia immediately comforted him in a low voice, “Didn’t you* say the cake last time was too rich? Tong Ming doesn’t like cake. Then, for whom am I ordering now?”

*您 (Nín) = polite form of you

Director Tong’s smile blossomed in a second. “Alright! Alright!”

Director Tong drove through half of the city. Because the weather was too hot, he stopped at a newsstand, bought a Maidong*, and went into the cake store.

*脉动 (màidòng) = A brand of bottled drink.

Being a sweet tooth, just the smell of sweet cakes made Director Tong feel better immediately.

Holding the receipt given by Tong Jia, he sat down and waited for the staff to prepare the cake. At this moment, the door opened, and a person walked in. The girls inside the store turned in unison.

“Hello. Is the cake ordered by Mr. Feng Hao ready?” Song Yancheng gave the receipt to the staff.

The staff’s eyes were almost heart-shaped while checking the computer. She replied with the gentlest voice, “Yes. Do you need a card?”


After he had written ‘Happy birthday to Brother Tong’, his phone rang, and it was Tong Jia. He had called her before going out, but she did not pick up. Thinking that she must have something to do, Song Yancheng did not call her again.

Song Yancheng took his phone and walked to the seat nearby. Seeing a middle-aged man sitting there, Song Yancheng gave him a friendly smile and sat down not far from him. “Tong Jia?”

Director Tong almost thought he heard wrongly; otherwise, why would he hear his daughter's name?

He put down his newspaper and turned his head to look at the man who looked very elite in his formal clothes. While this man was on the phone, Director Tong pricked his ears and moved his butt closer quietly.

“No, I’m free. No, no, no, I have something to do…” Song Yancheng kept his voice as low as possible. “Isn’t today your brother’s birthday? I ordered him a cake. Do you think it’s convenient for me to send it?”

Director Tong was stunned. If the same name was a coincidence, then what kind of coincidence was it to also have a brother's birthday?

Tong Jia was at the market. Her mother was carefully selecting spare ribs, so she hurried over to a quiet place. “Ah, did you order a cake? I also ordered one.”

Song Yancheng did not know what to say and could only talk slowly. “This… is my little gift. I heard the cake is really delicious. Why don’t you try it?”

As if he was afraid that Tong Jia would misunderstand him, and obviously, Tong Jia was not in front of him, he waved his hand awkwardly and tried to explain, “Don’t worry, I won’t go to your house. I’ll just give you the cake.”

Tong Jia was helpless. She felt that she could not refuse Song Yancheng. When facing other people, she could decisively say no. However, when it came to him, she was soft-hearted. Forget it! After all, it was his good intention. Her father also liked cakes, and she could give them out to the neighbours. He had already bought it as well and could not throw it away. Tong Jia’s tone softened. “Alright, but I’m at the market with my mom. Do you know Cuihai Homeland?”

“I’ll search it up later.”

“Alright. My house is nearby. Call me when you arrive.”

Song Yancheng was overjoyed. After he hung up, he could not hold back his happiness.

Director Tong’s mood was complicated. At present, it was his daughter talking with this man of all people. He felt very jealous. While he was still looking at Song Yancheng, a cute female staff delivered a cake to Director Tong and said with a sweet smile, “Please come again.”

Director Tong could not help but turn his head every time he walked away. Song Yancheng, who was still immersed in joy, did not notice Director Tong at all.

After he got the cake, Song Yancheng drove to Cuihai Homeland.

When he arrived at the gate of Cuihai Homeland, he called Tong Jia. In about 10 minutes, she trotted over. Tong Jia was very beautiful today. She wore a pink dress and tied up her hair with a small hairpin, making her look playful and lively. Noticing Song Yancheng’s eyes, she patted her hair embarrassedly. “I’m going to take a family photo later. That’s why I’m dressed like this.”

Tong Family had a tradition. No matter whose birthday it was, they had to take photos.

Song Yancheng smiled. “Beautiful.”

The corner of Tong Jia’s lips rose slightly. Clearly, she was pleased.

“You didn’t have to buy a cake. I already ordered a big one.” Tong Jia looked at the cake in Song Yancheng’s hand and was shocked. “What a coincidence! I also ordered from the same cake store.”

Song Yancheng chose to be honest and said, “Actually, Feng Hao helped me order. I didn’t think of it before.”

Why was he so honest?!

Tong Jia tapped her forehead with a sigh. “Alright, thank him for me.”

“But I gave him the money, and I was the one who picked up the cake.”

Did he say this because he wanted her to praise him?!

Song Yancheng stared at Tong Jia, and she could only nod. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“By the way, I bought orange juice, milk and water for tomorrow’s picnic. What else do you want to drink?” Song Yancheng felt that when he saw her, he always wanted to talk more, so he started to find a topic they could talk about.

“Iced black tea, Maidong.” Tong Jia laughed.

“Alright. I also bought fruits. There are apples, bananas, grapes, watermelon…”

“Wait, watermelon? It’s too heavy!”

“I’ll ask the aunt to cut it tomorrow morning. What other fruits do you want to eat?

“That’s enough.”

He was not bringing the entire fruit shop, was he?

Having nothing to say, Song Yancheng hesitated for a moment. “Can I say a few more words to you?”

“Of course.” Tong Jia was amused by him. Did he have to speak so cautiously?

“The housekeeper asked if we wanted to drive the RV. I didn’t agree.”

“RV is very cool, but it suits for a family picnic. It’s weird for two people to drive an RV for a picnic.”

Song Yancheng probed, “Then next time, if there’s a chance… let’s ask more people to come with us.”

Such a scheming boy!

Did he think that she was clueless to what he was thinking? Today was her brother’s birthday. He delivered a cake, and now he said he wanted to invite more people to a picnic next time. Who could they invite? There were only his family and her family. Tong Jia felt Song Yancheng’s carefulness was too cute, so she would not oppose him.

“Yes, if there’s a chance.”

Song Yancheng could not help grinning after hearing her reply. The two of them stupidly stood there for a while. “You look really pretty today.”

“Don’t you think it’s too childish?”

Tong Jia only put on the skirt and the hairpin under her mother’s coercion. God knows how much she wanted to change her clothes.

The point was that Tong Ming found joy in their disagreement.

Tong Jia was concerned about her outfit. She even took a picture and sent it to Ye Jiayi and Qiao Yu.

The result was…

Ye Jiayi: … Can I make fun of your skirt?

Qiao Yu: Your hairpin is a crown? Oh My God, did you win a public election?

In the end, Tong Jia felt this was probably the aesthetic of straight men.

Song Yancheng shook his head. “No, very cute.”

He thought she was pretty.

Tong Jia noticed that Song Yancheng’s expression did not seem to be fake. She was confused when she suddenly felt a strange sense of satisfaction. This handsome, tall, eligible bachelor with a good personality was a straight man; how satisfying.

“I’ll go back first. My family is waiting for me,” Tong Jia hurriedly said, knowing her father would come back soon.

Song Yancheng was a little reluctant, but thinking that they could meet tomorrow and be together for a whole day, he was happy. “Okay, Wish your brother a happy birthday for me.”

“Thank you.”

Tong Jia walked a few steps and turned around. Seeing that Song Yancheng was still standing in the same place, she could not restrain her impulse to flirt. She turned around and walked over again, then whispered to Song Yancheng, who was in a slight surprise. “You also look good today.”

After she finished speaking, she did not look at Song Yancheng’s reaction and walked away with the cake.

Song Yancheng was left standing on the spot. When he came back to his senses, he looked down at his clothes and immediately decided to buy ten more sets of such clothes!

She said he looked good!

This was the first time she praised him!

When Director Tong arrived home, he only saw his son and wife in the living room. He could not help but ask, “Where’s Jia Jia?”

“She said she has to go out for a bit.” Mother Tong stood by the shoe cabinet, picking out high heels to match her cheongsam.

“It’s so hot!” Tong Ming wore a suit, standing in front of the air-conditioner. “The air-conditioner in Dad’s car is not cool enough. I don’t want to go out.”

At this moment, Tong Jia came in, panting. “It’s so hot. Why is it so hot today?”

“Eh, where did that cake come from?” Mother Tong noticed first and asked in surprise.

Director Tong stared at his daughter. Tong Jia was oblivious.

“It’s from my friend.”

As soon as these words came out, the three members of the Tong Family gathered around.

“Friend? Which friend? It’s not Qin Yue, right?” Mother Tong asked.

“But I don’t like cake. Your friend shouldn’t have sent it,” Tong Ming whined.

In the end, Director Tong said with a sly smile. “Yes, which friend? Do we know this friend?”

Tong Jia lied without a shift in her expression. “Jiayi, she sent it.”

I’m sorry, Jiayi TAT

Please help me QAQ

“I was happy for nothing. I thought a man gave it,” Mother Tong said angrily.


Tong Ming also felt disappointed. “Why send a cake? How weird. I don’t like eating cake!”

“At least there’s still food to eat!”

Director Tong stared at Tong Jia for a while. “Oh.”


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