Pampering You Even More Chapters List

Chapter 36: Chapter 36

In the evening, Tong Ming went out to celebrate his birthday with his roommate. Mother Tong was watching drama in her bedroom, ranting about Brother Su all day. Tong Jia thought it was very funny. This drama had aired a long time ago, but her mom had just started it and had been discussing happily with the aunts next door.

Seeing that there was finally no one in the kitchen, Tong Jia went in with confidence and vigor. It was not only Song Yancheng who was looking forward to the picnic tomorrow, but she as well.

Cooking grilled chicken wings was easy. After a few cuts on the chicken wings and an evenly spread sauce, they were tossed into the oven.

Tong Jia then started on the sandwiches after putting the pickled cucumbers and pickled peppers that her dad made into a box. Although the two of them could not eat much, she still wanted to do more. She also wanted Song Yancheng to see how capable she was.

The more food Tong Jia made, the happier she became. She was humming while rolling sushi unaware of the impartial Director Tong leaning against the door with a darkened expression.

Director Tong’s heart was complicated. On the one hand, he remembered the appearance of the man during the day. At first glance, he looked like a social elite, and at least he looked much better than that kid, Qin Yue. The kind of person whom Director Tong would like. On the other hand, although he had arranged a blind date for his daughter before, he was not worried at that time. Now, watching his precious daughter happily busy in the kitchen for that man, Director Tong’s heart grew even more unpleasant.

Why was it not the son who he had to marry off in the future, but the daughter?

Anyway, the son was worthless and did not need to be loved, but the daughter was different! It was like a precious little padded jacket, how could it be worn by others.

He was suddenly overcome by anger.

Director Tong coughed heavily, walked into the kitchen, and came to Tong Jia's side. “Jia Jia, what are you cooking?”

Tong Jia was taken aback. She panicked, and her eyes were very erratic. She lowered her head and whispered, “I’m going out for a picnic with my friend tomorrow, so I’m preparing some food for it."

“With who?” Director Tong took a piece of sushi and ate it. The more he ate the more uncomfortable he felt. He was so angry that these delicious sushi would be eaten by others!

Tong Jia apologized in her heart as she did not want to lie to her dad. However, once she told the family the existence of Song Yancheng, she would feel like she was pushed by others. She wanted to tell her family after they had made their relationship official. Thinking of this, Tong Jia continued to lie, pretending to be calm, “With a colleague.”

“Is it a man or a woman?”

“Dad!” Tong Jia was dissatisfied. She stomped her feet and pushed Father Tong out of the kitchen. “Go watch the TV.”

Father Tong was angry. He went back to the bedroom and saw that the child's mother was watching TV with a facial mask and an iPad in her arms. He was so angry that he stomped around to get Mother Tong’s attention.


Mother Tong did not even raise her eyes as she was completely immersed in Brother Su’s drama at the moment.

Father Tong was completely defeated.

Meanwhile at the Song House, Song Yancheng was lying on his big bed tossing and turning. He could not sleep. His head was filled with the thoughts of the picnic tomorrow. Because he was so excited, he wanted to text Tong Jia several times. However, it was already 11 p.m., and he was worried she had fallen asleep. Texting her would wake her up. So, he endured it and could not sleep. He got out of bed, slipped on his slippers and went downstairs. He walked towards the large fridge in the kitchen containing the drinks and fruits he bought yesterday from the supermarket.

After checking the drinks one by one, Song Yancheng was satisfied.

Looking at the big watermelon at the bottom of the fridge, he was stunned for a moment. He originally wanted to ask the aunt to help cut it into pieces and put them in a box tomorrow morning. Why did he not do it himself now?

So, Song Yancheng held the watermelon and put it on the chopping board. He was not very skilled, and a few of the big pieces fell to the ground.

After Song Chi finished playing games, he went downstairs to find something to eat. When he walked down the stairs, he noticed the lights in the kitchen were turned on. He hurried down, and when he saw Song Yancheng holding a knife fighting with the watermelon, he was very shocked. “Big Brother?”

In the middle of the night, holding a knife, and cutting a watermelon, it was just like a horror movie!

Song Yancheng turned around calmly. “Do you want to eat some watermelon?”

“No, no, no.” Song Chi’s head shook like a rattle.

Song Chi took an orange juice from the fridge, heated some leftover fried rice and chicken wings in the microwave, and went to the dining room for supper.

After a while, Song Yancheng put the cut watermelon in a box and put it in the refrigerator. He sat beside Song Chi.

“Do you want some?” Song Chi tore open a bag of potato chips and handed it to Song Yancheng.

Smelling the scent of potato chips, Song Yancheng shook his head. “You should eat less of this junk food.”

“Oh.” Song Chi continued eating.

“Big Brother, you like our Teacher Tong, right?” The adolescent boy was still embarrassed saying the word ‘like’, and his face turned red just by saying it.

Song Yancheng did not avoid this question at all, and nodded frankly. “Yes, so you be good at school and don’t upset her.”

“Tsk, I’m your biological brother.” Song Chi burped after eating fried rice.

Song Yancheng despised his behavior and moved away.

“Big Brother, I also like Teacher Tong.”


“Why are you looking at me?”


“So, Big Brother, you got this.”

Song Yancheng got up, looked at Song Chi, and said, “It's time for you to go to bed. Early to bed, early to rise. It’s better for your health.”

“Boring.” Song Chi pouted. He turned off the TV and followed Song Yancheng upstairs. There was a photo on his bedside table; a family portrait of the Song Family. There were his parents and his brother who looked very young. His mother was holding a baby —him.

He was lying on the bed, holding the photo. Actually, Song Chi's feelings were also very complicated. Although his brother did not care about him very much, the two of them still depended on each other. If a woman appeared and took his brother away, it would be really uncomfortable. However, on second thought, if that person was Teacher Tong, it did not seem too bad.

“Dad, Mom, bless Brother so he can go after Teacher Tong. She can make very delicious pickled pepper chicken feet.”

Early morning the next day, Song Yancheng drove to the meet-up area. He was half an hour early.

It was not because of the dating rule that he had arrived before the other party, but he really could not wait.

Tong Jia went out carrying one big and one small bags, and hailed a taxi at the intersection. Song Yancheng said that he would come pick her up, but she declined. It was because her father had the habit of getting up early for a run. It would be embarrassing if Director Tong saw them.

Of course, she was also careful. She deliberately avoided Director Tong's daily route and went to another street.

At this time, Tong Jia did not notice at all that a man wearing a mask was following her furtively.

Director Tong was in a bind the whole night. His precious daughter must be dating someone. He naturally would not object, but he had to see for himself.What if the man bullied Jia Jia? Of course, he had to follow!

So he did not go out for a run in the morning but hid in the bushes in front of their building. When Tong Jia appeared, he quickly followed her.

Tong Jia sat in the taxi and started to touch up her makeup. After she was busy for a while, she looked out the car window and looked at the rearview mirror. She asked, "Driver, is that car following us?”

The driver was very upright. He glanced at that car and shook his head. “I don't know. The high-speed rail station is also in this direction. Look, there are a few taxis behind.”

Tong Jia thought she was overthinking, and stopped asking.

After she got off, she walked to the opposite side with her large and small bags. This was an office building, surrounded by mirrors. Tong Jia had a habit of looking into a mirror when passing it, and this time she found something incredible. Tong Jia’s eyesight was not good, so she usually wore contact lenses, and directly looking through the mirror, she could see Director Tong following her.

Tong Jia was shocked. She did not know when she was exposed. She had aroused Director Tong’s suspicion, and he had followed her since early in the morning.

Although she was shocked, Tong Jia continued to walk. She was thinking about countermeasures. Obviously, her father must have known that she was going out on a date with a man, so he followed her. However, it would be embarrassing if she let her father follow her.

Thinking of this, Tong Jia decided to be an bad daughter for once —get rid of Director Tong!

This was the first time Tong Jia encountered such things, and she was both excited and nervous. She glanced at her surroundings, it was very close to the place where she agreed to meet up with Song Yancheng. Tong Jia walked quickly to the office building, pressed the elevator button, and went in.

When Director Tong came in, he saw that the elevator door had just closed. He touched his chin and thought, did she not plan to go for a picnic? Why was she here?

Hmm? Was Jia Jia going to the bathroom?


Director Tong walked out of the building calmly. There was a row of snack bars and restaurants opposite the building. He walked into a restaurant, sat by the window, ordered a cup of soy milk, and stared at the door of the building.

Now where did Tong Jia go? She took the elevator to the parking lot on the second floor. After waiting in there for a while, she saw Song Yancheng's car coming in. She hurriedly trotted over, opened the door and got in. The action was done in one go. “Hurry up and go!”

Before she entered the building, she called Song Yancheng and only told him to drive to the parking lot. She did not tell him what happened.

After Song Yancheng’s car drove out for a while, Tong Jia patted her chest and turned her head to look at Song Yancheng. She said with a smile, “I almost thought I was filming a movie.”

“What happened?”

“My dad was following me.” Tong Jia smiled mischievously.

Song Yancheng panicked. “Uncle? Then... what should we do?”

“Why are you panicking? Just drive. I’ll send him a text later.” Tong Jia patted Song Yancheng’s shoulder and said, “I promised to have a picnic with you today, so I won’t break my promise.”

Song Yancheng was looking forward to this picnic, so did she, so she had to fool her dad.

“Is it okay?” Song Yancheng was still worried.

“It’s okay. I’ll send him a text to explain.” Tong Jia took her phone and sent a text message to Director Tong. When the text message was successfully sent, she raised her head. “He was probably curious, so he just wanted to follow along to take a look. It’s not a big deal.”

Hearing Tong Jia’s words, Song Yancheng was relieved.

Director Tong, who was sitting in the restaurant, noticed that he had been waiting for almost 20 minutes. However, his precious daughter had not come out. As he got up, his phone vibrated, and it was a text message from Jia Jia.

‘Director, I’m only out for a picnic, don’t be like this TAT’

Director Tong smiled, knowing that he had been tricked.

He sat down again and seriously replied to the text message.

‘Alright, but Dad wants to see that person’s photo and ID. I’m just worried about you.’

When Tong Jia let Song Yancheng take a look at the text message, she said helplessly, "My dad often makes me think I'm only six years old.” Although she complained, her eyes were full of smiles.

A man who really cared would not be angry.

Song Yancheng of course was not angry. He stopped the car and seriously said to Tong Jia, “I understand where Uncle is coming from, let me…”

He thought about it. If he had a daughter, and she was going to a picnic with other people, he definitely would be worried.

As a father who cared about his daughter, any of his requests were not unreasonable.

Immediately afterwards, Song Yancheng stood beside her with his ID card in his hand, and said to Tong Jia, who looked solemn,“Stand closer and take a photo, don’t forget the license plate and ID.”

Well, President Song just took the most embarrassing picture in his life.

When Director Tong saw the pictures Tong Jia sent, he could not help but laugh in the restaurant.. She sent several pictures, including a picture of a man standing in front of the car with his ID in his hand and a clear picture of his ID.

Song Yancheng?

Alright, his name was not bad. The person looked alright and seemed sincere.

‘The car is not bad.’

Director Tong just replied after a long time. Song Yancheng was driving seriously, and Tong Jia lowered her head and held back a smile.

A man who really cared about her would be so meticulous, for fear of her being hurt.

A man who really liked her would agree to these demands because he had no bad intentions.

‘Yes, he is rich.’

This time, Director Tong replied quickly.

‘Jia Jia, don’t have prejudice against rich people.’

Tong Jia could not hold back. After parking the car, she showed Song Yancheng the text messages, and he was also happy after reading it.

Tong Jia was very proud. She could already guess that if her mother and brother found out, their first reaction might be funnier than this. It was not that they did not worry about her, but they would believe her more.

Song Yancheng was also happy. He thought Tong Jia had introduced him to her father, so he moved the food more vigorously.

The two sat on the tablecloth, and Song Yancheng said, “Your father is very interesting.”

“Yes. I remember when I was in junior high school, someone wrote me a love letter and stuffed it in my school bag. Dad saw it when he was checking my homework. I was very terrified at that time, thinking he was going to scold me. However, he neither scolded me nor told the teacher. He took a red pen and revised the love letter very seriously. He even wrote a comment to that person at the time. Now that I think about it, it’s hilarious.”

“What comments?” Song Yancheng could not help but think about how great it would be if he could become her family one day.

“There were too many misuse of words, language problems, wrong metaphors, and wrong usage of comparisons. Also asked my classmates to listen carefully in Chinese classes in the future, and one day, he would be able to write a perfect love letter.”

What made Tong Jia proud the most was that her father was very strict with every student, but he never ridiculed them, nor did he deliberately attack their self-confidence. Many students were afraid of her father at first, but after graduation, her father attended many teacher appreciation banquets.

Whether it was a father, a husband, or a teacher, her father was more than qualified to become each one.

Song Yancheng also laughed out loud, and said, “I hope one day I can become such a father too.”

“You’ve gone off topic!” Tong Jia’s face reddened. Although he did not say much, it made other people shy.


“How about your dad?” Tong Jia did not think that this topic was inappropriate, because Song Yancheng had been an adult when Mr. Song and Mrs. Song left.

Song Yancheng was at a loss for a moment, he really did not know and could not remember anything.

However, when two people were getting to know each other, it was inevitable that they would bring up things, such as past emotional experiences, family relationships, and childhood events. It was tragic for Song Yancheng that he did not have any of these memories.

Tong Jia remembered Shen Shujuan's words and said, “Mr. Song and Mrs. Song were really affectionate. I heard from my friend that they were a model couple in the industry.”

Song Yancheng did not know what he was hesitating about. He actually wanted to tell Tong Jia, but he was always hesitant every time he spoke.

He wanted to say it even though he knew he was doing something wrong.

Although he had no memory, he was well aware of the dangers of his current situation.

Whether the accident had been accidental or man-made was still unknown.

There was still potential danger.

However, he did not want to hide it. What kind of reason could he use?

When Tong Jia thought of Mr. Song’s loyalty, she suddenly heard Song Yancheng say in a deep voice, “Tong Jia, I want to tell you something.”

Tong Jia could not help feeling numb when she heard this.

She had read and seen so many novels and TV series. If someone said this, it would not be a good thing. However, she could not think of what Song Yancheng would say, so she looked at him suspiciously.

“You know that I had a car accident some time ago, right?” Song Yancheng said slowly.

Tong Jia nodded. “Yes. What about it?”

“Let me tell you what happened, but please don’t tell anyone.” He knew that he was irrational, but every time Tong Jia asked him, he knew nothing. He could not tell her the truth, which made Song Yancheng very annoyed and frustrated.

He decided that even if he had to give Tong Jia his weakness, he did not want to go on like this anymore.

It seemed that what he said was very important. Tong Jia nodded unconsciously. “Alright.”

She could not clear her throat as she felt it was a big deal.

Song Yancheng drank a sip of water, lowered his head, and said after a moment of silence, “After the accident, I woke up, but…” He paused. “I couldn’t remember anything.”

“Ah…!” Tong Jia was startled at first, then looked at Song Yancheng in disbelief.

Memory lost?

Memory lost?!

How was it possible!

But, Song Yancheng would not lie to her.

“I don’t remember who I am and who the people around me are. So, when you asked how many times I had been in love, I really couldn’t remember it. I’m not lying to you.” Song Yancheng lowered his head. His tone was helpless and at a loss.

What did it feel like to have no memory? Those who had not experienced it would not understand.

He had no past, so he could only hold on tightly to the present.

Because of this, her mood also became plummeted. She reached out and patted his shoulder. “Have you asked the doctor?”

Song Yancheng shook his head and his face became serious. “I really can’t ask.”


“I checked. There was a problem with the surveillance at that time, so there was no surveillance video of that accident. Coincidentally, after I was sent to the hospital, someone immediately turned himself in, saying that he was drunk driving, and then…” Song Yancheng paused. “I went to see the driver who caused the accident, and his expression was not right. He was very dazed, as if he didn't know anything. He just kept saying that he hit me.”

Tong Jia looked at him blankly.

The corner of Song Yancheng’s mouth twitched and laughed at himself. “Of course, this is all normal. I just think... if it was a premeditated crime, it would be perfect. When I woke up, everything was cleaned up. I couldn’t find anything.”

“I don’t know if I have too much suspicion, but, in short, the Song family and I are in such a position that I must not make people think that I have a weakness. If someone wants to take advantage of it and I actually have nothing to do with the things in the past, then what about me, what about Song Chi? What about the Song family?” Song Yancheng was very serious.

Tong Jia could not help shivering. All of this was too far from her life. She had never encountered any conspiracy. When she heard this, her first reaction was that she could not believe any of it. After she came back to her senses and figured out the stakes, she was scared.

“What are you planning to do?” Tong Jia asked.

Song Yancheng shrugged. “I don't remember anything now, but I predict that if all this is as I thought, the people who really want to harm me will appear again.”

“How scary…”

“It doesn’t matter.” Song Yancheng's eyes were wide and confident. “I will never let myself be passive again.”

Even though Tong Jia knew he was the president of the Song Company, he acted like an ordinary person in front of her and would act very clumsy. When she saw his calm appearance, she could not help but tremble slightly.

Maybe this was the real him.

However, it was because of seeing him like this that she felt how sincere he was when he was clumsy and cute. Tong Jia handed him a sandwich and said, “I believe in you.”

Song Yancheng smiled at her. “I will cherish my life. I feel like I have escaped from the gates of hell. Tong Jia, I’m telling you this is not to make you worry, but I don't want to lie to you. I always feel guilty when I lie to you.”

Tong Jia's heart was quite heavy. She did not know Song Yancheng before, so she forgot how dangerous his condition was after the accident. At that time, Song Chi did not speak for almost a day, so it must be really serious.

She could not imagine what it was like when he woke up and found that he did not remember anything, and pretended nothing had happened.

“I won’t say anything about this matter.” Tong Jia secretly made up her mind while talking.

She felt like she was getting closer to Song Yancheng.

She was not a fool. She knew what it meant for Song Yancheng to tell her this. He did not even tell his closest relatives. Because he did not want to lie to her, he told her his biggest secret, which shocked Tong Jia and moved her simultaneously.

Song Yancheng lowered his head and took out a piece of sushi from the box. He put the whole sushi in his mouth, and his cheeks were bulging. It looked very interesting. Seeing Tong Jia’s somewhat heavy expression, he pretended to smile freely. “Don’t worry, I asked Feng Hao to help me to check for any clues. Besides, the people in the Song family are not for nothing, and there are a lot of people working int he shadows. Of course, I also hope that my guesses are superfluous, and it was just an accident. “

“You have to be careful.” Tong Jia was not good at these, and now she was even more at a loss for words, so she could only say this most sincere sentence.

She did not know much about these wealthy families. She usually just read about these things in the novels. Looking back now, the news about the family power struggle, a desperate attempt to secure status of the child and the struggle of the right of inheritance were just tip of the iceberg.

It was really hard for Song Yancheng. If his parents were still alive, he still had a layer of protection. Now that his parents passed away, he not only had to protect himself, but also take care of his younger brother. One could not imagine how heavy the burden on him was.

People always saw other people’s brilliance, but not the shadow behind them.

Song Yancheng patted the dust on his trousers and showed a relaxed smile. “We are out for a picnic today. Let’s not dwell on the unhappy matters. Tong Jia, don't worry about me. If I don't even have the ability to protect myself..." Then, how would I be with you? He didn't say the last sentence, and stopped in time, but Tong Jia understood.

However, what Song Yancheng said was the truth. He was a man, and he had many advantages that other people did not have. If he could not protect himself in his own world, he was not even a man, and how could he pursue Tong Jia?

Tong Jia had the same thoughts. She glanced at Song Yancheng, and said with a teasing tone, “You are right. There are accidents and premeditated crimes every day. You are richer than most people and being protected in and out. If you still can’t protect yourself, then I don’t have anything else to say.”

It was not that Tong Jia was ruthless, but that she felt that Song Yancheng did not need her comfort. He was an outstanding and successful man. He had gone through many experiences that most people had never had. As he said, he would not be passive anymore.

That was right. Song Yancheng should be confident.

Song Yancheng said helplessly, “Can you stop using the word rich to describe me?”

Tong Jia pretended to be shocked, “Why! I wish I could be one. So that others would use that word to describe me!””

“I think it exudes a strong nouveau riche smell.” Song Yancheng tapped his forehead helplessly.

Tong Jia continued, “How about ten thousand strings of cash in money belt*?”

*TL Note: 腰缠万贯(yāochán wànguàn) = (lit.) (idiom) ten thousand strings of cash in money belt; extremely wealthy

“Sorry, this word reminds me of a fat man.”

“How about rich and overbearing*?”

*TL Note: 那财大气粗 (Cáidà qìcū) = (idiom) he who has wealth speaks louder than clothes; rich and arrogant; rich and imposing.

“Let’s talk about something else.”

“Wealthy and demanding! I can’t think of anything else! I’m not a language teacher!”

Song Yancheng could not do anything against Tong Jia, so he could only sigh heavily and raised a white flag. “It’s better to describe having money.”


There was some sushi left in the box, Song Yancheng could not eat it, and so did Tong Jia. Seeing this, Song Yancheng said, “I'll take this back for Song Chi. That kid also wanted to have a picnic, so I’ll bring this for him to cheer him up ."

“We should have gone together,” Tong Jia said inarticulately with a watermelon in her mouth.

“He has to study.” Song Yancheng had a serious expression on his face.

She was joking, right? Him thinking of bringing back the unfinished sushi for Song Chi was already like moving China and Asia. How could he bring Song Chi, the third-wheeler, with him!

Tong Jia did not notice Song Yancheng’s true intention at all; on the contrary, she nodded very seriously. “Although the homework is not very hard now, this year is also the time to lay his foundation. When he is in the third year of junior high school, he can't relax, but then again, a kid like Song Chi, shouldn't have to worry about getting into high school, right?"

Needless to say, with the Song family status in City A, Song Chi did not have to worry about not going to a good school.

“I’m not worried about that, but…” Song Yancheng took a tissue, handed it to Tong Jia, and continued, “I don’t want him to develop bad habits which will affect his psychology, thinking that he can live better than other people even without working hard.”

Tong Jia answered without a second thought, “But that’s the truth.”

She did not hate the rich, but she also knew that a child like Song Chi had a better environment than most children from the beginning. If he was being pessimistic, even if he did nothing, he would have a better future than most people.

It was frustrating, but it was the truth.

Song Yancheng nodded but shook his head afterwards. “It’s because he had it better than others that he has to work even harder. I think he will never want to be remembered by others just as Song Yancheng’s younger brother. “

“You are right.”

“Like children from ordinary backgrounds, as long as they work hard, others will see their efforts. However children like Song Chi, if they don’t put in the effort that matches their family backgrounds, they can only become the second generation of rich people in other people's eyes. I don't want Song Chi to become such a person in the future. But, don’t worry, no one in the Song Family spoils him, and he has a good attitude.” Song Yancheng was naturally very concerned about his only close relative.

“It’s just that no one spoils him.” Tong Jia sighed. “When I first came, he was unsociable and eccentric, so he didn't talk to people very much. I heard from the teachers at the school that the relationship between the two of you didn't seem to be that good.”

As a teacher, Tong Jia would not say such a thing. After all, it was also a family matter. However, now she was not only a teacher, but also a friend of Song Yancheng.

Since Song Yancheng had mentioned Song Chi, it seemed appropriate for her to express her concerns, right?

Song Yancheng curled his lips and looked at Tong Jia. “I think a child with an unsociable and eccentric temperament is much better than a child spoiled by adults and family background.”

As a teacher, Tong Jia could not agree with this point of view. She shook her head. “That's not what I meant. Children should be more lively and cheerful.”

“To put it cruelly, Song Chi has no right to be lively and cheerful because there is no one who can protect him. He has to grow up earlier than others. Of course, my relationship with him in the past was something that I don't remember. Now, I’m trying to make this child not a danger to society and others, while letting him be happier.” Song Yancheng laughed at himself.

Tong Jia was persuaded. Unlike ordinary children, Song Chi had no parents, only one older brother, and his only older brother was almost dead. Because of these, the first thing he had to learn was to grow up early and protect himself.

“You’ll be a good father in the future.” Tong Jia said truthfully as her emotion took over.

What Song Yancheng said just now soundend cruel to outsiders, but it was a way to protect Song Chi. Tong Jia thought that Song Yancheng would never spoil his children in the future.

“I also think so.” Song Yancheng looked at Tong Jia with inexplicably intense eyes, which made Tong Jia want to avoid his gaze. It was as if he was possessed as he uncharacteristically started flirting with girls. “You will also be a good mother.”

“The weather is really nice today.” Tong Jia's face became hot, and she changed the subject bluntly.

“It's a little hot,” Song Yancheng answered quickly.



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