Pampering You Even More Chapters List

Chapter 37: Chapter 37

Father Tong exercised every day, and today was no exception. However, because of tailing his daughter, he could not go for a lap in the morning. Even though his house was not very far, it was still a 10-minute taxi ride or a one hour walk.

After waiting at the bus stop for a while, Father Tong decided to walk home and exercise.

He never expected to run into an old acquaintance when he was only 20 minutes away from home. It was his nemesis when he was young who was not only a rival at school but also a rival in love. Of course, in the end, he won Mother Tong’s heart with his handsome appearance and youthful vigor. The one to two years of competition ended quietly.

“Old Tong? What a coincidence.” Xu Jianhua walked towards Father Tong with a box of yogurt in one hand and greeted him warmly.

Father Tong looked at him from head to toe without smiling and proudly said, “I’m going for a run. Old Xu, you should start exercising, or you’ll be sick. Look at me, I don’t want to trouble Jia Jia and Xiao Ming in future.”

Xu Jianhua became fat early in his middle age. Hearing this, the corners of his mouth twitched. However, after being a deadly enemy for so many years, he understood Father Tong the most.. Xu Jianhua immediately laughed, as if he did not take this irony to heart at all. “I don't have time for that now. You know that Bei Bei gave birth this year, and her mother and I have to manage everything. Bei Bei said she wanted to drink yogurt, so I came out early in the morning to buy them for her.”

Bei Bei is Xu Jianhua's precious daughter. She was half a year older than Tong Jia and got married as soon as she graduated. Now that she had children, the grandmothers and grandfathers in the neighborhood are envious.

Now that this topic was mentioned, Father Tong had no right to speak.

His own daughter did not have a boyfriend yet, and his useless son was still studying and had no girlfriend.

Xu Jianhua happily added, “By the way, does your Jia Jia have a boyfriend now? She’s only half a year younger than my Bei Bei. She’s not that young anymore, so she should consider marriage. Don’t let her be like the daughter of the Old Wang family, her age had caught up with her.”

“You have a lot of time in your hand, worrying about other people’s problems.” Father Tong rolled his eyes.

“I don’t care about the Old Wang family. If Jia Jia doesn’t have a boyfriend, let Bei Bei introduce her to one. The two of them had a good relationship when they were young.”

“Huh. Thank you.” Father Tong said briskly and left Xu Jianhua behind.

However, as soon as he got home, Father Tong had a nagging feeling in his chest. He had banned Tong Jia from dating anyone in the first two years of college. Fortunately, his precious daughter was obedient. Except for that moth, Qin Yue, she had never been with anyone else. However, after she graduated, the neighbors were more concerned about this matter than they were. When they were buying groceries, people were asking if their daughter already had a partner.

Being a bit impulsive at the time, he promised an old friend to arrange a blind date for his daughter with his friend’s son. However, he regretted it later.

Although Old Xu’s words were not pleasant, it still made sense. His daughter was indeed at an age where she could date. Father Tong took out his mobile phone and looked at the photo Tong Jia sent. In all fairness, this man was really not bad, and his looks were adequate. His car alone was enough to judge that he had financial capability. The address on the ID card also showed he was local. The more Father Tong looked, the more satisfied he became. He finally could not hold back and sent another text message to Tong Jia.

‘I just met your Uncle Xu, and he showed off Bei Bei’s big fat newborn.’

Tong Jia was sitting in the car with Song Yancheng, watching a movie, when she received the text message. Song Yancheng's preparations were perfect. He had downloaded several movies, and now he was watching Zhou Xingchi’s old movie. Although he had seen it before, he still found it very funny.

Song Yancheng was so engrossed in the movie that he laughed several times, staggering in his seat.

Tong Jia lowered her head and quickly replied to the text message with a smile on her lips.

‘Bei Bei sent me a WeChat a few days ago and said not to get married and have children too early. She already regretted it. ^_^’

Tong Jia also had a plan before, hoping to get married at the age of twenty-five and have a child before the age of twenty-eight. Of course, all of this was based on the fact that she would find someone she really liked. If she did not meet the right one, she would rather be single.

She could not help but glance at Song Yancheng, feeling very strange. She did not like him very much at first and was actually scared of him because he liked and pursued her. However, in the process of getting to know each other, she slowly began to feel that, on weekends like this, it would be great to sit in the car and watch movies with him.

It was just that she still had her own considerations. She used to have the same feeling when she had just started dating Qin Yue. She also felt very happy to be with him even if they were just eating an old popsicle at the school gate. At that time, she could still be considered to be young and ignorant, but now that she was an adult, she could no longer mistake her good feelings for real liking. She was not reserved, but wanted to wait until she was certain. Until she had liked Song Yancheng more, only then would she tell him.

After watching the movie, Tong Jia read a food review website and eagerly said, “I read from the Internet that there is a delicious beef entrails shop in town. Do you want to try it? I passed by Guangdong once when I came back from the UK, and I went to eat the radish beef entrails there. It was so delicious.”

No matter what Tong Jia said and wanted to do, Song Yancheng could only nod his head happily.

This time was, of course, no exception.

In the beef entrails restaurant, Tong Jia noticed Song Yancheng was only holding his chopsticks, and she immediately understood. “You don’t eat offal, do you?”

Song Yancheng quickly shook his head, but he really could not eat offal.

Tong Jia rubbed her forehead helplessly. “If you don't like to eat something, you can tell me. Don't force yourself to accompany me to eat.”

It was her who did not give it much thought. She should have asked about his preferences first.

Mother Tong once taught Tong Jia that even if someone was wooing you, she should always put the other party on an equal level with herself.

Even if that person was not a lover and was just an ordinary friend, it should be the same.

Song Yancheng thought that Tong Jia was angry. He suddenly panicked and hurriedly picked the beef offal with his chopsticks. He tried his best to explain, “No, no, I like it.”

No matter how humble he was, he just wanted to have more things in common with her, so he would feel closer to her.

Tong Jia stopped him and took the bowl in front of him. She took out a pair of clean chopsticks from the chopstick holder, put all the beef offal in his bowl into her own, and then moved the radish and tofu skewers from her bowl into his. After that, she pushed the bowl to his side again. “This is better. I eat the beef offal and you eat the radish.”

Song Yancheng stared blankly at the large piece of radish in the bowl, and was silent for a while.

“Actually, you really don’t need to cater to my tastes and preferences. Don't do this in the future,” Tong Jia said while eating beef offal. “When two people are together, whether they are friends or lovers, it’ll be really tiring to blindly accommodate others like this.”

“No, I don’t feel tired,” Song Yancheng replied in a low voice. As long as he was together with her, even if it was something he did not like, he would become fond of it.

“But I hope that the people who are together with me can be as happy as I am.” Facing Song Yancheng’s cautious actions, Tong Jia was moved, but also a little helpless. It should not be like this. They were equal. Even if Song Yancheng liked her a lot more, this was still not right.

Seeing that Song Yancheng was silent, Tong Jia put down her chopsticks. She turned her head to look at him solemnly. “Then I'll be more straightforward. If you want to be my boyfriend, you must first learn to be honest."

She once read a novel. The heroine enjoyed preparing a meal for the hero. She assumed the hero liked it because he acted as if he did every time. As a result, after a long time, the heroine inadvertently discovered that the hero actually disliked it.

Look, it was originally a very simple thing, but in the end, it was a misunderstanding.

“If you don’t like to eat beef entrails, you can tell me. If I want to eat it, I can go by myself. If you don't like watching a certain movie, you say it directly. Why waste buying a ticket? If you don't like a certain behavior of mine, or feel that what I said or did hurt you, please say it directly.” Ting Jia said in one breath and stared at Song Yancheng.

Song Yancheng lowered his head. He was frustrated, and felt that he had ruined the good atmosphere. However, his mind was rational and clear most of the time, and he naturally understood that what Tong Jia said was right.

“People who don't even want to say their own preferences will definitely drag me down if they stop loving me in the future,” Tong Jia added straightforwardly.

Sure enough, Song Yancheng hurriedly shook his head, and almost swore to the heavens. “Don't say such things. I promise you that I’ll tell you everything in the future.”

Nonetheless, Tong Jia was pleased with the outcome and casuallly said, “Look, isn’t this much more comfortable.”

When Tong Jia went to the bathroom to touch up her makeup, Song Yancheng hurriedly went outside to call Feng Hao. He told Feng Hao everything that had happened just now.

Feng Hao directly threw the pillow to the ground. “It's not fair, it's not fair! Really, don't tell me such things in the future, I'm afraid I'll like Miss Tong too.”

After complaining fiercely, Feng Hao said in an unprecedented serious tone, “I'm so envious that I was almost on my knees. Please cherish Miss Tong.”

The most taboo thing between two people was to hold back their thoughts without saying anything, and a sweet relationship could quickly turn sour because of it,

“Of course.” Song Yancheng felt that Tong Jia had developed good feelings towards him; otherwise, she would not have said such things.

He knew that what Tong Jia said was right. No matter what he did, if it was something he did not like, he would say no decisively. However, in front of Tong Jia, he could not say anything, which baffled him.

He really wanted to get closer to her. As he got closer, he was afraid that he would lose the feeling that he had now. He could not treat her equally. He wanted to give and cater to her with everything he had. It did not matter even if he needed to put himself in a very low position just to see her smile.

Even he himself knew that this was wrong and dangerous.

Why did he become like this?

“Let's go.” Tong Jia had already come out. Seeing that Song Yancheng was still in a daze, she called him again.

When he saw Tong Jia, all of his initial doubts seemed to disappear.

He liked her.

That was enough.

“Can I tell you what I like?” Song Yancheng asked as they were walking toward the parking lot.

She just said that in order to become her boyfriend, the first thing to do was to be honest.

Tong Jia could not stop laughing. “Okay.”

“Indeed, I don't like eating offal very much. I don't like eating peanuts very much. I also don't like coriander, I don't like to eat sour…”

“Hey! Then why did you eat hot and sour noodles with me last time? You finished all of them!” Tong Jia was mad. How could this guy be so patient? Even if her idol Wu Yanzu fed her, she would not eat food she did not like!

Song Yancheng rubbed his nose in embarrassment. “I'm sorry.”

“You really should say sorry. Anything else?” Seeing that he had a good attitude in admitting his mistake, Tong Jiasoftened a little.

“I like to eat your cooking. I also like to watch movies with you.”


“I like to eat in the tea shop near the company. The food there is delicious. Let’s go there together next time.”

“... I’ll consider it.”

“Only if you’re willing to listen, I’ll tell you everything about me.”

“Alright, your safe password, your bank password…”


“Stop! You’re really going to tell me?!”

Song Yancheng looked at her innocently, “Don't you want to know?”

“It’s useless even if I do.”

Song Yancheng directly took out his wallet. He was too anxious and did not think about his actions. Tong Jia was completely speechless. She took his wallet, found two coins from the inner layer, took them out, and returned the wallet to Song Yancheng. “I want this.”

Tong Jia then ran to a small shop nearby. After a while, she came back with two popsicles and gave one to Song Yancheng. “Save your money. There will be time to spend it later.”


The two were leaning against the car and eating popsicles. Tong Jia glanced at him sideways, and her heart seemed to feel more fulfilled.

Maybe he was the one she was waiting for.

Seeing that the sun was about to set, Tong Jia suggested going back. Song Yancheng wanted to stay with her for a while longer, but he did not dare to say anything. However, something embarrassing happened after they got in the car.

Tong Jia was sitting in the passenger seat. Today, she was not wearing stud earrings, but ear drop-style earrings. She touched her ears for some reason, and found her earrings had disappeared.

Song Yancheng carefully parked to the side of the road, and helped her find them. Tong Jia bent down and found something under the car seat. She picked it up – Durex.

Tong Jia was astonished and in disbelief, and Song Yancheng was stunned.

“Huh?” Tong Jia was actually at a loss for a moment, but she quickly came back to her senses.

“It's not mine!” Song Yancheng's first reaction was to explain himself.

His face turned red. He naturally knew what that was as he saw one when he went to the supermarket the day before yesterday. But for Heaven’s sake, this item was not his!

“I can understand…” Tong Jia said dryly.

She had known Song Yancheng for more than a month. After all, he was also a normal man in his 30s who had his own needs. If only he was not pursuing her during this time... then she could understand. However, ah, she was heartbroken!

“It's really not mine!” Song Yancheng may have lost his memories, but he learned from his relatives and friends that he did not have a girlfriend and not even a close female companion. He was a workaholic, and his car was cleaned by a driver. He had not done such a thing since he woke up two months ago. Even if it happened two months ago, he should have discovered it earlier right?

Even jumping into the Yellow River could not help him.

Tong Jia’s face was full of suspicion.

Song Yancheng was overreacting. “I swear that this is not mine… Ah!” As soon as the thought crossed his mind, he blurted out, “The day before yesterday, Feng Hao borrowed my car. He must have left it.”

“Really?” Tong Jia was not appalled and said as calmly as possible, “Actually, it doesn’t matter if you have done it before. As long as you are not pursuing me while doing it, then I can understand.”

She could not ask Song Yancheng to keep his body as pure as a jade before he met her, could she?

She did, after all, have a bottom line. If he pursued her while satisfying his physical needs with other women, then he was too immoral.

Song Yancheng was almost certain that Feng Hao must have left this thing here, and he was eager to go to Feng Hao's house to beat him up. He was aggrieved as he looked at Tong Jia. “You still don't believe this thing isn’t mine, right? I have a surveillance camera in my car, I'll retrieve it once I get back.”

“Uh, no need.” Tong Jia believed in Song Yancheng. It was hard to say whether this thing belonged to him, but she believed he did not do such an act during this time.

Song Yancheng felt aggrieved again. He grabbed the steering wheel with both hands. “It's really not mine.”

He… even had not satisfied his physical needs these days!!

He was unable to clear the thought from his head, so Song Yancheng could not wait to deal with Feng Hao.

“Alright, alright. It’s not yours.” Tong Jia felt that there was no need to engage on this matter and planned to change the topic.

Song Yancheng was overreacting. It was most likely because of Feng Hao, but the key was... It was really embarrassing to keep arguing about this issue!

“I will find out the truth.” Song Yancheng had already made up his mind.

“Also,” he paused, “I can’t guarantee anything else, but since I woke up, I haven’t touched anyone. If I do, it’s better for me to die.”

“I said that I understood. Why are you saying something about dying?”

For the first time, Song Yancheng hated himself for losing his memory. He could not even make a promise.

“Do you really believe me?” Song Yancheng, who acted more like a baby, grumbled and looked at Tong Jia.

Tong Jia unconsciously reached out, patted his shoulder and coaxed him. “I believe you.”

“Give me two days and I will have evidence to prove my innocence.”

“Pfft, don't use the word innocence indiscriminately.”

No matter how things were, at least for now, it was not the worst kind.He was not chasing her while satisfying his needs with another woman, and that was enough. She could not control his previous love life. However, since this matter had been mentioned, Tong Jia felt that it was necessary to remind him of the criteria that was most important to her. After all, she felt that as long as she continued to feel this way, Song Yancheng would really be her boyfriend.

“I’ve seen it on the Internet before, many rich people have a lot of girlfriends, and some are even very hateful. After marriage, they still have mistresses. Let me tell you this. Even if other people or even friends say we can’t be together, I will not accept that my boyfriend or husband has intimate contacts with other women after being with me. Even if my boyfriend is the richest man in the world, it is no exception. Once this happens, no matter what the reasons are, the relationship will be over immediately.”

Even though Tong Jia still felt that feelings were the most important thing in determining whether two people could be together, the views of other people was also an indispensable factor.

If one person thought that loyalty was important, and the other person thought that as long as the initial feeling was there and cheating did not matter, then, it was definitely not possible to be together.

The mind and body coexisted. If one person did not maintain absolute loyalty, then it was a disaster.

If they were not suitable, they should immediately stop the relationship from continuing to develop.

Song Yancheng knew that his answer was very important, and it was related to the possibility of furthering his relationship with Tong Jia. His voice was low and gentle, but extremely firm. “There are many things in this world that I can't guarantee. However, I think if I'm fortunate enough to be with you, then during the time with you, I will keep an absolutely safe distance from any woman. Of course, if only I had the honor to.”

He thought for a while, and then added, “Even if the person I am with in the future is not you, but another person, I will treat her the same way.”

“That means that you might like other people too.” Tong Jia felt regretful as soon as she said this. How could she say such a thing!

If they were not together in the future, of course, he had the right to choose other people. But... there was a voice in her heart. Thinking that Song Yancheng would treat another woman so tenderly, she could not help becoming a little irritated.

It turned out that before she knew it, she also had a possessive desire for him.

Song Yancheng looked at Tong Jia’s annoyed expression and could not help laughing. The originally depressed mood suddenly improved. He looked at Tong Jia in her eyes, as if she was the only one left in the world. “I just think that no matter who I am with in the future, I should be responsible. Of course…” He paused. His eyes were deep and distant, which made people fall into them for no reason. “Among everyone in this world, I want to be with you the most. “

For him, it was just a matter of clarifying his thoughts to her in greater detail.

Song Yancheng of course wanted to be with Tong Jia. Not just being together, he also wanted to get married and have children and spend the rest of his life with her. However, he was not sure if he was so honored to do so. If he had other possibilities, if his future wife was not Tong Jia, he would also be loyal to that person. Of course, this would be based on the premise that he had let go of Tong Jia.

However, with so many people in the world, I still wanted to be with you the most, if I have such good luck.

Tong Jia had been pursued and flirted with by many people. She had heard a lot of romantic words, but none of them touched her heart like this.

She thought that even if she did not end up with Song Yancheng in the future, she would always remember what he said.

“I like you a little bit.”

This was what Tong Jia said to Song Yancheng on a whim before saying goodbye.

This was her sincerity. Tong Jia often wondered what kind of person her future husband would be. When she was still ignorant, she thought that he must have a bright and cheerful smile. When she had matured, she thought that he must be able to take responsibility. However, what did not change was that she firmly believed that the person in the future must be a prince charming that she had been sketching since she was a child.

She was not a very brave person, but this time, she wanted to be braver.

Yes, I liked you a little bit.

Don’t be proud. I liked you just a little bit. You had to work hard and so had I. After that, maybe we could be together, right?

Let's work towards this goal together!

Song Yancheng stayed in place after hearing this. Until Tong Jia's back disappeared in front of the apartment building, he still did not react.

She said she liked him a little bit?

Liked him?

Song Yancheng foolishly scratched his head and grinned.

Meanwhile, thinking about the Durex, his good mood instantly shifted, and he immediately went to find Feng Hao with murderous intent.

What was Feng Hao doing now? He was watching a harem drama at home, watching how beauties like flowers and jade were fighting without spilling blood. On the coffee table was a takeaway spicy crayfish. Feng Hao was leaning on the sofa, drinking beer and eating edamame. He felt that with his current life, even if he did not have a girlfriend, it would be fine!

When he was feeling all kinds of emotions about his life, the doorbell rang.

Feng Hao was excited. How pleasant it would be to have a friend to eat crayfish and watch women fight on this weekend night!

Wearing flip-flops, he went over to open the door and saw Song Yancheng standing at the door. He said cheerfully, “Hey, what a nice timing, my takeaway crayfish, duck tongue, and edamame just arrived!”

Song Yancheng looked at him coldly, and then thought of Tong Jia’s suspicious eyes. He could not hold back, raised his foot and kicked Feng Hao hard.

“Damn it!” Feng Hao shouted in pain as he bent over and hugged his knee.

Song Yancheng could not sympathize with him at all. It was obvious that there was no such thing in the car before, so how could it be there as soon as Feng Hao borrowed the car from him?

It was impossible to say that this thing was not from Feng Hao!

“What are you doing? What did I do that you have such hatred and resentment for? If you raise your feet by a few tens of centimeters, I would collapse!” When Feng Hao said this, Song Yancheng had already walked past him and went to the living room.

“If you don't speak clearly today, I won't be done with you!” Feng Hao was also angry. His comfortable night was ruined like this!

Song Yancheng remained silent, took out the Durex from his pocket, threw it on the coffee table, and looked at him with a cold expression on his face

Feng Hao could not even care about being angry. He endured the pain, squinted his eyes looking at the box. Afraid that he looked wrong, he picked up the Durex and looked at it carefully. He rubbed his eyes, looking incredulous. “This speed… You hit the home run with Sister Tong?”

Song Yancheng clenched his fists and moved his wrists.

“Okay, I almost forgot that your love is like a youthful campus setting.” Feng Hao also thought it was impossible. He sat down and looked up at Song Yancheng with a look of doubt. “What kind of trouble do you have?”

“Isn't this thing yours?” Song Yancheng got angry when he mentioned this. “You borrowed my car the day before yesterday. If this thing is not yours, then does it belong to a ghost?”

“Wait, the more I listen, the more I don't understand.” Feng Hao tilted his head. He really did not understand.

“Tong Jia's earring fell off today. When we were looking for it, we found this thing under the car seat. She thought it belonged to me, but it was definitely not mine. I've been thinking, and you’re the only one who has borrowed the car.”

Feng Hao shouted that he was wronged. He began to complain in various ways. “I'm so hurt! President Song, are you purposely finding fault with me to expose my shortcomings?”

You were an old man who did not have a married life, so don't poke at the sore spot.

Song Yancheng now felt that Feng Hao was overzealous. The more Feng Hao argued about this, the more it meant that this thing belonged to him. However, thinking that he was still his friend, and that he had already vented his anger, Song Yancheng decided to soften his attitude a little bit. “Feng Hao, it's not a big deal. I can understand you admitting your mistake. As long as you explain to Tong Jia, I won't hold on to it. If the explanation is good enough to convince her, I will lend you the car again next time.”

Feng Hao was so angry that he could not say anything. It took him a long time to look at Song Yancheng with a crazy look. “Do I have to explicitly say it? It’s useless for me to ask for these things. I haven't been in a relationship in years! It's not like you don't know. I have integrity, and the injury from the last breakup hasn't healed yet.”

He directly covered his chest. Although it was a joke, he was telling the truth.

As a man of integrity, he also struggled many times. However, in the end he had his bottom line and felt that could not have sex with people other than his girlfriend.

But… he had not had a girlfriend for several years, which was a sad story.

Then, with no girlfriend and having integrity, what was the use of Durex, playing with balloons?

Song Yancheng's eyes now were exactly the same as Tong Jia's eyes when she looked at him back then.

All with suspicion, scrutiny, and inquiry.

“You don’t believe me?” Feng Hao really did not know whether to be proud. Did he look like someone who had a girlfriend or was married? It seemed like his everyday life was well taken care of.

Feng Hao was secretly happy.

However, he had to clear his name.

Feng Hao simply took out his mobile phone and unlocked it. He stretched out his hand in front of Song Yancheng to let him see clearly. “Look, I haven't even downloaded any dating app.”

“Then, did this thing fall from the sky?” Song Yancheng pointed to Durex on the coffee table.

“No, let me think…” Feng Hao patted his forehead. “Damn it, it's that kid. When I borrowed your car that day, I happened to pick up Xie Ming. It must be his. He made the girls in the whole City A looking for him. It has to be him!”

“Call him and ask,” Song Yancheng continued coldly.

It seemed that in the future he could lend this car so casually.

In the future, no one would be allowed to enter the Song House casually.

If something fell off and Tong Jia happened to see it, how would he explain?

Feng Hao quickly dialed Xie Ming's number and said in a vicious voice. “Grandson*, did you drop Durex in the car last time?”

*TL Note: 孙子 (Sūnzi) = grandson; how Feng Hao addresses Xie Ming shows that they are close friends.

After Xie Ming said something, Feng Hao leaned back. “I'll take care of you when you return.”

After hanging up the phone, Feng Hao looked at Song Yancheng, “It's probably his but he doesn't remember it. Anyway, he was arranged by his elder sister to go to South Africa this time, and he probably won't be back in a while.”

Song Yancheng was silent.

“It's not serious, right? Just explain it to her and you’ll be fine.” Feng Hao did not think it was a big deal, and as an honest person would be afraid of gossip.

“No, I must explain.” Song Yancheng insisted on telling Tong Jia the truth.

Otherwise, it would be unpleasant for him to hold it in his heart. It was obviously not his, but it was too uncomfortable to have to take the blame!

However, if he told Tong Jia that the owner of the Durex was someone else, and the other party went abroad for some reason and would not come back in a short time, Tong Jia would definitely think that he was making excuses.

She finally said she liked him. She said she liked him!

How could he make her doubt him in her heart!

“Then, I don’t know.” Feng Hao spread his hands helplessly.

In fact, Feng Hao felt that Song Yancheng was still gloating a little, showing your love in front of me all day long! Showing me your love again!

Song Yancheng seemed to have figured it out. He sat calmly beside Feng Hao.

“We’re good friends, right?”

“... No, we’re strangers.”

“I lend you my car, right?”

“Bastard, don’t let me take the blame!”

“If you don't take the blame, you're not my friend. If you're not my friend, you have to pay back the money.”


“You borrowed money from me last month. If you are my friend, you don’t need to repay me.”

Feng Hao weighed it carefully and found that it was better to take the blame rather than pay him back. He immediately said sincerely, “To be honest, that thing belongs to me.”

Song Yancheng was extremely satisfied. “Very good.”


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