Pampering You Even More Chapters List

Chapter 38: Chapter 38

When Feng Hao appeared in the parking lot before the time to get off work on Monday, Song Yancheng had been waiting for him for ten minutes. His expression was very dissatisfied, “Why are you late?”

Feng Hao opened the car door, sat down on the passenger seat, and rolled his eyes at him. “President Song, this is your own company. You can leave whenever. Meanwhile, I’m just a small employee. Could you show some consideration for this little one?”

No one liked to take the blame, and so did Feng Hao, but for the sake of money, he decided to surrender under humiliating terms.

It was not that he could not return the money, but it was best if there was an option not to return the money.

“If you behave well, I will lend you money and a car next time.” Song Yancheng also knew how to hit the stick and then send candy. As long as you did it well, I would help you with everything. If you did not do it well, I would show you my face in minutes and ask you to pay me back the money!

Feng Hao bowed to Song Yancheng. “Thank you, I won't borrow money from you even if I need to beg in the future.”

Acting as if he had not heard anything, Song Yancheng continued to say, “But I can't lend you too much money, after all, I'll spend more money in the future. Isn't it Christmas soon? If I want to take her out, do you think she will agree?”

Feng Hao was simply unable to complain. Where would he spend more money on in the future? Was he pretending to be poor? If someone else in City A said this sentence, Feng Hao would believe it, but Song Yancheng's words were full of indisposition.

“She will not agree.” Feng Hao said ruthlessly.

Song Yancheng completely blocked what Feng Hao said at this moment. He had his own plans. After all, he was a scheming boy, and he was good at calculating. He seriously planned. If it were just eating and watching a movie, it would only take a couple of hours. However, if it were a picnic, mountain climbing or outing, it would take the whole day!

In the future, he would think more about some good ideas.

The two drove to Tong Jia's school. Along the way, Feng Hao poured cold water on Song Yancheng, but Song Yancheng was completely unmoved.

Tong Jia and Shen Shujuan got off work together and were going to eat at a barbecue restaurant in the street food alley.

“I went on a blind date yesterday. Now that I think about it, I can't wait to strangle myself. How could I agree to this so easily?” Shen Shujuan held Tong Jia’s arm with a lifeless expression on her face.

Tong Jia wanted to laugh when she heard this. Her friends had started to go on a blind date one after the other. The blind date history of some of them could be written into hilarious novels. The various blind dates stories showed that our country had different kinds of outrageous and eccentric people, but she was lucky enough not to have met them previously.

“What happened?” Tong Jia asked casually, knowing that Shen Shujuan just wanted to complain.

Shen Shujuan immediately started to complain. “I really don’t want to say, it’s too embarrassing. My aunt’s colleague introduced him. The man said he is 29, but looking at him, I think he is at least 39! He is even almost bald! You know I’m not someone who attaches great importance to good looks. Also, he is short, approximately 1.7m. I feel that I am taller when I stand next to him. The important point is, as soon as he sat down, he asked the waiter for an ashtray, and then asked me whether I mind if he smoked. How do you expect me to answer? He smoked at least five or six cigarettes, and I was smoked to death!”

“Uh, it's really not very good…” Tong Jia smacked her tongue. It was not because she disliked men smoking, but it was too disrespectful to smoke in front of a girl on the first meeting, right?

“When I went back, I said to my mom that this man was not good. She asked me the reason, but she scolded me saying 1.7m is not short. Oh my God, how 1.7m is not short. I’m almost 1.68m! Nevermind that, height is not important, but how about his smoking?! I had a fight with my mom yesterday. Don’t mention it, I don’t even want to go home.” Shen Shujuan thought for a while and looked at Tong Jia again. “Is it convenient for you there?”

Tong Jia finally understood what Shen Shujuan meant, and could not stop laughing. “Of course, you can stay as long as you want. However, be softer with your mom, even if you persuade, she will be convinced. Don’t fight. She is also not forcing you to be with this person. Talk to her nicely and you will be fine.”

“That’s because your parents are reasonable.” Shen Shujuan paused and said, “And the golden bachelor in the city is after you, so of course you don't have any troubles. Ah, I'm the little cabbage in this field.”

Tong Jia laughed out loud as she was amused by Shen Shujuan. She patted the back of Shen Shujuan's hand and comforted her. “Don’t worry, a cabbage has one pit. You will always meet the right one, but now the time has not come yet.”

“I'm afraid that I've missed the right one.” Shen Shujuan's expression was gloomy, but she quickly regained her strength. “Stop talking about these negative things. Let’s just eat delicious food!”

When they were about to reach the school gate, Shen Shujuan's cell phone rang, and the two stopped. Shen Shujuan looked at the caller ID, and her face suddenly darkened. “Our chemistry team leader called. I guess it's not a good thing. Ah, I really want to pretend I didn't see it!”

Despite saying this, Shen Shujuan still answered the phone and her voice softened. “Teacher Chen?”

As the phone call continued, the smile on Shen Shujuan's face faded a little, but her tone remained the same. “Alright, okay, I’ll go over right away.”

After she hung up, Shen Shujuan put her mobile phone into her bag in a dejected manner, and said to Tong Jia, “How about you go to eat first? Teacher Chen just said that our group will have a meeting, and it will end after seven o'clock.”

“Alright. Do you want a takeaway?” Tong Jia asked.

“No need. I can find something to eat later. Right, do I take Bus 64 to go to your house?


“Alright, I’ll go first.”

Song Yancheng’s car stopped in front of the school. Feng Hao rolled down the car window and said with emotion. “I almost attended this school when I was a child. I haven't been here for several years, and it changed a lot.”

“Stop talking nonsense. Recite the lines quickly, and I'll check if there is anything that needs to be corrected.” Song Yancheng looked down at the time, thinking that if Tong Jia did not work overtime, she should come out soon.

“Tong Jia, the Durex is mine, not Song Yancheng's.” Feng Hao said numbly.

“Remove the last sentence. It sounds like you are covering your ear while stealing a bell*.”

*TL Note: 掩耳盗铃 (yǎn'ěr dàolíng) = (idiom) to bury one’s head in the sand; to deceive oneself

“Oh. Tong Jia, the Durex is mine.”

“Be more sincere.”

“Tong Jia, the Durex is mine*”

*TL Note: 老子 (lǎozi) = to address “I” but in anger or arrogant manner

“Return the money.”

“Miss Tong, I accidentally dropped the Durex you found in the car. I'm very sorry for the trouble it caused you.”

“Alright, you don’t need to return the money.”

When Tong Jia came out from the school, she saw Song Yancheng’s car. His car was low-key but luxurious, so it was instantly recognizable.

Why was he looking for her? Was there a problem?

Why did he not call to say anything?

Tong Jia trotted over and the door opened before she reached Song Yancheng's car. Two people got out, one was Song Yancheng, and the other was the friend who had hot pot with him that day.

What was this for? Tong Jia walked up to Song Yancheng in confusion and asked, “Why are you here?”

Song Yancheng pointed at Feng Hao. “I brought my evidence to return my innocence.”

“Uh?” Tong Jia was stunned for a moment. The sudden thought of what happened yesterday made her immediately embarrassed.

Feng Hao looked at Tong Jia’s clear eyes. He saw doubt, embarrassment, and understanding. If it had not been because of her, Feng Hao really did not want to take any blame in front of the beauty, but his helpless brother just sold him. Although Song Yancheng was unjust, Feng Hao could not imitate him either. Thinking of this, Feng Hao felt a lot more comfortable. He glanced at Song Yancheng and then quickly looked at Tong Jia. His tone was full of sincerity with a hint of shame. “It’s my fault, Miss Tong, don't misunderstand Yancheng. He's really interested in you. Since I know him, I haven't seen him fall in love, maybe you're his first love.”

“Ahem!” Song Yancheng coughed heavily to remind Feng Hao not to say anything that should not be said!

However, Feng Hao was completely moved by his righteousness in giving up his life. One thing he did not do was hold Tong Jia's hand. “It's the first time I've seen him like someone so much. Miss Tong, give my unsatisfactory friend a chance. Don't dislike him. Although he only has money and is poor on anything else, he is true to you.”

“Feng— Hao.” Song Yancheng gritted his teeth and shouted.

Song Yancheng’s tone was full of threat.

“If he doesn't do anything well, you can call me and tell me. I will hit him. No matter who is right or wrong, I will stand by your side.” Feng Hao also entered the play. He touched his pocket, took out a business card and handed it to Tong Jia.

The corner of Tong Jia’s mouth twitched. Although she was confused, she still took the business card.

Why did she feel that the situation was gradually not right?

“Feng Hao, don’t you still have something to do?” Song Yancheng smiled and looked at Feng Hao warmly.


“You still have something. The financial statement for the new project hasn't been given to me yet.”

“I gave you last Friday.”

“Oh?” Song Yancheng smiled warmly. “I don't know where I put it. Can you go back and print another copy for me?”

While Tong Jia was not paying attention, Song Yancheng made a quick count of money action to Feng Hao.

– If you don’t leave, you will need to repay the money!

Feng Hao understood in seconds. After scolding shamelessly in his heart, he suddenly realized and patted his forehead. “No problem, President Song. Miss Tong, you can call me if you need anything. I can't do anything else, except for being a thug.”

“You can go. It’s almost rush hour.”

Feng Hao blinked, “Can you lend me your car?”

“Taxi!” Song Yancheng waved his hand quickly, just in time to catch a taxi. He turned his head and smiled at Feng Hao, “Remember to get the receipt and ask me for reimbursement.”


Feng Hao had to say goodbye to Tong Jia and then got into the taxi.

Not long after that, he received Song Yancheng’s message.

‘I know your car is still in repair. Come to the Song House tonight. There is a car that you can temporarily use. Fuel at your own cost.”

Looking at the message, Feng Hao scolded and then laughed.

Seeing that Tong Jia was still dazed, Song Yancheng could not help but ask, “You haven't eaten yet, right? I haven't eaten either. Let's eat together?”

The reason he came at this time was because she just got off work and it was time for dinner. After Feng Hao took the blame, he could ask her to have dinner together. He felt so witty that no one could compare.

Tong Jia had just only come to her senses. She nodded first, and then asked incredulously, “Mr. Feng came here just to explain what happened yesterday?”

“Yes.” Song Yancheng nodded. Although Feng Hao did not follow the lines in the script, the effect was still achieved.

At least, Tong Jia would believe that thing was not his.

Tong Jia shook her head in disbelief, “It's not a big deal. He really doesn’t need to come here to explain.”

It was not that she was enlightened, but she had made her bottom line clear yesterday. As long as that kind of thing did not happen during this time, she can pretend not to see it. After all, she was an adult.

Song Yancheng said very seriously. “It's a big deal. It's a big deal for me. I don't want you to misunderstand me.”

“Alright…” Tong Jia now understood and felt very comfortable. Only in this way did Song Yancheng show that he was a very serious person.

“What do you want to eat?” Tong Jia asked. After thinking about it, she added, “Here is my territory. I’ll invite you for today’s dinner. Don't argue with me.”

“Your territory?” Song Yancheng thought for a while and laughed lowly.

Tong Jia misunderstood and pushed him with his hand, “Oh, oh, I almost forgot that you are the God of Wealth of the school.”

“This is not what I meant.” Song Yancheng straightened his face. “It doesn't matter what the food is, you decide, after all, it's your territory.”

“There's a park over there, and there’s a barbecue restaurant nearby. Can you eat?” In fear that Song Yancheng would cater to her blindly, Tong Jia hurriedly added, “If you can’t eat, you must tell me as we agreed yesterday.”

“I can.” Song Yancheng did not have many taboos in this regard. He regretted a little bit what had happened yesterday. He did not know whether Tong Jia would find him troublesome.

The two walked side by side. Tong Jia pointed to a row of residential houses near the school and introduced, “I wanted to rent here in the past, but the houses are too big, basically about 100 square meters. It’s not practical for living alone. Many teachers in our school live here, but they are all married and have children.”

She thought that although Song Yancheng was the God of Wealth in the school, he was busy with all kinds of things. He must not have visited the area carefully, so she became the temporary tour guide.

“This area is quieter than your area.” Song Yancheng put his hands in his trouser pockets as if strolling in the courtyard. He casually glanced at the direction she was pointing, and thoughtfully said, “In the future after you get married, you can also live here. It will be much more convenient to go to work, and you can sleep an extra half an hour in the morning.”

Unknowingly, their conversation topic had always taken a strange direction, such as marriage and having a child.

However, Tong Jia thought to herself that Song Yancheng definitely did not say this on purpose. At most he just said it casually, with absolutely no other meaning.

“It also depends on where the other person works in the future. He can't be too far away from his work either.” Since what he said was meaningless, there was no need for her to be hypocritical, so Tong Jia replied generously.

Song Yancheng wanted to say that no matter where I worked, I could accompany you to live here.

However, he swallowed his words. He processed for a while, and felt that those words were too strange to be said.

“Anyway, is Mr. Feng married?” Tong Jia also thought that Song Yancheng was in his thirties, so his friend must be about the same age. Since she saw Feng Hao just now, it was normal and appropriate to talk about this topic with Song Yancheng now.

Song Yancheng had different thoughts. He was stunned, “Why are you asking this?”

“... I’m just asking.” Tong Jia felt that Song Yancheng was difficult to read today. The two of them were walking to the food street, and they did not have anything to chat, so it was just a casual talk.

“He is not married yet.” Song Yancheng took a closer look at Tong Jia's face, and he was relieved to see her so calm.

She must have no interest in Feng Hao.

“Not married yet?” Tong Jia sighed, “But there is no need to be in a hurry. Now the most important thing is to work on your career.”

Song Yancheng stopped. He looked at Tong Jia and asked seriously, “Is he more handsome than me?”

“... Eh?” Tong Jia also paused about two steps away from Song Yancheng. She understood in a moment, with a black line on her face, “I’m not interested in him, thank you.”

“You haven’t answered my question.” Song Yancheng looked like he was fighting with someone, and he must get an answer.

“Alright, alright. You are more handsome.” Tong Jia took Song Yancheng's way of asking like a child asking candy, so she had no choice but to reply softly.

In fact, it was not comparable, because they were not the same type.

Feng Hao looked like a sporty type, but Song Yancheng looked like a career type. They both dress differently, so it was really hard to compare.

However, she was telling the truth. Personally, she used to like Feng Hao’s type of person, but now that she had grown up, she liked Song Yancheng’s type of person.

“Thank you.” Song Yancheng's voice was also much lower, as if he was embarrassed.

Where did the domineering president, who forced her to answer who was more handsome, go?

Originally, this matter should have been turned over, but Song Yancheng suddenly remembered what Tong Jia said. He endured, but he could not bear it anymore. He said to Tong Jia, “My career is on the right track.”

“What?” As soon as Tong Jia said this, she was startled.

What did she say just now? It seemed that she said the most important thing was to build a career first?

Song Yancheng, you big mensao*! What do you mean! You say!

*TL Note: 闷骚 (mèn sāo) = outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside

Did it mean that your career was on the right track and you could get married?!

A big mensao!

“I…” am ready to get married anytime. Song Yancheng was about to say something like this, Tong Jia interrupted him.

“The weather is nice today!”

Song Yancheng did not understand why Tong Jia suddenly said about the weather. Before, he checked the internet and said that it was a way to change the topic. Therefore, he understood that Tong Jia did not want to talk about this topic anymore.

At the barbecue restaurant, because today was Monday, there was no crowd. The waiter saw them come in, and hurriedly led them to the best location in the whole store.

Tong Jia was this kind of person. Every time she ordered, she would order too much, but she still felt it was not enough. However, in the end, she could not finish it.

Song Yancheng did not participate in the ordering. He watched Tong Jia as she kept ordering. As the waiter wanted to remind her, Song Yancheng winked at the waiter, so in the end no one reminded her.

He thought as long as she was happy, she could do anything.

All the things she ordered were what she wanted to eat. If she could not finish it, she could take it home. If she did not want to take it away, Song Yancheng could take it back for Song Chi.

Anyway, as long as she was happy.

When all the BBQ orders came up, Tong Jia was dumbfounded. “Why are there so many?! I can't finish it!”

Song Yancheng smirked. “If you can't finish eating, you can take it away. If you're hungry at night, you can have it for supper.”

“That's the only way. I can't order too much next time. But I want to eat everything.” Tong Jia was really distressed about this question.

“If you want to eat, you can order. If you can’t finish them, you can bring it home.”

“Let’s start!”

She ordered a lot of oysters, scallops and squid, all of which Tong Jia likes to eat. Maybe when they first met, she always thought about trying to be as reserved as possible when eating. After getting acquainted with Song Yancheng, Tong Jia did not think anything, it was simply because of deliciousness.

“You said there is a park nearby?” Song Yancheng handed Tong Jia a tissue to wipe his mouth.

Tong Jia was eating crispy chicken when she heard his words. She did not lift her head and said, “Yes, there's one nearby.”

“Let's go for a walk after eating. If you eat too much, you will easily accumulate food. Walking after a meal will help you to live until 99." Song Yancheng wanted to prolong his time with her as long as possible.

Tong Jia had been used to Song Yancheng’s tactics. As soon as she heard this, she understood his intention. The corners of her lips raised slightly, not letting him see the slyness in her eyes. “Okay.”

What should she do? She became more and more enjoying this way of getting along.

​​”I also drove here. I'll take you home after the walk, okay?” Song Yancheng took the opportunity to strive for more benefits.

Feng Hao was right. It was really lucky to have someone whom he liked. As long as they could talk to each other, they could easily heal the unhappiness of the day.

“Of course, I even already invited you to dinner, so you have to talk me home.” It was a wonderful process to go from being completely unfamiliar to become familiar with someone. Whenever she was at this stage, Tong Jia felt that relationships between people were actually very simple, whether it was friendship or love, it always went through the same process.

In the end, Tong Jia could not finish the food, so she had to pack the food. When it was time to pay the bill, Song Yancheng did not say a word. He really wanted to take out his wallet and pay the bill, but Tong Jia said that she would pay. If he insisted, he felt that he would be someone who was insensitive.

The waiter was stunned, but she did not show too much emotion on her face. She thought that this gentleman was well-dressed and had a generous temperament. At first glance, he was a social elite, so why would the girlfriend pay when they were eating out.

After the waiter left, Song Yancheng breathed a sigh of relief. Tong Jia also noticed, and she joked, “That girl’s heart must be very heartbroken. I’m sorry…” Tong Jia folded her hands together and said sorry in a very insincere manner, “It's my fault that President Song was looked down again. I’m sorry~”

“I don't feel your apology at all.” Song Yancheng helplessly raised his forehead.

He did not mean to be angry about this kind of matter. As many men felt, he also felt that he must pay the bill when he went out with a girl. However, he also understood the bottom line that Tong Jia insisted on. Because she was afraid of being unworthy, she insisted on paying the bill.

In Tong Jia’s world, she demanded an equal relationship. Since he understood what she had insisted on, he must learn to adapt to such a relationship.

Men had the dignity of men, and so did women.

After paying the bill, Song Yancheng carried the takeaway box and walked beside Tong Jia. Now that the twilight had come, some residents near the school were also walking towards the park. Walking on the main road of the park, Tong Jia raised her arms and moved her body as she walked. “I played badminton here with my school teacher before, but my skills were so bad that I couldn't even hit the shuttlecock.”

“You have a lot of spare time.” This kind of night was especially peaceful, surrounded by adults and children, and with the sound of laughter. Song Yancheng was also relaxed.

Tong Jia glanced at Song Yancheng and said happily, “President Song, you must have more spare time than ordinary people like me. Tell me, what do you usually do after you get off work?”

According to her brain, his spare time must have delicious food and beauties! A luxurious one!

Song Yancheng tried hard to recall, and answered honestly, “Sometimes there is a dinner party, but most of the time I go home to eat and sleep.”

“Dinner party? Is it the one with beautiful ladies?” Tong Jia’s teasing came and stretched her voice curiously.

“Some people bring their female companions.” Song Yancheng hurriedly explained, “I don’t have one. Only on very important occasions would I bring a secretary.”

“There must be beautiful women trying to strike conversations with you, right?”

“... I don’t know.”

“How can you say you don’t know?”

Song Yancheng felt Tong Jia was making things difficult for him. “If I said yes, I'm afraid you will think too much. If you say no, you think I'm lying.”

Only now did he realize that women were really difficult to understand. If they were told the truth, they would think too much. If they were not told the truth, they would see it as a lie. So, which one was the best?

“Alright. So there are some.”

Song Yancheng helplessly nodded. “But I ignored them. Really.”

“They? Looks like there are many.”

He was finished…

He accidentally slipped out.

Song Yancheng hung his head down as if he had lost his memory.

“Don’t be nervous.” Tong Jia patted Song Yancheng’s shoulder, “I can understand. If Wu Yanzu* was by my side, I could turn away Thomas and find ways to talk to Wu Yanzu.”

*TL Note: 吴彦祖 (Wú Yànzǔ)a celebrity in this novel.

“Wu Yanzu? Don’t you like Wang Kaizhi?”

“Please remember that no female will give up the entire forest for a tall tree.” Tong Jia smiled.

“Which female star do you like?” Tong Jia continued to ask.

Song Yancheng uncharacteristically said with a smile in his eyes, “The one I like hasn't debuted yet.”

“Who?” As soon as she asked, Tong Jia could not wait to slap herself. He wanted to flirt with her, but she still followed him, waiting for him to continue flirting!

Wait a minute!

What happened to Song Yancheng! Recently, his flirting skills had been slowly elevated! What was going on!

“Who taught you?” Tong Jia looked at Song Yancheng's smile and could not help but feel annoyed.

She did not say that she had experienced a hundred battles, but she had ever been flirted with by an Italian guy! She thought that she was clear-headed, but now that Song Yancheng teased her, her heart swayed.

“No one taught me.” It was just that he was getting used to speaking his mind.


“Cut what? Cut a watermelon?”

“Cut you.”

The two of them were quarreling like children. They talked until they reached the big lawn of the park. Many people were sitting on the ground, and some were playing with their children. The sky was full of stars. When I looked up, I felt that I was very small. The starry sky was very stunning.

Tong Jia sat down and Song Yancheng followed.

After a while, Tong Jia stood up again. She just felt that the grass was too prickly.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ll just stand.” Tong Jia looked at the people on the lawn. They all brought tablecloths or clothes and put them under their buttocks. They were so witty!

“Aren’t you tired standing up?” Song Yancheng asked with concern.

Tong Jia was really helpless by his question, so she told him the truth. “Don't you think the grass is very prickly?”

Song Yancheng understood immediately. He stood up, took off his suit and spread it on the ground, “Sit.”

“...” Tong Jia did not even have to guess how expensive his suit was.

Maybe it was more expensive than all the things on her body combined. He just spread it on the ground to pad her buttocks?

She felt guilty!

“No, no need.” Tong Jia waved her hand and rejected him very firmly.

“Why?” Song Yancheng was very puzzled. Didn't she say the grass prickled her?

Tong Jia had to patiently say, “Your clothes are clean and you need to keep wearing them. It's alright. I have tissues in my bag for cushioning.”

Was it because of this?

Song Yancheng could not stop laughing. It turned out it was not a big deal. He did something that stunned Tong Jia.

He stepped directly on the suit, then bent over, adjusted the suit, and looked up at Tong Jia slightly, “It's not clean now. You can sit on it.”

“What are you doing?!” Tong Jia was dumbfounded.

“The clothes will be dry cleaned. They're dirty now and won't be worn tomorrow, so sit down.” Song Yancheng's view was all inclusive. He thought that he was neither ridiculous nor naive. He could not say too many sweet words, and he could not do many romantic actions to move her. However, as long as she wanted, as long as he knew it, he would do everything in his power to make her happy.

Tong Jia sat down helplessly, looking a little complicated. Currently, she did not want to watch the stars at all. Sitting on Song Yancheng's expensive suit, for the first time in her life, she felt that she was being held by a man other than her father and younger brother.

When she thought about it now, there were no big events. As long as she thought of him, her heart would slowly warm up and sweeten.

This was the reason why she never questioned Song Yancheng's liking. She was not a fool. When he, a man with such a brilliant career, was with her, no matter how subtle things were, he could perceive them and would do it right away to make her happy. What kind of play was it? How could it be?

Tong Jia thought that she would definitely like him.

“Is it still prickly?” Song Yancheng was not very close to her. He always kept a safe distance from her, not because he did not want to touch her, but because of respect.

Tong Jia was moved, but said angrily, “If I say it's still prickly, will you take off your shirt for me to sit on?”

“Is it really still prickly?” Song Yancheng unconsciously placed his hand on the top button of his shirt.

“Stop!” Tong Jia hurriedly reached out and grabbed his wrist. “I don’t want to make the headlines!”

What the hell was wrong with this person?

Song Yancheng also realized that he seemed to be doing something wrong. He lowered his arms, and unconsciously, remembering the touch just now. He felt that his wrist was starting to heat up. He lowered his head, “...Because you said that it’s still prickly.”

“This is enough.” Tong Jia hugged her knees. She looked up at the starry sky, but the corners of her mouth rose slightly.

He was really silly, but she really liked it.

She probably could not escape. If she could not escape... Then she should not escape.

Some time ago, she asked Qiao Yu why she liked her current boyfriend.

She had seen the photo of that person in Qiao Yu's timeline, and he did not look like the type that Qiao Yu would like at all. He seemed a little dull.

Qiao Yu said that when she was with that person, she had the feeling that the whole world was pampering her.

Tong Jia did not understand at the time, but now she vaguely understood.

She felt the same way now.

Then, continue to flirt with me ^_^

It felt awesome (^o^)~

Song Yancheng was at a loss for a moment. It was maybe because the atmosphere was too good, sitting under the same starry sky as her. He could not help but express his truest feelings. “I don't think it's enough.”


“Tong Jia, I often feel that time seems to be short and not enough. I don't know why I have this kind of feeling. “

“Not enough time? What do you mean?”

Song Yancheng turned his head and smiled at her, “Probably because I almost died before.”

No one understands how he felt, not even himself.

He always felt that there was not enough time, and he was afraid of losing the opportunity to get to know Tong Jia. So, he could not wait to see her every day, hoping that the road sending her back was longer.

Why was it like this?

What did he lose?

Tong Jia remembered that the accident he had encountered before was indeed very dangerous, so she comforted, “You will live for a long time, so don't worry about running out of time.”

“Will I live for a long time?”

“Of course, you will live until 100 years old.”


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