Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 6: Black-Hearted Lotus’ Red Packet Group [3.2]

CHAPTER: Urgent Pee!!

However, the people who received the red packets were not in a good mood. It went without saying that regardless of her discourteously high demands, everyone was still looking after her since she was a newcomer. But what the hell did she send to them? It was so terrible!

Of course, the refreshments from the downstairs snack bar couldn't top the cuisines of a high-level chef.

Qingyuan and the others' moods turned sour and cold, but since the monks already made the promise, they couldn't go back on their words. Who knew that the foods would taste so trashy?

Therefore, Mo Yao received seven beauty pills from the seven people.

Hua Yin was generous and warned her, "You have not cultivated yet. You’re still an ordinary mortal. You can't eat them all at once. At most, you should take one every three days. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to withstand the power of the medicine."

【Mo Yao】: Thank you, Great God! ^O^

Mo Yao took out a Beautifying pill from the nine-square grid heeding the warning from Hua Yin. Although she was disappointed because she couldn't become beautiful all at once, she was in no hurry since it wouldn't be long before she became beautiful as she had acquired the pills.

Wen Qing was watching all of this with cold eyes, yet she didn't prevent it nor did she take the opportunity to stuff Mo Yao with a black packet. Wen Qing wanted to let Mo Yao taste some sweetness first, so it would be harder for her to forget when she lost it later.

The next day was the beginning of the third year of high school. Ji Wenqing was a popular student, so many people greeted her when she arrived at school. Wen Qing responded to them with a polite smile that was according to Ji Wenqing’s memories.

As soon as she sat down in her seat, Mo Yao came in.

"Huh? Fatty, you've lost weight!"

"And become paler too!"

"Looks better than before!"

Mo Yao’s physical changes were obvious. Anyone could tell at a glance, and they rushed to ask her about it. Mo Yao ignored them and walked straight to her seat with her head down, making it difficult for them to see her expression. The classmates that she ignored felt embarrassed and muttered:

"What the hell! We want to talk to her but she’s ignoring us."

"Ugly people are troublesome, don't talk to her!"

Mo Yao tightly clenched her fist under the table so hard that her nails almost dug into her flesh. She hated them for calling her fat. She hated them for talking about her looks. These people were all wretched!

Wen Qing retracted her gaze. The corners of her lips hooked up as she chuckled. On one hand, Mo Yao pretended to be naive and ignorant. While on the other hand, she felt inferior and psychologically distorted. These two sides of her were really pitiful.

But what did that have to do with Wen Qing? She was not some Virgin Mary who came to save the world. She just came to help her client fulfill their wish.

Wen Qing became a devoted student of the third year squad, and their tense school life began. The mission in this world was simple. The peace and social stability of this world also provided a good opportunity for Wen Qing to enrich her knowledge.

Besides the protagonist’s golden finger from each mission, she couldn’t take anything with her when she completed the mission. However, the knowledge that she obtained would always stay with her. Hence she cherished every learning opportunity. She wouldn’t rush to complete her mission in a peaceful world like this one where she could receive many educational benefits.

The lessons of the third-year classes were not difficult for her since she had Ji Wenqing’s memory and the strong spiritual blessing from traveling through several worlds. Schooling was an easy task for her. Taking the college entrance exam at the end of high school was not a problem at all since she had passed all her classes. Soon, Wen Qing majored in Commerce. She had no experience in this field in any of the previous worlds. Ji Wenqing’s father was also the president of a multinational company, so it would be a waste if she didn’t make use of this opportunity.

Moreover, the Ji Family had originally planned to train their only child, Ji Wenqing, as their sole heir. Now that she was willing to train in the business field, Father Ji gladly agreed. Since then, she would usually spend her evenings and weekends with Father Ji and study at the college during the daytime. As the president of a multinational company, Father Ji had a natural talent behind his methods and abilities. So when he taught his daughter, he didn’t hold back. It was his daughter after all. Furthermore, Wen Qing was a fast learner and was able to remember everything in one go. Father Ji was surprised at his daughter’s ability, thus he taught her more diligently.

At the same time, Mo Yao’s physique was also changing at an astonishing speed. Just like the female ghost Ji Wenqing said, Mo Yao lost 45 kilograms in just a month and became more pale and beautiful.

However, due to the unsatisfactory development in the red packet group, Mo Yao didn’t obtain the features that would strengthen her intelligence, improve eyesight, and enhance her memory like the original plot. Hence, her academic performances were still lacking. Also, she didn’t acquire the method of forging flexible muscles and bones to learn dancing.

But her transformation from an ugly duckling to a beautiful white swan was truly a shocking miracle. Her physique changed little by little under everyone’s eyes, so nobody doubted that she had plastic surgery. What a joke! She transformed as if she had been reborn! Which plastic surgery hospital has such good technology?

Mo Yao was very satisfied with her changes. She knew that these pills were just low-grade goods that were not of any importance to the great gods. But if these pills could transform her this much, how much more powerful were the higher-level goods?

Just thinking about it, Mo Yao's mind ran wild with fervent thoughts. She became more and more determined to hold onto the thighs of the great gods!

【Mo Yao】: Do you have anything you want to eat? You can tell me. Don’t be embarrassed. *^▽^*

The lively chat room fell silent at once. It took a while for the notification alert to ring again.

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】: I suddenly remembered that Junior Brother had asked me to do something.

【Taoist Master Yuan Zhen】: Another disciple is making trouble outside again. I'll go see to it.

【Taoist Master Hua Yin】: I....I..... I urgently need to pee!



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