Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 7: Black-Hearted Lotus’ Red Packet Group [4.1]

CHAPTER: Every Fat Person Has Their Own Potential Share Of Beauty

In an instant, the chat room filled up with their excuses. Despite being slow-witted, Mo Yao realized that everyone was running away from her. She was embarrassed and confused at the same time.

She reflected on whether she had wronged or angered the great gods in the group. However, she didn’t remember doing anything that she wasn’t supposed to do. In the end, she could only blame their abnormal temper.

She thought that as long as she flattered them, nothing could go wrong. After all, their first chat was very pleasant!

Mo Yao's experience was just like a saying ---- every fat person has their own potential share of beauty. Now, the slimmed down Mo Yao had a slender body. Her skin became smooth, and her eyes were as misty and tender as autumn water. She had red lips as delicate and charming as roses. Anyone who saw her couldn't help but turn their head for a second glance.

Mo Yao held her head high as she walked confidently on the campus, enjoying everyone’s amazed gazes. This was the look she had never dared to hope for before!

In the past, she was ugly and fat. She used to walk with her head down and shoulders hunched. She wanted to minimize her presence so badly that she didn't even dare to walk in the middle of the road, just in case she saw the disgust in others’ eyes. And now, she could finally stride forward with her head held high.

After all, a person’s physical beauty and appearance comes second. Emitting self-confidence was still the most charming trait one could have. Carrying the dual blessing of beauty and temperament, Mo Yao's transformations were tremendous.

A reputable online user posted the before and after weight loss photos of Mo Yao on the internet resulting in widespread attention on it.

#Just asking you guys if you can believe it. Don't say anything, just look at the above picture.!#

The Weibo post included a series of 30 photographs of Mo Yao's transformation from the first to the last day of the month. If one compared the first photo with the last photo, no one would believe that it was the same person. But looking at it in chronological order, no one could doubt it.

“WTF!The real life version of the ugly duckling becoming a swan. The ugly girl strikes back!”

"Isn't it plastic surgery?"

"Look at the date. She was changing day by day. What kind of plastic surgery could it be for her to recover this quickly?"

“En, the photoshop technique is pretty good. I am speechless!”

"You can't underestimate the beauty of a fat person! She is one such example."

"Please cherish the fat people around you!"

"Yesterday, the hundred kilograms female bench mate confessed to me, but I rejected her right away. Now I seem to regret it."

"Don't laugh at me for being fat. I will blind you when I lose weight!"


This post instantly shot up the ranks, taking the place of the hottest post. At first, some people even suspected that it was fake news fabricated by bloggers. But, Mo Yao’s miraculous transformation was witnessed by all the students of Lincheng No.1 Middle School. Everyone could confirm it, so how could it be fake?

As the post continued to become popular, Mo Yao's personal information also got leaked. Losing her mother at a young age, having an unkind father, working part-time to earn living expenses from a small age... So after verifying the authenticity of the post, netizens ultimately began to call Mo Yao, an Inspiring Lady! Many people even asked her for advice on the secret to becoming slim and beautiful.

Mo Yao took advantage of her popularity and opened a Weibo account. Her first post was------There are no ugly people in the world, only lazy people with a beautiful photo of herself after slimming down.

Although it was more convincing to post comparison pictures, she didn't want her ugly photos to be seen by others. She only wanted people to know and remember the glamorous and beautiful version of her.

She couldn't say anything about the Beautifying pill, so when people asked her how she lost so much weight, she simply told them it was due to exercise and diet. Finally, she added that everybody was different. Meaning that her method wouldn’t necessarily have the same effect on someone else.

So many people did what she suggested, and it worked, but it was definitely not as obvious as hers. Of course, that didn’t prevent Mo Yao from becoming a fitness expert! On the day that she opened her Weibo account, there were already more than a hundred thousand followers. She instantly became a small internet celebrity.

After becoming an internet celebrity, Mo Yao suddenly opened the door to a new world. As long as she took some beautiful photos every day and shared her fitness experience, she would gain the attention of countless people. Even advertisement companies came to her doorstep. She got advertising fees just for posting a Weibo post. It was much easier than when she used to work to death just to earn a high pay!

For a while, Mo Yao was unable to extricate herself from the pleasure of making money and didn’t bother to study. As a result, her poor grades became worse.

According to the original plot trajectory, she got pills for strengthening her intelligence, improving eyesight, and enhancing memory, so it would make her study easier than blowing off dust. She could simultaneously earn money and learn without delay. But now, the situation was different.

At the same time, Wen Qing was studying to enrich her knowledge while watching Mo Yao's popularity with cold eyes. She even added fire to Mo Yao's popularity.

A human’s greed was endless. You wouldn't care if you never experienced it, but the more you received, the more you’d want!

Wen Qing was waiting. She was waiting for the moment when Mo Yao's pride swelled to the extreme. Then, she could make Mo Yao fall from the floating high sky with a single tap.


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