Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 11: Black-Hearted Lotus’ Red Packet Group [6.1]


"Goodbye Wen Qing!"

"Okay, see you next week." Wen Qing smiled bidding goodbye to her classmates and slowly walked out carrying her schoolbag.

Although Ji Wenqing was from a wealthy family, she was relatively low-key at school. She took the bus by herself to go to school. So as the present Ji Wen Qing, she also had to take the bus for returning home.

She was sitting by the window, eyes closed listening to music with her earphones on. The sunlight fell on her beautiful face, soaking her in its golden tint, outlining her exquisite features. The scene looked as beautiful as a painting that the people nearby subconsciously held their breath, in fear of destroying this beautiful picture.

Mo Yao entered the bus. A ray of hatred flashed in her eyes as she saw the scene. The one she hated the most in school wasn’t the girls who secretly called her fatty and ugly, nor the boys who teased her and laughed at her, but Ji Wen Qing.

In comparison, Ji Wen Qing had good grades, good family background, and a beautiful appearance. She was the apple of the eyes of the teachers and students! She was as dazzling as the stars in the night sky and as dazzling as a peerless pearl. She was born to be a pompous woman by heaven. In contrast, Mo Yao was like a pile of mud on the ground, filthy and ugly.

She didn't want to compare herself with Ji Wenqing, but Ji Wenqing was like a holy angel, enthusiastic and kind-hearted lending a helping hand to her to demonstrate her kindness and nobility!

Ji Wenqing probably didn’t know how annoying she was whenever she'd say, "Need help?" She didn't need to do anything. Just standing by her side, she would make Mo Yao aware of her carefully hidden low self-esteem and poverty, and expose her to everyone, making her more embarrassed and pitiful!

Just like now, she had become thin to look beautiful. She also had enough money to stand in front of Ji Wenqing, but she still felt inferior compared to Ji Wen Qing. As if no matter how hard she tried, she would never compare to her innate nobleness. It was too annoying!

Feeling Mo Yao’s scorching gaze, Wen Qing slowly opened her eyes and smiled at her. "There’s no one sitting by my side. Would you like to sit here?"

Her good upbringing could be seen from her gentle tone, and her polite and decent smile.

But the more she behaved like this, the more she made Mo Yao feel aggrieved. It felt like eating flies!


Mo Yao refused coldly, carrying her bag to the last row to sit. Wen Qing was not annoyed. She only smiled and put her headphones back on. But the scene was a bit strange in the eyes of others.

The bus was full of students from Lincheng No.1 Middle School. There were no students who didn't know Ji Wenqing and Mo Yao. A three-year steady beauty queen, and a newly promoted campus goddess. Seeing two beautiful goddesses together, they felt lucky. But when they saw Mo Yao's attitude, they understood that there was still a difference between the acquired beauty and the innate goddess. One can't be the goddess just because they were beautiful.

Ji Wenqing was notoriously good-tempered in school. Besides being excellent in all aspects, she was also humble. Although there was no lack of people who were sick of the way she acted, at least those people acted politely on the surface. So what was the matter with Mo Yao? Even while exchanging pleasantries she acted so foully. Did she think that other people meant nothing once she gained power?

Mo Yao had always been hot-tempered. But at that time others only thought she was ugly and not worth the trouble, so no one took her attitude seriously. But now that she had become beautiful, she caught the attention of many kinds of gazes, whether it was admiration, envy or covetousness. People who liked her had high expectations, and people who were jealous wanted to find her shortcomings, so many of her actions were infinitely magnified.

Mo Yao didn’t notice or care about these gazes. As long as she had a good relationship with the group, who cared about these people?!

Wen Qing got off the bus first as her home was in a residential area in the center of the city. From the bus Mo Yao saw her walking towards the residential area. Her heart puffed with disgust, and she secretly swore that sooner or later she would also live in such a beautiful house!

The bus continued to move forward, many students got off one after the other. Then lastly the bus reached the suburban terminal. Only Mo Yao was left. The bus's route was interesting, from the city center to the outskirts of the city. The stops passing through became more remote. Mo Yao and Ji Wenqing were precisely the two extremes of this line.

Every time she took this trip, it reminded Mo Yao of the gap between her and Ji Wenqing.

Mo yao, who was carrying a bag, carefully avoided the rubbish, rind, and sewage on the road. The alley was narrow and dirty, and the beautiful clothes and shoes she had worn seemed out of place here.

She just had to wait a bit longer, soon she will be able to save enough money to move out of here!

When she finally reached the end of the alley, a man suddenly appeared from the corner.

"Mo Yao! Why didn’t you reply to my text? You’ve been ignoring my phone calls too!"

Mo Yao took a look at the person, and she immediately turned around and ran. She ignored the sewage water splashing on her shoes. She didn't expect Xu Qiang to come over to her house to confront her! Since the day Mo Yao had become beautiful, this toad, Xu Qiang has been following her. She didn't know where he got her number from, but he had been sending vulgar messages to her every day and calling her saying filthy words since. She had already blocked him, but she didn't think that he would show up in front of her door unannounced.


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