Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 12: Black-Hearted Lotus’ Red Packet Group [6.2]

CHAPTER: Indeed The Most Poisonous Heart Is That Of A Woman

Xu Qiang shouted while chasing her. "What are you running for? It is your good fortune that I’m looking for you! Damn it! You just see what I do to you when I catch you!"

Mo Yao didn't listen to his threat. She gritted her teeth and ran wild. Fortunately, after her transformation from the Beautifying pill, her physical fitness had also improved. Xu Qiang couldn’t catch up with her. But at the next moment, she stopped suddenly and stared at the two people gathered around the other side of the alley. One was blonde and the other was a redhead. They were smoking a cigarette, carrying a stick in hand. One could tell at a glance that they were with Xu Qiang.

They blocked Mo Yao's way. Xu Qiang caught up from behind, grasping Mo Yao's hair as he pinned her to the wall. "You thought you could run away?! Go ahead and try!"

Mo Yao's eyes watered because of the pain. Looking around at the three people who were surrounding her with bad intentions, she yelled fearfully, "What do you want from me?"

The redhead leered at Mo Yao obscenely and replied, "What we want? To fuck you of course!"

Xu Qiang snorted coldly. He stared maliciously at Mo Yao with a dangerous glint in his eyes. "YOU BITCH! You were given a choice to do it the easy way or the hard way. It looks like we have to do it the hard way! Before, you could’ve just become my girlfriend. Now I have to share a piece of you with the other two as well! "

The blonde guy rubbed both his hands together. "Brother Qiang, you don't want to share?" His lustful gaze disgusted Mo Yao.

The hesitation Xu Qiang felt faded away, and he gritted his teeth. "Bah, who said I don't want to share? I don't like her! I just wanted a plaything."

Mo Yao was gripped by fear and hatred. The community didn't have many people during the day. Would she be raped by these three people today? No, she couldn't allow herself to be destroyed by these three perverts! She had finally become beautiful, to the extent that she could debut right away, and her life would only get better in the future. She couldn’t let herself be ruined like this!

She buried her fear at the bottom of her heart, and tried to smile as she said, "When I used to be ugly and fat, you called me a fatty pig. Now that I’ve become a little bit thinner, don't you feel nauseous recalling my appearance in the past?"

As she said so, Xu Qiang immediately thought of her appearance before. It was disgusting.

Mo Yu added, "At that time, I weighed more than 100 kilograms. My body was greasy because of the fat. I didn't like to take baths, so my body was sour and smelly. Oh, I still have body odor. You can smell it from two meters away. My body has always been sweaty..."

The more she said, the more Xu Qiang thought of her from that time. Although she was now very beautiful, when she mentioned her old self, he couldn't help but recall that image of hers from the past. He felt very sick.

Although the other two people hadn’t seen her past appearance, only listening to her description was enough to make them feel very disgusted! They couldn't help but imagine the picture she described. "ughh..." They almost threw up.

Looking at them feeling disgusted, Mo Yao felt relieved. Rather than being ruined by them, it would be better if she made them disgusted by her! She quietly moved aside, out of the encirclement.

Seeing her walk away, the three people came to their senses. The blonde guy pulled her back, flashing a malicious smile. "Beauty, where do you think you're going? Even if you used to be ugly and fat, you are beautiful now hehe! As long as you’re a woman, I could always turn off the lights!"

"That's right." The redhead also grabbed her.

Mo Yao panicked. Was she going to get raped by them? No, she couldn’t let that happen!

"I’m an internet celebrity, with 100,000 followers on Weibo. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll expose you?"

"Haha, shouldn't you be more worried about being exposed yourself? Say, if people caught wind of news that we slept with you, would anyone still like you?"

Mo Yao felt anxious and angry. This is why she didn't threaten them with this in the first place. She didn't expect this reply from them!

"It just so happens that I haven't slept with a celebrity, and you could be considered a small celebrity." The redhead said as he reached out to touch Mo Yao.

Mo Yao knew that they would really do as they pleased. If she didn’t do something now, she would surely be doomed today. She broke free from the blonde guy’s grasp, and hid behind Xu Qiang, trying to persuade him. "Xu Qiang, don't you like Ji Wenqing? I'll ask her out for you. Just let me go, okay?"

Xu Qiang wavered. He did like Ji Wenqing for three years, but he had quietly buried his feelings in his heart. He knew that he and Ji Wenqing did not belong to the same world.

Mo Yao could see Xu Qiang's heart wavering and added fuel to the fire. "Ji Wenqing is just an ordinary girl. Even if you do something to her, she won't tell anyone. And girls always have a better impression of their first man. If you behave well, she might even like you..." Her voice was full of temptation, and it was very exciting.

Ji Wen Qing, I’m sorry but I had no other choice.

Of course, a bystander can see the field better than a player. The blonde-haired guy had seen through Mo Yao's plan. He sneered and thought to himself, 'Indeed. As expected, the most poisonous heart is that of a woman!'

Xu Qiang only thought for a moment before nodding at Mo Yao.


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