Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 16: Black-Hearted Lotus’ Red Packet Group [8.2]

CHAPTER: Dream Evil Again And Again

It was the first time that people in the group witnessed this way of asking for red packets, they found it quite interesting as they also chimed in successively and asked the owners for red envelopes.

Wenqing smiled, this was exactly what she wanted. She was looking for an opportunity to give Mo Yao a black packet. She asked for it herself!

【Grim Reaper】: All right, I'll send it.

First, she sent red packets of food, which were snatched by Qingyuan, then she sent a black packet for Mo Yao to receive it.

This was one of the perks of being the group admin, she could also send directional red packets which is no different from ordinary red envelopes. Others could ask for them, but non-designated people could not get them.

Mo Yao felt very excited to see her scheme come to life. She stared at the screen of her phone intently, to quickly spot the red packet as soon as it appeared, but she was a step too late. Seeing that others were grabbing food red packets, she felt discouraged. What she wanted was skills or pill red packets! She had heard that the red envelopes sent by the group admin were very powerful that even those great gods were yearning for it. If she could grab it, she would have the confidence to fight Ji Wenqing.

"Special red packets, special red packets, special red packets..." Mo Yao prayed while others kept grabbing the red packets. Maybe her prayer was effective as she was finally able to grab a special red packet!

『You have received Grim Reaper's Dream Evil Again And Again. 』

Dream Evil Again And Again? What the hell? Mo Yao pondered, is it something that could make people have constant nightmares? This is good. Although it can't directly confront Ji Wenqing, it can give her discomfort, which is also good.

Mo Yao didn't waste any time and grabbed the red packet. Alas, maybe she had bad luck today, she only grabbed one in the end, which made Mo Yao annoyed. It didn’t matter, she had found a way to make the admin give out red packets, so she would still have a chance in the future.

Until the group quieted down, Mo Yao didn’t leave to open her red packet space to study the ‘Dream Evil Again And Again’. As she did, she noticed that the red packet space was empty!

How come? She obviously grabbed it! She can't be mistaken or hallucinating. Mo Yao recalled it carefully, and she was sure that she had grabbed the Dream Evil Again And Again red packet, but there was nothing in the nine-squared grid. Did she get an empty red packet?

Mo Yao clicked it several times, making sure that she really did receive the red packet. She felt sick! She managed to grab one, but it was still an empty packet!

The admin didn't mean to target her, did he? She denied the idea because other people in the group who received the red packets were showing off, and the red packet was not only sent to her but to everyone. How could the admin predict that the red packet would definitely fall into her hands?

Mo Yao took it as an accident. She felt so angry, but there was no other way. After the group finally quieted down, Mo Yao left WeChat and ordered take-out. After eating, she scrolled through Weibo for a while and went to sleep after eleven o'clock.

In the boundless blood-colored space, there was no one around. Mo Yao couldn’t help but get goosebumps when a chilly wind passed by her. Every step she took forward felt like stepping on soft meat.


Mo Yao was startled by her own thoughts. She immediately comforted herself. How was this possible? Suddenly, the blood-colored thing underneath her feet shook violently as if it was going to devour her. Mo Yao forgot to think, and began to run. She ran faster and faster and finally flew. She arrived at a school in the blink of an eye.

The school was also covered in bloody color, but Mo Yao didn't feel anything amiss. As she entered the classroom there were already many people in the class, but it was strange that Mo Yao couldn't see their faces clearly.

As soon as she entered, a burst of laughter broke out in the classroom.

"So ugly! How can there be such an ugly person?"

"She’s more than 250 kilograms, right? The door frames were all broken by her!"

"Look at her, there are three tails behind her! She must be a monster!"

"So smelly! Go away, ugly!"


As they spoke, they suddenly turned into big blood-mouthed monsters and chased her. Mo Yao was surprised and afraid. She ran as fast as she could, not even knowing where she was going. She only thought to run as far as she could.

Later, she ran into a mirror and saw a fat, ugly, three-tailed reflection. She screamed, "Ahh!"

Mo Yao sat up from the bed all of a sudden, panting heavily, sweating profusely. She turned on the light and ran to the mirror. She was relieved when she saw that she was still pretty and slim.

"Fortunately, it was just a dream..."

That was scary!

Mo Yao decided not to think too much about this dream. Turning off the lights, she continued to sleep, but as soon as she fell asleep, she started to have nightmares about being chased, laughed at, pointed at, and even dreamed of being raped by Xu Qiang's trio. She was woken up by nightmares all night long.

Such terrifying experience made Mo Yao dare not sleep. She was awake from 4 o’clock till dawn. She finally understood now that what she grabbed yesterday was not an empty packet, but a real Dream Evil Again And Again. She just didn't know why this red packet affected her.


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