Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers Chapters List

Chapter 17: Black-Hearted Lotus’ Red Packet Group [9.1]

CHAPTER: Teacher Abused Me, What Should I Do?

Mo Yao went to school with a tired face due to the lack of sleep and excessive fright she experienced. She looked unusually haggard but she had always been a loner in school, so no one asked after her.

In class, Mo Yao was so sleepy that she could not help but fall asleep on the table.

The teacher was giving the lecture while all the students were listening carefully. Suddenly, someone screamed with terror from the corner, accompanied by the sound of the table moving and books falling to the ground.

The whole class looked towards that direction. Mo Yao had just woken up terrified and bounced from her seat, gasping in shock. Feeling the gaze of the surrounding people, she suddenly came back to her senses. She was in class right now. When she raised her head to look at the teacher on the podium, she saw the teacher staring at her furiously.

"If you want to sleep in class, then don’t disturb the whole class. Why are you affecting everyone's study? Get out if you don't want to learn!”

The teacher had already seen Mo Yao sleeping, but her grades were not good and sleeping didn't affect others, so he didn't bother to deal with her. After all, he had seen students like Mo Yao. The fact that Mo Yao almost turning over her desk disturbed the classroom, he couldn't tolerate it.

Mo Yao’s hands clenched, her nails almost digging into them. Under the gaze of the whole class, she was scolded by the teacher, which made her feel embarrassed. She heard the whispers of people around her as if they were laughing at her. Mo Yao finally couldn't help it as she kicked the chair and ran out of the classroom.

The buzz in the class grew louder until Teacher Qiao knocked on the desk shouting "Be quiet!" The classroom became quiet in a split second.

"You violated the discipline in class, and when the teacher scolded you, you felt that you had suffered from injustice in turn. Do you think you are a princess? You are not a princess. We won't tolerate your princess syndrome anymore.”

After a burst of laughter, the tense atmosphere in the classroom instantly eased. Teacher Qiao went on to say, "Leave her alone, let's go on with the class! ”

Mo Yao ran out of school, but found that she did not have a place to go, she could only go home. The mental fatigue brought by excessive nightmares made Mo Yao very upset. When she thought of the teacher's cruel scolding and her classmates ridiculing her, she almost exploded from anger.

She had a feeling it all started with that red packet, 'Dream Evil Again And Again'. She turned on her phone and questioned the group:

【Mo Yao】: @Grim Reaper why are you terrorizing me? What kind of red packet did you send me yesterday?

Wen Qing was in class, so she wasn’t able to reply immediately. Mo Yao reluctantly asked again:

【Mo Yao】: Tell me! Are you feeling guilty now?

The others in the group didn't know what was going on, so they asked what the matter was.

Mo Yao felt very wronged and said, "She sent me a red packet 'Dream Evil Again And Again' yesterday and it's making me have nightmares."

After understanding the situation, the people in the group thought that Mo Yao was extremely dense. Little Sister Grim reaper said from the beginning that her red packet had negative attributes, except for food. Mo Yao was not stupid enough to use them for herself, was she?

To tell the truth, a few people in the group didn't like Mo Yao from the beginning, when she had opened her lion's mouth and exchanged bad food for their pills. Later, to cajole the cultivation techniques from HuaYin, she lied to him by saying her world was a world that consisted of cultivating immortals. It made everyone angry. And now, again, she was playing the victim and framing Little Sister Grim Reaper. She was refreshing their perception towards her again and again.

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】: Ahem, Little Sister Grim Reaper had already warned that her red packets have negative attributes.

【Demonic Grandmaster Shao Guang】: You're not stupid enough to use it yourself, right?

Eh? Mo Yao froze for a moment, is that so?

After much thought, the explanation was reasonable. Otherwise, why didn't she see 'Dream Evil Again And Again' in the red envelope space yesterday? Maybe she used it late.

Mo Yao felt that she had made a big joke of herself, and was thinking about how to reply and resolve the matter. Sh*t! Will the Group admin be angry? Before she could apologize to Wen Qing, she saw two notifications from the group.

『Taoist Master HuaYin became the admin.』

『Admin Taoist Master HuaYin had muted you.』

Why did HuaYin mute Mo Yao!? Because he felt that Mo Yao was a liar and she liked to frame people. She even accused the little sister who often sends him delicious food. Although other people did not say it, in their hearts they agreed that HuaYin did a wonderful job!

Wen Qing had already seen the chat history of the group by this time. It was her who made HuaYin the admin of the group. She couldn't help but feel that this group of teammates were awesome!

Mo Yao couldn't understand the reason. She hurriedly asked what happened, but the message could not be sent. It's over. All the people in the group were angry, not to mention the group admins.

Mo Yao felt angry and anxious. How come there were so many unpleasant things happening to her today?! She tried to send a private message to the grim reaper, but the system prompted that she wasn't friends with the other party. She sent her a friend request but the other party never accepted.

Mo Yao was in a hurry but she felt helpless. At that same moment, she got a call from the headteacher, asking her to go back to school and apologize to Teacher Qiao.

Apologize? Apologize for what? He scolded her in front of the whole class and they’re still asking her to apologize to him? Mo Yao burst into anger. Today was disastrous for her. One bad thing after another!

After hanging up the phone, Mo Yao stared at the screen of her mobile phone angrily, but when she saw Weibo on the screen, she suddenly had an idea.

#The teacher scolded me in front of the whole class and told me to get out, but the headteacher asked me to apologize to him. What should I do?#


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