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Chapter 169: Quick Transmigration Raider [2]

When Wen Qing came downstairs, four men sitting there all looked at her simultaneously.

"Qingqing, you're awake? Why don't you sleep a little longer?" This was Dad Gong.

"Did you sleep well last night? Did you have any nightmares again?" This was the elder brother.

"There's no rush to go to school. If you don't want to go, then don't." This was the second brother.

"Qingqing, come here quickly. Brother saved your favorite cheese bread for you." This was the third brother.

As the youngest and only girl in the Gong family, Gong Wenqing was loved by everyone - a daddy's girl to her father, and three brothers who adored her. Even her mother treated her better than her three brothers, always saying that boys can be allowed to run wild, but girls must be doted on... It could be said that Gong Wenqing had never experienced any grievances from childhood to adulthood.

But such a loving and happy family was completely torn apart after Su Yu's arrival. How could Gong Wenqing not be angry?

Imitating Gong Wenqing's personality, Wen Qing playfully talked to her father and brothers for a few words before starting to eat breakfast.

After breakfast, Wen Qing went to school with her brothers. The four siblings all attended the same noble school - The eldest brother Gong Wenyue was a senior and about to graduate, second brother Gong Wenze was junior, third brother Gong Wenting was a freshman, and Gong Wenqing was in her second year of high school.

Other children from the three other major families also attended the same school, but Wen Qing wasn't sure if, for the convenience of Su Yu's conquest, the story intentionally gathered all these people together.

With three handsome and sunny older brothers and a pretty and cute sister like a doll, they attracted a lot of attention at school. Also, because of the three brothers, Gong Wenqing had great popularity among the girls at school. Although their initial motive was to become her sister-in-law, as they spent more time with her, it was hard not to like a girl as pure-hearted as Gong Wenqing.

After arriving at school, Gong Wenting personally escorted Wen Qing to her classroom before leaving with peace of mind. Before leaving, he even used his charming eyes to make the girls in her class swoon, expressing that they would definitely take good care of his sister.

Wen Qing was speechless; this scene seemed like the brainless heroine and campus prince from romantic novels, but in the real world, it felt awkward. But what could she do when it was her brothers acting this way? Of course... she covered her face and pretended not to see it.

After a few peaceful days of school life, the female lead, Su Yu, finally arrived.

Su Yu was a transmigrator, so each time she transmigrated, she adjusted her appearance in the system space. For example, in the previous world, as the troublesome beauty, she had a more seductive appearance. But in this world, it was a campus environment, so she adjusted herself to have the image of an innocent and pure first love goddess. While her temperament changed, her beauty, which caused anger among both gods and men, remained the same.

This time, the system fabricated her identity as a transfer student, but Su Yu didn't care about such roles. No matter what identity she had, she could make men fall for her.

[Host, be careful this time and don't cause any trouble.]

Su Yu played with a strand of her hair while carrying a nonchalant smile, "Heh, system, when did you become so afraid of trouble? Weren't you always afraid that the world wouldn't be chaotic enough?"

[I don't mean that. I don't know why, but I just have a feeling of unease. Maybe something unexpected might happen in this world.]

Su Yu shrugged it off, "Don't worry, worst-case scenario, I'll conquer a few fewer men and leave after completing the mission."

Su Yu stood at the school gate, tilting her head slightly with a faint smile on her face. Her eyes swept across the campus with a determined look, as if she was about to embark on a journey of conquest.

Wen Qing, who had just gotten off the car, couldn't help but chuckle at the sight. Sorry, before conquering the stars and seas, you need to get through this obstacle first.

From afar, Su Yu saw three outstanding young men walking side by side. She quickly entered her mission mode while mentally reviewing the information of these three men - Gong Wenyue, heir of the Gong family, evaluation: 97 points, can be raided. Gong Wenze, second son of the Gong family...

Excellent, all three Gong brothers have system scores above ninety points! She encountered three exceptional catches right after stepping out. She was indeed lucky.

Su Yu chose a subtle angle, maintaining her graceful demeanor as she walked forward, preparing for an intimate encounter with Gong Wenze, who was closest to her.

Her plan was well thought out, and there were no flaws. Three seconds later, she successfully collided with Gong Wenze, and then smoothly ended up in his arms. Gong Wenze instinctively reached out to support her, making it look like she was being held by him.

Su Yu quickly switched to her pitiful and innocent skill, biting her lower lip with teary eyes, and looked up at Gong Wenze, saying in a distressed voice, "Ouch..."

Her limpid eyes were clear and reflected Gong Wenze's face, with glistening tears shimmering in the corners of her eyes. Her appearance of wanting to cry but holding back was extremely endearing. Her fair and tender skin was flawless like jade, and her rosy lips, lightly nibbled by her pearly white teeth, showed a hint of stubbornness and forbearance. Any man who saw her would feel pity for her.

However, just as Su Yu looked up, Gong Wenze suddenly pushed her away, wearing a shocked expression as if he had seen a ghost. He jumped away in panic and said, "What the hell?"

Su Yu fell to the ground because she couldn't keep her balance. It didn't hurt, but her mind was a bit foggy, and she was confused about Gong Wenze's reaction. Did something go wrong? Gong Wenze's response was unexpected!

"Wenze, don't be reckless." Gong Wenyue saw his younger brother push the girl accidentally and thought he did it on purpose. He reprimanded him, "Let me handle this." With that, he stepped forward to help Su Yu up. As the heir of the Gong family, his every move represented the family's reputation. If this incident was blown out of proportion by someone with malicious intent, it would be unnecessary trouble.

However, after he approached and saw the girl's appearance, he froze. His hand hung in the air, not sure whether to reach out or not. Finally, he understood why Gong Wenze had reacted that way.

The third brother, Gong Wenting, who was watching his elder brothers acting so strangely, couldn't help but become anxious. "Brother, what's wrong with you? Help the girl up!"

As he spoke, he took a step forward and stood in front of Su Yu. Then he also fell silent, took a deep breath, and another deep breath. He endured and endured, but in the end, he couldn't hold it in and ran away.

Thus, the responsibility of helping Su Yu up fell on Gong Wenyue again.

Gong Wenyue took a deep breath, tremblingly extended his hand, closed his eyes in pain, lifted Su Yu up, and then silently retreated two meters away, bowing, "I'm sorry, it was my brother's recklessness. Are you hurt? Do you need to go to the hospital?"

His tone was as sincere as could be. If he hadn't closed his eyes, Su Yu might have believed that he was genuine.

The reactions of the three Gong brothers were just too strange. Su Yu also wanted to find a place to check what might be wrong with her. So she lifted her head slightly, used her delicate fingers to touch her hair, and pursed her lips with a shy smile, "No need to go to the hospital. I'm fine."

Gong Wenyue's expression became even more painful, as if he was holding back something. "It's good that you're okay. Goodbye, I have something to attend to!" He said in one breath and then turned around and quickly left, as if there was some monster chasing him from behind.

Su Yu's smile froze on her face. Even if she were slow to react, she could tell that this person was avoiding her.

But why? She's a stunning beauty who can ruin nations. Would it hurt him just to look at her for a moment?

Wen Qing commented that indeed, it seemed like Su Yu did hurt him.

Dealing with Su Yu, who relied on her charm and appearance to conquer men as a quick-transmigration raider, Wen Qing couldn't come up with any good ideas. After all, she had transmigrated through many worlds, and her experience, intelligence, and methods were abundant. She might even have a constant stream of attack skills. Confronting her head-on was not a good idea.

So, she chose the most simple and crude approach - make her ugly!

After all, there was a big difference between an invincible ugly girl with a tearful face and a beauty with the same expression. The difference was enormous.

Of course, she couldn't directly tamper with Su Yu herself. The other party didn't even have a proper body; she was just a set of data and could be easily fabricated. So any damage to her appearance would be meaningless. Thus, she had to take action through others.

This time, the "golden finger" she brought was the Immortal Cultivation Space, to be precise, it was the Nightmare Illusion Stone she obtained from that space. She used the stone to create an illusion, making everyone who saw Su Yu think she was extremely ugly, hideously ugly, and unimaginably ugly.

The effect seemed to be pretty good.

After entering the school, the three Gong brothers held on to Wen Qing and refused to let go. "Qingqing, good sister, beautiful sister, let your brothers take another look, clean our eyes!"

"Oh my God! This is the ugliest person I've ever seen in my life! So ugly I can't breathe!"

"How could there be such an ugly person? It takes real courage to live with that face!"

"I don't want to judge people by their appearance. Maybe she has a beautiful heart but I just don't want to see her heart because of her appearance!"

Wen Qing curiously asked, "Is she really that ugly?"

"Ugly! Extremely ugly! Incredibly ugly! So ugly I question the meaning of life! Oh no, I can't recall it; just thinking about it makes my eyes burn!"

Wen Qing looked at her three mature and steady brothers, who were currently acting like a bunch of clowns hanging on her, seeking comfort and hugs, and most importantly, asking for their eyes to be cleansed. Finally, she let go of her worries. It seemed that making Su Yu ugly was effective. If someone could fall in love with her and live and die for her even in this situation, it would be true love!

What else could she say? She could only wish them well.

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