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Chapter 170: Quick Transmigration Raider [3]

After Su Yu left, she quickly found a restroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was not dirty, her makeup was intact, and there was no odor on her body. She was wearing a white dress, the least likely to go wrong.

"No problem," Su Yu was puzzled. Everything seemed normal. Why did the three Gong brothers react to her like that?

"System, do you know what's going on?"

[After they left, I eavesdropped on their conversation. They said...]

"What did they say?"

[They said you are too ugly! Extremely ugly! Ugly to the point where they can't bear to look at you!]

Su Yu widened her eyes and looked at her stunning appearance in the mirror. She incredulously pointed to her beautiful face, "Me? Ugly?"

[That's what they said...]

"Are they blind?" Before the system could finish, Su Yu exploded, "They called me ugly? What about this beauty then? Bring one out for me to see! I've transmigrated through so many worlds, and no one has ever said I'm ugly! Damn! They call me ugly? They must be blind!"

Just then, a girl came out from the restroom, took a glance at Su Yu, and silently walked back in.


Su Yu was dumbfounded, while the system gloated, [See, you made that girl throw up with your ugliness!]

Veins popped on Su Yu's forehead. She exerted a lot of effort to control her urge to question that girl. She took another look at herself in the mirror. Her appearance was still the beautiful and stunning one, although she had made some adjustments before coming to this world, it was still her own face. She had traveled through so many worlds, and everyone praised her beauty. She had even been called the number one beauty in the world, so it was impossible that her aesthetic was flawed. But the current situation clearly told her that the problem wasn't with her eyes.

Su Yu, who had traveled through so many worlds, soon discovered the issue, but she couldn't figure out that it was Wen Qing who did this.

"Could it be that this is a world where beauty and ugliness are reversed? People's aesthetic sense is distorted, and what they find beautiful in other worlds appears ugly to them here, and vice versa?" Su Yu mumbled to herself.

[That's possible, otherwise, we can't explain their reactions.]

The system thought the speculation was reasonable and fully agreed. After all, its level was not as high as Wen Qing's, and it couldn't detect the changes she made.

"Whether it's true or not, we'll know if we try."

When Su Yu said "try," she meant taking two photos, one of a beautiful and handsome actor and another where he intentionally made himself ugly in a TV drama. She would show these two photos to people and ask them which one was better looking. The photos were of the same person, a famous actor in this world. She held the photos and went to ask others which one they thought was more attractive.

The first person she asked was a young girl. The girl was kind-hearted and looked at the photos, then glanced at Su Yu's resplendent appearance. She pointed at the ugly one and said it was better.

The kind-hearted girl thought that beauty and ugliness were not something one could choose, and this person must have endured a lot of ridicule due to their looks. Perhaps, she wanted to give some encouragement, as true beauty lies in one's soul.

Su Yu was persistent and continued to ask people around her, whether they were young, middle-aged, or elderly, and their answer was that the ugly photo looked better. Oh, she even asked some primary school students, thinking that kids wouldn't lie, but the few kids she stopped were all in tears after seeing the ugly photo...

Wen Qing, who guided this investigation from behind the scenes, stated that everything in this illusion was under her control.

And in the end, Su Yu confirmed that this was indeed a world where beauty and ugliness were reversed. So what should she do?

[What else can you do? Of course, you need to change your appearance again! But remember, you only have one chance to change your appearance in each world.]

Without the reminder, Su Yu already knew about this strict rule. But what else could she do? In a world like this, if she didn't make herself ugly, how could she complete the mission? And if she didn't complete the mission, how could she leave this world? Unexpectedly, after trying hard to complete missions and making herself beautiful and stunning, she now had to make herself ugly again someday!

Actually, Su Yu couldn't bring herself to make herself ugly, so she hesitated for a moment and told the system, "No, I want to try again."

She returned to the school and asked the system to find another target. The system quickly identified one.

[This one is not bad, Ling Tianche, the only heir of the Ling family, with a rating of 98, one point higher than the eldest of the Gong family!]

"Good, he's the one!"

Su Yu quickly browsed through all the information about Ling Tianche, got a rough understanding of his personality and preferences, and then quickly devised a plan in her mind.

She changed into a black leather jacket, tied her hair into a ponytail, and casually held a lollipop in her mouth, giving off an unruly and rebellious aura.

Who could have thought that the seemingly obedient top student Ling Tianche actually liked this kind of rebellious girl?

As she brushed past Ling Tianche, she deliberately bumped into him, then stopped, furrowed her eyebrows, raised her chin, and looked at him with a sidelong glance, "Hey! Top student, you bumped into me!"

Ling Tianche turned back calmly, seemingly unaffected by her ugly or beautiful appearance, nodding slightly, "I'm sorry."

Su Yu raised an eyebrow and said with a sly smile, "If apologies work, why do we need the police? How about this, come over and give me a kiss, and we'll consider it settled. What do you say?"

This was a typical scene of a campus bully bullying a delicate and pure girl. But Su Yu was sure that Ling Tianche, this restrained and mysterious guy, liked this kind of approach.

Of course, the premise was that she was beautiful enough. Teasing the top student as the school flower would make for a sweet campus romance, but if an ugly girl teased him, it would just be an ugly girl acting out!

The air suddenly fell silent. Just as Su Yu thought Ling Tianche was going to respond, he really did something—he hurriedly walked two steps and bent over a flowerbed...


Su Yu's face turned green. She couldn't imagine how ugly she must be in these people's eyes. She could make primary school students cry and now she could even make her targeted subjects vomit!

Oh, this wasn't the first time someone vomited because of her appearance.

So, "Let's go back and change the appearance again."

At lunch, Ling Tianche's face was still very unpleasant, and he seemed on the verge of vomiting. How could he not look terrible?

The four siblings from the Gong family sat at the same table with him. Seeing his condition, Gong Wenyue asked with concern, "What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?"

"No," Ling Tianche shook his head, "I met the person you mentioned in the morning and vomited..."


The three brothers from the Gong family burst into laughter simultaneously and looked at Ling Tianche with great sympathy.

"Brother, you've suffered!"

"It's true, your tolerance is a bit weak."

"Since you've suffered so much, let us have a look at our beautiful and cute Qingqing."

"But you're only allowed to look, no staring!"


Ling Tianche subconsciously glanced at Gong Wenqing. Well, his eyes indeed felt much better.

Wen Qing watched them laugh and felt that it was normal for them to chat and laugh together like this. Sharing one woman among several men? She couldn't accept the idea at all.

It's not like sharing a bike; you don't just scan the code and ride it! Wait, that's not right either. Su Yu was no different from a shared bike now.

Feeling stimulated, Su Yu returned to her residence and entered the system space, ready to change her appearance again. She could change back in the next world, so be it, she would make herself ugly!

Based on her experience of many lifetimes, Su Yu used all her efforts to create what she believed was the ugliest face, one that even made her own eyes ache when she looked at it.

Before changing her appearance, she said, "I absolutely won't look in the mirror until I complete the mission to become beautiful."

Wen Qing couldn't help but laugh when she saw Su Yu's appearance after coming out again. She didn't expect this surprise; Su Yu had actually made herself ugly. Her initial plan was just to make everyone think that Su Yu was an ugly duckling, and then probably no one would be interested in pursuing her. But she didn't expect that this illusion would make Su Yu think it was a world where beauty and ugliness were reversed, and she ended up making herself ugly. So it turned out she thought, "Well, it's just temporary, and it's fine to be ugly for a while."

Sorry, but you might have to be ugly for a while longer.

After changing her appearance, Su Yu, now full of confidence, returned to the school. Yesterday was the day she first came to report, but she was discouraged before entering the school and didn't go inside.

Just as she entered the school gate, the Gong siblings got off a nearby car.

Gong Wenting clutched his chest and said, "Oh my god, I almost bumped into her again. Let's come a bit later tomorrow. Bumping into her all the time, my heart can't take it."

"Have you noticed that this girl seems a bit different from yesterday?" Gong Wenze said.

Gong Wenyue nodded, "There are some changes. She was abstractly ugly yesterday, but now she's specifically ugly."

Pfft, Wen Qing couldn't help but laugh at her eldest brother's insightful explanation. Yesterday was an illusion, and today it's the real person—well, the explanation was valid.

After entering the school, Su Yu quickly encountered a new target for her conquest: Rong Yi, a young uncle from the Rong family.

Although he was of the uncle generation, he looked younger than Gong Wenyue and the others due to his good care. He was a teacher at the school.

After seeing him, Su Yu analyzed his personality and preferences and quickly formulated a plan. She pretended to accidentally bump into Rong Yi, fell to the ground, and quickly activated her 'pear blossom raining' and 'beauty shed tears' skill. It was originally a very pleasing scene, but when it was displayed on her ugly face with droopy corners of the eyes, swollen cheeks, a flat nose, pockmarked skin, a crooked mouth, and slanted eyes... it was simply unbearable to look at!

It was natural for Rong Yi to have the common flaw of judging people by their appearances. However, he shouldn't be scared away or disgusted like those few kids. After all, he was a teacher who was supposed to be a role model for others. He forced himself to suppress his discomfort and kindly helped Su Yu up, saying, "Are you okay?"

Seeing his attitude, Su Yu immediately thought, "As expected, the uglier a person is in their eyes, the more beautiful they find them!" She shyly lowered her head, her cheeks flushed, and she secretly stole a glance at Rong Yi, revealing a shy expression of a girl secretly admiring someone.

This kind of secretly admiring but not daring to confess look hit Rong Yi like a thunderbolt. He could understand the vague affection that teenagers in their adolescence may develop for the opposite gender. He knew that at this age, their emotions were very sensitive, especially for students who lacked self-confidence. A single word or action could cause unimaginable harm to them... So, how should he gently reject this girl who gathered up courage due to her lack of self-confidence?

Having pondered for a long time, he finally made up his mind, "You are a good girl, and the teacher likes diligent, obedient students like you who are eager to make progress. Your main focus now should be on your studies. Keep going! The teacher believes that you will have a brilliant future!"

After saying that, he swiftly left the place that made him suffocating, appearing composed but in reality, he was rushing away.

When Su Yu heard his words, she felt quite happy. However, after he left and she checked her affection points, the system awkwardly informed her that the affection points were at 0.

"How is this possible? There should have been a moment of infatuation, right? I specially used the 'beauty shed tears' skill for him, and it didn't even increase the affection points by 5?"

Su Yu found it incredible, "System, did you add my charm value?"

[I did, I added it all. Why would I drag you down at this moment?]

"And did I equip the 'Troublesome Beauty' title?"

"Of course, I never took it off!"

"Then where did it go wrong?!"

The mission had repeatedly encountered setbacks, and Su Yu couldn't help but feel a little irritated. In the past, with her unbeatable beauty and her various skills, completing missions had been easy. After all, men were visual creatures and couldn't resist the temptation of beauty. Except at the very beginning when her charm skill was still at the basic level, she had played around with sincere strategies. Later, due to her extraordinary appearance, it seemed that as long as she extended her hand, men would fall for her. After that, she didn't need to be sincere; she just needed to appeal to their desires.

But now, even her unbeatable beauty was facing setbacks.


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