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Chapter 141: Superstar Cultivation System [7]

Wen Qing’s worries were unnecessary. Han Junqing was a very focused person, and his focus was reflected in the fact that when he set his mind on something, he would not be distracted by anything else. At the moment, he was focused on pursuing his career and completely disregarded matters of the heart.

However, while Han Junqing remained unresponsive to matters of the heart, Gu Ruoying had developed feelings for him.

After truly getting to know Han Junqing, it was hard for anyone not to like him, especially the opposite sex of the same age. His gentle temperament and warm attention were captivating. He was the epitome of a gentleman - considerate, mature, and steady. Additionally, his tall and handsome appearance matched the ideal romantic image that many girls have in mind.

Gu Ruoying had spent the majority of her life in the limelight as a child star. Her years of experience had given her a maturity beyond her years. She found herself frustrated by the immaturity and inconsistency of her peers. She longed for someone who was steady and mature, but most men of that caliber were older than her, and the age gap proved to be an obstacle. But fate intervened when she met Han Junqing, whose similar age and compatible character made him the perfect match for her, and she couldn't help but fall for him.

The young girl's thoughts towards Han Junqing have not yet been noticed by him, but as an experienced driver, Wen Qing could tell at a glance that there was something fishy going on. Although Gu Ruoying's behavior was dignified and composed, she occasionally flashed a shy look when facing Han Junqing, and from a distance, her eyes lit up whenever she saw him. She pretended not to care, but her gaze constantly followed him... All these details indicated that the thing Wen Qing worried about has happened.

Gu Ruoying was the daughter of the female protagonist Gu Nian and the eldest son of the Gu family, Gu Qingfeng. Interestingly, Gu Qingfeng was also the biological uncle of Han Junqing, making them first cousins. Although they were not siblings, first cousins could not marry either.

Wen Qing was worried about this kind of misunderstanding from the beginning, that's why she reminded Han Junqing not to play pretend. She didn't expect the problem to arise not from Han Junqing, but from Gu Ruoying.

As the saying goes, parents' issues should not be passed down to their children. Gu Nian took over the identity of Han Wenqing, along with all of its associated complications, grudges, and favors. These were her own responsibilities, and had nothing to do with her daughter, Gu Ruoying, who was not even born at the time. Just like Han Junqing couldn't choose his background, Gu Ruoying had no choice in hers either.

Given this, Wen Qing deemed it necessary to inform Han Junqing about his identity and allow him to address Gu Ruoying's feelings, thus putting an end to this misunderstanding before it could grow further.

"...I've been so caught up in work that I lost track of time. I've been on set for three months now and haven't kept up with the news about Qing Ke’s fans. It seems that acting is my true passion and singing is just a side gig. I'll make sure to carve out some time to record new songs, otherwise, I'll always feel guilty towards the fans..." Han Junqing ate while chatting with Wen Qing through his thoughts.

[Hold on a minute, there's something I need to tell you.]

"What is it? I'm all ears."

Han Junqing's expression at this moment was very relaxed and casual. He had no idea what Wen Qing was about to reveal. Wen Qing was somewhat hesitant to tell him the truth, as sometimes ignorance is bliss. From her understanding of him, learning about his identity would only cause shock and bring no happiness.

As expected, after Wen Qing laid out the truth for him, Han Junqing was speechless for a long time, his expression was a mix of emotions. "So, all the struggles and hardships that my mother has gone through all these years were because of someone else? She should have been a princess with a life of luxury, surrounded by wealth and privilege. She grew up with fine clothes and food, but because she was taken away wrong, she grew up in poverty, had to drop out of school at a young age, and almost got sold by her foster father. She had to endure all these pains that she should never have had to bear?"

Wen Qing took a deep breath. [At this point, it can only be said that fate is unpredictable. There’s always two sides to things. You think about it from another angle. If it weren't for this messed up life, how would you have met your mother and become a son?]

Wen Qing could only comfort him like this. If he hadn't known that there was another possibility, he would have been able to endure all of this. But now that he knew, he still couldn't help but feel uneasy.

"Heh!" Han Junqing sneered, "Exchanging a dazzling life for an illegitimate son whose father is unknown. This deal is not worth it."

[Whether it’s worth it or not isn't up to you to decide. When the princess became a commoner, others might think she's unwilling and uneasy, but she herself would never think this way. Because in her heart, you are her most precious treasure, and she is willing to exchange everything for you!]

[Think from another perspective. If it were you, would you be willing to abandon your mother for a good background?]

"No!" Han Junqing said without thinking.

[Look, you don't want to either, so you don't have to feel unhappy for your mother. Poverty and wealth may be the arrangements of fate, but can you say that your mother's life was not happy?]

Not happy? Han Junqing's mind flooded with memories from the past. He couldn't help but remember the warmth and love his mother had always radiated. When he came home from school, his mother who was cooking in the kitchen turned her head and smiled at him. He was doing homework under the lamp, and the mother knitting a sweater next to him watched him with a smile on her face. At parent-teacher conferences, his mother's smile was always the brightest in the crowd... In his memory, his mother always had a smile on her face and was never bent by poverty.

Maybe... she was happy.

[You don't have to feel unhappy for your mother. She didn't care about wealth and glory, all she cared about was you. As long as you are good, she will be fine. Besides, she's already passed away. All the worldly things don't matter to her. You are the one who is most affected. Having such a wealthy family as an in-law, it's definitely more beneficial than harmful to you. So do you want to consider recognizing them?]

"There's no need for me to consider. I won't recognize them." Han Junqing said firmly. If he recognized them, his mother's life would become a joke.

Wen Qing understood his thoughts and didn't say more. [It doesn't matter if you recognize them or not. With me here, what do you need a family for? The problem now is that your cousin, Gu Ruoying, seems to have feelings for you. If you don't recognize them, you'll have to think of other ways to dispel her feelings. It's better to solve it early, to avoid any soap opera-like love-hate relationships between siblings.]

Han Junqing was still immersed in the recent sorrow. He had no reaction to Gu Ruoying's liking for him. He just nodded and said, "I know, I'll think of something."

Wen Qing knew that he would keep his promise, so she let down her guard.

However, reality proved her wrong. Han Junqing's so-called "think of something" was simply to tell other in a harsh and blunt manner-

"I don't have any feelings for you, and I never will. Don't waste your time on me."

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