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Chapter 142: Superstar Cultivation System [8]

Gu Ruoying never thought she would have such a terrible day. She had never met a boy she liked before and had not yet built up the courage to confess, but received such a cold and ruthless rejection from him. This left her feeling embarrassed, wronged, and strangely perplexed. How could he not like her?

Even though he was under no obligation to feel fondly towards her, everyone she had encountered had been very welcoming and she had never been so coldly refused before. Even if he didn't like her, he at least...shouldn't dislike her this much?

A woman in love is sensitive and can pick up on even the slightest emotions from the person she loves. Although he had hidden it well and may not have even noticed it himself, she could still feel his disgust towards her.

At that moment, as proud she was, Gu Ruoying wanted to lift her chin arrogantly and say disdainfully, "Who likes you? Self-deluded!"

But the inexplicable sourness in her heart made her hold back. She was afraid that if she said that, she would truly never have another chance. Therefore, she used the last bit of strength to keep her rationality, and smiled politely, "It's alright. Liking you is my business alone, it has nothing to do with you."

Gu Ruoying's tears fell as she turned to leave, thinking that perhaps she will never like someone this much again in her life, to the point of trampling on her self-esteem.

Gu Ruoying returned home with red eyes, and the Gu family was immediately in chaos.

"Which bastard dared to bully our little Ruoying? See if I don't break his legs!"

Back then, Gu Nian was the beloved member of the Gu family, just like Gu Qingfeng's daughter now. Gu Ruoying was the little princess who was held dear by the whole family. When she was wronged, the family, who always protected her, would not give up easily. They rallied around her to comfort her, with several uncles inquiring about who had harmed her. Gu Ruoying, who was mocked by her grandparents, accidentally mentioned Han Junqing's name.

The look of shyness and sorrow on her face, the Gu family could almost guess what had happened with just a little thought.

Ok! Not only did he quietly steal the heart of their little princess, he even dared to make her sad. He definitely deserves a beating! Their little princess is not someone just anyone can try to pursue!

The Gu family's business was big, and they quickly found out all of Han Junqing's information. Good! His mother was a lady, and it seemed like trying to hook up with rich people runs in the family. But he's not just following in her footsteps, he's actually better at it than she is. He must have something special to be able to get the attention of the Gu family.

Han Junqing was a star, and all of his information was publicly available online. The Gu family didn't bother to look into it too much and just accepted what was said online. Because of their preconceptions, the Gu family didn't have any good feelings towards Han Junqing, and even less so now that he hurt their little princess. How could the protective Gu family tolerate this?

The uncles maintained their composure and didn't go beat him up themselves. They just prepared to give some of their connections a call and teach him a lesson. But the younger members couldn't control their anger and gathered a group of people to go block Han Junqing and beat him up indiscriminately.

While beating him, they said, "A toad wants to eat swan meat, but don't you even look at your own moral standing? How dare you try to pursue our little princess! Do you think our Xiaoying is someone you can pursue? You can only look at your face, did you use this face to deceive my sister? Believe it or not, I'll scratch your face, let's see how you can charm people!"

Han Junqing came back to his senses from his confusion and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He looked at the leader, Gu Changjun, with cold and disgusted eyes and said, word by word, "Your Gu family is truly disgusting."

He was now very grateful that his mother didn't return to such a morally bankrupt family.

Gu Changjun was even more angry now. This time it's not just about his cousin, but about insulting the entire Gu family!

"Hey! This kid is quite arrogant. If I don't give him a lesson, he won't know how to write the word 'Gu'! Brothers, let's go. I'm going to kill him!"

Wen Qing was speechless. The so-called protagonist's aura can be quite frustrating to look at from an outsider's perspective. The setting of the Gu family was to protect their own. Everyone in the family protected their own, without any reason, regardless of right or wrong. The family members were always right! This kind of setting, from the protagonist's point of view, is indeed cool, but from an outsider's point of view, it really tests three views.

In the original work, as long as Gu Nian was harmed, several brothers would beat up the other party without considering right or wrong. They believed that anyone who hurt their sister was definitely wrong!

Their sister was a treasure, and other people's sisters were grass? Wen Qing didn't understand this kind of behavior when she saw it, and now that she has encountered it, there's nothing to say. Regardless of the reason behind it, she firmly believed that her host was not at fault! If they were wrong, it must be the other party being unreasonable!

[Oh my god, I can't take it anymore! Host! Give me control of your body for half a minute, and I'll show you how I'll take revenge for you on this group of trash!]

Han Junqing was shocked as Wen Qing took control of his body. He found himself unable to control his own movements as he watched from a god-like perspective as his body killed in all directions. He saw himself easily defeating eight strong men, moving so quickly that it was almost impossible to see his movements. The enemies fell to the ground, wailing and screaming in pain. He also saw himself looking down on them with a cold, noble and elegant gaze. "I was polite to you before because my upbringing doesn't allow me to bully the mentally challenged, but you have managed to piss me off. I must teach you a lesson. Or you won't know how to write 'Han'!"

Han Junqing inexplicably wanted to applaud for "himself". Well done! It was truly a breath of malice from his heart!

The few people on the ground were not so relaxed. They wanted to stand out for their sister, but they ended up kicking a hard board and getting beaten up. It can't even be mentioned how humiliated they were! It could be seen that they had realized the unpredictable martial arts level of Han Junqing, and they couldn't raise the will to resist!

Han Junqing returned to his own body and didn't stay for long. He stood up and hid his face behind his collar, then lowered his head and left. Gu Changjun and several others returned to the Gu family with swollen noses and faces, and it was another uproar.

However, this time Grandfather did not lose his temper. He asked calmly, "Who beat you?" As a grandson, he naturally didn't need to be pampered like a granddaughter.

They were quite embarrassed, and no one dared to say that they were beaten by one person in such a disgraceful way. Gu Changjun, as the eldest grandson, had to step forward and answer, "Han Junqing..."

Grandfather's face immediately turned black, "Just him alone? No bodyguards?"


Grandfather slammed his cane down before finishing his sentence, "Do you have any skills? Not listening to adults and getting into fights! If you had really beaten him, it would have been okay, but you eight people couldn't defeat him and got beaten up instead. You have brought shame to our Gu family."

Gu Changjun and several others held their heads, in pain and gasping for air. Grandfather's hits were heavy and real, but no one dared to dodge. They could only bear it.

After Grandfather finished venting his anger, he threw away his cane and said, "Hmph! I'll give you three days. If you can't beat him, you'll all have to go through half a year of special training!"

Now Gu Changjun and several others' expressions were even more gloomy. Grandfather's special training would be deadly!

Grandfather scolded them, but the fact that several children were bullied could not be ignored. New grudges added to old hatreds, and now the situation with Han Junqing has become even worse. The small losses made the adults more cautious, and they carefully formulated a plan. They told the people in the circle to isolate Han Junqing for a while. After all, it was just children playing around, and it was not appropriate to involve higher authorities. They wouldn't interfere with the behind-the-scenes manipulations, but just give Han Junqing a lesson by isolating him for a year.

Hearing their plan, Wen Qing could only express her feelings with the two words. A year is not long, but for an actor, sometimes a chance is only a momentary thing, fleeting. Their inexplicable beating of Han Junqing and then isolating him for a year, and still pretending to be fair and just, truly made her sick to her stomach.

[What do you think?]

"It makes me see their true nature more clearly. Being a member of their family may bring happiness as they will always support you, regardless of whether you are right or wrong. However, the world does not revolve around them and if everyone were like them, it would be chaos. In the end, they are just selfish and can only see things from their own perspective."

"I don't want to become like them or get involved in their conflicts. As long as they don't come to provoke me, everything will be fine. If they want to boycott me, let them do it. I won't compromise and reveal my identity just to avoid being shunned by them."

Wen Qing appreciated Han Junqing's uprightness. If he had revealed his identity, his family would have definitely given up, but he refused to compromise.

[That's good, do as you wish. I will help you!]

Having already experienced the system's power, Han Junqing did not doubt her words. He just casually asked, "What are you going to do?"

[Young man, your mother wasn't the Virgin Mary. You got a father too!]

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