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Chapter 17: Merman and Taoist Priest [1]

Since childhood, Bai Shuishui grew up in the Taoist temple.

In others' eyes, she was a 'Taoist child'. Her master was the abbot of Lingyun Temple, so after reaching adulthood, she naturally became a Taoist Priest.

She lived a life of self-cultivation and self-improvement in Lingyun Temple like all her fellow brothers and sisters. She conducted herself with composure in all matters with barely a ripple in her heart.

Until today, when a benevolent man came to the temple.

That impolite young man looked at her with intense eyes. Bai Shuishui was stunned for a second, not expecting him to choose her.

"Since that's the case, trouble Xianyu." The abbot looked at Bai Shuishui and called her by her Taoist name.

Bai Shuishui had her hair tied up in a Taoist hair bun adorned with red sandalwood hairpin on her head. She wore a long, dark blue robe with a high collar. The hem of her clothes fluttered in the wind, giving off the aura of an immortal.

Her expression was tranquil, even her eyes brimming with Taoist compassion. She performed a standard Taoist salute and said softly, "Yes, Master."

Qi Zhi entered the mission world relatively early this time.

Currently, Bai Shuishui and her father have not yet recognized each other. Bai Shuishui is still a young Taoist priest practicing in the temple.

Qi Zhi's face broke into a smile, his handsome features heroic and vibrant. He strode up to Bai Shuishui and pressed his palms together as a polite gesture: "I'm troubling this Taoist to help me."

Seeing his gesture, Bai Shuishui shook her head slightly. Namaste is a Buddhist gesture and should not be performed towards a Taoist.

Bai Shuishui rolled a black obsidian prayer bead in her hand. "Please follow this poor Taoist."

The other Taoist priests, seeing Junior Sister Bai showing someone around, carried on with their morning lessons and exercises.

Some of the Taoist masters started practicing martial arts right in this open space.

Qi Zhi watched for a couple of moments with admiration, "Do you all usually practice martial arts here?"

"Yes." Bai Shuishui's expression remained calm as ever. She extended her right hand to guide him. "This way, Benefactor."

"My name is Qi Zhi, just call me by name." Qi Zhi grinned breezily, his handsome brows filled with a bright smile.

Qi Zhi followed her and began to tour the Taoist Temple.

Lingyun Taoist Temple was not particularly large. It mainly enshrined the three Taoist Gods and other deities like Wénqūxīng (Star of Literature) and Cáishén (God of Wealth).

Qi Zhi was not interested in these things; he just wanted to talk to Bai Shuishui.

Bai Shuishui ignored him, and Qi Zhi continued to talk incessantly, "What's your name?"

"I go by the Taoist name Xianyu." (Immortal Feather)

"I mean," Qi Zhi's tone rose, with a hint of frivolity and nonchalance, "what's your real name?"

"...Bai Shuishui." After a moment of silence, Bai Shuishui took a deep breath and still answered him.

The name Baishuishui was engraved on her peace lock she wore as a baby when her master found her years ago, so she was called Bai Shuishui.

"I saw some Taoist masters practicing martial arts just now. Does Taoist Master Bai also know martial arts?" Qi Zhi chatted with her casually, showing an interest in martial arts.

This world was in its Dharma Ending Age. There were spirits, gods and monsters out there, but it was difficult for mortals to cultivate.

He wanted to understand how skilled Bai Shuishui was.

Bai Shuishui's eyes flickered slightly as she humbly replied, "I have some knowledge about the art of strengthening the body."

In fact, having grown up in the temple since young, Bai Shuishui's skills weren't bad. She was outstanding among her fellow disciples.

"Wow, that sounds amazing." Qi Zhi pretended to be awed. People were always respectful and admiring towards Taoists and monks who can fly and walk on walls.

"Then, can Taoist Bai draw talismans? I want to ask for a peace talisman for my family."

Bai Shuishui thought for a bit then said frankly: "This poor Taoist's skills with talismans are lacking. I will ask my Master for one to give you later."

Hearing her say that her 'skills were lacking', Qi Zhi's expression remained unchanged, only a dark glint flashed in his eyes.

Bai Shuishui was 22 this year and had only been a formal Taoist priest for 6 years. In her past life, she died in the Bai family's ancestral home because of her low cultivation level, killed by the expert from the Bai family.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the main hall where the Caishen deity was enshrined.

Qi Zhi looked around, surprised to see that there were quite a few people coming to worship even before the sunrise.

He stood two meters from the entrance and grumbled: "What's the point of worshiping the Caishen, might as well worship yourself."

Bai Shuishui's body stiffened slightly and she rolled the black obsidian prayer beads in her hand again, thinking that this benefactor was really noisy.

Bai Shuishui endured Qi Zhi's incessant questions and chatter all the way, until they circled back to the main hall fifteen minutes later.

As guiding him was coming to an end, Bai Shuishui's brows relaxed and she said calmly to Qi Zhi, "Mr Qi is benevolent, and has a good affinity with our Daoism sect, it would be good to offer incense and pay respects to the three Tianzun."

When Qi Zhi heard her calling him to worship the Tianzun, he chuckled and said, "Alright."

Then, as if casually discussing what to eat for the day, he said, "I will have someone send the allocated funds to your Taoist temple tomorrow."

Upon hearing this, Bai Shuishui slightly bowed to Qi Zhi in the Taoist style, saying, "May the Infinite blessings of the Tianzuns be bestowed upon you."

"Ai, no need to be polite." Qi Zhi waved his hand.

Qi Zhi finished speaking and picked up four incense sticks.

Seeing this, Bai Shuishui finally couldn't help but frown slightly.

Her frown was very subtle. If it weren't for Qi Zhi observing her all along, he wouldn't have noticed.

Unexpectedly, the aloof Bai Shuishui also had emotional fluctuations.

"Mr. Qi, it's better to use three incense sticks." Bai Shuishui tactfully reminded him that he had taken the wrong quantity.

There was also the 'Añjali Mudrā' that Qi Zhi performed at the very beginning, which was a Buddhist gesture and should not be performed towards a Taoist. Bai Shuishui shook her head when she thought back on this matter.

"Oh." As expected of a Taoist, she was strict about Taoist etiquette.

Qi Zhi put a stick back and lit the remaining three, planning to imitate the worshiper earlier by sticking the incense stick straight into the burner.

Before the incense touched the soil, Qi Zhi suddenly stopped and turned to ask Bai Shuishui, "Is this the way to offer incense?"


Seeing he was asking, Bai Shuishui immediately objected: "The incense should be inserted with the left hand following the sequence of center, right, left, with no more than an inch of space between them."

"So many rules." After complaining, Qi Zhi followed her instructions and offered the incense in a proper manner.

Seeing that he was about to offer the incense directly, Bai Shuishui reminded him again, "Mr. Qi, you can make a wish in your heart before offering the incense."

Most of those who come to offer incense have something they desire in their hearts, so Baishui Shui said this.

Hearing that, Qi Zhi chuckled. His eyes shone as he expressed his wish aloud: "I wish Taoist Bai turns bad luck into good fortune, blessed with happiness and long, healthy life."

Bai Shuishui: "..." I thank you.


After visiting the Taoist temple, Qi Zhi discussed with the abbot about repairing the temple. It wasn't until noon that Qi Zhi finished the conversation with the abbot.

Qi Zhi picked up his teacup. He leisurely blew on the tea leaves and took a sip, then said,  "Then it's settled. I will stay at your esteemed temple for a few days."

"May the infinite blessings of the Tianzuns be bestowed upon you." The abbot bowed and said calmly. "I hope Mr. Qi won't mind the humble accommodations."

Qi Zhi stood up, returned a respectful gesture with the Añjali Mudrā. He then raised his eyebrows and hinted, "We've been talking for so long, and it's already noon."

The abbot silently looked at his incorrect etiquette and replied in the Taoist style: "Our vegetarian food tastes bland, please pardon that."

"Hehe." Qi Zhi laughed heartily. "No offense, no offense."

"Lingyun Peak has good water and scenery. I still remember the clear and sweet spring water in your back mountain." Qi Zhi stroked his chin and smacked his lips as if savoring the memory.

Qi Zhi followed behind the abbot, who asked, "Mr. Qi, have you been here before?"

"I have." Qi Zhi paused his steps, and his amber-like eyes suddenly shone with a different light. He smiled and softly uttered two words:

"Good karma."

That was over a decade ago when Qi Zhi hadn't yet transformed into human form. Qi Zhi was severely injured in a battle with a demon and fell into the back mountain of Lingyun Temple.

Seeing the dying fish lying on the ground, Bai Shuishui, who had been influenced by Daoism since childhood, felt compassionate and placed the fish into the clear spring in the back mountain, thus saving Qi Zhi's life.

Arriving at the dining hall, Qi Zhi saw Bai Shuishui again and his eyes brightened.

"Taoist Bai, long time no see!"

We had just met. Bai Shuishui silently grumbled in her heart.

Qi Zhi carried his vegetarian meal over, excitedly nudging away the senior brother who was about to sit by Bai Shuishui.

The Taoist chuckled at Qizhi's actions, and had to find another seat.

Seeing Qi Zhi come over, Bai Shuishui's expression noticeably dropped for a second before recovering as usual. But inwardly, she wondered why this person kept clinging to her.

Bai Shuishui was gentle and calm by nature, her emotions rarely fluctuated much. So Qi Zhi seemed to want to provoke her.

Qi Zhi kept trying to strike up a conversation with her, like an ADHD child.

After ten minutes, Bai Shuishui really couldn't stand it anymore. She put down her chopsticks. "Mr. Qi, one shouldn't speak while eating and sleeping."

"Oh," Qi Zhi raised his brows and also put down his chopsticks. Then he propped his chin with his right hand and watched Bai Shuishui's profile with great interest.

Bai Shuishui was young, with delicate features, fair complexion, bright eyes and white teeth. She had such an extraordinary temperament that even just sitting here eating makes people hesitate to disturb her peace.

Of course, Qi Zhi was an exception.

Qi Zhi had been smiling and observing Bai Shuishui all along.

She probably had long forgotten about him. Today was considered a formal acquaintance of the two of them.

His gaze was too intense, causing Bai Shuishui's eye corner to twitch. She quickly finished the last bite of her meal, wiped her mouth, and was about to leave.

"Taoist Bai," seeing her leaving back, Qi Zhi lazily called out to stop her.

Bai Shuishui's body stiffened. She wanted to ignore him and leave without paying attention, but then felt it would be impolite.

Seeing her stop, Qi Zhi's lips curled up slightly, and a playful look flashed in his eyes. "I'll be staying at Lingyun Temple for a few days, so I hope Taoist Bai will take care of me."

Hearing this, Bai Shuishui turned to look at her master not far away.

She saw the abbot turning his prayer beads, saying:

"May the Infinite blessings of the Tianzuns be bestowed upon you."

"Xianyu, please take care of Mr. Qi during this time."

Upon hearing this, Bai Shuishui blinked in confusion for a moment, not understanding why this young man kept pestering her.

Could it be because she was a female Taoist?

But even Lingyun Temple didn't know that she was a female Taoist.

Bai Shuishui pursed her lips, unable to figure it out. Well, since it's happening, she might as well accept it.

"Yes, Master." After agreeing, Bai Shuishui left on her own.

Seeing her leave, Qi Zhi chuckled and the corners of his eyes were tinged with a faint smile. "Shuishui is really cute."

Hearing this, the abbot could only silently chant 'Infinite blessings' once again.

After being pestered by someone for no apparent reason, Bai Shuishui felt irritated after the meal.

She had accompanied Qi Zhi to visit the Taoist temple this morning and hadn't had her morning exercise. Taking advantage of the free time at noon, she went to the open space and started practicing the Bāduànjǐn. ['Eight pieces of brocade' is a set of qigong exercises with assumed medical benefits]

Qi Zhi leaned against a pillar watching her.

Dressed in a dark blue Taoist robe, Baishui Shui exuded a powerful aura, showing that her martial arts skills weren't low.

Qi Zhi approached, intending to spar with her for a bit. However, due to being away from water for too long, his legs gradually lost strength.

Sensing movement behind her, Bai Shuishui threw a punch back.

Before her fist could reach Qi Zhi, he fell to the ground due to his weakened legs. "Ai yo, you're trying to murder me."

Bai Shuishui: "..." You're touching porcelain.


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