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Chapter 15: The Young and Renowned Drama Maniac [15]

As soon as Qi Zhi and Li Mengfu finished moving in, they immediately dived into the promotions of 'Full Moon 2'.

"Full Moon 2" was essentially a pure love romance film, aiming to be released nationwide on May 20th, with over a month of promotional time.

During the filming, Qi Zhi and Li Mengfu's small interactions and behind-the-scenes moments frequently leaked out, sending fans into a frenzy of shipping them.

【Wuwuwu, the ZhiMeng CP is so sweet! Everyone, please support 'Full Moon 2'!】

【Little Qi and Mengfu have such a good relationship and after collaborating on three projects in a row, their chemistry has gotten even better.】

Comments like these kept coming out. CP fans couldn't wait for May 20th to arrive so they could rush into theaters.

The hype around "Moonlight 1" was reignited, with numerous fan creations appearing frequently.

Sitting in his office, Qi Zhi kept an eye on public opinion trends while browsing through the notes in his hands.

Currently, the scandal with Li Mengfu's father had been completely overshadowed by 'Full Moon 2', and Li Mengfu had also firmly established herself as a first-line actress.

However, Qi Zhi's mission progress bar remained stuck at 90% with no movement.

What is the remaining 10%?

What does Li Mengfu, who has safely overcome all the disasters in the original storyline, still lack?

Qi Zhi knitted his brows in deep thought. After thinking about it carefully, Li Mengfu was still missing a prestigious award, one that would make industry insiders recognize her and smooth her path forward.

"Is that what's missing?" Qi Zhi muttered to himself, selecting several scripts to show Li Mengfu.


In mid-May, for the final wave of pre-release promotions, the 'Full Moon 2' crew decided to hold the premiere through a live online broadcast.

The gentle breeze blew, casting swaying shadows of trees. Inside the towering Central Business Building in Beijing, which stood tall like a steel giant, various big-V bloggers, film critics, and theater executives took their seats one by one.

In no time, a host in an off-shoulder indigo gown walked to the stage and announced the start of the "Full Moon 2" premiere.

"Next, let's welcome the director and the cast on the stage!" The host's sweet voice rang out, causing the surroundings to instantly quiet down.

Director Wu led the way, followed closely by Qi Zhi and Li Mengfu. Behind them was the child actor who played the young Jingyue.

The little girl, around five or six years old, wore a cute white dress with a cute mushroom haircut.

As she came on stage, the atmosphere of the premiere instantly softened, with everyone casting friendly and kind gazes towards her.

After Li Mengfu took her position, she momentarily lost focus and remembered herself standing beside various senior celebrities like Xiao Zelan in the past.

Qi Zhi wore a well-tailored dark suit. His face was calm and he didn't say much. Only when the host cued him, did he say a few words.

After a few topics, the atmosphere gradually warmed up. The host asked with a smile, "Did anything interesting happen to the crew during the filming?"

Hearing this, Xiao Zelan's big round eyes blinked as she looked expectantly at the host.

As she was positioned towards the back and was small in stature, the host didn't notice her reaction.

Li Mengfu smiled and took a step back, exposing Xiao Zelan to the host's line of sight.

"Does Xiao Zelan have something to say?" The host smiled kindly, intending to pass the microphone over.

Seeing that the host was wearing an off-shoulder evening gown and Xiao Zelan was so tiny, Li Mengfu was concerned that if the host squatted down to communicate with her, it might look inappropriate.

Li Mengfu took the microphone and crouched down to meet Xiao Zelan's gaze.

Having been a child star herself, Li Mengfu was usually very kind to Xiao Zelan. Zelan's parents had also entrusted her to look after her before going on stage.

"Thank you, Mengfu," the host smiled elegantly.

【Mengmeng is so nice!】

【Squatting to be eye level and making eye contact with the little one is such a loving act!】

Seeing Li Mengfu's actions, Qi Zhi quietly moved half a step closer to her side.

"Yes!" With the mic brought to her lips, Xiao Zelan looked at Qi Zhi with bright eyes:

"Qi Zhi gege bought a lot of yummy food." Among them is my favorite strawberry pudding!

Hearing her childish words, the camera naturally shifted to Qi Zhi.

【As expected of the sponsor father!】

【Hahaha, bribing the little loli with a pudding!】

Qi Zhi revealed a faint smile and nodded slightly, "Everyone works hard on the set, so occasionally buying some late-night snacks is nothing."

Hearing his response, Xiao Zelan seemed even more excited. She placed her little hand on Li Mengfu's hand, wanting to say something else.

But the host was worried the little one would take up too much time on irrelevant matters and skillfully changed topic with a smile:

"Xiao Zelan is so cute." After praising the child, she brought the conversation back to the movie itself.

After a few minutes, seeing there was no need for Xiao Zelan to speak anymore, Li Mengfu was about to stand up.

Unexpectedly, something happened in the blink of an eye.

Li Mengfu suddenly felt dizzy, her vision blurred, and her right hand lost strength, causing the microphone to fall to the ground.


Qi Zhi's expression changed. He reached past Xiao Zelan to support Li Mengfu, and managed to stop her from falling embarrassingly.

The live camera kept zooming in, Li Mengfu's face was covered with makeup, so her actual complexion couldn't be seen. But her eyes lacked focus, and there was a slight sheen of cold sweat on her forehead, indicating that something was wrong with her health.

Qi Zhi touched her arm, looking nervous, "Why are you so cold?"

Realizing they had become the center of attention, Li Mengfu forced herself to stand straight and gave an apologetic smile to the camera: "I'm really sorry, I suddenly got dizzy just now."

Li Mengfu had been too busy these days, caught a chill at night, and her body had weakened due to the need to control her diet for the camera.

Squatting for so long then suddenly standing up led to the dizziness.

【Mengmeng seems to be sick】

【What's going on?】

【Hurry and take her to the hospital!】

The observant female host, even though Li Mengfu had makeup on, could still tell that she didn't look well. She spoke up:

"Mengfu's face doesn't look too good. How about taking a break for a while?"

Li Mengfu maintained a faint smile and politely shook her head. "No need."

With Li Mengfu's mishap, the atmosphere on the scene slightly condensed. The host quickly took control of the situation and continued the program, while the complexion under Li Mengfu's delicate makeup became even paler.

Even Qi Zhi, a straight man, could see that something was off with her complexion.

Meanwhile, the comments from fans in the live chat started to flood in, urging Li Mengfu to go to the hospital.

【Xiao Qi, please take Mengmeng to the hospital quickly!】

【I'm so anxious!】

【Fans calm down! This is work. It won't look good for the female lead to leave halfway through the premiere.】

【Can't you see she's sick?!】

【Mengmeng is breaking out in a cold sweat. It really breaks my heart.】

Qi Zhi didn't care about the premiere anymore. He reached out and touched Li Mengfu's forehead and realized that her body temperature was dangerously high.

He grabbed her wrist, about to take her off stage.

"It's fine, it'll be over soon."

Li Mengfu whispered, "It doesn't look good for me to be absent from the premiere." She would be criticized for being unprofessional and delicate.

Li Mengfu thought her voice was low, but ever since her dizzy spell and near fall, there had been cameras constantly filming her.

The 'national sweetheart' working while sick was much more sensational than her attending the premiere!

Hearing this, Qi Zhi rarely looked sternly at Li Mengfu, his gaze was serious.

Li Mengfu pursed her lips and met his gaze, sticking to her opinion.

The two stared at each other for half a second before Qi Zhi conceded defeat first, a hint of helplessness flashed through his eyes.

Qi Zhi looked at her, his right hand stroking the top of her head as he gently coaxed her: "Be good, Mengmeng, let's go rest first."

Realizing Qi Zhi was compromising and coaxing her in public, Li Mengfu could not insist anymore and reluctantly agreed, sounding as weak as a mosquito.

【Ahhhh! I really can't! That tone and expression Qi Zhi used to coax Mengfu, I can ship them for a lifetime!】

【Yes, go rest quickly!】

Qi Zhi grabbed her wrist and led her offstage, leaving the main stage to the host and Director Wu.

By the time the two walked off stage, Li Mengfu's body went limp. Qi Zhi supported her with his right hand, then carried her on his back.

Seeing this scene, how could the media who were invited to attend the premiere to watch the movie sit still.

They hurriedly took out cameras to capture Qi Zhi and Li Mengfu, while the camera in the center of the live broadcast stage also followed them.

"Sorry..." Li Mengfu felt dizzy, her whole brain turning into mush. "I think I have a fever..."

Li Mengfu's arms hung weakly around Qi Zhi's neck. Qi Zhi quickened his pace,  started to trot while carrying her on his back.

【Ahhhh Xiao Qi's boyfriend power is off the charts!】

【Seeing Mengfu so listless really breaks my heart!】

The livestream had long gone trending because of Li Mengfu's sudden situation, and more and more people were joining.

It wasn't until Qi Zhi's figure carrying Li Mengfu disappeared completely from the studio that the cameramen reluctantly switched back to Director Wu and a bewildered Xiao Zelan.

In just a few minutes of driving, Qi Zhi arrived at a nearby hospital and rushed to the emergency room.

Li Mengfu's face was burning, with a layer of cold sweat on her forehead.

Perhaps because Qi Zhi was by her side, when she realized she was at the hospital, she ended up dozing off in a dazed state, leaning against Qi Zhi's shoulder.

Qi Zhi reserved a VIP ward and carried her all the way there.

Their appearance in the hospital caused a brief commotion, but everyone was busy with their own medical issues and had no time to chase after celebrities.

After taking medicine, Li Mengfu slept peacefully in bed. Qi Zhi helped wipe off her make up only to realize that her complexion was ghastly pale.

Qi Zhi's fingertips lingered on her face, outlining her facial features, his eyes flashing with distress and concern.

Mengfu was too sensible, always considering others first, afraid to bother or bring inconvenience to anyone.

"Actually, it's okay to be a little selfish sometimes," Qi Zhi murmured, recalling the time they spent together, his gaze softening.

During this time, Li Mengfu had a persistent high fever and murmured Qi Zhi's name in her sleep, "Qi Zhi..."

If it weren't for Qi Zhi's sharp hearing, he wouldn't have made out her words clearly.

It wasn't until three hours later that Li Mengfu's condition stabilized. She slowly opened her eyes to see it was dark outside.

"Awake?" Qi Zhi touched her forehead.

"You...were here the whole time?"

Li Mengfu's voice was hoarse. She blinked her eyes, and her clear almond eyes suddenly turned red, with a tear rolling down her cheek onto the pillow.

Seeing her suddenly cry, Qi Zhi's heart tightened.

Qi Zhi wiped away the tear at the corner of her eye with his fingertips, his gaze filled with worry. "Is there anywhere else that makes you uncomfortable?"

Li Mengfu shook her head and asked in a muffled voice, "Qi Zhi, why are you so good to me?"


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