Saving One Hundred Million Stars Chapters List

Chapter 6: The Young and Renowned Drama Maniac [6]

Li Mengfu's family background was not very good. As a child, she was discovered by a director purely out of luck and her naturally beautiful appearance.

She took her first step into the entertainment industry as a child star.

Li Mengfu still remembers that a long time ago, although her family was poor, her parents loved her very much.

When she was very young, her parents specially opened a bank account for her. Every year they would help her deposit the red envelopes she received from elders during holidays, joking that it was for her dowry in the future.

Later, Li Mengfu became a child star.

With money coming in, Li Mengfu's mother took a liking to luxury handbags, while her father took up gambling...

Gambling is a bottomless pit. The only lucky thing was that Li Mengfu's father had not run up debts outside yet. No matter how much money Li Mengfu earned over the years, still wasn't enough for the two of them to spend.

Until today, Li's father was planning to take the card that was used to deposit her dowry.

Despair appeared in Li Mengfu's eyes, and she trembled on the spot, tears streaming down.

Qi Zhi blocked Li Mengfu's father's path with his foot propped against the wall. He had an icy cold expression as he spoke, "Uncle, it's better if Mengfu keeps her own things."

Qi Zhi's gaze was so frightening that it actually scared Li Mengfu's father back half a step.

Qi Zhi wondered what had happened recently, as Li Mengfu's mother had actually let Mengfu go to the film set alone. It turned out Li Mengfu's father had been gambling on horse races outside, losing their entire family assets!

Recalling the previous life where Li's father's gambling addiction had led to insurmountable debts, eventually forcing Li Mengfu to sacrifice herself to Jiayin Entertainment, Qizhi couldn't help but feel a surge of resentment.

He grabbed Li Mengfu's father's arm with great strength so that he couldn't break free.

Seeing this, Li's mother tried to snatch the bank card, but was dodged by Li's father.

Seeing the two about to start fighting again, Qi Zhi, concerned about the crowded entrance, temporarily separated the two and said coldly:

"Mengfu is a public figure, and it seems that you no longer have any concern for your image. Do you not even care about her image anymore?"

On the other hand, Li Mengfu had cried to the point of being unable to make a sound.

In the end, being concerned about her image, Li's parents turned the battlefield back to their home and closed the door.

Through the wall, Qi Zhi could still hear the sharp, piercing sounds of quarreling inside.

"You've squandered all of our money. How will Mengfu go to school? How will she get married in the future?" Li Mengfu's questioned sharply.

Being questioned so fiercely by his wife, Li Mengfu's father sat down heavily on the sofa, looking annoyed: "Isn't Mengmengstill there."

Afterward, he seemed to think that the words were not clear enough, and said matter-of-factly, "Mengmeng will soon become an adult. As a big star, will she still lack money to spend?"

Hearing these words, Qi Zhi frowned deeply, feeling a surge of impulse to throw a punch.

Mindful that the other party was Li Mengfu's biological father, and that he had no justifiable reason to use force, Qi Zhi hardened his fists and clenched them so hard that his knuckles cracked audibly.

"Dad!" Li Mengfu forcibly suppressed her sobs and said through tears: "What if I don't succeed in my transformation and I also won't have my child star bonus then? What big star will I become then?!"

Hearing this, Li's father closed his mouth. He took out a cigarette and lit it, and the smoke rose in the air, choking Li Mengfu to cough repeatedly.

"Hand over the card!" Li's mother wanted to snatch the card.

Li's father hid his hand behind his back and sneered: "Handing the card to you to just go buy branded handbags again? Isn't it better to let me try my luck again..."

Seeing that her parents were about to quarrel again, Li Mengfu took a deep breath and said in a calm and cold tone, "Give me the card, I'm going to college in two months and I still have to pay the tuition."

As soon as Li Mengfu said this, Li's father and mother were stunned for a second, not expecting their usually well-behaved and docile daughter to have her own opinions.

The next second, Li's mother reacted: "Since you won't give the card to me, then give it to Mengmeng! That's the card for her dowry."

"Mengmeng is just a child..." Li's father glanced at his daughter with disdain. "What does she know about managing money?"

Hearing this, Qi Zhi couldn't hold back any longer, he broke in with a murderous look on his handsome face: "It's better to give Mengmeng's things to Mengmeng."

Li's father naturally recognized Qi Zhi, and could not dare to put on airs in front of him, since he hoped his daughter could hold on to this golden thigh.

Constrained by Qi Zhi's background, Li's father had no choice but to take out the card and said with a smile: "Young Master Qi is right."

Bully the weak and fear the strong!

Seeing this dog cower in front of Qi Zhi, Li's mother glared at Li's father angrily.

In the end, the card returned to the hands of seventeen-year-old Li Mengfu.

Li Mengfu closed the door, blocking Li's father's prying gaze at Qi Zhi.

She leaned against the wall and squeezed out a smile that was more embarrassing than crying, "Sorry, I've made you see something funny."

Father Li was addicted to gambling, and Mother Li was arguing with him, so the two of them didn't have the time to care about Li Mengfu, who was filming on the set.

That's why she had been going to the set by herself recently.

Qi Zhi patted her shoulder silently to comfort her.

Li Mengfu suddenly burst into tears like a floodgate had burst open, her tears were uncontrollable. The teardrops slid down her cheeks and soaked her clothes.

"Oooh..." I'm so tired. I'm really, really tired.

"It's all my fault, if I hadn't become a child star back then, how good it would be for my family to still be in poverty." Her parents wouldn't have become like this.

Qi Zhi loosely hugged her, patting her back soothingly, "This isn't Mengfu's fault, it's theirs."

They shouldn't have treated you as a cash cow.

Qi Zhi thought so in his heart, and murderous intent arose in his heart, but thinking that those two were Li Mengfu's biological parents, his gaze became more intense.

【System, check if Li's father have any debts now?】

【Currently none.】

The next day, after sorting out her emotions, Li Mengfu continued her filming as usual.

After the bank card fell into the hands of Li Mengfu, Li's mother stepped up her guard and Li's father did not go out to make a demon again.

They were all hoping that Li Mengfu could successfully transition through this web drama, so they could receive more commercials and have money to spend.

Just because Li's father no longer caused demons, it didn't mean that Qi Zhi relaxed his vigilance. Once you get into something like gambling, how can you quit it so easily?

Qi Zhi sent people to keep a close watch on Li's father. At least during this critical moment when Li Mengfu was trying to tear off her child star label and transition successfully, Li's father couldn't add chaos for Mengfu!

In mid-August, the cicadas were crying loudly amid the sweltering heat. After the director shouted "cut", Qi Zhi and Li Mengfu finally finished filming.

Qi Zhi and Li Mengfu shared a smile of achievement as bursts of applause emanated from the surroundings, and bouquets of flowers were presented for the two lead actors.

"Congratulations on finishing the shoot," Qi Zhi said, beaming as he held a bouquet.

Qi Zhi's features seemed to have grown even more.

Handsome and refined, his brows were full of vigor, and his casual fringe rested on his forehead. When he gazed at Li Mengfu, his eyebrows looked picturesque, and eyes bright like the stars.

Looking at the dazzling young man standing in the bright sunlight, Li Mengfu suddenly felt that life wasn't so bad.

Li Mengfu is still grateful to the director who discovered her and brought her into the industry.

Because she met Qi Zhi.


Taking advantage of the tail end of the summer, "Old Shadows of the Republic" began its promotional phase with great fanfare.

【The male lead is Qi Zhi, please quit please】

【Prince Qi is actually acting in a web drama hahaha, laughing to death】

【Ahhh, the female lead is little angel Mengmeng, I'm following her!】

【The Full Moon CP is collaborating for the second time, I'm in!】

All sorts of comments came pouring in.

Thanks to Li Mengfu's 'Sweetheart of the Nation', controversy around Qi Zhi's acting, the 'Republic of China Old Shadow', attracted much attention right from the start.

Apart from a small number of fans, many people came just out of curiosity.

【Damn it! Is this goofy male lead Qi Zhi?】

【??? Is this Qi Zhi?】

【Where did Qi Zhi learn his acting skills?】

The comment section at the start of the first episode was constantly filled with question marks.

His face was still that delicate young man's face, but the character had no trace of 'Yu Sheng' in it.

Qi Zhi's expressions were funny without being over the top. Though his facial expressions were flying all over like a meme, it didn't make people feel cringe or uncomfortable.

Most importantly, Qi Zhi's eyes were no longer dull and wooden - through his gaze, one could clearly feel that this was a lively, humorous person.

In just five minutes at the start of the first episode, the male lead had the viewers laughing out loud through the screen. Qi Zhi's performance had already broken viewers' preconceptions about him.

Next was the appearance of Miss Ghost Lady played by Li Mengfu.

Even though it was a situation comedy that instantly turned into a horror scene in a second, the plot was intriguing, and the transition in atmosphere was smooth without being abrupt.

Li Mengfu's red bridal costume and makeup were vivid and exquisite. The moment she appeared on screen, she drew cries of "Wife!" from her fans.

【Ahhh, my precious baby sister has grown up!】

【I am the official wife of the young lady, the rest of you are just extras!】

【The love rival in the front better step forward to take a knife from me before leaving!】

Comments like these flowed endlessly.

With the broadcast of just first episode of "Old Shadows of the Republic", hashtags like "#Qi Zhi's acting skills" and "National Sweetheart becomes little devil" topped the real-time search charts that very night.

The comment section flowed with questions about where Qi Zhi learned his acting skills, so they could recommend the acting teacher to their own idol.

As Qi Zhi got tagged more and more, he inevitably saw it. He chuckled inwardly and earnestly replied with just a "No training."

It would have been better if Qi Zhi didn't reply, but once he did, the comments section exploded again.

【This is the caliber of a movie emperor indeed】

【Sob sob, Qi Zhi's acting skills have always been pretty good】 Some longtime fans of Qi Zhi also emerged.

Qi Zhi browsed around - most evaluations of Li Mengfu were things like "Little sweetheart has grown up" and "Mengmeng has a promising future."

Seeing there was no negative impact, Qi Zhi put down his phone to continue preparing to set up his own entertainment company.

Yes, Qi Zhi planned to set up his own entertainment company to sign Li Mengfu over.

Otherwise, her parents would destroy her sooner or later.

With the buzz "Old Shadows of the Republic" was creating online, the two leads seemed to have a hidden explosive trend.

Li Mengfu's national fame and audience appeal were already very high. The fierce ghost lady role would propel her into the ranks of the new generation's first-tier stars.

While Qi Zhi could use his acting skills to slap those who had previously mocked him as a "flop movies emperor".


Within the black fan group of "Qi Niangniang", someone took the lead in posting an emoji of Qi Zhi from "Old Shadows of the Republic", triggering a wave of mockery and ridicule.

【Hahahaha, it really made me laugh to death】

【Is Prince Qi planning to take the comedian route? 】

【I agree, it's so ugly】

Ye Qing silently peeped at the screen and watched the chat of her former sisters, feeling displeased.

She had gone to watch "Old Shadows of the Republic" and even specially bought a membership to do so.

To be fair, both Qi Zhi and Li Mengfu acted very well.

Although it was a web drama, "Old Shadows of the Republic" had the production quality comparable to a movie, with tight and smooth pacing, witty lines, and sweet and bitter interactions between the leads.

【Actually...Qi Zhi's performance wasn't that bad.】Ye Qing said tactfully.

【???】It's over, someone has defected.


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