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Chapter 8: The Young and Renowned Drama Maniac [8]

Looking at this contract written in black and white, the heavy stone on Qi Zhi's heart finally seemed to be settled.

From now on, Li Mengfu's parents would no longer be able to interfere in her career, and the two would only receive a portion of her earnings regularly.

If her parents dare to act like monsters again and suck Li Mengfu's blood,Qi Zhi wouldn't hesitate to take coercive measures and tactics.

"Knock knock." Someone knocked on Qi Zhi's office door.

The next second, Li Mengfu poked her small head out from behind the door. She blinked, looking at Qi Zhi. "Wang Ge said he suddenly had something urgent and needed to go on a business trip. No one is available to take me to the scheduled studio appointment."

Wang Ge was the ace agent that Qi Zhi's parents dug up at a high price in the past, and now he was exclusively dedicated to Qi Zhi and Li Mengfu under.

Li Mengfu had only been signed for two or three days, and her assistant was still being recruited.

Previously, Qi Zhi pushed her out of a luxury brand advertisement, and now found another suitable one for her.

"Then I'll send you." Qi Zhi got up and said with a smile:

"Although this brand is not as famous as Brand A, it is extremely well-known amongst young people and overlaps with your fan base, which can increase your influence and purchasing power."

Qi Zhi clearly explained the brand's benefits to her.

"Mm-hmm." Li Mengfu nodded and joked laughingly: "I found out that you are actually wasting your talent as an artist, sometimes you're even more professional than Wang Ge."

After tidying up the documents on the table, Qi Zhi picked up his keys and walked towards the parking lot with her. "I'm just looking at it from a business perspective."

"Yes yes yes, Young Master." Li Mengfu walked briskly in front, then suddenly turned around and walked backwards, without looking where she was going.

She put her hands behind her back, her short black shiny hair fluttering in the air, with one strand sticking to her lips coquettishly. She casually tucked the stray hair behind her ear and spoke:

"Yesterday I saw Guan Laoshi's Moments, she seems to have finished writing the second part of 'Full Moon'."

Li Mengfu looked excited, her eyes lit up as she cheerfully hummed the tune of 'Full Moon'.

She really liked the movie 'Full Moon' because it was through this film that she met Qi Zhi.

Hearing this, Qizhi's eyes flickered as he recalled his past paranoid obsession with Full Moon'. He whispered: "That's good."

"Just don't know... Ah!" Li Mengfu suddenly stumbled on her heel, her body falling backwards.

Qi Zhi reacted quickly, grabbing her hand with lightning speed, he pulled her back into his arms. After making sure Li Mengfu was stable on her feet, he let go.

Seeing that she wasn't hurt, Qi Zhi furrowed his brow, "Walking without looking at the road, It serves you right for almost falling."

Li Mengfu clutched her chest in fright before realizing it was an obstacle to prevent vehicles from speeding up.

She scratched her face, smiled sheepishly at Qi Zhi, and then stood aside waiting for him to drive out.

"It's great to be able to drive." Li Mengfu pouted. She still had several months to go for her eighteenth birthday, so she could only get her driver's license next spring.

Seeing her cute envious expression, Qi Zhi rarely felt like teasing her.

His lips curled up in a slight smile as the car keys spun beautifully in his hand. In a frivolous tone he said: "Hey beauty, all alone? Want a ride?"

Hearing his teasing words, Li Mengfu’s eyes widened before she burst into laughter.

Help, Qi Zhi pretending to be a 'playboy' is too cute ahhh!!!

"Hahaha, Qi Zhi, your image in my heart just crumbled." Li Mengfu fastened her seatbelt, looking at him with curved eyebrows:

"I always thought you were a person with a somewhat melancholic and dull personality."

Upon hearing this, Qi Zhi scratched his nose and said innocently: “I learned it from the little Taoist."

The little Taoist was the playful and funny male lead played by Qi Zhi in "Old Shadows of the Republic."

Thinking of the little Taoist in the drama using all his tricks to amuse the stern ghost lady, Li Mengfu couldn't help but smile.

Then something else seemed to cross her mind, and she glanced at Qi Zhi with a flickering gaze before unnaturally turning her head to look out the window.


This shooting trip went smoothly. The sunset painted the distant horizon with hues of orange and red clouds like fire.

Li Mengfu and Qi Zhi just happened to wrap up their work by the sunset.

Stepping out of the studio building, Li Mengfu stretched lazily, without any concern for her image.

Perhaps it was because she was less constrained by her parents, or maybe because she had been getting closer to Qi Zhi lately, he could clearly sense her relaxation and joy.

Li Mengfu was like a little bird just released from its cage, carefully soaring in the sky while occasionally glancing back at the cage that had confined her. After confirming she was truly free of restraints, she began exploring everywhere.

"School starts again tomorrow." Li Mengfu murmured. This busy summer vacation of almost three months was finally coming to an end.

Li Mengfu and Qi Zhi were not in the same university.

Li Mengfu was studying at the film academy, while Qi Zhi was in the School of Economics at Beijing University.

Hearing the regret in her words about the end of the vacation, Qi Zhi suggested with a slight smile, "Since it's the last night of the holiday, how about having dinner together?"

At these words, Li Mengfu's eyes lit up, and she cheerfully agreed, "Sure!"

Li Mengfu hesitated for a moment before making a request that was somewhat extravagant for her: "I want hot pot."

Li Mengfu's diet had always been strictly controlled by her parents, always low-fat nutritional meals, and sparse and light watery soup.

The more unattainable, the more one desires. Over time, indulging in a hot, spicy meal of steaming hotpot became her obsession.

She nervously fidgeted with her fingers, asking anxiously, "We have military training at the start of the new term, so it's okay to have a meal once in a while, right?"

Seeing how cautiously she asked, Qi Zhi's heart softened. He reached out to ruffle her hair, even his gaze became gentler:

"It's okay; you're under my care now."

"Woo-" Li Mengfu was moved to the point of having starry eyes, and sent a good person card to Qi Zhi:

"Qi Zhi you're so nice, the best boss I've ever seen!"


Qi Zhi's ears tips perked up subtly as he followed the source of the sound, and his smile faded. They were being secretly photographed.

Li Mengfu also noticed the paparazzo. She restrained her expression and actions, then quickly walked with Qi Zhi towards the parking lot.

After Qi Zhi drove away shaking off the paparazzi, Li Mengfu frowned and said:

"Why don't you take me home first." I'm afraid that something might happen if we ate together.

Qi Zhi cast a sidelong glance at her and accelerated towards the hot pot restaurant he had booked early: "Don't you want to have hot pot?"

She was under strict control and afraid of gaining weight, she had secretly harbored this desire for a long time before finally confessing it today.

"There's military training waiting for you afterward," Qi Zhi chuckled.

Upon arrival, Li Mengfu realized that Qi Zhi had reserved a private room in advance. There was no other way, since both of them were public figures; it wouldn't be appropriate to be seen in the main dining area.

Qi Zhi lazily leaned back in his chair, his expression looked a bit weary, "I noticed how much you were thinking about it these past few days, so I thought I had to at least bring you out for a meal during your summer break."

"Qi Zhi—" Li Mengfu was truly touched; her eyes were slightly red as she gazed at him with shining eyes.

Qi Zhi felt amused and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. This girl was too innocent. She remained unfazed by the endorsement deal of high-end brands yet was touched to such an extent by a single hot pot meal.

Qi Zhi couldn't help voicing his concern: "Alright, you're this touched over a single hot pot meal. If some man casually says some flowery words to you, you'll probably be so dazzled you won't even know what hit you."

Li Mengfu chuckled, wiping away the tear at the corner of her eye, "No, that won't happen."

Because it's you, that's why I feel so touched.

After finishing their hot pot, Qi Zhi drove her home as usual.

Unexpectedly, Qi Zhi noticed a paparazzo again downstairs in her community.

Qi Zhi narrowed his eyes slightly and activated his spiritual awareness, and found that it was the same paparazzo from earlier in the parking lot, hiding across the street.

Qi Zhi's expression darkened; with icy eyes, he stared at the paparazzo - it seemed they were being deliberately tailed and tracked.

As soon as the paparazzo realized Qi Zhi had spotted him, he immediately retreated, concealing themselves within the bushes.

After glancing at the photos on his camera, a look of smug satisfaction flashed across his eyes before he hastily scurried away into the distance.

On the straight asphalt road, amidst the continuous hustle and bustle of passing vehicles, neon lights intertwined with the night. Qi Zhi and the paparazzo were separated by a whole wide road.

Due to the terrain, Qi Zhi couldn't cross to intercept the paparazzi. His eyes carried a shade of sinister gleam, "Wait a few more days until you're of age, and I'll find you a new home."

"Eh?" Li Mengfu looked surprised, "I discussed this with my parents last month. We've been looking at houses recently."

Alas, housing prices in the capital city were just too expensive. With both her parents being gold devouring beasts, Li Mengfu had lived in this community for many years.

"That's good," Qi Zhi relaxed his furrowed brows, "This neighborhood is crowded and full of prying eyes. It's not safe."

The private residences of public figures have always been a difficult issue. Now that Li Mengfu had made a big transition and had risen to fame, paparazzi were already tailing her to her doorstep.

How could she continue living in this neighborhood?


The sun rose above the horizon, setting the patches of fiery clouds apart in the sky with distinct layers and colors gradually fading from west to east.

This morning, something indeed happened. At eight o'clock sharp during one of the day's peak traffic periods...

#Li Mengfu In Luxury Car

#National Sweetheart LiMengfu's Alleged Romance Exposed

#Qi Zhi Li Mengfu's Night Date

Topics like these flooded the hot searches. A picture of the two embracing in the parking lot, a short video of Qi Zhi sending Li Mengfu home, deliberately guided by marketing accounts, sparked all sorts of imaginations.

No matter how you looked at it, it seemed that the two were really close—like a young couple out on a date.

【These two being together is not surprising.】The drama series "Old Shadows of the Republic" was still airing, keeping the two in the spotlight.

【Ahhhh, the CP I ship is real!】

Qi Zhi and Li Mengfu had worked together four years ago, and again this year - romance blossoming from acting together was nothing new. Initially, people's comments were still normal.

【Li Mengfu is underage, right?】The comments section began to bring rhythm to Li Mengfu's age.

At that time, various marketing accounts scrambled to post articles, afraid of losing heat if they were late.

【Li Mengfu fell in love as a minor, and her love interest turned out to be none other than the Qi Corporation's young master!】

【'Nation's Sweetheart' Li Mengfu hooks up with a wealthy family?】The nation watched her grow up - has the little girl lost her way or exposed her true nature?

The storm escalated, and various marketing accounts conspired to focus their firepower on Li Mengfu's alleged underage romance, mocking her for her young age, lack of self-respect, and perceived lack of virtue.

【Tsk tsk, only seventeen and already in a relationship, truly living up to being a little girl' raised in the entertainment circle.】

【Maybe she has already lost her innocence.】

【Upstairs, keep your mouth clean - can paparazzi snapshots and clips really be taken as fact?!】

Whether true or false, cracks inevitably began to appear in Li Mengfu's image as the 'National Sweetheart.'

Li Mengfu's national popularity and audience favorability were now transforming into a sharp blade stabbing at her.


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