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Chapter 36: Invoking a Deity

"True gods do not possess human bodies, and those who possess bodies are not true deities." Grandpa Zhang set up the altar and said to Shen Changan, "Mortals have impure senses so it is impossible for true deities to possess mortal bodies. If you accidentally invoke evil spirits or demons, don't be afraid. With my and Yan Yin's skills, we can guarantee your safety."

"Nowadays, there are many fraudsters among the common people who claim to be immortals, half-immortals, or immortal lady shamans. After invoking the deity, they shake their heads, jump and dance around–most of them are swindlers. Even if they accidentally invite something, it can never be a deity." Grandpa Zhang lit the incense. "The higher the status of a true deity, the less they are affected by human incense and offerings and less biased they are. In their hearts, there are only rules and the way of the Dao. When we invoke the deity, we often prepare these offerings just to ease our own minds."

"What will happen if we successfully invoke a god?" Shen Changan asked, "Will they be stern, or kind?"

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