Striving for Science Chapters List

Chapter 37: Unhappy

"Please wait a moment, sir. Let me check." The City Deity made his seal on the wooden tablet, and Shen Changan watched as golden characters began to swirl around the City Deity, looking far more impressive than any so-called 3D special effects in blockbuster movies.

After a while, the golden characters around the City Deity disappeared, and everything returned to calm. However, Shen Changan noticed that the City Deity's expression turned extremely unpleasant.

“Someone has altered this young friend's fate.” The City Deity secretly felt relieved. This wrongfully deceased Chen Yuan had a unique fate. Not only was his splendid life taken away, but he also died an untimely and inexplicable death. It was possible that he could become resentful and turn into an evil spirit that brings disaster, which could then lead to even wider repercussions.

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