The Abandoned Daughter Chapters List

Chapter 5: Laying on Top of Him

Xie Ru Zhuo woke up faintly to the sounds of birds chirping, feeling sores all over her body. She was bewildered when she saw her surroundings.

There were a lot of trees around her and the ground she was lying on was wet, the air was full with the smells of rotten leaves mixed with rotting wood, what is this place?

Xie Ru Zhuo was absolutely sure this place is not the wall of the city gate. Could it be that she was brought here after she fell into a coma?

Xie Ru Zhuo then stood up with great effort, she felt uncomfortable as her whole body was hurting all over, she looked down at her dirty clothes.

Something is really wrong here!

Why is she wearing a gorgeous riding outfit, besides, wasn't she pierced by an arrow on her chest?

Xie Ru Zhuo had no idea what was going on right now. She only heard a slight noise near her. This sound made her whole-body tense.

Xie Ru Zhuo was originally a courageous woman. If she didn’t marry Xiao Jun Han to elevate her status, she would not have been suppressed by Shen Jing Ci.

At this moment, there was no one around her, regardless of her messy appearance, she patted her cheeks and walked towards the place where the sound originated.

It's him!

Xie Ru Zhuo saw that the man standing under the trees turned out to be Xiao Jun Xi. She widened her eyes and was about to call him, only to see an arrow shooting from the woods towards him.

"No!" Xie Ru Zhuo panicky scream, she breaks out in a cold sweat due to fear of his safety. This man was willing to do anything for her including switching highly precious Black Knight Troop command order with her life, from these moments on, she vowed she would never ever let anything bad happen to this man.

Xiao Jun Xi looked at her when he heard Xie Ru Zhuo's voice, he was about to say something but he was interrupted when he saw her body leaping towards him.

With a "plop" sound, two of them fell on the ground together, she lay on top of him, their eyes locked!

Xiao Jun Xi's mouth twitched, isn't this Miss Xie from Xie Clan? It was so bold of her to throw her arms around a man, her unrestrained behaviour is really shocking!

Xiao Jun Xi was about to push Xie Ru Zhuo away, when his gaze suddenly landed on a sharp arrow sticking straight into the soil next to them.

Xiao Jun Xi's eyes turn cold. If Xie Ru Zhuo hadn't thrown herself on him just now, this arrow would have pierced through his body!

The person hiding in the dark slammed his fist on the ground angrily, damn woman!

"Are you okay?" Xie Ru Zhuo looked at Xiao Jun Xi with concern.

"I'm fine, thank you Miss Xie, but right now, can you get up first?" Xiao Jun Xi said to Xie Ru Zhuo who is still laying on top of his body.

Did he just call her Miss Xie?

When Xie Ru Zhuo heard the way Xiao Jun Xi addressed her, her eyes widened. She remembered after she married Xiao Jun Xan, Xiao Jun Xi always addressed her as second sister-in-law, but now, he just called her Miss Xie. Xie Ru Zhuo then took a good look at Xiao Jun Xi. She realized that he looked so young, different from the man coming to the city gate to save her. Is the person in front of her really the Xiao Jun Xi that she remembers?

Xiao Jun Xi looked at Xie Ru Zhuo who was staring at him with an unreadable expression on her face. He frowned and asked, "Miss Xie, what's the matter with you? Are you unwell?


Before Xie Ru Zhuo could ask if the man in front of her really is Xiao Jun Xi, she heard a loud roar from afar.


Xie Ru Zhuo's body suddenly shook, she looked at Xiao Jun Xi, both of them staring at each other in disbelief.

It's a bear!

Xie Ru Zhuo immediately got up from Xiao Jun Xi's body, he instantly stood up, with a calm voice: "Let’s go!"

Xie Ru Zhuo nodded, hurriedly left the place with Xiao Jun Xi.

They only managed to take a few steps when the bushes behind them were suddenly pulled apart, and a black bear appeared, roaring at them...


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