The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse Chapters List

Chapter 69: The Nation's Husband [3]

After pretending to be a senior high student for half a day, Jiang Liu finally memorized the names and faces of all the students in the class.

Of course, what he focused most was his little table mate, whom the original body had a crush on, Gao Ruru.

She was a big treasure in the eyes of the teachers of the affiliated high school, the legendary genius with the IQ of 187. She won the first prize in the second round of the IMC (International Mathematics Competition) and the silver medal in the final round. In the second year of junior high school, she failed to participate in the IMC competition because of illness. However, in the third year of junior high school, she broke her own record and won the gold medal in the final round of the IMC.

And in the first year of senior high school, she was selected as one of the members of the IMO (International Olympiad Mathematics) competition national team and won the team gold medal, an individual gold medal, and in the second year of senior high school she was the only full scorer in IMO.

Such a person could no longer be described as Xueba. In the eyes of all the people in middle school she was the God of learning. (T/N: xué bà- top student)

Depending on her achievements in the IMO competition, she could get enrolled in any university of China, even in Peking University without any examination.

According to the school forum, Gao Ruru had already signed a contract with Peking University. The Department of Mathematics of the Peking University is recognized as the best in China, and Gao Ruru was an academic god devoted to mathematics. Therefore, it was reasonable for her to choose the Peking University.

Jiang Liu couldn’t really connect the little shy girl, with a clean and tender baby face full of bangs to the God of mathematics.

“Why do you keep looking at me?”

Gao Ruru had endured the attention of Jiang Liu for a long time. Under such sight, she couldn’t muster the energy to devote to her favorite subject, mathematics. Because much of her enthusiasm for brushing up on the subject had already been consumed.

Her voice was soft and delicate, and even when questioning she had no deterrent power so her voice sounded very weak.

“If you were not looking at me then how do you know I was looking at you?”

Jiang Liu didn't mean to tease the little girl, but just responded subconsciously.


Gao Ruru’s cheeks were bulging, and her eyes were as round as small grapes.

After thinking about something, she pushed the black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose before saying, “You don’t have to feel inferior. In my opinion, no man can match Bernhard Riemann.”

Gao Ruru thought that Jiang Liu was angry because of her refusal. She had thought about how to refuse the proposal and revised the refusal phrase hundreds of times during her summer vacation. This version was the one she felt the least hurtful and that could make Jiang Liu lose his confidence in pursuing her.

“Hahaha!” Jiang Liu looked at the little girl’s serious expressions and couldn’t help but slap the table before laughing aloud.

‘Where did this little baby come from? Such a silly and cute girl, ah!’

Jiang Liu didn’t know who Bernhard Riemann was. When he read the name written on pink slip, it sounded foreign so he thought it was the name of some movie star. Therefore, he searched it on Baidu. Jiang Liu didn’t think that it was actually the name of a mathematician.

Bernhard Riemann was a famous German mathematician who made contributions to analysis, number theory, and differential geometry. Riemannian geometry pioneered by him laid the mathematical foundation for Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Perhaps many people don’t know his name and achievements, but even those who don’t know mathematics should have heard about Riemann conjecture.

This unconfirmed conjecture is one of the seven Millennium Prize Problems. According to the rules set by the Clay Mathematics Institute, the proposed solution must be published in a Qualifying Outlet and at least two years must have passed since publication. A generally accepted correct solution to any of the seven problems results in a US $1 million prize being awarded by the institute to the discoverer.

To date, the only Millennium Prize Problem to have been solved is the Poincare conjecture, which was solved by the Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman.

As a math enthusiast, it was not surprising that Gao Ruru would take Bernhard Riemann as her idol. As there are many mathematicians who regard math as their partner and never marry.

Obviously, Jiang Liu couldn’t compare to Bernhard Riemann. It was just that Gao Ruru’s actions of comforting him so seriously, so he wouldn’t feel inferior, was just too amusing and indeed it had poked Jiang Liu’s laugh.

Now he understood why this incident was missing from the memories of the original body. Perhaps it was because he was rejected by the little girl in this way that it seriously hurt his male self-esteem. Perhaps in the heart of the original, Gao Ruru had just found an excuse to smother him. Therefore, this incident dealt a huge blow to the original who had not yet experienced the long, messy private life that followed.

Jiang Liu even wondered why the original was so persistent in finding a sincere woman who wouldn’t love him for his money was related to this shadow.

However, this thought didn’t prevent him from admiring this soft and sweet girl.

Serious people always look beautiful, and the young girl who studies math seriously was no exception.

Gao Ruru didn’t know which sentence of her poked Jiang Liu’s laughter. Watching their classmates looking at them, she blushed and hurriedly ducked her head behind the table before secretly poking the tip of the ballpoint pen at Jiang Liu’s thigh.

“Don’t laugh…” Her voice was still without any deterrent power. She said it in a rush tone, but because of her soft voice she sounded coquettish.

“Okay, I won’t laugh. Poof.....I really won’t laugh.”

Jiang Liu closed his mouth. However, his chest was still violently undulating, which clearly showed how hard he was trying to suppress his laughter.

Seeing that Jiang Liu really wouldn’t laugh anymore, Gao Ruru was relieved, then she quietly started to concentrate on her maths problems.


Jiang Liu’s lunch was also arranged like other students in the school. It seemed that the son of the richest man didn’t enjoy any special treatment. The only difference was the total balance in his meal card. It was Jiang Liu’s first time seeing someone’s meal card balance in five figures.

Thinking about himself, who dropped out of junior high school, Jiang Liu had to lament that some people were just born to be less popular and appealing even in comparison with a dead person.

However, even if he had a five-figure meal card balance, he still only had one stomach. Jiang Liu wanted to be more of a spendthrift when he was rich, but the hard-working and frugal lifestyle habits that he had developed for many years would prevail. Therefore, in the end, Jiang Liu just ordered two meat dishes and two vegetable dishes with a bowl of soup.

Looking at the five dishes that cost him more than 30 yuan Jiang Liu felt he was already extravagant enough.

However it was obvious that the original’s good friends were not used to his “extravagant” style.

These students could be friends with the original, it was because some of them were the second generation kids from the similar rich families, while others were ordinary students who just wanted to follow them for some broth to eat. At this age, though, in key high schools that focus on learning, this type of comparison was no longer important. So, even the children born with silver spoons like the original would also subconsciously restrain a lot in the school.

Jiang Liu, who had first lavishly ordered five dishes at once, looked at the full set of meals on the table, and felt a little uncomfortable.

Obviously, with so many meals on the table, only a small part of the dishes would be eaten by them, thus wasting all these dishes.

Jiang Liu forced himself to eat all the five dishes he ordered, and after lunch he watched his friends pour their remaining dishes in the nearby garbage can. He could only comfort himself by thinking that this lifestyle was created by the parents for their children, so he could not hate these wealthy children for this reason.

However, Jiang Liu who came from the grassroots was still not used to this kind of lifestyle. He touched his bulging belly and smiled bitterly in his heart. Maybe he couldn’t adapt to that kind of rich life ever and no matter how rich he was, habits developed in his bones couldn’t be changed anymore.

It was not easy for him to try to order a big meal, but it turned out that he was reluctant to waste all these dishes. At the time of ordering them, Jiang Liu didn’t know that he had dug a pit for himself.

The original’s good buddy Gao Jin patted him on the shoulder before saying, “Jiang ge, today I saw you were having a good chat with our elementary school goddess. Is it true that you have really caught her?”

When did this happen? Jiang Liu smiled wryly and wanted to explain his innocent relationship with Gao Ruru. However, Gao Jin spoke first.

“I promised you at the beginning of the bet, if you can catch up with our elementary school goddess, I'll take care of your homework for one month. If this is true, i can fulfill my promise now.”

Gao Jin’s words left Jiang Liu stunned for a moment. Because he had no memory of the original about this incident, he didn’t know that the confession was related to the bet. Jiang Liu was confused, he was still thinking whether the original liked Gao Ruru or not.

But no matter what, Jiang Liu scolded the original in his heart. A person using feelings as a bargaining chip also dreamed about pure sincere love.

“Ah! Gao Ruru, no, it’s not like that. I was just kidding with Jiang Liu.”

When the house leaks, it rains at night. When Jiang Liu heard Gao Jin’s words, he turned around and saw the little girl with the baby face holding a plate in her hands, she stood nearby with her pursed mouth. 

She seemed to have heard all the conversations just now.

Gao Ruru lowered her head and put the tray at the dish-washing area before leaving quietly.

Jiang Liu couldn’t see dirty water splashing on himself so he could only catch up with a wry smile hanging on his lips.

“I was wrong, I shouldn't have compared you with Riemann, you don’t deserve it.”

When Gao Ruru stopped, her little nose was slightly red. She looked up at Jiang Liu hatefully.

It seemed that this kind of scolding was not enough. So, she thought about it then gestured her thumb down before fiercely saying, “Trash!”

In her view she was fierce and harsh, but her voice was still soft and weak.

Looking at the back of fleeing Gao Ruru, Jiang Liu really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


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