The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse Chapters List

Chapter 70: The Nation's Husband [4]

“Ah, I’m really angry.”

Jiang Liu put a strawberry-flavored yogurt bottle on the table and pushed it towards Gao Ruru.

He saw that the school god seemed to like this flavor of sweet and sour yogurt drink. She drank two bottles of yogurt in the morning, so before he could figure out the school god’s preferences, he went to the shop to buy this. It should be right to give as a reparation gift.

Gao Ruru didn’t speak and pushed the drink back towards Jiang Liu.

At this time, she felt wronged. In order to write a letter to reject Jiang Liu’s confession, she had repeatedly considered the refusal phrase hundreds of times and thus wasted a lot of her study time. However, now she knew everything was because of a bet between Jiang Liu and Gao Jin and the other party didn’t like her at all. The reply that she racked her brain to not hurt his self-esteem had become her being too sentimental.

For the upright Gao Ruru, let alone one, even two or three bottles of yogurt wouldn’t comfort her wounded heart.

“That boy Gao Jin has no sense of speech. You shouldn’t really believe his gibberish. I’m not the past Jiang Liu anymore, and I wouldn’t make fun of someone’s emotions.”

Previously, only the tip of Gao Ruru’s nose was red but hearing him her eyes had also become red. Jiang Liu thought that if he didn’t coax her well, her tears might flow down in the next second.

Perhaps because he had raised her daughter, Jiang Liu couldn’t see the girl crying. Now when he saw that yogurt couldn’t coax the school god, he immediately became flustered.

“You are, you are!”

The more Gao Ruru thought about this, the more angry and aggrieved she was. She thought how could this person be so bad.

The tears fell, but she didn’t cry. She just raised her hand to wipe away the tears in a vigorous manner.

“Well, good, I’m, I’m!”

Looking at the wronged girl trying to be strong, there was no way Jiang Liu could resist.

Speaking of their school god, because of jumping grades she was the youngest in their class. It seemed that she had just passed her 15th birthday. So, she was just like a child for Jiang Liu.

He was in a hurry to coax her, so he admitted to what the other party scolded him for.

“You admitted, you rubbish, you rubbish!”

Gao Ruru’s family protected her very well, and she had shown IQ beyond ordinary people since she was young and was extremely fond of mathematics. This school god spent most of her time studying and didn’t like using electronic products and networks as much as her peers.

As she couldn’t swear much, at the most, she just used the word rubbish. In her opinion, this term is the ultimate insult.

“No, school god, even criminals have the right to appeal. And the mistake hasn't reached the level of a crime, you have to allow me to say a few words in my defence.”

If this situation was not explained clearly, it would be rumored that he was playing with the feelings of female students in the school. Jiang Liu didn’t intend to carry the pot for the original, so he had to get himself out of this situation.

“I really liked you. If I didn’t like you, would I write such a long love letter?”

Jiang Liu didn’t know what was written in the love letter by the original. However, since it was a love letter, he must have written a few sentences.

That’s true, listening to Jiang Liu’s explanation Gao Ruru’s wronged heart eased a little.

Although she didn’t like Jiang Liu, it was the first love letter of her life. So, Gao Ruru couldn’t help but read it over and over for several times. Thinking of the content of the love letter, Gao Ruru’s face suddenly turned red as an apple.

This time her face wasn’t red because of anger, but shyness.

As a master of mathematics, the pure minded Gao Ruru didn’t know that she could find thousands of words online for a similar love letter template. Citing classics, from the ancient to foreign literature, whatever you could think of, there was nothing you couldn’t find on the Internet.

She pondered over her few words of rejection that she thought about in summer vacations. Considering him in her place, Gao Ruru felt that the love letter written by Jiang Liu should have been thought of by him for a long time.

Would it take him that long to write a love letter if it was just a simple joke?

“Yeah, you think about it. You are so cute and smart. Isn’t it normal for me to like you? And Gao Jin had always been tripping off his tongue. How can you believe whatever he says so casually?”

Jiang Liu saw that the expression of the school god got relaxed, but then flickered slightly.

“I’m not that good.”

The simple girl did not know how bad a person’s heart could get, and it didn’t take long before she was trapped by the “sugar-coated bullets”.

Growing up so big, Gao Ruru had been praised by many people. However, she had never been praised face-to-face by the opposite sex of the same age and especially when the opposite sex still liked her.

“After seeing your letter today, I deeply realized the gap between myself and your idol Riemann. But you can rest assured that I will try to catch up and let you see my sincerity.”

Maybe he was still addicted to deception. Jiang Liu almost patted his chest to show that he was going to be the second Riemann.

After listening to Jiang Liu’s confident words, Gao Ruru was silent for a while, and then said in her soft and sweet voice, “Actually, you don’t have to set a goal so far. Set a small goal first, such as, passing the math exam?”

Her expression was a little uneasy, as if she felt these words might poke Jiang Liu’s heart.

“In fact, it is already great for you to be able to pass the math exam. I’m afraid you can’t catch up with Riemann.”

Gao Ruru felt that she might have really wronged Jiang Liu this time. If he had really deceived her, there would have been no need for her to coax him like this. However, because of the guilt of misunderstanding a good person, Gao Ruru racked her brains and tried to comfort Jiang Liu.

“Isn’t it just passing the exam? My goal is to achieve full marks!”

When he said that, he was very proud. But when he finished saying it, he withered away.

He originally had a junior high school education. In the first world he was illiterate while semi-illiterate in the second one. Though he was at the pinnacle of his education in the third world, the mathematics test of the ancients was equal to the current level of primary school. The original of the last task world was an ordinary bricklayer. It can be imagined that there was not much knowledge to learn from the memory left by him.

As for the original, Gao Ruru set a small goal for him to just pass the math exam. By this, it was not hard to think about the original’s math score.

Now, he was a little illiterate clamoring to get full marks in the senior three math exam. Jiang Liu felt he was just embarrassing himself.

Wasn’t it good to be a rich second generation? How could you always find something for yourself?

However, the words were all said. Looking at the school god’s encouraging eyes, he couldn’t say he repented.

“It’s always good to have a dream. You have to work hard, come on!”

Gao Ruru encouraged Jiang Liu from the bottom of her heart. She believed that as long as Jiang Liu studied hard, he would also find the beauty of mathematics just like her and would deeply fall in love with it.

“But Gao Jin is too bad. Don’t play with him anymore.”

Gao Ruru always thought that the people who were willing to learn mathematics by heart were generally not bad. At this time, Gao Ruru had completely believed in Jiang Liu and deeply misunderstood Gao Jin.

Gao Jin, who had just entered the classroom, heard Gao Ruru’s words and felt he had been stabbed in the chest.

Why did he become the bad person? Looking at his best friend, who made his deskmate break into a smile, Gao Jin swallowed his grievances and suffered the misunderstanding alone.

Jiang Liu endured the gloomy sight boring into his back and was relieved to see that the school god finally recovered her smile.

“Do you want to drink yogurt?”

Jiang Liu didn’t like the sweet and sour taste of this type of flavored yogurt drink. He thought about it, when he was very young, his family was in poor conditions. When he watched his peers drinking this, he also had an obsession to taste it.

When he first entered the construction site to work, the first thing he got to buy were the snacks that he had always wanted to eat since childhood but could not afford it. However, perhaps he was over that age, so the obsession disappeared and he felt the taste was just so-so.

He might not like the bottle of yogurt in front of him. It happened to have been bought for the school god. Now that her mood was good, it should be delivered to her.

“I will trouble you by asking a lot of questions about mathematics in the future. It’s a thank you gift.”

Looking at the little girl’s eyes darting at the yogurt bottle from time to time, but she was rather reserved and still refused to accept it. Jiang Liu cleverly gave her a reasonable excuse.

“Well, then I’m not going to be polite.”

Academic god’s pocket money was limited. She could only buy two packs of yogurt every day after brunch. After her anger had already subsided, Gao Ruru was unwilling to compromise on the yogurt.

“You can rest assured that as long as you study hard, you will be able to pass the exam.”

The sweet and sour strawberry flavored yogurt drink made the whole aura of the little girl really sweet. Looking at her smiling eyes, Jiang Liu did not care about her lack of confidence in him.


After Gao Jin, the students who went to the cafeteria to eat, came back one after another.

The third year of senior high school was the most urgent time to study. Except Jiang Liu and his friends who came to this key attached high school because of their superior family circumstances, almost all of the students returned to the classroom, did their first thing was to take out their workbooks and started to immerse themselves in their studies.

In such an atmosphere, Gao Jin and others couldn't make a loud noise. The group was either using their mobile phones or playing video games.

Only Jiang Liu had to take out the new set of mathematics books under the watchful eyes of Gao Ruru. He then stared wide eyed at the ghost symbols in the book and his expressions turned bitter with hatred.

The first lesson happened to be a math lesson.

A lean little old man with glasses came into the class.

He removed his glasses and took a sip of the strong tea, and laid it back heavily on the table.

The whole class was startled by his action.

Seemingly satisfied with the effect he made, Xiao Changming smiled. He put his hands behind his back and cleared his throat before saying, “You are the worst students, I’ve ever had.”


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