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Chapter 72: The Nation's Husband [6]

The first failure after coming to this world was sent in his way; Jiang Liu felt quite unwilling.

But the original was not strong enough in learning. While his own knowledge of Mathematics was only at the junior high school level and because he had not used it in the various worlds, he had already forgotten the formulas and theorems. In the end, he could only choose the simplest way to answer the questions - blindfold!

Just close your eyes, take a pen and casually choose whichever option is closest to you.

Looking at the multiple-choice Math questions and the basically blank answers, Jiang Liu genuinely felt that the 54 marks he received in the last semester would be a mountain that he could not overcome for the time being.

Xiao Changming was pacing back and forth in the classroom. Walking down the aisle between Jiang Liu and Gao Ruru and looking at his favorite student’s logical and meticulously answered test paper, he could not help but smile with joy.

It had to be said that he had been teaching for thirty years and had taught so many students, but Gao Ruru was the best one among his talented disciples. Xiao Changming felt that Gao Ruru’s study of Mathematics was not rigid learning for the sake of grades like her peers. She loved Mathematics from the bottom of her heart.

Looking at his proud student, Xiao Changming also felt the overwhelming passion in his blood that he had once felt in his younger age.

‘What a wonderful character ah, what a wonderful formula!’

He noticed the good student writing at least two solutions for every big problem. In some solutions, she even used college-level Math knowledge. Although this was not allowed and scored in the college entrance exam paper, Xiao Changming was still pleased to see his cute student using her little brain to solve the problems.

Soon, the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) would begin, and China would also hold a national high school Mathematics league exam. Based on Gao Ruru’s performance in previous years, she would be able to enter the winter camp without a trial to compete for the six spots in the IMO competition.

In the past two years, Gao Ruru had achieved good results in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). The IMO does not allow students with university degrees or above to participate, and Gao Ruru was already a senior in high school, so this would be her last IMO competition.

If she managed to win, she would also become the first girl in the history of China to win three consecutive championships.

Thinking so, Xiao Changming looked at his beloved student with even more kindness.

It was just that Xiao Changming’s upturned corners of the mouth immediately collapsed when he turned around, and his sight reached to the Jiang Liu’s exam paper.

The first two of the multiple-choice questions were not too difficult, so Jiang Liu got it right. However, from the third question onwards that he had done casually were basically wrong. Looking at his answers, Xiao Changming’s face became more and more ugly.

It was only ten minutes before the end of the exam, and the short answer questions on Jiang Liu’s test paper were basically empty.

However, he did his best. He wrote a solution and added two colons on each short answer question. But other than that, there was basically not much of a calculation process.

Xiao Changming sighed, it seemed that his student not only didn’t review in the summer vacations, but also forgot all the content he learned in the previous two years.

He was afraid that the results of this exam would be worse than the final exam of the last semester.

As a key middle school, the teaching progress of the Attached High School where the majority of the best students of the province were gathered, was very fast. As early as the second semester of the second year of high school, all the courses that should have been completed in three years had already been taught. The whole senior year was in the process of improving and consolidating. Xiao Changming didn’t know if with this speed, Jiang Liu would be able to make up for the classes that he had pulled down before in the third year of his senior year.

With Xiao Changming being so close to the desk, Jiang Liu naturally heard his sigh.

Before Jiang Liu thought that he, Jiang Liu, was at least a decent person. However, now he was stumped by a little Mathematics so his face was too embarrassed to think anymore.

This time there was no need for others to force him. For the sake of a man’s dignity, Jiang Liu also wanted to learn this subject seriously.


The original’s parents bought a house specifically for the convenience of his schooling.

The housing prices in the capital were not cheap. Especially the old neighborhood area attached to the Teacher’s Training Centre, was well located in the center of the second ring road. The house prices of this area were basically in the range of about 120,000 to 140,000. And because of the safety requirements of the neighborhood, the price of the house in which the original lived was even as high as 171,000 per square meters. The market price of a large flat of 200 square meters was already close to 40 millions.

It was still just a randomly bought house for him to study well.

Jiang Liu couldn’t wait to gnaw on a small handkerchief due to happiness. He really couldn’t imagine the lifestyle of the rich.

The original’s parents often lived in Hangzhou, and they would fly from place to place for their business. Therefore the one who took care of the original was a nanny who had been working at home for more than 10 years. The housekeeper from the old house in Hangzhou would also come over once or twice a month to check in with the nanny about the original’s life and studies. Occasionally, when any school events required parent's involvement, the old housekeeper often attended them instead of his parents.

By the time Jiang Liu returned home, his nanny had already prepared the dinner in time.

Sweet and sour pork with pineapple (Gu Lao Rou), oil ring eels, steamed grouper, stir-fried asparagus, and a pot of old hen soup dishes were prepared for the dinner.

Sweet and sour pork with pineapple was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, while the steamed grouper was tender and delicate. Every dish was extremely delicious but sitting alone in an empty dining room with no one to talk to greatly reduced his appetite.

In the Jiang family, the housekeeper and the aunt always ate separately. It was a habit that had existed since the original was very young. Now if he were to insist on calling the aunt to come over to eat together, not only would it be out of character, but even the aunt would also feel uncomfortable.

Jiang Liu finished his dinner hastily and then returned to his room. He emptied out the pile of exercise books in his bag.


He took a long sigh thinking how the hell could you learn these things.

The original’s grades weren’t particularly bad. As Xiao Changming said in the class, his English grades were excellent, and his Chinese was just slightly below English, and his overall grades also put him in the middle ranks of the class.

It should be noted that the weekday exams for Chinese, Math, and English were all based on a 120-marks system, so it was already very good to score 100 out of 120.

As for the original’s Science marks, they were also much better than his terrible Math marks. With a total score of 300 marks, he could probably achieve a score of about 150 marks. If Mathematics could be improved a bit more, it won’t be a problem to get a second-rate bachelor’s degree.

Therefore the only thing that Jiang Liu should concentrate his energy on was the discipline of Mathematics.

But from what extent should he start learning it?

Sophomore year?

Freshman year?

Jiang Liu felt that based on his and the original’s knowledge of Mathematics, he probably had to start studying it all over again from the first year of junior high to save the overall score.

“Looks like it’s time to find a Math tutor.”

Jiang Liu scratched his hair, thinking how come as a promised rich boy he was still caught in the misery of learning again.


While Jiang Liu was troubled, 001 appeared.

“Do you remember what you told me in the third mission world?”

001 was floating in mid-air. Its spherical light screen was rippling with wavy lines, showing that it was in quite a good mood at the moment.

‘The third world?’

Jiang Liu thought about it. Wasn’t that the world where he became a scholar?

In each world, if not tens of thousands, he had spoken at the least thousands of words to the system. The system’s words were so vague. How the hell could he know which sentence was the system talking about?

“In that world the host pointed out a flaw in the system. The host asked at that time, when the host needed to spend a lot of time to learn why the system can’t provide an independent space where the time flow rate is slower or the time simply stopped. I thought that the host’s proposal made sense so I promptly gave feedback to the God Father who made me. At the suggestion of the host, the God Father created my brother, number 004, the Master of Learning System (Xueba system).”

001 floated up and down happily as, from today onwards, it had another companion.


After hearing the first half of the sentence, Jiang Liu was quite happy. He thought that his proposal was accepted, so from now on, 001 would have such an additional function. But, it turned out that the god had independently created the Master of Learning System 004, causing Jiang Liu to be happy for nothing.

As if it didn’t notice the perfunctory thanks of Jiang Liu, 001 continued to talk happily, “It’s just because this system hasn’t been certified by practice yet, so my God Father did not place this system in the body of 004 for the time being. Host being the originator of this theory, Father God entrusted me to ask the host if he would like to help test the feasibility of the 004 System in the current world.”

At this time, 001 voiced the purpose of its sudden appearance, “As a reward, the content of the knowledge, the host would learn by borrowing the 004 System in the current world can be permanently retained. And as an additional reward, the host would also receive 2000 points.”

After listening to 001, Jiang Liu’s eyes grew brighter and brighter. There was actually such a good thing. It was simply what he was missing at this time.

He was lacking in brains right now. However, with the addition of the Master of Learning system, it would be a little easier to learn math.

Jiang Liu didn’t even want to think anymore and simply agreed to it. It was a bargain to get this additional system for free, he would be stupid not to accept it.

“In fact, I’m a person with lots of thoughts and interesting ideas. In addition to the Master of Learning system, I also have other good ideas, such as the rich second-generation system, the spending money system, the food eating system, the win effortlessly system, the gold finger system, the koi system. ...001, you may speak to the Lord God, as the proposer of these theories, I would be happy to put them into practice for the Lord God one by one in the later worlds.”

How wonderful the world of later missions would be for him if all these theories were really realized.

001: .......

It thinks its host is a bit weird.

He is shameless!


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