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Chapter 73: The Nation's Husband [7]

Host: Jiang Liu

Chinese: 89/100

Maths: 27/100

English: 87/100

Chemistry: 35/100

Physics: 32/100

Biology: 42/100

History: 57/100

Geography: 27/100

Politics: 43/100

Music: 73/100

Arts: 56/100

Sports: 63/100

Free assignable points: 10

Evaluation: Ordinary people

This was the result of a scan of Jiang Liu by 001, which was temporarily loaded with the Master of Learning System (Xueba). This was the result after Jiang Liu had absorbed the memory left by the original. If it was scanned before the absorption of the left memories, Jiang Liu wouldn’t be able to achieve these results.

“What are the freely assignable points?”

Jiang Liu looked at the freely assignable points on his personal panel, and guessed that this was something that could be added to each discipline. As the number of points increased, the ability to understand the subject would also increase, but just how did these freely assignable points come about?

“Freely assignable points can be freely allocated to the attribute points of any discipline, and loading of the Xueba system gives you an initial value of 10 points. Later, if you want to acquire more freely assignable points, you need to complete the corresponding task.” 001 explained.

“Add these 10 freely assignable attribute points to the Math.” Jiang Liu couldn’t even bear to look at his Math attributes. Looking at them, he felt that any random middle school student would be better than him.

“Host, don’t belittle yourself. After loading the Xueba System, you’re only one step away from being a straight A-student!”

001 was cheering for the host on the side.


Jiang Liu huffed. He didn’t want to become some kind of top student; he just wanted to learn Math.

Anyway, this world was only a trial world to test the Xueba System, and there would be no corresponding punishment for failing to complete the task. Therefore, Jiang Liu was being a ruffian without any psychological burden.

But Jiang Liu had to admit that this Xueba system was really good. The system was loaded with an independent learning space. It not only had all the famous teachers’ courses in China, but also allowed for one-on-one tutoring in a virtual representation of the learning space with a different time flow than in reality. During the one hour in real life, ten hours would pass in the learning space. The flow rate of ten-to-one would allow Jiang Liu to quickly improve his Math performance in a short period of time.

In addition to that, the system would also update three regular tasks every day, rewarding different attribute points according to the difficulty of the task, creating a progressive cycle.

Even though Jiang Liu still had to read and learn on his own. However, this kind of learning condition was much better than the learning pressure that Jiang Liu faced before.

Because of the addition of 10 attribute points, Jiang Liu’s Math attribute points had now increased to 37/100. Then, in just one night , he brushed through the day’s learning quests given by the system and thus was rewarded with a total of another 6 attribute points, which were all added by him to the Math attributes.

It must be said that attribute points were really an artifact against the heavens. When the attribute points of Math were 27, Jiang Liu found it difficult to learn the subject, and had to repeat it over and over again! At that time, repeatedly brushing off questions was the only way to clarify the concept of Maths problems. However, when the attribute points increased to 43, his logical ability had also improved significantly.

Moreover, Jiang Liu discovered that not only doing quests could improve the attributes of subjects, but also taking virtual classes and brushing up on exercises could also improve attribute values.

After 20 hours of continuously brushing off questions in the study space, his mathematical attribute points had increased by 1 point. During this time, only two hours had passed in the real world. (T/N: Total of 44 points till now.)

“I've already begun to envy 004’s host.”

Jiang Liu came out of the study space. He had obviously been brushing off the questions for 20 hours straight. However, his head wasn’t dizzy nor his eyes were blurry. His stamina was as strong as it was before when he had just entered. Especially feeling his steeply improved learning ability after the addition of free attribute points, Jiang Liu had a subtle feeling of brushing up on his addiction.

“Host, actually 001 is also good.”

‘001: QAQ. There is a vague feeling of being rejected by the host.’

“Fine, fine, you’re the best.”

Jiang Liu consoled his silly system. Then he looked at the time on his watch, and simply studied for a few more hours in one sitting. At least he had to brush off the math problems of the first year of junior high school in two days ah.


The students of second and third grade were keenly aware of the changes in Jiang Liu.

The most obvious manifestation of this change was that his friend circle had stopped updating like before.

You know, before this semester, this group of students usually kept writing several posts a day and let everyone know what is called “pride” and being “rich”. However, since the start of this session, Jiang Liu’s circle of friends was still updating with a frequency of four or five posts per day, but the content of the updates had changed.

[Today I read the second grade Math and got a lot out of it.]

Attached image: junior high math.jpg

[I’ve brushed off 100 math questions today, but I didn’t get the solutions for some questions. Fortunately, my deskmate is an A-student.]

Attached image: elementary school god buried in the math questions.jpg

[Today’s Math result came out and I got a score of 43. It’s so shameful. But next time I’m determined to get a perfect score.]

Attached image: comparison between my own and the top student’s test paper.jpg


Is this some kind of new trend for showing off wealth? Everyone was suddenly confused by Jiang Liu’s change.

Of course, apart from the melon eaters who couldn’t figure out the true thoughts of their heroic classmate, there were also people who readily accepted Jiang Liu’s change.

For example, his fellow deskmate school god, Gao Ruru.

“This is the third year’s exam paper?”

When Gao Ruru saw the problem Jiang Liu was working on, she took a glance at it and realized that it was a third-grade exam question, and it was reasonable to say that they had already finished high school and wouldn’t do such low-level questions.

“Well, since my foundation is pretty bad. I’m going to start studying Math from middle school. I can’t understand this question, so I’d like to ask for your help.”

Jiang Liu very frankly handed over the third year Math problem to Gao Ruru.

“En En, it’s good.”

Gao Ruru’s eyes curved into two small crescent moons as she took the Math problem and patiently analyzed it to Jiang Liu.

Jiang Liu, who was studying from scratch, made Gao Ruru feel his sincerity and she recognized the positive change in his classmate.

“I recommend you a few books…”

After solving the problem, Gao Ruru began to recommend several question books before saying, “These are middle school level question books, which contain classic questions that are extracted from the junior middle school mathematics knowledge. If you have done these question books thoroughly, then you’ll be able to understand the Math of junior high school.

Afraid that Jiang Liu wouldn’t be able to remember, Gao Ruru specially copied the names of the question books on the page that Jiang Liu had just handed her.

“My cousin is in the fifth grade this year, and he has already started studying junior high school Math in advance. These books are the ones that I specifically found for him before. I have done every question book once for him and I hope it will also be helpful to you.”

Gao Ruru handed the page to Jiang Liu’s hand with an incomparably pure smile.

In fact, the first half of the sentence could have been left unsaid. Hearing that, Jiang Liu’s heart was dripping with blood. The hundred-year-old him was ashamed to keep the same pace of study as a fifth-grade boy.

The simple school god did not know that her words had unintentionally hurt Jiang Liu’s old male heart, while she continued to immerse herself in brushing off the questions.

Another person who realized that Jiang Liu had changed was Xiao Changming. In the previous Math class, Jiang Liu either lowered his head to play with the phone or just slept on the table and wouldn’t listen no matter what he said.

Now it was different, this young man was spirited and attentive every day, listening to his lectures with a straight back.

Regardless of whether Jiang Liu understood listening to him or not, this learning attitude was good.

Perhaps it was because he felt Jiang Liu’s determination to improve himself, Xiao Changming loved to ask him to get up and answer questions during class. In the beginning, Jiang Liu fiddled with the questions and could not answer anything. However, his learning process slowly followed and he gradually was able to answer some questions. Xiao Changming also saw it all through these changes.

There was no teacher who didn’t like serious children, and Xiao Changming was also no exception.

In particular, this serious child, who had been especially stubborn and disobedient before. Teaching Jiang Liu well and guiding him onto the right path, allowed Xiao Changming to have a sense of accomplishment.

Soon, a month and a half after the start of the school session, the school students ushered in the first monthly exam.

Jiang Liu was most concerned about the math exam. When he got the paper, he quickly skimmed through it once, and then patiently worked down on the questions one by one.

The last question of the multiple-choice questions was very difficult, so Jiang Liu skipped it and continued to brush down.

This time the questions weren’t difficult in general. Until he brushed down the last question, Jiang Liu only encountered trouble in the last one of the multiple-choice questions, the penultimate question of the fill-in-the-blanks and the last sub-part of the last question of the exam paper.

There were still more than fifty minutes to go before the end of the exam. Jiang Liu patiently began to tackle from the penultimate sub-question of the fill-in-the-blanks that he might be able to do with confidence.

By the time the exam bell rang, although Jiang Liu had filled up the entire paper, there was still no guarantee that he had done all the questions correctly.


As expected, the study time was too short. Even with the addition of the tenfold speed of the learning space, he still had no way to completely digest so much mathematical knowledge in a month and a half.

Looking at the math attribute that had risen to 78/100 on his personal panel, Jiang Liu sighed for a long time.

Gao Jin, who followed him out of the examination room, thought that he hadn’t done well in the exam and patted his shoulder comfortingly, “It’s only been a month or so and you’re doing pretty well in class these days, aren’t you? Old Xiao also doesn’t scold you much anymore. I think you’ll surely pass the exam this time and maybe when uncle sees your improved grades, he will also give you access to your banned card.”

Gao Jin still thought that Jiang Liu’s change was for his pocket money.

Jiang Liu silently looked at the giggling Gao Jin.

He wanted a perfect score ah. As expected, a slacker student (Xuezha) wouldn’t understand the pursuit of a straight A-student (Xueba).

“Today I want to praise a student.”

Xiao Changming stood on the podium. The math papers were quickly reviewed and all of them were already graded by the day after the exam.

Holding a paper copy in his hand, Xiao Changming looked at the students in the class.

“Looking at Jiang Liu’s current marks, who dares to believe that he only scored 54 marks in the final exams of the last semester?”

He showed the exam paper to the class. This was a math paper with a perfect score of 120, and his scores would be considered upper-middle level even if it was placed in an attached middle school full of straight A-students.

“Holy shit, beast!”

Before Jiang Liu could react, Gao Jin couldn’t help but scream out first.

They agreed to be slacker students together, but Jiang Liu secretly became an A-student. He tasted being betrayed by his good buddy.

However, before he even comforted this guy when he was downcast. He got such an awesome result, what was he sighing for after the exam?

“Gao Jin, stand up for me. Who is the beast? Guess what you scored this time? For such a simple paper, you scored only 62 marks. I’m not even remotely surprised that you gave me a score of 62!”

‘This line seems familiar, as if I had heard it at some point.’

Gao Jin dejectedly listened to the teacher’s lecture, aggrieved like a puppy caught in the rain.

Author's Note: Look up at the information. The National High School Math League exams are usually held on the second Sunday in September. Here for the sake of the story, it needed to be changed.

Translator's Note: We had to drop this novel. Sorry for the inconvenience. You will get further translated chapters on Incarose Jealousy MTL.


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