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Chapter 51: Birthday Present

Without Qi Yang, what would eventually happen to Jian Dan, who only sought to climb higher?

Through the car window, Tang Susu could clearly see the huge billboard hanging on the building, with Jian Dan’s clearly distinguishable smiling face.

She would always look forward to... the day when all was unveiled.

On the tenth day of December in the lunar calendar, there was some snow. The weather was suitable for traveling as well as for marriage.

Ever since she had retrieved 50 years of lifespan from Qi Yang, Gou Dan liked to lay in the bowl. It didn’t show up today either. Tang Susu could only drive to work alone; she felt a little unaccustomed to the sudden emptiness, as something was missing from her shoulder.

She didn't eat breakfast today, so she was early by half an hour. When she arrived at the company, she took out a cup of soy milk, which still felt warm.

Just when she put her mouth on the straw and was about to take a sip, she saw Secretary Wu walking towards her with a smile.

To be honest, although Secretary Wu treated her very nicely, she always felt like he had a hidden agenda whenever she saw him smile.

"Did you not eat?"

"Yeah... the breakfast shop I often go to wasn’t open."

Hearing what she said, Secretary Wu’s smile grew bigger. “You can’t be sloppy for breakfast. Drinking a cup of soy milk is too little. I’ll get you a cake from the boss’s office later since it happens that it’ll be delivered today.”

"No, no. No need." Tang Susu shook her head firmly.

"It's okay, it's the same every year. The boss doesn't eat the ordered cake. It's meant for everyone."

Tang Susu understood a little. "Is today the boss's birthday?"


"Will he be coming to the company today?"

"Of course, he spends his birthday at the office every year." As he spoke, Secretary Wu couldn't help sighing. "You know, the boss and his elder brother have a bad relationship. His elder brother lives in the family’s mansion, so it’s not convenient for him to go back and no one thinks of celebrating for him.”

Tang Susu felt a bit awkward. She probably shouldn’t be conscious of this kind of family internal conflict.

Secretary Wu seemed to be just casually complaining, and then he changed the subject. "Wait, I'll go and take it quickly."

"Okay." This time, she didn’t refuse Secretary Wu, but when he left, her thoughts shifted to another area.

Should she get Shi Chengxuan a birthday present or something? After all, Shi Chengxuan had helped her so much during Bai Mian’s incident.

But this would inevitably cause other troubles if someone else knew about it. If everyone sent a gift, it would be understandable for her to do so. If she was the only one, then forget it. It was stupid to put herself up as a target for gossip. Maybe... she could probe Secretary Wu's views on this matter?

After a while, Secretary Wu came over with a large piece of cake. The alluring scent of the cream hit her nose. Tang Susu squinted her eyes with satisfaction as she took a bite. A bite of the customised cake from Jue’s Bakery was worth tens of dollars. If Gou Dan learnt about this, it would have definitely regretted not coming out today.

She was able to buy a few macarons for Gou Dan to taste last time, but it cost her boss a small fortune.

She said to Secretary Wu, "This is a customized cake from Jue's Bakery, right? With the boss treating us to such expensive cakes every year, he must have received a lot of birthday gifts, right?"

"Of course, it’s out of courtesy. But usually, it’s our secretary department that benefits. No one else gets this opportunity." Secretary Wu replied with a smile.

Tang Susu nodded her head to express her understanding. It was all because the secretary department was seated closer and Secretary Wu was their direct supervisor.

Hearing him say this, Tang Susu felt relieved. Since anyone could give presents, she would choose a gift at noon.

Secretary Wu turned around and hummed a little song in his heart after delivering the cake. Nowadays, it was hard to find a caring secretary like him.

Indeed, the sweet and alluring scent of cream filled the entire secretary department. Tang Susu noticed that everyone had piled all sorts of gift boxes on Secretary Wu’s desk. Seemingly understanding the practice, she drove straight to the mall during lunch break.

For the first time in her life, Tang Susu had to choose a birthday present for a man. Standing in the mall, she was a little dazed for a while. After thinking about it, she simply took out her phone and dialed Mi Zheng.

"Sister, are you looking for me? Are you inviting me to dinner?" Mi Zheng's joyous voice rang from the other side of the phone.

"You'd better eat in your cafeteria obediently." Tang Susu laughed. "I have something to ask you."

“What is it?”

"A friend of mine is celebrating his birthday. I want to give him a gift. What kind of gift is good?"


"He’s just an ordinary, male friend. Do me a favor."

"Oh..." Mi Zheng stretched out his voice disappointedly. It hadn’t turned out to be a boyfriend. Tsk! "Watches, ties, belts… no, no. Not belts."

"Why not?" She happened to stroll into a store that specialized in leather belts. Tang Susu stepped out before she even walked in.

"Oh, there are impure intentions. A woman gives a man a belt only to undo it with her own hands."

Tang Susu wiped her face, feeling that she and her brother didn’t live in the same dimension. Why had she never heard about all these details before!

“Did someone give it to you since you know so well?”

“That’s a given. Your brother is popular.” Mi Zheng felt proud.

“Hehe. At this young age, watch your health.”

“Sister, at this rate you’ll easily lose me.”

“I won’t. As your sister, I will get you a belt to fasten your pants.”

“Really?” Mi Zheng excitedly raised his tone and then shamelessly asked, “Then I want an LV belt.”

“Provided I can choose a suitable gift.”

"Then get cufflinks. You can’t go wrong with this one."

Tang Susu thought for a while. It did seem like there was no problem. It was low-profile and inconspicuous. No one would notice it being mixed in a pile of gifts. So, cufflinks it would be.

She chose a cuff with sapphire diamonds and bought the blue belt that Mi Zheng specifically wanted before leaving the mall.

Indeed, not many people paid attention when she placed the gift box with cufflinks on Secretary Wu's desk. Tang Susu was also relieved.

Not long after she left the secretary department, Secretary Wu came in from the outside and saw a set of gifts on the table. He smiled and packed the boxes up, and then walked away with the boxes under everyone's attention.

When he walked to the president's office, he didn't rush to knock on the door, but chose amongst the gifts from the box, and took out a small, palm-sized black gift box. If Tang Susu had seen it, she would’ve been able to recognize it at first sight -- this was the one she had chosen.

"Boss, these are the birthday gifts from everyone." Entering the office, Secretary Wu put the presents on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

Shi Chengxuan was reviewing documents, so he didn't raise his head when he heard the words.

Seeing that his boss hadn’t responded, Secretary Wu walked to the desk and put the black gift box on it.

"What’s this?"

"It’s from Tang Susu."


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