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Chapter 62: Borrowing The Mirror

A few days passed in a flash, and the last day of the holiday was approaching. The entire company was in a sea of ​​jubilation. All departments were sending New Year's goods, and Tang Susu also received some.

She went downstairs with a large box of things and was about to put things in the car first. She just walked to the company lobby when she happened to meet Huang Xiaoxiao who was approaching.

In the past few days, Huang Xiaoxiao has come here every day, but so far, she seems to have not been able to see Shi Chengxuan.

Seeing Tang Susu approaching, she glared coldly, rubbed her shoulder, and walked over.

Tang Susu stopped for a while and continued to walk out.

When she got to the parking lot, Tang Susu just placed her things in the car, and when she looked up, Tang Susu saw a person standing not far away.

"Mr. Qi?" Although she had only met him once at the auction house, she was still impressed by the real boyfriend of Miss Huang.

As a person that can bear Huang Xiaoxiao winking at other men in public, Qi Yue is not an ordinary person.

"Miss Tang, we meet again."

"Mr. Qi is here to pick up Miss Huang? She just went upstairs."

"No, I'm here to find you, is it convenient to find a place to chat?" Qi Yue stood there, dressed in light-colored casual clothes, with a gentle smile on his face, making it difficult to refuse his request.

Tang Susu nodded, "Of course."

The two went to a newly opened cake shop. There were not many people in the newly opened small shop, only the young owner sat lazily in front of the bar.

After delivering the cake and coffee ordered by the two of them, the boss went back to sit again. The sunlight outside shone into the house through the floor-to-ceiling windows with light blue window paper, causing ripples like waves.

"What do you want to say to me, Mr. Qi?"

"As I mentioned before, I want to buy the scorched bone peony mirror in Miss Tang's hands. What is Miss Tang's opinion?"

Tang Susu was a little surprised, this person was really persistent, but she still shook her head, "Sorry, although I took the mirror, you should know that I'm not the owner of that mirror."

Qi Yue smiled, "Miss Tang, why should you belittle yourself? The things that Shi Chengxuan sent out have never been returned."

"There are always exceptions." Tang Susu lowered his eyes and stirred in the coffee cup with a silver spoon, not shaken by his words at all.

"It's being passed around that Mr. Shi gave that mirror to a certain elder."

Tang Susu was a little surprised, she just said that the mirror is not safe in the house, and Shi Chengxuan used this method to divert others' attention.

It's... simple and effective.

"But I know that the mirror is still in Miss Tang's hands."

Qi Yue's stubbornness made Tang Susu frown, "Mr. Qi, it's boring for you to say that."

"I have no other intentions. If Miss Tang refuses to sell the mirror, can you lend it to me for a few days?"

"Mr. Qi, I said..." Tang Susu raised her head impatiently, and just as she was about to finish speaking, she met Qi Yue's eyes.

His pair of... almost crazy eyes.

If he hadn't kept a calm attitude and talked to her, Tang Susu would have even thought that he was a lunatic. That look is really creepy.

She stopped the rest of her words, stared at Qi Yue for a long time, and suddenly smiled, "It's not impossible for you to borrow, but I want to know the reason why you must get the mirror."

Qi Yue didn't say a word, and the two fell into a long silence.

After a long time, his slightly hoarse voice sounded, "My ex-girlfriend studied archaeology, and she liked this mirror very much during her lifetime."


"The first day of the first lunar month is her death day. I want to show her the mirror."

This reason is really irresistible, she can even understand why Qi Yue didn't directly take the mirror from Huang Xiaoxiao's hand.

No matter how many problems there are between the two, Huang Xiaoxiao may not be able to bear her boyfriend wanting to use her things to pay homage to his ex-girlfriend.

"I'll think about it, I'll give you an answer before the first day of the first month." Tang Susu had no interest in chatting with Qi Yue, but before leaving, he also left a hope for the other party.

Qi Yue stood up and looked at Tang Susu deeply, "I'm waiting for your reply."

Back at the company, it was the last day of work this year, and she had no documents to deal with. She simply opened WeChat and found Xue Yang's account and clicked it.

Susu Susu: Shao Xue, are you there?

Mr. Xue Xiaoshao: Hey, isn't this Sister Su Su, I heard that Brother Xuan is back, did he bring a gift for you?

Xue Yang's address to her made Tang Susu's typing a little slower. She knew what the other party meant, but it didn't mean that she would correct it.

Susu Susu::) brought a roast duck.

Mr. Xue Xiaoshao: I seem to have seen God. jpg Brother Xuan's idea is not something that mortals can understand.

Susu Susu: Is Xue Shao free now? I want to ask you something.

Mr. Xue Xiaoshao: I will definitely know what Sister Su Su wants to ask.

Susu Susu: Shao Xue should know Qi Yue, so do you know his ex-girlfriend?

After a while, the news of Xue Yang came.

Mr. Xue Xiaoshao: I know, it seems that her name is Dong Qing. She has been dead for several years, why do you suddenly want to ask this?

Xue Yang was lying on the sofa, holding up the phone with a puzzled face, and said to himself, "Strange, what did she ask regarding Qi Yue's ex-girlfriend?"

Susu Susu: Do you know why Qi Yue broke up with his ex-girlfriend?

Mr. Xue Xiaoshao: Why else, Huang Xiaoxiao likes Qi Yue, the Qi family has opened a small company, they rely on the Huang family everywhere, and they wish they could get married.

Susu Susu: Then how did Dong Qing die?

Mr. Xue Xiaoshao: I heard that it was because of lovelorn. She cut her wrists to commit suicide on the first day of the new year. At that time, there was quite a lot of trouble in the school. Tsk tsk, this woman obviously has a hole in her head.

Susu Susu: :) Thank you Shao Xue for clarifying your doubts, and I will invite you to eat roast duck from thousands of miles away.

Mr. Xue Xiaoshao: Indifferent face.jpg No, thank you, I'd better keep the precious roast duck for Sister Su Su to eat, I'm afraid I won't see the sun tomorrow.

Tang Susu hooked the corner of his lower lip and closed the chat window.

Qi Yue is also very interesting to mourn his ex-girlfriend who committed suicide for love.

She took out the business card she had just accepted from her pocket and pressed it according to the phone number on it. After a while, Qi Yue's voice came from the phone, "Miss Tang."

"If Mr. Qi is not busy, go to my house tomorrow to get a mirror. You should know where I live, right?"

"Sorry, I asked someone to inquire about your place without permission. Are you...really going to lend me the mirror?"

He was quick enough to admit his mistake, but Tang Susu didn't take it to the heart.

"Really, I hope Mr. Qi can return it on time after it runs out."

"Of course, it is certain, thank you, thank you, Miss Tang."

Listening to the increasingly excited voice on the phone, Tang Susu replied "You're welcome" before hanging up.

Now she should think about how to persuade Gou Dan to agree to lend the mirror to others after she goes back.


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