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Chapter 29: Dating Phobia

After eating, Tang Susu went to the bathroom with her purse. When she came out of the stall, she happened to bump into Tang Qi, who was entering.

When Tang Qi looked up and saw Tang Susu, her face suddenly became gloomy. She knew from her father that Tang Susu had entered Di Jiang and had become an assistant to the president, but she hadn’t expected Shi Chengxuan to take her on a business trip.

Thinking about Shi Chengxuan’s indifferent attitude today, all her pent-up anger was poured onto Tang Susu in an instant. Tang Susu must’ve said something to him. If not, how would the man have not drunk even a glass of wine with her?

"Tang Susu, you'd better behave yourself. If the deal is broken, father will not let you off later." Tang Qi stood aloofly next to her, her chin slightly raised and her attitude disdainful as she warned Tang Susu.

Tang Susu washed her hands, slowly wiped the water drops off of her hands with a tissue, looked at the figure in the mirror, and said with a smile, "Yes, I’m looking forward to it. Oh, by the way, before you came here, did your father tell you that when talking about business with people, you have to think with your head?”

“What do you mean!" Tang Qi raised her voice at Tang Susu's sarcasm.

"I mean, it doesn't matter if your face is unappealing to people. But if your brain is empty, even God can't save you." After finishing with her hands, she threw the balled up tissue into the trash can, smiled at Tang Qi, and left.

If Tang Qi had had a little self-awareness, she would’ve seen how ugly the faces of the Tang Corporation employees, who had come along with her, had been when she had blindly toasted Shi Chengxuan.

A spendthrift daughter born with a silver spoon, with what ability was she giving a toast to the president of the Di Jiang Group? Moreover, she couldn't understand the other party's rejections while losing face in front of him again and again.

When Tang Susu came down to the lobby of the hotel, she saw, at a glance, Shi Chengxuan, who was imposing, dressed in a suit, and stood out from the crowd. She briskly walked towards Shi Chengxuan as she stared at his broad shoulders, and the Tang Corporation employee who had been looking out for her saw all of this.

"President Shi, sorry to have delayed you for so long. We'll show you the way out.” The deputy leader, who had been oppressed by Tang Qi, completely ignored the rules while taking advantage of the absence of the leader and made a decision right away. He was afraid that if he didn't send Shi Chenghan away quickly, the daughter of the wayward president might offer to go with him.

They had already been humiliated enough. He did not want to feel ashamed once more.

Shi Chengxuan nodded slightly and was sent out of the hotel.

Looking at the Hummer car disappearing out of sight, the group of skilled personnel of the Tang Corporation breathed a sigh of relief and then looked at each other questioningly. "What should we tell the president when we go back?”

The original purpose of the dinner had never been presented over the table. Also, the other party's attitude had been neither hot nor cold. Basically, they had achieved nothing for coming here.

“What do you want to say? It doesn’t matter, it wasn’t our fault for screwing this up. Who let the president’s daughter be the leader this time?" The deputy leader spoke with a cold face. He turned his head and saw Tang Qi trotting over, and could not help but scold her under his breath. "Incompetent bungler.”

"Where’s Shi Chengxuan?" Tang Qi ran to the team and asked in a hurry.

"He returned.”

"How could he return so quickly?" Her eyes widened. She looked at the group and blamed them for not stalling him for her. The rest of the people who saw her like this, all bowed their heads and said nothing. They had no patience left to deal with her tantrum.

The scenery outside the window receded rapidly, and Yushu Township was gradually left behind. Tang Susu was sitting in the back seat with Shi Chenxuan, and she was not as stiff as before when facing him, probably because the two of them had finally had a friendly meal.

When they returned to Fenglin City, it was past three o'clock in the afternoon. Shi Chengxuan asked the driver to drive to Tang Susu’s home first and conveniently gave her half a day off.

After sitting in the car for so long, she really didn't want to go to the company just to sit for hours again, so she gladly accepted the generosity.

As soon as the car stopped, she jumped out of the car with her small bag, then waved to the people inside, waiting for them to go first.

However, not only did the car not leave but the window was also rolled down. Shi Chengxuan’s face appeared as he tilted his head, a pair of black eyes falling on her red hand which was carrying a suitcase, then moving back to her face. Seeing that her expression became unnatural for a moment, he smiled lightly. "Do you have time tomorrow night? I'll invite you to dinner.”

Tomorrow was a weekend, and she certainly had time, however… she was a little hesitant.

"Don't want to drink Lafite 82?" The low and magnetic voice in her ears was making her tingle. Tang Susu blinked. "I’ll consider it…” Shi Chengxuan seemed satisfied with this answer. He raised the corner of his lips to give her a smile.

After Tang Susu finally comprehended what she had just said, the car had already driven far away. It was too late for any regrets! She crouched down pitifully at the edge of the road, with her hands behind her lowered head.

So, why had she gone to the barbecue that night? Why had she drunk a beer? And worst of all, why had she talked nonsense after drinking the beer!?

She didn’t want to drink Lafite with her boss! If the boss told her that the wine had the fragrance of a French breeze in summer, what should she say next to continue the advanced high-class conversation?

Should she say 'sorry, my tongue isn’t that high standard so it can’t taste the French breeze, but I think the wine is a little sour'?!

No, no, no, the thought of that scene made her face crumple.

Xiao Zihua, who was in the car and had left the community where Tang Susu lived, had also collapsed when he heard something he shouldn't have heard.

The Boss had already dallied with the little assistant but why would he want to meet her again? "Ahem, Boss… Assistant Xiao Tang, she…"

"En?" Shi Chengxuan looked up. Their eyes met through the rearview mirror.

Xiao Zihua swallowed the words in his mouth with saliva, and smiled. "She’s also surnamed Tang, hahahaha, what a coincidence.”

The driver uncle glanced sympathetically at Xiao Zihua, who had been scared witless and incoherent by the boss.

"She’s from the Tang family, the eldest daughter of Tang Qiming.”

“No way?" Xiao Zihua glanced at the mirror. "Those people didn’t seem to recognize her today.”

Shi Chengxuan didn’t pay attention to Xiao Zihua and closed his eyes to rest.

Seeing the boss refuse to say anything, XiaoZihua could only make up his own story but didn't know what to fill the plot with. He sighed and shook his head, crying for god's comfort in his heart.

Tang Susu, after coming home, began to fidget at the thought of going out to dinner with Shi Chengxuan tomorrow night. As a result, her entire self wasn’t feeling so good.

She hadn’t even been this nervous when she had taken the college entrance examination!

Gou Dan was completely unable to understand the current state of its owner, so it turned on the computer to search about this wonder. After studying for a long time, it concluded that this was the legendary dating phobia.

Tang Susu, who had dating phobia, didn’t even have rational thoughts at this point. If she could, she really wanted to stop time to be still. Unfortunately, the rotation of the earth wouldn’t be shifted by her willpower alone.

Time passed minute by minute, and in a blink of an eye, the next day had come.

There was still an hour to go, plenty of time to get ready. Tang Susu rummaged through the boxes, picked out a small black dress, looked in the mirror, and thought about what would go with the dress.

While she was doing her makeup, the doorbell suddenly rang.

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