"I...what happened?" Tang Susu shook her head and asked Gou Dan, who was sitting across from her in a state of panic.

"What have you been doing today? Why are you covered in evil aura again? If you had come back a bit later, your little life would have gone by then."

"I’ve been at the hospital and haven’t done anything ah… You said I got covered in evil aura again, but I didn't encounter any danger this time, right?" Tang Susu was in a daze.

"Nonsense, it is much stronger than the last time. If you were in danger, it would be too late. I will go to the hospital with you tomorrow." Gou Dan wagged its tail, looking like what could you do without me, ah.

"Then, I'll have to trouble our great Gou Dan to go tomorrow." Tang Susu was very cooperative and served Gou Dan the marinated chicken wings that she bought on her way back.

Since the recipe expansion, the cat food could no longer stop Gou Dan from conquering the food kingdom.

Gou Dan held a fragrant marinated chicken wing in its mouth and was held by Tang Susu to stroke its hair. Suddenly it felt the completion and satisfaction of its birth as a kitten.

The next morning Tang Susu put the stone bowl in the bag. With Gou Dan in her arms, she drove straight to the Guowen Hospital.

When she arrived, she found that the ward was very lively and crowded. In addition to the special care nurse from yesterday, there were also a bunch of doctors and nurses packed in there. Mrs. Shi was also there.

‘What's this situation?’

She had a good look at the tall special care nurse who was shrinking and cowering in a corner. Somehow, he looked a little pitiful. While she was thinking this, the other party passed over a bitter look at her.

Seeing Tang Susu, Mrs. Shi came over in exasperation and yelled loudly, "Why did you come only now? Cheng Xuan sent you here to take care of my son, not for you to come over and be a grandpa!"

"The company stipulates that I go to work at nine o'clock. I am not late, so I don't know what I did wrong?" Knowing that Mrs. Shi was deliberately looking for a fight, Tang Susu didn't let her win.

Mrs. Shi was rebuffed with her words. Her face turned white with anger, "You're fired!"

"I'm sorry, but you don't seem to have the right to fire me."

All that anger that Mrs. Shi couldn't vent because her son was hurt for no reason instantly exploded after hearing her.

"Well, I have no right! I'll let you see if I have the right or not."

A phone call came to the office of the president of the Dijiang.

"Sister-in-law, what do you want from me?" It was a long while before a man's slightly cold voice came from the other end of the phone.

"Cheng Xuan, the assistant you found for Xiao Chong is too unruly. I'm going to fire her."

"Oh? What did she do wrong?" The man asked carelessly.

"It’s not good anywhere. She is not pleasing to my eyes."

"I'm afraid that's not a good reason." After a pause, the man on the other end said, "If you have to fire someone just for looking unpleasant, I'm afraid Shi Chong would have been kicked out of Dijiang a hundred times already."

Tang Susu didn't hear what the person on the other end said, but she had witnessed that Mrs. Shi's face turned from white to blue to black again, and then she slammed her phone down to the ground.

It seemed that the communication had failed. Tang Susu silently applauded the CEO on the other end of the phone in her heart.

Mrs. Shi, who couldn't even deal with a small staff, was miserably beaten in the face. She gave Tang Susu a vicious glare. Not even caring about her son, she stormed out of the hospital room in a rage.

The noise here just now was a bit loud, which drew the attention of the other people in the ward. Seeing that they were all looking at her, Tang Susu spread her hands, gesturing that she was very innocent.

Without Mrs. Shi in the room, no one came over to trouble Tang Susu. Only now did she get to learn from that special care nurse about the accident that happened yesterday after she left.

No wonder Mrs. Shi's mood was so unstable, anyone who encountered this kind of misfortune would probably not be able to bear it.

Fortunately, the situation was rectified in time. Shi Chong looked a little more serious, but for a while, there was no sign of breathlessness. There were many doctors and nurses in the ward. It wasn’t that Shi Chong couldn’t make it, but Mrs. Shi refused to trust the judgment of a doctor, and insisted on bringing everyone over for a consultation.

The doctors at Guowen Hospital were already accustomed to the various demands of the patient's family and followed her wishes.

Now that Mrs. Shi had left, the doctors should go and do whatever they wanted. Only two people, Tang Susu and the special care nurse left in the ward. Because something went wrong yesterday, the special care nurse no longer dared to go out casually today. He dragged a stool right next to the bed while staring at Shi Chong.

Tang Susu was originally standing by the door. She noticed Gou Dan was dishonestly struggling in her arms, probably it had something to say. So Tang Susu carried it to the garden outside the hospital.

"It's a bit strange, the evil aura on that man is much less than when he was in the car accident. I'm afraid the evil spirit you were contaminated with, didn't come from him."

"How do you know that?"

"The evil aura on him didn't escape or pass to the man next to him. He wasn't the source of that spirit. Did you meet anyone else yesterday?"


In the meantime, Tang Susu frowned slightly and filtered the people she had met yesterday in her mind. In the end, only one person that was most suspicious left in her mind - Shen Xiaoyue.

She squeezed the Gou Dan's soft fleshy pads and asked, "Do you think there may be an item on Shen Xiaoyue's body that can emit evil spirit?"

Gou Dan tilted its little head and pondered for a moment, "It's not impossible, but such things are very rare. Usually, this type of thing wouldn't fall into the hands of ordinary people."

"In other words, there is still a possibility... Then, have you heard of the comb that Zhou Youwang gave to Bao Si?" Tang Susu's eyes turned and asked again.

"I don't know which one you're talking about. But in those times, a very strange comb did circulate, and it was a treasure to ward off evil spirits." Despite sleeping in the bowl for an unknown number of years, Gou Dan’s memory was still good. It had lived long enough to remember other things clearly, though its memories of successive owners were fuzzy.

"Seriously? What comb is so amazing?" Tang Susu asked with some curiosity.

"A horned comb, made from the end part of a single horn. Because the horn’s end part was from a beast that wards off evil spirits, so a comb made from its single horn also carries this ability."

"And was that comb black?"

"How is it possible, the horn’s end part of that one-horned beast is white."

Tang Susu was lost in deep thought. ‘Could there be another comb in the world that was opposite to its ability?’

If that comb was obtained by Shen Xiaoyue, then everything that had happened before seemed to make sense. Yesterday, that special care nurse had also said that Special Assistant Zhang had taken the comb away from Shi Chong's side for Shen Xiaoyue before he died. That is to say, the comb had been at Shi Chong's and Special Assistant Zhang's sides before returning to Shen Xiaoyue's hands after their car accident.

Thinking about it this way, one couldn't help but creep out.

In the world, is there really such a thing that kills invisibly?

These all were still her guesses. Whether or not they were true, would have to wait until Shen Xiaoyue's next visit.


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