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Chapter 45: Face to Face

“Hey, hold on.” The bartender saw she was about to leave, opened his mouth and called out to her. Seeing Tang Susu turn her head, he said with hesitation, “Qi Yang is a good person. Could there be any misunderstanding?”

“Whether or not it’s a misunderstanding, I’ll know only after I find him. Don’t worry, this is after all a lawful society. I won’t do anything to him.”

Leaving the pub and sitting in the car, Tang Susu turned her head to ask Gou Dan, “How was it? Was he telling the truth?”

“The person wasn’t lying earlier.”

“Looks like we’ve met a devoted vixen.” In the legendary Tales of the Strange, vixens had always had one of two reasons to appear in human form.

One was to repay kindness, the other was to lure scholars and harm their lives.

She had always thought that Bai Mian had encountered the second type. But from the looks of it, it seemed to be the first type instead. Too bad the person this vixen was repaying kindness to wasn’t Bai Mian.

It looked like she had to visit Miss Jian, whom that vixen had dated for seven to eight years.

With the help of the Bai family, Tang Susu quickly got Jian Danfei’s information.

This Miss Jian Danfei was a model with little fame and had gotten a rather good opportunity a year ago. She was initially set to become famous overnight but because of the unexpected sudden accident, she had been lying in the hospital since.

Whereas, the model who replaced her had become famous, but unfortunately passed away in an accident not long after turning famous.

Coincidentally, the hospital that Jian Danfei was in was the same as the one that had previously operated on Old Lady Tang.

Before leaving for the hospital, Tang Susu took out the horn comb. Watching Gou Dan staring at her, she rubbed its head amusedly. "Didn't you absorb Evil Energy recently? Just attach it to this so that if there are any dangers, they can still be blocked.”

The horn comb was, after all, an item made from not any ordinary material but from the body of Rui beast, allowing it to contain the seven emotions.

Gou Dan followed Susu’s instructions and channeled Evil Energy into the horn comb. The snow-white comb was gradually stained black, then a strand of red thread, that looked like a blood vessel, appeared on it.

It looked even more vile and dangerous than when she had first seen it.

Tang Susu held down the feeling of discomfort in her heart, picked it up, put it in her bag, and walked out of the house.

Arriving at the hospital, she looked through the visitor name list and easily obtained Jian Danfei’s ward number from the nurse.

It was also through the conversation with the nurse that she learned that Jian Danfei wasn’t in a good condition. She had hurt her head when she had been admitted to the hospital a year ago and had been unconscious since hospitalization.

Recently, her organs had started to fail, and it was very likely that her body wouldn’t be able to sustain itself any longer.

Following the direction where the nurse was pointing, Tang Susu found Jian Danfei's ward. She stayed in a single ward, lying quietly on the white and blue checkered sheets, with the quilt covering up to her chest.

Her cheeks were filled with a slight blush, and her skin was shiny and delicate as if she was only sound asleep. There was a stunning and beautiful bouquet of red roses on the bedside cabinet, setting off the patient lying on the hospital bed.

Seeing Jian Danfei's current situation, Tang Susu's face turned gloomy.

A vegetable who had been lying in the hospital for a year looked better than Tang Susu, a normal person. Even if she knew in her heart that the fault wasn't on Jian Danfei, she couldn't calm the trace of anger in her heart.

"Isn't she dying? But it doesn't look like she is, though." Tang Susu stood by the bed, looking condescendingly at the person lying on the bed.

Gou Dan glanced at the woman on the hospital bed. "She was forcibly injected with anger to delay her death -- death energy and anger coexist. The situation isn’t very good. If there isn't a large amount of anger used to remove the death energy, it won’t be able to stop the death energy from consuming her. To want to keep alive a person who is meant to die isn’t an easy task.”

Tang Susu didn’t make a sound. That moment earlier on, she even had a thought that if she were to give another push to turn this woman completely dead, Bai Mian wouldn’t face trouble.

Too bad she couldn’t.

Disregarding anything else, her bottom line must not be lowered, or sooner or later she wouldn’t be able to hold on to her humanity.

But not harming people's lives didn’t mean that she couldn’t do anything else. The threat coming from the vixen was too much. If she didn’t seek to collect more benefits for herself, she wouldn’t be able to obtain the possibilities to negotiate.

She sat sideways by the bed, took out the comb from her bag, picked up a strand of black hair on the pillow, and slowly combed downwards.

In ancient times, before a woman’s wedding, her mother would sing a hair-combing song in hopes of bringing good blessings to her daughter.

No matter ancient or modern times, this behavior was more like an entrustment, and no one actually expected it to really bring anything. But there must be a reason why this legend still existed.

In actual fact, people never felt those blessings only because the combs they used were the wrong ones.

Before the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, fierce beasts ran rampant, and there were also many Rui beasts. People would hunt the beasts when their daughters got married to get their horns or bones to make combs. Those combs carried the auspiciousness from the Rui beasts.

It was a pity that after centuries of events, the horn comb in her hand was the last thing that had been left behind from that era.

At this moment, the horn comb was full of evil energy and filthy aura. And if used to comb her hair, it would no longer be auspicious.

Tang Susu picked up Jian Danfei's hair strands, combing them slowly for a while, then suddenly said, "I remember that Shen Xiaoyue seemed to have combed Shi Chong's hair the last time. Not only was Shi Chong okay, but the evil energy on his body also decreased. Why was that so?"

Gou Dan shook its tail. “Blessings and curses are determined by the wills of people at that exact moment. Perhaps at that time, Shen Xiaoyue hadn't properly prepared herself to kill him.”

Upon hearing this, Tang Susu smiled for a moment. If Shen Xiaoyue had been able to be cruel back then, perhaps she would be alright now.

Half an hour quickly passed by. Tang Susu looked at her masterpiece delightedly and put the comb back in the bag. At the same time, the door of the hospital ward was pushed open from the outside.

“Who are you?”

A tall and slim man stood outside the door. Standing against the light, one could also feel that his gaze carried wariness and hostility.

Tang Susu turned around to face the person and examined him properly. If not for Gou Dan’s warning, she wouldn’t have noticed anything strange in the other person.

He clearly was just a slightly better-looking man, yet he wasn’t human.

Meeting the pair of light-brown pupils, Tang Susu fell into a daze but quickly turned sober. Looking at this man who had suddenly appeared in front of her gave her goosebumps.

Seeing her snapping out of the daze in the blink of an eye, surprise flashed in Qi Yang's eyes, and his expression grew a little serious. "Who are you and what are you doing here? If you aren’t going to say anything, then don't blame me for being impolite."

“I am Bai Mian’s friend. As I can’t find her, I can only… visit your ex-girlfriend.” Tang Susu bore through the uneasiness in her heart. Her face didn’t reveal any strangeness.

The words she said didn’t really make any logical sense, but Qi Yang understood. His expression turned cold, and he turned his head to look at Jian Danfei who was lying on the bed. She was still the same as yesterday; there was no change, but he had a feeling that something was wrong.

This woman seemed to know something.


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