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Chapter 40: Female Companion

“There’s no hurry. I’m outside your house. Open the door for me first.” Shi Chengxuan’s voice came along with a slight laughter.

Hanging up the phone and sitting on the bed for a minute, Tang Susu left the bedroom in her pajamas.

The man standing outside wore a well-fitted suit with a long dark-colored coat hanging on his arm. With her fluffy rabbit pajamas, this created a stark contrast.

“Give me ten minutes. I’ll be done quickly.” Tang Susu turned around and prepared to wash up.

Then she heard clear laughter from behind.

After taking two steps, her body froze. She subconsciously touched the back of her body and felt the little tail ball hanging from her pants.

And then, just like nothing had happened, she let go and continued walking.

Taking the opportunity of the free time while Tang Susu was getting ready, Shi Chengxuan casually placed his coat on the back of the sofa, headed to the kitchen, and very naturally took out a carton of milk from the fridge.

When Tang Susu was finally ready and came out, she was greeted by two freshly made sandwiches and a cup of warm milk.

Shi Chengxuan sat on the opposite side of the dining table and gestured for her to sit. “There’s still time. Have breakfast first.”

Alright, since the boss said so.

She sat down swiftly and took a bite of the sandwich. After staring at the person sitting opposite for a while, she then slowly realised and asked, “Should I change into a dress?”

As the weather was cold, she really didn’t want to wear clothes that were purely beautiful and not warm. However, since it was her best friend’s engagement banquet, she couldn’t possibly turn up wrapped into a ball.

And even more importantly, she was Shi Chengxuan’s female companion today.

The man next to her was in a suit, whereas her being in a down jacket was like asking for a beating.

“Secretary Wu will send the dress over later. There’s no hurry.”

“Oh.” With how things had turned out now, she didn’t want to think about what kind of expression Secretary Wu would show when he saw her later.

If it wasn’t to see Bai Mian again, she would never have asked Shi Chengxuan to take her to the engagement ceremony. She could imagine what kind of situation she would have landed herself in once the banquet was over.

She hadn’t expected the other party to agree to her excessive requests.

The moment she finished her breakfast, Secretary Wu brought over the dress that had been customized for her -- a white long-sleeved gown with a mermaid tail; there was even a same-colored down jacket.

When she went into the room to change, Secretary Wu secretly peeked at his boss again and again.

When had his boss ever brought a female partner to any event! When he first received the message, he thought his boss’s account had been hacked.

Tsk. Indeed, one must not judge a book by its cover. DIdn’t this mean that he needed to be more courteous to Tang Susu in future? Who knew when she may become his lady boss.

While Secretary Wu was still pondering over this issue, he felt a cold gaze fixed on him. He quickly reacted. “Does the boss have any other orders?”

“You can leave now.”

“Yes.” Sigh. Years of bonding weren’t comparable to the beauty in front of him. He already despised him.

Bai Mian’s and Shen Shenxing’s engagement banquet was located at Tianhua Hotel, which had a manor style and was located at the outskirts of the Fenglin City. By the time Tang Susu and Shi Chengxuan arrived, it was already past 10 A.M.

Sitting in the car, one could see the luxury cars driving into the lobby one by one. As large and prestigious families in Fenglin City, the marriage of the Bai and Shen families had captivated many people.

When the Bentley, with Shi Chengxuan and Tang Susu, stopped at the entrance of the banquet hall, before the car door was opened, the family head of the Shen family who was greeting the guests at the door had already come up to them.

“President Shi, welcome to my son’s engagement banquet.” The head of the Shen family was Shen Han, who was just over 40 years old. With two moustaches, his smile made one feel the excitement deep within his heart.

“Congratulations, President Shen.” Shi Chengxuan’s expression was faint. Though the words he said were full of congratulations, there was no sincerity to be found on his face.

Shen Han didn’t care. Everyone knew about Shi Chengxuan’s temper. The fact that he had turned up at the ceremony was already giving him a lot of face, so there was no reason for him to nitpick over other matters. The Shen family was indeed unafraid of the Shi family, but with the lesson of Tang Qiming still lingering, no one was willing to casually provoke a person like Shi Chengxuan.

“President Shi, come in quickly.”

Shi Chengxuan nodded slightly but did not follow Shen Han in immediately. Instead, he went to the other side of the car door and opened it.

Golden heels descended onto the ground, making a small sound. Shen Chengxuan reached out his hand and the person inside placed her hand on his palm, then walked out of the car.

Shen Chengxuan had actually brought a female companion! Shen Han couldn’t hide his astonishment for a while, as he stared at Tang Susu.

“This lady is?”

“My female partner. Susu, greet Mr. Shen.” Shi Chengxuan turned his head slightly and spoke gently to the person next to him.

“Hello, Mr. Shen. I am Tang Susu.” Tang Susu showed a professional smile to the other party -- reserved yet polite.

“Miss Tang, welcome.” Shen Han said with a smile.


This surname flashed in Shen Han’s head. His gaze carried some strangeness when he looked at Tang Susu again.

If he remembered correctly, Tang Qiming seemed to have a daughter named Tang Susu, right?

After Shen Han led them to the hall, he was called out again, probably due to the arrival of an important guest. Leaving behind Tang Susu with Shi Chengxuan, they watched the waves of people approaching them again and again.

The curious gazes from around were almost overwhelming her. She moved slightly closer to the person next to her, trying to block herself using him.

“Are you cold?” After sending away a business partner who had come to greet him, Shi Chengxuan lowered his head and asked her.

Tightening her cloak, Tang Susu shook her head. The golden bead earrings followed her movements and swung in elegant arcs. “I only find that it’s a little dangerous to stand next to you.”

Shi Chengxuan chuckled and swept away her hair for her. His actions seemed rather intimate to the outsiders. “Then you have to follow me tightly. It’ll be dangerous if you lose your way.”

“I will.” This was the so-called not being able to get off after embarking a pirate’s ship. Therefore, one must tie themself firmly to the ship to prevent from falling and drowning in the sea.

At around ten-thirty, the melodious music in the hall paused. Most of the invited guests had already arrived and both the Bai and Shen families had appeared in the hall. Everyone was only waiting for the host to announce the start of the ceremony.

Thinking of being able to see Bai Mian later, Tang Susu was a little nervous. She didn’t know how surprised Tang Qi, who had come with her parents, and the number of people discussing her behind her back were.

“Who’s the woman next to Shi Chengxuan? I’ve never seen her in the past.” Someone talked softly to their companion, voice filled with curiosity.

“I just heard the Shen family head addressing her as Miss Tang. Could she be someone from the Tang family?” As they continued, the chattering group turned their heads to look at Tang Qi who was walking over to join them.

A touch of discomfort flashed across Tang Qi’s face. “She is my sister, Tang Susu.”


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