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Chapter 34: Humanised Tai Sui

Lin Jintang looked at Tang Susu with a serious expression and asked, “Say, why do you think humans are so vicious?”

Tang Susu had no answers; she would also like to know the answer to this. However, the person with the answer to this question had already died, and she would never have the chance to ask her.

“God probably couldn’t stand it any longer and decided to give me a hand. After I was released from prison, I heard that the neighbours had helped organise Grandma Zhang Luo’s funeral. Because there wasn’t money for cremation, they decided to bury her in a mushroom bush on the mountain behind the village. I often visit my Grandma’s grave, and one day, I dug out a piece of flesh from the ground.”

Lin Jintang put on a stiff smile. "Then I continued digging and dug many pieces of flesh out. I put them together and guess what I saw?" He suddenly lowered his voice and whispered, "I put together a human figure! So, I dug up my grandma's grave. There was nothing in it. Only then did I know that the flesh I dug out was from my grandma's corpse."

The more Lin Jintang said, the more Tang Susu's brows furrowed. Why did it sound so uncanny? She couldn't help but glance at Gou Dan who was squatting on the side and listening seriously.

Gou Dan shook its head at her. Evidently, it couldn’t figure out the situation either.

So she continued listening to Lin Jintang talk. "Someone told me that Tai Sui excavated from a grave possesses a curse. So, I concluded that by giving the Tai Sui flesh to the enemy to eat, I would be able to seek revenge one day! After that, I delivered one to the Tang family. At that time, because I was in prison, the Tang family felt that I was an embarrassment and stopped associating with me. But ever since I’ve sent that piece of Tai Sui, Grandpa Tang’s attitude towards me has improved. Even during the New Year festivals, your grandma doesn’t forget to give me gifts."

“Where are those goods?”

“Hehe. You have indeed noticed. Before those goods were sun dried, they were soaked in the giant basin. They were also stained by the curse.”

Tang Susu didn’t know who had told him about the so-called curse he believed in, but with Lin Jintang following the person's instructions, it was proven that the curse was very effective.

“Then what’s with the Tai Sui that you sent over the other day?”

“You can’t blame me for this. I wasn’t intending to give that Tai Sui to the Tang family. After all, that was formed from my grandma’s corpse. You can only blame your father’s greed for this.” He smirked a little. “Earlier, Uncle Ming looked for me after knowing that I still had Tai Sui. He asked me to give it to your grandma in front of the masses on her birthday and tell everyone that the Tai Sui was dug out from Linjia Village.”

At that moment, Tang Susu knew. It was indeed Tang Qiming who was directing these incidents from behind the scenes. If there hadn’t been a mania for Tai Sui, then the land where Linjia Village stood wouldn’t have caught the attention of the Dijiang Group.

However, in the end, even after so many calculations, he had still failed.

Tang Susu wondered whether he was angered to the point of vomiting blood at this moment.

“So you went to steal the Tai Sui back then just because it was a piece of your grandmother’s corpse?”

“Not just because of that… these Tai Sui are not auspicious. Except me, those who have touched it will encounter all sorts of accidents. Why else do you think that no one has stolen it even though I left the Tai Sui in the courtyard? If those people who came over had asked around from the people in the village, they would have known how vicious that thing was. Too bad they were too greedy and impatient.”

Tang Susu recalled the looks of that middle-aged man who had dug out the Tai Sui and thought that she could go check out his condition once she returned, but Lin Jintang couldn’t be blamed for this matter.

“I’ve finished saying what I need to say. Do you still think that you can help me?” Lin Jintang looked towards Tang Susu, his eyes filled with an anticipation that he did not notice.

“What kind of state do you think they must end up in in order to compensate for your grandmother’s life?”

“What if I want all of them to die?” He said firmly.

Tang Susu laughed. “Of course, there is no issue as long as you exchange it with 50 years of your lifespan.”

“Lifespan?” Lin Jintang's pupils shrunk slightly as he hadn’t expected Tang Susu’s price tag to be something so ethereal.

If he hadn’t experienced such a mystical occurrence of his grandmother’s corpse turning into Tai Sui, he might have treated this as a joke. Evidently, the truth was not as such.

He shook his head to decline. “I will not use my life to exchange for anything. I’m the only one left in the Lin family. I still need to continue living properly.”

This reply wasn’t at all surprising so Tang Susu wasn’t disappointed. Whereas, it was Gou Dan who was struck by this reaction and laid itself out like a piece of cat fur leather.

"There is no lifespan that can be exchanged for other things. But I’m afraid that the ending you want won’t be so perfect." Seeing Lin Jintang's eyes light up, she stretched out her index finger to stop him from talking. She continued, "People without greed will never have a good ending. You must think clearly before you speak.”

The color of Lin Jintang’s face changed. He didn’t rush to say anything but instead pondered seriously for a few minutes. When he had finally set his mind, he said with a determination, “I want Lin Zilan and Tang Zesheng to live under my grandma’s shadow forever. Even when they’re asleep, they must repent.”

“Just this?” She was expecting Lin Jintang to be harsher instead of just targeting the two old folks of the Tang family.

Lin Jintang grinned. "This is enough. Anyway, the Tang family won’t end up well anyway."

"You are clever." Tang Susu sneered. Lin Jintang saw her attitude towards the Tang family and felt that sooner or later she would do something against the Tang family, so he chose to continue waiting.

She couldn’t help but say that this person’s patience was the best that she had ever seen.


“You need to pay me thirteen years of positive energy.”

“Positive energy? What will happen to me if I lose it?” Lin Jintang was evidently at a loss with the exchange proposed by Tang Susu. This was way too hard to comprehend for him.

“Positive energy is the source of your courage. Once you lose it, you will not help an old lady when she falls, you will choose to close your eyes when you see a theft on the bus, Filthy Aura will easily gather in your house. Over time, you will start to grow suspicions or nurture evil thoughts.”

“Sounds like the consequences of losing positive energy are very tragic.”

“You can choose to exchange it with your lifespan. Just seven years is sufficient and it won’t change your daily life.”

“No need. It’s a deal.”

Tang Susu curled her lips and stretched out a hand towards him.

Lin Jintang hesitated for a moment before taking her hand. The moment the two of them shook hands, he felt a burn on his index finger. When he let go, a black five-petal claw mark appeared on his finger.

“The agreement takes effect the moment I fulfill your request. It will not take more than a week. I wish you the best.”

Lin Jintang nodded his head in silence. “I will burn the remaining Tai Sui and place them back in my grandma’s grave.”


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