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Chapter 37: Ruthlessness

“The doctor said there was no problem, but it isn’t the most frightening part. The problem is that even Grandpa said that he’s seen it too. My mom even forced me to visit them daily. Now, I dare not even step into the ward. Do you think that there’s a ghost around?” Mi Zheng asked as he trembled a little.

“What are you afraid of? It’s not as if you did something against your conscience. Even if there is a ghost, it won’t haunt you. Alright, if you don’t want to visit then go plead to your mom. It’s not like you’re a doctor, what’s the point of you going there everyday?”

“Fine… Oh yes, yesterday that woman complained to Uncle, saying that you left without a word. Uncle seemed to be angry and even announced to everyone that he wanted to chase you out of the Tang family.” Mi Zheng’s voice sounded dejected. Although he often came over to the Tang family with his mother, and both grandparents treated him well, he was after all from the Mi family and in no position to intervene.

He seriously couldn’t stand his uncle’s attitude towards Sister Susu, always pointing out her flaws and not even reflecting on his own role as a father. How shameless. And the wife that he found afterwards was like a white lotus* -- extremely shameless -- pretending to be nice and virtuous, but always making things difficult for Sister Susu whenever there was an opportunity. She even lifted Tang Qi just to step on Sister Susu. If he were to say, even ten Tang Qis weren’t comparable to his sister!

[t/n: This is a Chinese slang that refers to someone pretending to be naive and innocent on the outside (hence the color “white”), yet is very scheming on the inside.]

“I’ve been chased out by him long ago. Back then, I couldn’t even find any job, but look at me now. I’m doing pretty well.”

“Really? Sister, if you don’t have money, you can let me know. My allowance is ample.”

This made Tang Susu laugh. “Alright. Your sister isn’t in such a pathetic state yet. Don’t always be cooped up in the hospital. Go back early.”

“Got it. Then, I’ll be hanging up. Bye-bye.”


Ending the call, Tang Susu leaned against the chair. The smile on her lips got bigger. Those who had committed wrongs must always pay the price for it. Retribution had finally come.

Thereafter, Tang Susu never visited the hospital. But Mi Zheng would call her occasionally, so she was rather aware of the situation of the heads of the Tang family.

Old Mrs. Tang had been hospitalized for over a month. The wounds on her head had long recovered yet both she and Old Mr. Tang claimed that they had seen a ghost. Despite multiple checks, they couldn’t find out the issue with their health.

At last, despite changing a few hospitals, no doctors said there was anything wrong.

They had both initially only seen a “ghost”, but then they started having insomnia. As a result they began relying on sleeping pills every night and, in less than two months, the both of them were mentally tossed inside and out.

The junior Tang family members who were filial had disappeared, leaving behind two highly-paid caretakers and this mentally unstable old couple.

This family that looked amicable and loving in the public eye had now quietly disintegrated without anyone realizing.

Tang Qiming’s mood recently had been terrible. First, his parents suddenly went mad for no reason. Unable to find out the cause, he could only lock them up in the old mansion. In addition, the company had a problem where he was unable to obtain the capital turnover and the bank loan couldn’t be granted.

It was as if at that moment, all the unfortunate events had landed on him.

“Boss, the news from the court has come, asking for mediation. What do you think?” Special Assistant Lin Xi carefully inquired.

“What’s there to mediate? After flushing money down the drain, they’re asking for mediation! Dream on!” Tang Qiming snarled.

“But the company is short of capital flow. If the mediation is successful, we get to retrieve the money from Yushu Town and the situation will be eased by a lot.”

Lin Xi calmly evaluated.

After a moment of silence, Tang Qiming finally nodded his head. “Alright.”

Although he really wanted to press the matter on, the current situation didn’t allow him to be so willful. The business industry was like a battlefield. Such was reality -- one must learn to lower his head when he loses.

After receiving his boss’s affirmation, Lin Xi immediately left to make arrangements. Tang Qiming slumped on his chair as he closed his eyes wearily.

Be it the matters happening at Tang family or the Tang business, none of them had affected Tang Susu’s daily life and neither had she bothered about them. It was until a certain day at the end of the month when she suddenly heard from the gossip circulating in her office saying that the development project on the resort invested in by the Di Jiang Group was about to begin, that her heart was stirred.

Indeed, within just a few days, this gossip was confirmed. The Di Jiang Group had bought over the Tang business’s ownership of the land when Linjia Village was at a low price and had even gotten the legal approval. Right now, Linjia Village’s land was undergoing a large-scale relocation.

Upon hearing this news, Tang Susu was also shocked. Previously, her boss hadn’t seemed to be so interested in the Linjia Village’s land and had even rejected the Tang business’s proposal on joint development. And instead now, he had eliminated the Tang business from the game.

How ruthless.

Currently, she wasn’t the only one who thought this way. Everyone that was following this land closely felt the same too. Shi Chengxuan had forced the Tang business to make such a big loss that amounted to more than 200 million.

It was equivalent to simply sending money over to the enemy. But what could be done? The Tang overseas businesses had to be glorified at all costs. Otherwise, the consequences would be more than simply making compensations.

If things could be put to a stop here, no matter how furious Tang Qiming may be, he could only admit defeat. But not long after, news from Linjia Village came in, saying that protective excavation of the old grave had started, which didn’t delay construction of the resort.

Tang Qiming had put in so much effort to get insider information. Though that old grave was within Linjia Village, it was in the mountains, which was much further away from the land which he had previously bought. Furthermore, they had even dug out an onsen in Linjia Village, causing the value of the land to skyrocket. From the beginning till the end, he had been fooled!

On the day of receiving this news, the CEO of the Tang business fainted and was sent to the hospital in an ambulance, with wife and daughter accompanying him.

Tang Susu learnt about this from the local news. Oddly, she sympathized with Tang Qiming a little. At the same time, she also developed a sense of fear for the man sitting in the office not far away, who had controlled the entire scheme.

Tang Qiming, who was almighty and strong in her eyes, had become so easy to be played around with. It was only until the end of the entire show that he realized he had lost.

What a scary person!

Ever since receiving the Bowl of Seven Emotions, she had always believed that she could control everything. But now she realised that she had lots more to learn in order to go far. In this world, there would always be people who she was unable to face against. She could only hope to not offend the other party.

After more than two months, nobody asked about the Tang family. Tang Susu received a delivery from an unknown origin.

Inside the parcel was a sandalwood bracelet. Its width was about two fingers and the bracelet had exquisite and delicate patterns carved into it. Other than the bracelet, there was also a letter in it.

The letter was simple and short. It was signed off by Lin Jintang.

To thank her for her help, Lin Jintang gave her a bangle that he had coincidentally picked up at the back of the mountain and also bid goodbye to her.

Tang Susu took out the bracelet and studied it for a while, then placed it in her day-bag and, bit by bit, she tore the letter into pieces.

The relocation of the villagers in Linjia Village was completed in two months. Today, the entire village belonged to the development team of the Di Jiang Group. The villagers had taken their compensation for relocation and left the place. Nobody knew where they had settled themselves down.

In future, they would probably never meet again.

This might be for the better. Since the deal was already completed, not meeting again was the best ending.

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