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Chapter 59: Self-indulgent

As the host of the auction house, her fiancé still needs to snatch from others if he wants something, but she hasn't robbed the item back for him yet, and she doesn't feel ashamed and dares to come to Tang Susu to find fault.

Huang Xiaoxiao's face sank after hearing Tang Susu's words, but Qi Yue, who was beside her, said to Tang Susu, "If Miss Tang doesn't like this mirror one day, please let me know at any time, I'm willing to buy it at the original price."

Tang Susu smiled and took the business card he handed over.

'Since I got this mirror, Gou Dan has been lying on it and won't get down, which shows that this thing has an extraordinary origin. I don't know if Qi Yue knew it early on, or if he made a mistake, just because he liked it.'

But no matter what the reason, the ownership of this mirror is not in her hands, and it is not her turn to deal with it.

She didn't refuse just now, just because she couldn't hurt Shi Chengxuan's face in public. The mirror is worth more than 20 million, if she accepts it like this, Tang Susu is afraid that she will not be able to pay it back even in her next life.

Obviously, everyone is about to tear their skin, but Huang Xiaoxiao still refuses to leave, it seems that she is planning to wait for Shi Chengxuan to come back.

Tang Susu simply sat aside and waited to watch the excitement.

Not long after, Shi Chengxuan came over with a young man in a white suit.

After the man came over, he smiled at Tang Susu and introduced himself: "I heard Brother Xuan mention Miss Tang a long time ago. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Xue Yang."

"Hello, Mr. Xue." Tang Susu got up and shook hands with Xue Yang.

"Chengxuan, I have something I want to tell you alone, is it inconvenient?" Huang Xiaoxiao suddenly said this time, and the eyes of several people turned to her.

Shi Chengxuan looked at Tang Susu, who nodded to him, "I'll wait for you here."

"I'll ask the driver to take Miss Tang back first." Huang Xiaoxiao said again, seeing Shi Chengxuan's indifferent face, she couldn't help but say, "I saw my aunt before I came back, she misses you very much."

Shi Chengxuan turned to Xue Yang and said, "Send Susu back for me."

"No problem." Xue Yang made an OK gesture, turned to Tang Susu, and said, "Miss Tang, let's go first?"

"Let's go." Tang Susu got up and followed Xue Yang away.

Xue Yang drove out of the auction house and saw that Tang Susu had been sitting silently in the passenger seat. Thinking of what happened just now, he couldn't help explaining a thing or two for Shi Chengxuan, "Huang Xiaoxiao probably has something serious to talk about with Brother Xuan."

When it comes to Shi Chengxuan's biological mother, Xue Yang can't say much. He is not sure what the relationship between Tang Susu and Brother Xuan is.

But what happened just now was bad.

If he were Tang Susu, he would have left long ago. After all these years of going abroad, Huang Xiaoxiao is still so disgusting.

Tang Susu twitched the corner of his mouth, "Mr. Xue is too concerned, I am not qualified to take care of the president's affairs."

A single sentence completely defined the relationship between her and Shi Chengxuan.

From beginning to end, what they had was a pure subordinate relationship, where is the ambiguity?

Xue Yang's mouth twitched, feeling that the situation was not very good.

"No, although Brother Xuan and Huang Xiaoxiao had a relationship, that was a few years ago, don't worry about it!"

"Does Mr. Xue know that I am an assistant in the Dijiang Group?"

"Ah?" Xue Yang looked at her inexplicably.

Tang Susu curled the corners of her mouth, "I don't plan to be promoted." The position of the president's wife or lover is not suitable for her, and she has no such plan.

"..." So, is Brother Xuan being affectionate?

Xue Yang looked at Tang Susu's indifferent expression and silently lit a candle in his heart for Shi Chengxuan.

After sending Tang Susu home safely, and adding a WeChat message, Xue Yang drove his Hummer away. Tang Susu returned home with the bronze mirror worth tens of millions in her bag.

After locking the door and taking the bronze mirror out of the bag, she saw Gou Dan lying flat on the bronze mirror, rubbing and rubbing on it with an intoxicated face.

Tang Susu couldn't help but twitch the corner of her mouth and tore it off the bronze mirror.

"Meow~" Gou Dan was held by its neck, slashed a few small paws in the air, and finally settled down and stopped trying to grab the mirror.

"Tell me, what is this? It feels a little strange?" The antique mirror made her feel too strange.

"This is the mirror used by the previous owner, and it still has the owner's breath on it."

"Is it not just an ordinary mirror?" Tang Susu stood up, and in the mirror, a blurry shadow could be seen on the smooth mirror surface, and it was not clear. She didn't know if it was her illusion, but the silhouette of the shadow doesn't seem to be the same as hers.

She felt that something was wrong in her heart, but she couldn't find the clue, so she had to give up thinking temporarily.

She flipped the mirror upside down on the table, and Gou Dan jumped on it again. Tang Susu didn't care about it, and let it play on its own.

After changing clothes and taking off her makeup, Gou Dan has already played the game of rolling the mirror. Every time he sees the mirror falling on the table, Tang Susu's heart skips a beat.

Even if it falls out, it can't be repaid even if it is sold.

She was thinking of returning the mirror and the set of gemstone jewelry when she went to work the next day, but she got the news that the boss had gone to the imperial capital. So she went to Secretary Wu, but the other party refused to take the things and asked her to tell the boss herself.

Tang Susu stared at Shi Chengxuan's number on the phone for a long time but did not dial out.

It has been more than a week since Shi Chengxuan left. He was not seen by anyone in the company, but he was seen on the gossip news.

The person who had an affair with him was a little star in a girl group with a baby face and always showed her innocence. The paparazzi took a photo of the two walking out of the clubhouse together.

This news only hung on the Internet for more than an hour, and when she read it again, it was all taken down. Tang Susu clicked on the photo on the computer, stared at it for a while, and then deleted the photo.

"Susu, are you in a bad mood?" Gou Dan squatted on her desk and asked her with its head raised.

"No, I'm in a good mood."


In a courtyard in the imperial capital, the cold wind whistled outside, and a thin layer of snow was sprinkled on the ground. The wind whipped up snow particles and slapped the gate, causing a regular vibration.

The vibration continued for a while, and the door finally opened, revealing a man standing at the door, wrapped in a long black down jacket.

The man looked into the courtyard, saw that no one came out, hesitated for a moment, and stepped into the courtyard.

Compared with the cold wind outside, the house is full of spring flowers. The two pots of rhododendrons placed by the window have already bloomed, and the red flowers were dotted among the leaves, bringing a touch of bright color to this simple house.

"Cousin, the news has been withdrawn. How about I refund your ticket back? It's hard to come here. What are you doing in such a hurry." Chu Heng took off his chimney-like barrel-shaped down jacket. , revealing the white knitted sweater and khaki pants inside, at first glance he looked like a student who had not left school.

Chu Heng walked to the coffee table and sat down on a small stool, staring at the man pouring tea with his eyes down.


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