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Chapter 49: The Pursuer

The netizens were very excited. Among the thousands of comments, 80% were scolding Bai Mian, and others even went to the Bai Group’s official website to leave messages, asking Bai Mian to apologize to the people she had hurt: the classmates who had gotten bullied by her and the pitiful Shen Shenxing.

Seeing how things were going, Tang Susu couldn't help but feel a little strange. But it didn’t seem like the Shen family was behind the manipulation of public opinion.

This kind of pettiness actually meant nothing to Bai Mian and the Bai Group.

After all, Bai Mian wasn’t a public figure. No one had the right to label her as good or evil. But the person behind this clearly wanted to step on Bai Mian’s reputation and separate her from Shen Shenxing completely. If this hadn’t been plotted by the Shen family, then who had played these shallow tricks?

It was a pity that no one could solve her doubts for her. After a little more than a month, there were fewer and fewer posts about Bai Mian, and not many people focused on her anymore.

Since winter began, the weather had been getting colder and colder. Tang Susu laid on the bed every day, wishing to sleep with the electric blanket till the end of the world, and didn't want to get out of the bed.

The alarm at the bedside rang several times before she finally got up. The room was dimly lit. When Tang Susu opened the curtains of a window, she realized it was snowing heavily outside.

Today happened to be December 24th, Christmas Eve. Tang Susu recalled that yesterday, someone seemed to have invited her to dinner today.

Until she entered the company lobby, she was still thinking about whether to agree to that male colleague’s invitation. After all, she had been in the company for nearly half a year, and this was the only person who had taken the initiative to invite her out to dinner.

Coincidentally, while waiting for the elevator, she saw the male colleague Su Hanting again. After seeing Tang Susu, he smiled and walked over to greet her. "Good morning."

"Good morning." Tang Susu nodded slightly.

"Do you have time for a meal together in the evening? I hear that the pan-seared foie gras in Norman Restaurant is delicious." Su Hanting turned his head slightly and spoke to her.

This person had a pair of very clean eyes.

Tang Susu had had this feeling the first time she had seen Su Hanting, and it was precisely because of this reason that she hadn’t outright refused his invitation yesterday.

Tang Susu opened her mouth slightly, and when she was about to answer, she suddenly felt like the lobby was quiet. When she looked back, she saw the person behind her was Shi Chengxuan.

He hadn't come to the company for more than half a month; she heard that he was on an overseas business trip. Tang Susu thought this in a daze, as she looked at the man who was getting closer.

Shi Chengxuan didn’t wear a suit today. Instead, he wore a black leather coat and a pair of leather shoes on his feet. His face no longer wore the solemn and calmness as he did in the past, yet the smile that at the corner of his mouth gave off both a frivolous and evil vibe.

Tang Susu pursed her lips, suddenly feeling a little nervous.

The sound of the leather shoes stepping on the floor was clear and distinct. The sound got closer and stopped next to her. He didn't glance at Tang Susu, but only stood beside her. Apparently, he was just waiting for the elevator.

This made Tang Susu breathe a sigh of relief.

"Good morning, Chairman." Being abruptly interrupted by someone, who also happened to be the boss, Su Hanting quietly moved two steps to the side and greeted Shi Chengxuan who was next to him.

Shi Chengxuan turned his head, his dark pupils scanning the area around him, and then nodded in response.

Because of Shi Chengxuan’s appearance, no one dared to speak casually. Su Hanting had to swallow back his unfinished words and even waited until he got out of the elevator, when he didn’t get a chance to talk to Tang Susu.

When the elevator door was about to close, Su Hanting waved at her. Tang Susu laughed, thinking his action was a bit silly.

The elevator continued moving upwards, until it was left with only Tang Susu and Shi Chengxuan in it. In the narrow space, it was so quiet that only breathing sounds could be heard. Tang Susu suddenly felt uncomfortable.

“A pursuer?”

“Who?” Tang Susu was startled. Then she understood. “You mean Su Hanting?”

Shi Chengxuan hooked his lower lip. “Are there other people as well?”

Tang Susu shrugged her shoulders. “There’s only one person.”

"Su Hanting is well-known in the company and is capable. If there are no accidents, he will soon be promoted to department manager." It was rare for Shi Chengxuan to actually praise someone.

"I see..." Tang Susu didn't know what to say. Weren’t promotions a secret? Was it really okay for the boss to just tell her this!


The elevator reached the top floor, and Tang Susu turned sideways slightly to wait for the other party to get out of the elevator first before following behind. She faintly heard a sentence floating over. "But he isn’t suitable for you."

She lifted her head to look towards Shi Chengxuan, but the person had already walked a few metres away.

Tang Susu’s foot stopped and she couldn’t help but sigh.

She of course knew that Su Hanting wasn’t suitable for her, despite finding him a good and outstanding person.

Tang Susu didn’t know why the other party had taken an interest in her, but it hadn’t been without warning. Half a month ago, Su Hanting had come back from his annual vacation and gone to the secretariat department to give them gifts. Everyone received a bag of candies, but when it came to Tang Susu, it was a box of chocolates instead.

A heart-shaped box of heart-shaped chocolates.

She couldn’t even not think any further.

Afterwards there had been a few meetings, and then he had invited her to a Christmas dinner yesterday.

If Shi Chengxuan hadn’t appeared to interrupt their conversation, Tang Susu might have agreed and gone with the flow to have dinner with him.

But what about after that?

Su Hanting came from an ordinary family, and all his achievements came from himself. It wasn’t that this was bad, but once a person like him was targeted, a catastrophe would likely happen.

No one at the Tang family was looking for her right now, but this didn’t mean that she was completely unrelated to the family. It was just that they had nothing against her. Once she had something going on with Su Hanting, things would be hard to say.

It wasn’t that Tang Susu didn’t dare to confront the Tang family, but she was merely taking precautions. Furthermore, her slight affection for him wasn’t worth her worrying over him.

Rather than having to face the next series of troubles with dragging others into the mud, it was better for nothing to have ever started in the first place.

She shook her head and stopped thinking about this issue.

Very soon, Tang Susu didn't have time to think about the feelings that hadn't sprouted yet. As soon as her boss came back, the secretariats began to get busy, and there was no time in the morning to rest.

Even their leader, Secretary Wu, had made several trips to the chairman’s office. No wonder when her colleagues had talked about Secretary Wu’s thighs a few days ago, they had been wondering if his legs would’ve long been exhausted to death if they hadn’t been long.

In the chairman’s office, Secretary Wu, who was almost exhausted, was still standing upright and reporting to his boss who seemed to have a slightly dangerous air around him today.

"Boss, our contract with Sino Group has been finalized, and the other party wants to talk to the manager of the European branch. But last month, the General Manager of the European branch got sick. Do you want to send someone from the head office?" Secretary Wu handed over the contract from his hand.

"Do you have any suggestions?" Shi Chengxuan asked while looking through the contract.

"There are a few good candidates for the head office, but after considering them all, I think there are two main potential candidates. One is Tong Zhe, and the other is Han Ye. Han Ye has lived in France and has enough experience to manage those people. Tong Zhe is more professional, but he personally doesn't want to be permanently deployed overseas. So they each have their own advantages and disadvantages."

Shi Chengxuan pondered for a moment, and said, "What do you think of Su Hanting?"

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