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Chapter 56: Zhang has a good heart

'It actually involves the Shi family. It seems that this Miss Huang knows a lot.'

Secretary Wu secretly said in her heart but did not reveal the slightest expression on her face.

It's just that the road is too short, Secretary Wu's mouth is too tightly closed, and Huang Xiaoxiao has not been able to fish for any information about Shi Chengxuan from Secretary Wu's mouth. Whether it was before or now.

Finally, the hot potato was sent away, and Secretary Wu breathed a sigh of relief.

This eldest lady of the Huang family who just returned from abroad is really interesting. Remembering what she said, is she the boss's former girlfriend?

Secretary Wu guessed in her heart, turned her head and thought of Tang Susu again, and compared her to Huang Xiaoxiao, and found... It seems that Tang Susu is not very dominant.

Especially in terms of family background, this Miss Huang's family is involved in modern art. The water in this industry is deep, and it is absolutely impossible for ordinary people to be able to achieve the current level of the Huang family.

Although Miss Huang has a big brother above her, and she might not have as much as he has but after returning to China, she got the Lijia auction house that her father gave her.

A person wouldn't need to look at the other properties in her hands, just one Lijia auction house is enough to make a gang of sons and brothers in Fenglin City flock at her.

Not to mention other aspects, as soon as she returned to China, she held a charity auction, which was much more high-end than those young ladies who had no other hobbies except shopping and maintaining their beauty all day long.

The most important thing is that she obviously has a good impression of her boss.

On the other hand, regarding the boss and Tang Susu, there was no movement. Even if they went out to eat, the two of them were indifferent. Even his close secretary couldn't see any signs.

Thinking of this, Secretary Wu couldn't help sighing. People can't blame her for being realistic. It's really what the upper class pays attention to. Tang Susu is good in everything else, but her background is not good enough.

After sending off some people, Secretary Wu turned her head and entered the president's office again, reporting to the man sitting on the boss's chair: "President, Miss Huang has been sent away."

His eyes moved slightly, and he saw the invitation on the desk. As Secretary Wu observed the boss, it seems that the boss is not completely unshakable.

"Well, let someone prepare the dress."

"Dress?" Secretary Wu was stunned.

Shi Chengxuan glanced at the secretary who was not very shrewd recently. "Blue is good. Let her choose from a few styles. By the way, send her the set of sapphire jewelry I took before."


Secretary Wu was stunned, and when she saw the boss's eyes sweep over, she was suddenly shocked.

"Uh, do you need to notify Miss Tang in advance?"


Seeing that the boss didn't give any more orders, Secretary Wu finally left the office, closed the door, and wiped off her sweat. She was indeed a secretary all her life but she could never guess what her boss was thinking.

Those previous analyses were useless, any kind of family wealth was not as good as the boss's heart!

Tang Susu was not surprised when she received a notice from Secretary Wu that she would accompany her boss to a charity auction.

She had probably experienced it a few times, and she didn't feel nervous that she would appear with Shi Chengxuan, which was something to be surprised at. As for the dresses and jewelry sent by Secretary Wu, she naturally would not refuse.

As Shi Chengxuan's female companion, it's not easy to embarrass him. Whatever the other party brings, just take it. The more such events happen, the more types of dresses she has in her wardrobe.

And the dresses that are provided are the kind that can match the identity of the other party, each one is hand-made, and is very valuable. To sum it up, it is her who takes the advantage.

Since It lost a delicious French meal last time It slept, and since It knew that Tang Susu was going to go out with Shi Chengxuan, Gou Dan refused to stay at home after saying anything.

Even though Tang Susu repeatedly stressed that there was no big meal to eat this time, it did not waver.

Since she ate that meal alone last time, Tang Susu didn't know if it was her illusion but the way Shi Chengxuan looked at her made her feel like she was in danger of being targeted by a predator.

Tang Susu subconsciously avoided meeting Shi Chengxuan alone but this time it was impossible to escape and she had to face it. Having a dog by her side would make her feel more comfortable.

On the day of the charity auction, Shi Chengxuan came with his girlfriend, which really shocked many people. Although this is not the first time but last time it happened to catch up with Bai Mian's escape from marriage, everyone's attention was on the matter of the Bai family and the Shen family, and no one cared about what happened to Shi Chengxuan.

This time is different. Although Lijia Auction House has sent invitations to all the prominent families, a majority of the guests were young people. The young masters and brothers of the same age have more or less heard of Shi Chengxuan and Huang Jiada. The young lady has something to do with it, and the eldest lady of the Huang family sent the invitation in person. As a result, Shi Chengxuan did not do what was expected; to invite Huang Xiaoxiao, but instead came with a woman who looked very strange as his female companion.

Huang Xiaoxiao, who was wearing a light blue dress, had not looked away since seeing Shi Chengxuan. He is really completely different from before. At that time, he still had the immaturity of a young man. Now, she can no longer see the slightest bit of youthfulness in him. The Shi Chengxuan now is a completely mature and attractive man.

However, the person beside him was not her.

Huang Xiaoxiao's eyes moved to Tang Susu and she gritted her teeth.

Shi Chengxuan was wearing a dark blue tie, and that woman was wearing a dress of the same color.

She was stunned, and the person beside her patted her on the shoulder and said softly, "Xiaoxiao, an old friend is here, why are you in a daze?"

Huang Xiaoxiao subconsciously turned her head to look at the man standing beside her, restrained her emotions, and took the other's arm to greet Shi Chengxuan and the two.

"Chengxuan, welcome. This young lady is a little shy, I wonder which daughter she is from?"

Tang Susu accepted all the scrutiny and hostility in the eyes of the other party, and she gave a not very sincere smile, "I'm lucky to meet Miss Huang, my name is Tang Susu."

Huang Xiaoxiao thought for a while, then looked at Tang Susu with a little contempt in her eyes, nodded at her, and stopped looking at her.

'It's obvious that she doesn't look down on her identity, and I feel that talking to her is pointless.'

Tang Susu's expression remained unmoved, and the hand hanging on Shi Chengxuan's arm tightened.

Shi Chengxuan coughed lightly, then let go of his arms and put his arms around her waist instead, nodded towards Huang Xiaoxiao and the man beside her, and said lukewarmly, "Susu is a little cold, so let's go in first." After finishing, he entered the auction house without turning his head around, not giving the owner any face at all.

Does Shi Chengxuan care that his girlfriend catches a cold? He also didn't give the owner face for her.

How fresh!

Someone even started humming after the two couldn't see - if that wasn't love.

Huang Xiaoxiao glared at that man and found out that it was Shi Chengxuan's former valet, Xue Yang, the young master of the Xue family, and couldn't help but glare at him fiercely.

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