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Chapter 99: My Great Grandfather [11]

When the whole world is unfriendly to oneself, even one's own system does not help oneself.

Song Lingyu cried out with a “wuuuwuuuwuu”, and shocked Han Yileng and Yuan Fei, who were sitting together with a lot of affection.

Han Yileng: "Who is there?"

Song Lingyu: "Wuuuuuuu..."

"It's Lingyu." Yuan Fei struggled to stand up and limped to look for her, and then saw Song Lingyu squatting on the ground crying.

Han Yileng never knew that Song Lingyu liked him. At this moment, seeing Song Lingyu crying so sadly, he was quite helpless and asked: "Sister Song, what's wrong with you? Is anyone bullying you?"

Yuan Fei probably knew what was going on. Lingyu must have seen her and her Senior brother being so close together, so she cried in sorrow and helplessness.

Yuan Fei felt so guilty because she hadn’t wanted to hurt Lingyu. Lingyu was a good girl and shouldn't cry like this. She turned to Han Yileng: "Brother, you go back first."

Han Yileng: "How can I go back alone in this situation."

"I am here." Yuan Fei said: "We women are going to talk, does a man still want to listen to our conversation?"

Han Yileng looked at Song Lingyu with some embarrassment, and then said to Yuan Fei: "Then please comfort Junior Sister Song."

After Han Yileng left, Yuan Fei sat next to Song Lingyu and asked:, "Lingyu, you are in such pain because you see me and brother are together?"

Song Lingyu raised his red eyes, looked at Yuan Fei and asked: "You know?"

Yuan Fei shook her head and said: "You, do you think you are covering up well?"

Song Lingyu looked at Yuan Fei coldly. It turned out that she had always known what she was thinking. For so long, she had pretended not to know, was she looking at her as a joke?

“Do you think it is ridiculous?" Song Lingyu sneered: "I like someone who doesn't like me at all?"

Yuan Fei looked at Song Lingyu's eyes with even more pity, and she said: "How can I find you ridiculous."

Song Lingyu said: "I think you're very proud, now that you are pretending to say all these things? Do you think I will believe you?"

Yuan Fei couldn't feel sorry for Song Lingyu more, she couldn't help but stretch out her hand to hold Song Lingyu in her arms, and said affectionately: "Lingyu!"

Song Lingyu: "..."

"You are so good, she is really not worthy of you." Yuan Fei couldn't help crying, "She is not top-notch in natural talents, and she has never been able to appreciate your intentions, and can't know how good you are. How can such a person make you so sad? You forget her, you will meet someone better."

Song Lingyu stretched out her hand to push Yuan Fei, "Why do you say that he is not good? In my opinion, there is nothing better than him." (him and her are the same in chinese)

Yuan Fei was so touched, she just wanted Song Lingyu to wake up quickly, she shouted: "No, you can't go on like this. The person I like is Senior brother, I absolutely can't empathize with you!"

Song Lingyu: "..." What the shit?

Yuan Fei looked at Song Lingyu sadly and said: "Lingyu, it's impossible between us, you...I just want us to be together as good sisters."

Song Lingyu: "???"

"You..." Yuan Fei turned around and said: "Don't think about it anymore, I will soon become a Taoist companion with Senior brother, you forget about me."

Song Lingyu felt as if she was struck by lightning, which was painful and absurd. She wanted to say that Senior brother is mine, you can't be with Senior brother, and she wanted to shout 'you are crazy, who thinks of you, who wants to be sisters with you?'

When she was interrupted by Yuan Fei, her sadness faded and she was filled with anger instead. When she was about to go back cheeky to brush her Ancestor’s favor, she suddenly heard the system's prompt, "Mission failed. Two hundred points deducted, current points ﹣50."

Song Lingyu: "..."

Noooo!!!, I don’t feel sad anymore, but now I can't stand this grievance again.

So Yuan Fei, who had been cruelly walking away, suddenly heard a heart-piercing cry from behind, mixed with Song Lingyu's painful cry: "Why? Why is this? Wuhuhuhuuhuuu!!!!!....

The listener was really sad, and those who heard it also shed tears. Yuan Fei stretched out her hand to cover her mouth and shed tears then said in her heart: Lingyu it is impossible for us in this life. If there is an afterlife, I would like to know you first before Senior brother.

Seeing Song Lingyu crying like a ghost wailing from the underworld, Tao Ran couldn't help but feel compassionate. Was he asking for too much? In this way, Song Lingyu was playing around, and he still deducted her points when she was sad.

Song Lingyu returned to Bamboo house in despair, and then saw the Patriarch in cyan robes standing in the courtyard. She couldn't help but want to avoid him. The Ancestor saw her embarrassed look after crying for so long. Would the Ancestor dislike herself and let herself go?

Tao Ran wanted to comfort her, but suddenly realized that his current identity was unaware of her emotional problems, so Tao Ran asked, "Crying?"

Song Lingyu stood aggrieved with her head down, waiting for the final sentence of the Patriarch.

Tao Ran took out a handkerchief and handed it to Song Lingyu: "I just said a few words to you and you are crying like this?"

Song Lingyu blankly looked at the handkerchief Tao Ran was holding in his hand, and asked "Master, you won't drive me away?"

Tao Ran sighed and said: "How can I drive you away when you cry like this? Others will think I'm bullying a child."

Song Lingyu: "Wuuwuuuhhuuu..."

Tao Ran was still holding the handkerchief in his hand, "Are you asking your Master to help you wipe your tears?"

Saying that Tao Ran would help her wipe it, Song Lingyu grabbed Tao Ran's hand and cried bitterly: "Wuuu... Patriarch, you are so kind, they all bully me!"

Tao Ran: "..."

It's okay not to cry, it's out of control when you cry. Song Lingyu vented all the depression and sadness that had been brewing in her heart for a long time, crying louder and louder and unable to stop. Tao Ran was so frightened by her that he set up a formation in the back mountain to prevent others from entering. In case someone came in at this time and saw this situation, he thought he had done something maddening to Song Lingyu for disrespecting this old man.

After setting up the formation, Tao Ran finally stopped worrying. He stretched out his hand to pat Song Lingyu's head and said: "Okay, you’re not ten years old, are you not embarrassed to cry?"

Song Lingyu: "I'm going to cry, I'm going to cry!"

Tao Ran said helplessly: "Then... Then why are you crying, why are you dragging my hand?"

Song Lingyu: "I want to drag, I want to drag!"

Tao Ran: "..."

Song Lingyu cried dimly, and when she recovered, she found that she was nestled in the arms of the Ancestor, and the cloth on the chest of the ancestor was wet from crying, and the sleeves of the ancestor were also crumpled by herself.

Mom, what did I do?

Song Lingyu backed away with a frightened expression, "What happened to me...?"

Tao Ran said leisurely: "You are the only person who dared to get my clothes wet in these thousands of years."

Song Lingyu: "..." It's over...

Tao Ran said silently: "Forget it, you can go."

Song Lingyu thought Tao Ran was going to drive her away, she quickly said: "Master, I was wrong, please don't drive me away. These clothes...the disciple can wash, and the disciple will help you wash the clothes neatly and clean."

When she said that, she hurriedly stepped forward to take off Tao Ran's clothes, "Master, I really didn't mean to, you must not drive me away."

Tao Ran: "Presumptuous!"

Tao Ran: "Stop it!"

Tao Ran: "Don't pull my belt!"

After a long while, Song Lingyu sanctioned and let go, but she was afraid and couldn't help but shy and dropped her hand to stand aside. She asked herself in heart that what happened to her just now, she was bold enough to take off her Ancestor's clothes. My God, Bing Qing Yujie’s ancestor was so defiled by herself?

Tao Ran stood aside with a face and said: "You don't need to care about the clothes, there are many more in the house. You...take a rest."


Song Lingyu hurriedly fled.

Tao Ran looked at the crumpled clothes on his body, silently took a snow-white robe and put it on again. He probably irritated Song Lingyu very much, or let her get the points, and then use other methods to make her give up?

Song Lingyu quickly fled back to her room, then threw herself on the bed, covering her head with a quilt. What did I just do?

Oh my god, what a shame!

But... Patriarch's skin is really good, so beautiful...

Hey... Song Lingyu, what are you thinking about? The Patriarch was so gentle that he didn't slap you to death.

Song Lingyu was thinking wildly in the room, and Luofu's Sect Leader and Song Lingyu’s Master were also feeling broken for Song Lingyu.

Today, a disciple found that Lingyu was sitting on the ground without a face and crying loudly. This disciple, he knew that her delicate mind would hide her emotions most. If it weren't for the extreme sadness, she wouldn't cry like this, losing some face.

He remembered that Lingyu asked herself to be a servant for her ancestor two days ago, thinking that she was saddened by her Ancestor. A cultivator like the Patriarch would never have any affair with his children at all, and he was afraid it would only be sad for Lingyu. His only hope is that after she stops being sad, she will wake up, and cultivate hard in the right way.

Song Lingyu struggled all night, and when the sun was high the next morning, she thought she couldn't go on like this anymore. The task must be done. She decided to work hard for the Senior brother one last time, and she must not give up halfway.

She packed herself up, and then went to the wooden house to make a pot of tea for Tao Ran or something. In her storage bag there was still the spiritual tea that she picked from the secret realm before, and she has not been willing to drink it. Today, she decided to take it out to honor her Ancestor.

She said from outside of the door, "Master, your disciple here, there are some good spiritual teas here. Would you like to try it?"

Tao Ran was originally a greedy mouth, so he said: "Come in."

Great, the Patriarch agreed to drink tea.

Song Lingyu walked in happily, and then saw the Ancestor wearing a snow-white Taoist robe, with his black hair half-tied, and dark hair spreading on the snow-white clothes. The exposed skin is so white, and the lips are so pink...

Song Lingyu blinked her eyes, she felt that she must be ill, and her heart beat wildly at the Patriarch whose age she didn't know. However, she still couldn't stop thinking of yesterday, when she tore the ancestor's clothes into a mess, and his chest revealed that snow-white crystal skin...

Tao Ran looked at her strangely, "Don't you want to make tea?"

"Yes." Song Lingyu said: "Master, do you want to sweat it?"

Tao Ran: "???"


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