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Chapter 100: My Great Grandfather [12]

Song Lingyu was so ambitious that the leopard wanted to invite the patriarch to sweat (wanted to have s*x), but fortunately, she woke up in time, so that she had not committed any unforgivable mistakes.

Song Lingyu obediently went to the side to make tea, Tao Ran continued to close his eyes and rested, gradually a fragrance rose in the room. Song Lingyu held the tea, and respectfully brought it to Tao Ran, saying, "Patriarch, please drink some tea."

Tao Ran opened his eyes and reached out to take the tea. Steam was bubbling from the snow-white tea cup, and tea leaves were floating in the tea water. He didn’t know what kind of tea it was, it was not green tea and had a bright yellow color. The steam floated on the tea and exuded a refreshing scent.

Tao Ran took a sip, the fragrance was felt on his cheeks.

Although he knew that Song Lingyu was serving him so wholeheartedly in order to improve his favorability, Tao Ran was still a little moved. It's not because Song Lingyu was dedicated to him, but because of Song Lingyu's feelings for Han Yileng. She had already obtained this tea, and she was reluctant to drink it, but now she was willing to take it out to please him for the sake of Han Yileng. Tao Ran couldn't turn a blind eye to such diligence.

Tao Ran held the tea cup in his hand, and suddenly asked: "The question you asked me last time, you said you would try it later, what's the result now?"

Song Lingyu reluctantly twitched the corner of her mouth and said: "Answering to the Patriarch, the disciple is still trying."

Tao Ran asked: "How did you come to Luofu in the first place?"

Song Lingyu said respectfully, "When this disciple was young, there was an earthquake in her hometown, and her parents died, so this disciple stayed in the local orphanage. Later, Elder Luo Fu was recruiting disciples everywhere, and when he saw that the disciple's talent was good, he brought this disciple back. "

"Then you are staying in Luofu because you like Luofu, or because you like to cultivate?" Tao Ran asked.

Song Lingyu was asked this question, not to mention that she never thought about it, even if she thought about it, there was no need to split up the two questions in her mind. She liked Luofu and stayed in Luofu to cultivate. Does it make any difference? But the Patriarch's question had to be taken into consideration. She thought about it for a while and said: "The disciple likes both."

Tao Ran said: "A cultivator pays attention to summoning his heart without restraint. If you are so obsessed with emotion, I'm afraid you won't go too far in your cultivation."

Song Lingyu lowered her head and said: "This disciple...understands."

Since Song Lingyu understands, Tao Ran would not say it. He saw that Song Lingyu had broken through to the foundation-building stage, and there was no temptation for demonic cultivation. Although she still liked Han Yileng, she was not as black as in the novel.

His task was to keep the female supporting cast from blackening. As for whether the female supporting role will still like the male lead, this was not the main issue. Seeing Song Lingyu distraught in front of him every day, he was not very happy. Tao Ran decided to help Song Lingyu. He took another sip of tea and sighed, "Good tea, thank you very much."

Song Lingyu heard the system's voice in her head, "Patriarch Yibai's favorability towards the host is +50, congratulations to the host for completing the task and earning a thousand points."

Song Lingyu was instantly excited, and then remembered that the Patriarch was still in front of her, so she suppressed her excitement and said: "Patriarch, if there is nothing else, the disciple will leave first."

Tao Ran nodded.

Song Lingyu respectfully withdrew, and immediately ran out to Han Yileng’s cave. As she was too excited, Song Lingyu's face was flushed. Looking at her 995 points, Song Lingyu said: "System, I want to exchange points for medicine pills."

System: "Please choose an elixir."

Song Lingyu felt shy when she thought of the name of the medicinal pill, but she still said without hesitation, "Yin Yang Pill of Acacia Sect ."

System: “Redemption is complete, remaining points - 50."

A round pill fell into the palm of her hand. Song Lingyu looked at the pill, which she had spent a thousand points in exchange for. So many points can be exchanged for many cultivation pills, and even a magic weapon can be exchanged. But now all of them were used by her to exchange for this medicinal pill, which is said to have no solution after being used.

She knew what she was into by using this medicine pill. This was not a bright method. It could even be said that it was a very insidious method. But Song Lingyu had no choice. In the past, she and Yuan Fei were both good junior sisters of Han Yileng. The two of them worked hard and admired the same senior brother, and she thought she was not inferior to Yuan Fei in terms of appearance.

But Senior Brother still fell in love with Yuan Fei.

When Song Lingyu was standing on the competition stage that day, and was knocked off the stage by Yuan Fei. At that moment, she looked at Yuan Fei who was standing on the high platform, and suddenly thought, probably because of this only, Senior Brother didn't like her. If it was me who stood on the stage, would the situation be different?

If she can defeat Yuan Fei, if her cultivation level can be compared with her senior brother, will senior brother like her?

Later, Song Lingyu got the system, her cultivation improved by leaps and bounds, and she was able to help her Senior Brother. Now she can even help senior brother resist danger and not stand idly behind her Senior Brother. But Senior Brother still doesn't like her, he still likes Yuan Fei who hasn’t surpassed her and hasn't changed at all.

"Why exactly?"

Song Lingyu couldn't help asking herself, and before she knew it, she gradually became distressed. What she had thought was when she reached the Golden Core stage, she would help her Senior Brother back. But that was impossible, even if she had reached the Golden Core stage, even if her Senior Brother couldn't stop her with a single hand.

But that's not what I want.

What I want has never been more than my Senior Brother's heart.

Song Lingyu took the medicinal pill and walked forward step by step, and her heart became firmer with each step she took.

The ancestor said that she paid too much attention to feelings and would not be able to cultivate for a long time. But how could the Patriarch, who was high above anyone else and has no desires, know the pain of not being able to receive the feeling back? If one day the Patriarch also tasted this, would he be able to say this again?

Song Lingyu stood in front of Han Yileng’s cave, looking at the cave that was no different from ordinary disciples, and then remembered that it seemed she had not been to her Senior's cave often.

In the past, when she met her Senior Brother, she would always look for him for something, and her Senior Brother would always enthusiastically take the initiative to help her. Today seemed to be the first time she had taken the initiative to go to her Senior Brother's cave to look for him, right?

Han Yileng felt Song Lingyu standing outside the door. He opened the door of the cave and asked: "Junior Sister Song, why are you here? Is there something wrong?"

Song Lingyu said: "I remembered that I haven't asked my Senior Brother for advice for a long time, so I came to see my Senior Brother today."

Han Yileng let Song Lingyu in, he poured a cup of tea for Song Lingyu and said: "Sister Song is under the Patriarch's seat now, where do you need to ask your Senior Brother for advice."

Song Lingyu smiled and said: "When I first entered Luofu, it was my Senior Brother who taught me how to cultivate. Lingyu can't forget such kindness."

Han Yileng waved his hand and said: "Don't say that, this is what Senior Brother should do."

After thinking about it, Song Lingyu still asked: "Yuan Fei...Is it true what she told me that…that person will become your Taoist companion?"

When she spoke of this, Han Yileng was a little shy, but thinking about his Junior Sister who grew up watching him since childhood, he said with the appearance of a Senior Brother: "Oh, did Xiao Fei tell you? Yes, our relationship has always been very good, and we do have this plan."

Song Lingyu's breath stagnated, and she used her divine sense quietly to force Han Yileng's senses to shift, and then she put the medicinal pill in her hand into Han Yileng's teacup. Yin Yang Pill of Acacia Sect was colorless and odorless, and it easily melted. Song Lingyu looked at Han Yileng, her lips moved, and she was about to snigger.

Han Yileng lowered his head and took a sip of tea, and said excitedly: "Xiao Fei has always wanted to go to the Patriarch's seat to receive advice. Junior Sister, you accompany the Patriarch every day, can you mention it to the Patriarch?"

Song Lingyu lowered her eyelashes and said: "Oh, I'll tell him when I get a chance."

"Okay." Han Yileng said happily, "Junior Sister, you are such a nice person. Senior Brother knows that the Patriarch is not someone who wants to see people most of the time. If the Patriarch doesn't want to, you don't have to be too embarrassed. Xiaofei will still see the Patriarch when she breaks through the Foundation Building stage."

Song Lingyu quietly observed Han Yileng, this would be the last time that she would attempt to win him, she thought. If the two of them have already had that kind of relationship, and the Senior Brother still wouldn’t do anything about her, then she will give up. Since Song Lingyu can afford it, she must be able to put it down.

At this time, Tao Ran was sitting with the headmaster. Just now, the Patriarch suddenly came over, didn't say anything, and just drank tea. As a junior, he couldn't leave at will, so he could only sit with him tormented.

Seeing that it was almost time, Tao Ran put down the tea cup and said: "Sect Master."

Sect Master: "What does the Patriarch have for instruction?"

Tao Ran: "Call Song Lingyu in your name and give her any task to do. Remember, don't mention me."

Although Tao Ran disbursed Yin-Yang Acacia Pill to Song Lingyu, it did not mean that he was willing to see something happening to Han Yileng and Song Lingyu. Han Yileng didn't like Song Lingyu. If something really happened between them, Song Lingyu would only suffer more in the future.

Song Lingyu watched Han Yileng drink the tea, she was waiting, she was waiting for the moment when the effect of the medicine would kick in.

Han Yileng: "Junior sister."

Song Lingyu: "Huh?"

"I don't know why, but I feel that something is wrong with you today."

Song Lingyu covered up with a smile and said: "What's wrong with me, Senior Brother, you've been worrying too much. What were we talking about?"

Han Yileng said: "We were talking about the difference between Penglai and our Luofu..."

At this time, Song Lingyu felt every second was like a year as she waited, tormented, and suddenly someone called from the outside: "Is Senior Sister Song here?”

Han Yileng said: "Junior Sister, someone is looking for you."

Song Lingyu felt her heart skip a beat, and felt a very bad premonition. She opened the door of the cave and saw Mingyue, the boy in the Master's cave waiting for her.

Song Lingyu felt even worse, and Mingyue said: "Senior Sister Song, Master asked you to please come over if you don’t have something to do."

Could she leave at this time?

Song Lingyu was about to sweat and hurriedly said: "Did Master say something? I... I'll go later."

Han Yileng said from behind: "Junior Sister, you can go now. We can always talk with each other later. Don't delay Master's affairs."

Song Lingyu was really about to cry now, and Mingyue said: "Senior Sister Song, don't make Master wait for a long time, Master is waiting for you."

Song Lingyu said in her heart that if she goes now to find the Sect Master and explain what he needed from her, it would not be too late as long as she came back as soon as possible. She turned her head to Han Yileng and said: "Senior Brother, wait for me to come back, don't go out."

Han Yileng: "Huh?"

Song Lingyu: "You must remember."

After she finished speaking, she hurried to find the headmaster. Han Yileng watched her leave, feeling a little funny. Junior Sister Song is really impatient. He didn’t know what’s wrong but he thought that he felt a little hot today, and his mood was more impetuous.


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