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Chapter 156: The Divorced Leftover Woman [14]

Tao Ran and Si Shao boarded the bus together, holding hands like any other couple. They whispered and laughed, drawing the attention of many onlookers who couldn't help but admire their striking looks. Women sighed over Tao Ran, assuming that handsome men were always taken, while men coveted Si Shao, assuming that beautiful women were already taken early on.

Si Shao leaned into Tao Ran and said, "I haven't taken a bus in ages."

Tao Ran wondered, "Have you ever taken a bus before?"

"Of course," Si Shao replied. "When I was in college, I used to take taxis and buses everywhere."

They disembarked at Qingshan Park, where Si Shao glanced at the passersby and quipped, "This isn't really mountain climbing. It's too short to qualify as a mountain."

"If you say it's not, then it's not?" Tao Ran hugged her and walked inside, "This is a mountain recognized by the country. Haven't you seen it written, Qingshan Park?" (T/N: Shan “shān” means mountain/hills)

Si Shao chuckled. For her, climbing a mountain wasn't important as long as she was with Tao Ran. Even if he made her climb stairs, she'd still be happy. It was hot now, and there weren't many flowers outside, but there were still some blooms in Qingshan Park.

Since this was a park, there were sure to be many people, and there were a lot of people on the way. They hadn't walked far before they saw a group of elderly people gathered together, singing and performing. Si Shao looked at them and said, "Should I learn some traditional opera so that we can come here to play when we get old?"

As they strolled through the park, Si Shao anticipated encountering a plethora of people, and indeed they encountered many on their path. Before long, they stumbled upon a group of seniors harmonizing and putting on a show. Si Shao gazed at them and pondered, "Should I study traditional opera so we can come here and entertain ourselves when we're old?"

Tao Ran felt a bit embarrassed before reassuring her, "Don't worry about that. If you ever feel bored in your old age, I will definitely find something for you to do."

At that moment, Si Shao was happily clinging to Tao Ran, she didn't give much thought to what Tao Ran would find for her to do when she was old. Later, when she eventually reached old age and found herself sitting at home and was crying in anger, she remembered what she had said today and wanted to slap herself twice.

The two of them walked all the way to the top of the mountain, but of course there was no way that anything like a view of the mountains could happen here. Tao Ran had actually brought Si Shao to ride the Ferris wheel that was located on the mountaintop.

Si Shao looked at the grand Ferris wheel before her, feeling completely satisfied. She didn't expect Tao Ran to be so romantic and was pleasantly surprised by this romantic gesture. Did he also know about the beautiful legend of making wishes on the Ferris wheel?

However, Tao Ran was unaware of her thoughts and simply asked, "Do you want to ride it?"

"Yeah." Si Shao nodded happily.

"Then go ahead and have fun." Tao Ran, feeling a bit fatigued, added, "You go up first, I'll go buy two bottles of water."

"..." Si Shao said, "Aren't you coming up with me?"

Tao Ran said with a sense of righteousness, "I'm going to buy water."

Si Shao wrapped her arm around Tao Ran's and suggested, "Let's buy water together and then go up together."

Tao Ran never quite comprehended why women enjoyed doing things with someone, whether it was shopping, watching movies, or even going to the bathroom together. He originally felt sorry for Si Shao and didn't want her to be too tired, so he planned to go and buy water for her himself, but she didn't understand his good intentions at all.

When the two of them sat on the Ferris wheel with their juices, Si Shao watched the gradually receding earth and basked in her contentment with her favorite person beside her.

Tao Ran took a sip of orange juice and frowned, "Oh my god, this is so dirty and has a weird smell. Don't they clean this place?"

Meanwhile, Tao Ran took a sip of his orange juice and scrunched his face in disgust, exclaiming, "Oh my god, this place is so dirty and has a weird smell. Don't they ever clean this place?"

Si Shao: "......"

Although he was quite a killjoy, he was still her little scoundrel, Si Shao decided to forgive him. She said, "It's only for a little while. Just bear with it."

"Okay," Tao Ran said, bored, "I think this is my first time riding a Ferris wheel. I watched a few episodes of Ultraman before, and the people inside the Ferris wheel couldn't escape when the monster came. Other people could run away, while those in the Ferris wheel could only sit and wait for their doom. It's pretty scary, isn't it?"

"......" Si Shao had nothing to say in response, "huh."

Tao Ran was about to continue when Si Shao suddenly pounced on him like a hungry tiger and kissed him. Caught off guard, Tao Ran was about to respond when Si Shao let go of him. Tao Ran touched his slightly reddened lips and said, "Is this what they call a domineering CEO's shut-up kiss?"

Si Shao couldn't help but whack him, "Don't you know that couples are supposed to kiss when they reach the highest point on the Ferris wheel? Don't you know anything about romance? You're driving me crazy!"

As the day went on, the atmosphere was barely pleasant, but of course this was after ignoring some killjoy’s depressing unsightly words from Tao Ran.

Tao Ran and Si Shao arrived near her house. As they approached her home, Si Shao felt nervous, as if someone she knew could jump out at any moment. She looked around suspiciously, then tiptoed and kissed Tao Ran, saying, "Go back now."

Tao Ran asked, "Will you miss me tonight?"

Si Shao smiled and looked at him, "Will you miss me?"

"Yes," Tao Ran replied, "Shall I come to your house to see you tonight?"

Si Shao was left speechless, "You are making promises you can't keep. If you have the guts, then come for real."

Tao Ran gave a mysterious smile and said, "Go back, I'm leaving."

Si Shao turned around and walked away, turning her head once every three steps. When she got home, her mother was cooking, who said as soon as she saw her: "Didn't you say you want to learn how to cook? Come here, let me teach you a new dish."

Si Shao followed her mother's lead. Even though the mother didn't know what her daughter had been up to, she could still sense her state. When her mother observed Si Shao's bright eyes and her lips involuntarily curling into a smile, all these cheerful expressions looked a bit familiar to her. Si's mother asked: "Shao Shao, who were you with all day today?"

"Oh, a friend," replied Si Shao.

"What kind of friend?" asked her mother.

"The little sister I had a cooking competition with last time. She invited me to go out," said Si Shao.

"Oh," her mother thought absentmindedly, and wondered why Si Shao was never this happy when she went out to play before. Who was this little sister who could evoke such a lovesick expression from Si Shao? Did her interests and hobbies change after being hurt by Jing Ming?

When the meal was served, Si's father reminded Si Qi, who was gnawing on a bone, "After eating, get ready. The tutor I hired for you will be here soon."

The meaty bones immediately fell into the bowl at once. Looking bewilderedly at his father, Si Qi stared at him for several seconds before asking in distress, "Dad, what did I do wrong?"

Si's father replied, "Poor grades are the original sin."


Si Qi lowered his head in grief, thinking that if this situation couldn't be reversed, then he could only make the tutor leave on his own initiative. Apart from anything else, he was confident in his ability to play pranks. He already had a preliminary plan in his mind, and was just waiting to make corresponding adjustments when the tutor arrived.

After dinner, Si's father looked at his watch and said, "I made an appointment with him at seven o'clock, so he should be almost here."

Just then, the doorbell rang, and Father Si went to answer the door.

Si Qi grinned sinisterly. "The other party is still a college student? Daring to come and teach me, I will make him refresh his worldview."

As the door opened, Tao Ran extended his hand towards Si's father and introduced himself, "You must be Mr. Si. Hello, I am Jing Yu."

Father Si noticed Tao Ran's handsome appearance and courteous manners. He was quite satisfied and replied, "Hello, please come in."

Meanwhile, inside the house, Si Qi begged his sister, "Sister, you only have me as a younger brother. You have to help me out."

Si Shao was so pestered by him that she gave in and said, "Okay, okay, if necessary, I'll help you."

Si Qi beamed with joy and said excitedly, "Sister, you are so kind!"

Papa Si then led Tao Ran towards Si Qi and Si Shao and said, "This is my son, Si Qi, and my daughter, Si Shao."

Tao Ran approached Si Shao with an absolutely standard smile and extended his hand, greeting her with, "Hello, Miss Si."

Si Shao looked at Tao Ran, her mind went blank. It was only when Si Qi pinched her secretly that she snapped out of it. She extended her hand to shake Tao Ran's hand and looked at him with questioning eyes. Tao Ran twirled his middle finger around her palm while smiling and asked, "Is she the student I'll be mentoring?"

Si's father chuckled and replied, "No, that's not possible. She's already an adult. You'll be responsible for my son, Si Qi. He's in his second year of high school, and his grades are terrible. I'm afraid I might end up beating him if he continues like this. That's why I asked you to come and help him avoid a beating."

Tao Ran laughed while saying, "Uncle, you're quite humorous."

Tao Ran presented his ID to Si's father, who quickly verified it and handed over the contract. The contract stipulated a rate of 200 yuan for two hours of tutoring per day. Si's mother arrived with a plate of fruits, and Si Shao suggested, "It's already late, why don't we start now?"

"Okay." Si's father pulled Si Qi up and said, "Go to the study, it's upstairs."

Dejected, Si Qi trudged up the stairs, while Si Shao attempted to follow him. However, their mother stopped her and asked, "What are you going to do by following them? What if it affects your brother's studies?"

After a moment's thought, Si Shao grabbed the fruit plate from her mother and said, "I'll watch and see how effective his teaching is."

Inside the study, Si Qi and Tao Ran were left alone. He looked at the little teacher in front of him who looked no more than two years older than himself, and asked, "Hey, how old are you?"

Tao Ran smiled and retrieved the test papers from his backpack. Si Qi watched as Tao Ran pulled out one sheet after another, and finally couldn't take it anymore and asked, "Are you here to do the questions with me?"

"No," replied Tao Ran, his eyes brimming with kindness. "These test papers are specifically prepared for you."

Si Qi: "......"

"Is there any mistake?" Si Qi said: "Who do you think you are? Do you think I will listen to you?"

"These are rare test papers, obtained by me from the school professors. They're not available outside. Starting today, you have to attempt six sheets every day - one for each subject. You can ask me if you don't understand," Tao Ran explained calmly.

Si Qi looked at the test papers and felt his head was about to explode. He menacingly glared at Tao Ran and said, "Can't you understand human language? I said, I won't listen to you!"

Tao Ran smiled back calmly and replied, "If you don't listen to me, I'll beat you."

Si Qi was taken aback. No one had ever dared to speak to him like that before, he had a violent temper. Si Qi rolled up his sleeves and said, "You still want to beat me? Come on, you fu*ing hit me?!"

Tao Ran lightly glanced at him, then suddenly struck out as fast as lightning and pinned Si Qi's head to the table, then asked, "Where do you want me to hit you?"

No matter how hard Si Qi struggled, he couldn't break free from his grip. His face flushed with anger and shouted, "You dare to hit me? How dare you hit me? I will fight you."

At that moment, the study door swung open, and Si Shao appeared, holding a plate of fruit in her hands.

Si Qi's face lit up. "Sister, save me!"

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