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Chapter 157: The Divorced Leftover Woman [15]

Si Shao stood in the doorway, holding a plate of fruit in a daze, as if she were stunned by the scene before her.

"Sister, quickly call Mom and Dad over here, he hit me," said Si Qi.

This sentence finally reminded Si Shao, and the first thing she did was to quickly reach out and close the door.

Si Qi: "......"

Si Qi exclaimed in disbelief, "Sister, what are you doing?"

"What happened?" Si Shao asked as she walked over.

"Can't you see it?" Si Qi exclaimed excitedly with a flushed face, "He hit me, he hit your own brother!"

Tao Ran still had Si Qi pinned down, but he wasn't flustered. "He wouldn't answer the questions, so I planned to hit him until he does."

"Listen to this, sister," Si Qi said, lying on the table. "Is he even speaking human language?"

After some thought, Si Shao grabbed a few tissues and said, "Remember to cover his mouth when you hit him, or he'll call Mom and Dad over. That won't be good."

Si Qi: "......" Is this really my biological sister? Even a stepmother wouldn't do something like this, right?

Tao Ran had a loving expression on his face and said, "It's better not to do this. He's still young; he'll understand when he grows up."

Si Qi slumped on the table, looking dazed. He then struggled violently and exclaimed, "Sister, you're actually taking an outsider's side. You're turning your back on your family!"

Si Shao looked at Si Qi and said, "I think it's necessary to shut him up."

Tao Ran responded, "Then let's shut him up."

Si Shao personally covered her younger brother's mouth, and Tao Ran asked, "Are you still going to study or not?"

Si Qi: "Uhhhhhhh......"

"You can scream all you want, but no one will come to save you even if you break your throat," Tao Ran said. "Just be sensible and answer the questions."

Si Shao chimed in, "Yeah, let's do the questions. It doesn't feel good to be beaten, does it?"

"Wuwuwu..." These two scumbags, I really...

Si Qi wrote on the test paper with a pained expression while thinking that when Jing Yu entered the house, his sister's eyes looked at him strangely. Sure enough, a young and handsome face is what older women like. Sister seems to have a mind clouded by desire and even sold out her own younger brother to please Jing Yu. She is simply a scoundrel!

Tao Ran ate a sliced apple and stared at Si Qi. "What are you thinking about? Hurry up and write. If you don't finish within an hour and a half, I'll beat you to death."

Si Qi shuddered and wanted to wipe his tears in grievance. He really wanted to call out for dad and mom, but before he could react, Tao Ran rushed up from behind, pressed him down, and Si Shao swiftly stuffed the paper into his mouth. The whole action was very smooth and seamless...

Tao Ran ate fruit, and both lovingly stared at each other. Si Shao reached out to wipe the corner of Tao Ran's mouth with her hand, "Mr. Jing, let me help you wipe it."

Tao Ran smiled and said, "I'm really bothering Miss Si."

Si Shao responded, "It's no trouble. After all, you have worked hard to discipline my brother."

"It's what I should do. I believe it's not hard to contribute to the country's education," Tao Ran said.

Si Qi's pen creaked in his hand. My God, how could there be such a shameless dog man and woman in the world!

Meng Bozhen had been thinking about it ever since she saw Tao Ran and Si Shao together. Before her rebirth, Si Shao had caused her to lose Jing Ming, while she lived a miserable life. How could she stand by and watch Si Shao live happily now? Besides, she felt that Si Shao didn't like Jing Yu at all and was only using him to comfort herself because she couldn't forget Jing Ming.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She decided to tell Jing Ming and his mother about the matter, but she didn't have any evidence. Then she remembered that she had already bribed a few of Si Shao's friends before to try and ruin her reputation, but they had failed. It was a waste of her efforts.

She went back to those women, but they had been estranged from Si Shao since then, and it was useless for Meng Bozhen to find them.

However, one of them said, "It's not that we didn't succeed, we just couldn't get a photo. That day we stripped Si Shao and that boy naked and put them on the same bed. I don't believe they didn't do anything."

"Yeah," another person chimed in, "That boy was really good-looking. If it were me, I wouldn't have let him go just like that, even if he wasn't drunk."

"Si Shao is really lucky. He's so young and handsome, the best kind of catch."

"He even looks a bit like Jing Ming..."

Hearing this, Meng Bozhen's heart was stirred, and she brought out the photo she had taken this morning, asking, "Is this the guy?"

"Yes, that's him."

"I didn't expect them to actually be together."

"Si Shao always acts so virtuous, but who knew she was this kind of person behind the scenes."

"She's really good at pretending."

Yeah, she's really good at pretending. This incident occurred before they all gathered at Jing's house, which meant that Si Shao and Jing Yu had already met prior to that. However, when they were at Jing's house, they pretended not to know each other. That lascivious Si Shao even pretended to be generous and suggested that she wanted to quit and help complete us.

That bitch! She has been lying since the beginning! Not only did she steal Jing Ming before, but now even Jing Ming's younger brother is not spared. She doesn't even think about her own age and is still seducing young boys.

She was angry, disregarding the fact that she was one year older than Si Shao.

Although it was already late, she was not reconciled and called Jing Ming.

Jing Ming said, "Do you miss me? Wait a little longer, I'll be back to accompany you soon."

"Jing Ming, I need to tell you something," Meng Bozhen said with a worried and embarrassed expression. "I saw something today and after thinking about it, I felt like I should inform you."

Jing Ming asked, "What happened?"

Meng Bozhen replied, "I saw Jing Yu and Si Shao together. They were holding hands and hanging out very intimately... I have some photos here..."

Jing Ming looked at the photos sent by Meng Bozhen and felt angry. He believed that Si Shao had finally come to her senses and was willing to fulfill his and Meng Baozhen's desires, but he never expected her to seek revenge on his younger brother.

Two hours later, Si Qi finally finished the test paper, feeling exhausted. Tao Ran stood up and stretched lazily, saying, "Finally done writing."

Si Shao said distressedly: "You've worked hard."

Si Qi, who had been tormented for two hours, wanted to grab his sister's collar and shake her hard. How could she say that Tao Ran was the one who worked hard?! Clearly, it was he, her younger brother who was tormented for two hours! Sister, please, come to your senses!

Tao Ran collected Si Qi's completed test paper and said, "I'll take it back for grading. These six sets of test papers are for you. Remember to write six sheets every day. I'll come to check tomorrow, and if you haven't finished writing, you'll see how I'll punish you."

Si Shao said, "You still have classes during the day, don't work too hard. Let me handle him. I'll beat him with a vacuum cleaner."

Si Qi: "......"

As the three of them came out of the study, Si's father got up from the sofa and said, "You're leaving. Thank you for your hard work."

Tao Ran replied, "It's my pleasure."

Seizing an opportunity, Si Qi suddenly ran towards his father and wrapped his arms around his waist, crying, "Dad, he hit me. He pinned me to the table and hit me..."

Mr. Si looked at Tao Ran in surprise, and Tao Ran also appeared stunned. Then, Tao Ran furrowed his brows and puckered his pink lips slightly, his watery eyes filling with grievances and sadness. He seemed to have suffered a great injustice and said, "Mr. Si, I..."

Si Shao interjected, "You don't have to say anything. Dad, you should take care of him. I was in the study, watching them the whole time. Mr. Jing only spoke a few serious words to get him to answer the test paper, but Si Qi remained unhappy and even threatened him. If I hadn't been there, he might have hit him. Now he's trying to turn things around and backbite, it's just outrageous..."

Si Qi: "..." Si Qi looked at Si Shao with a blank face, as if meeting this sister for the first time.

Mr. Si observed Tao Ran, who appeared pitiful and innocent, and then turned to his son, who seemed a bit slow to understand the situation. Father Si couldn't believe that his daughter would collude with an outsider to harm her own brother.

Tao Ran, sensing the tension, said, "It seems that Si Qi really dislikes me. If that's the case, I won't come tomorrow."

These words triggered a gleam of excitement in Si Qi's eyes. He thought to himself, This is what I've been waiting for. Please hurry up and leave quickly, the farther, the better."

Si's father spoke up, "How could that be? You must come tomorrow, and not just tomorrow, but also in the future. If Si Qi misbehaves again, you tell me. I'll whip him with my belt."

Si Qi: "......" Is this really my real father?

Tao Ran said, "It's not good to physically punish a child, is it?"

Si's father replied, "If he doesn't listen, he must be disciplined. The ancients said, 'Raise a filial child under the stick.' I didn't want to hit him before, but he went too far today. He has learned to act and he can even fake his tears and snot. He won't get better without a beating."

Tao Ran looked at Si Qi and smiled, showing his bright and sunny temperament. "I really like him. I believe he will learn well. Right, Xiao Si Qi?"

Si Qi shuddered, feeling like he saw his dark future. His whole family seemed to have turned against him, pushing him into the fire. Should he jump in or not?

Before leaving, Tao Ran said, "I have left a few sets of test papers for him. Remember to supervise him to do them. If he doesn't understand anything, wait for me to come and teach him."

Si's father personally escorted Tao Ran to the door. "You're really too polite. Don't worry. If he dares to disobey, I'll discipline him well."

Tao Ran smiled and said, "Enlightened parents like you are rare. Si Qi is very smart, as long as he studies hard, it won't be a problem to get into the A University."

Si's father was very pleased and sent Tao Ran off with a smile.

Si Qi sat on the sofa with a look of despair, staring at his gentle sister in front of him. He felt that he might consider running away from home.

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