Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile Chapters List

Chapter 19: The Domineering Female President [19]

The both of them were full of interest from the beginning, until they finally collapsed in their seats. The senior sitting next to him accepted the award and was very relaxed, and took out a rainbow candy from his pocket to eat. Seeing Tao Ran glance at him, he asked, "Do you want to eat it?"

 Tao Ran: "Sweet or sour?"


 "Then I’ll take two."

The senior poured about seven or eight pills for him. It seemed like Tao Ran shared half with Cui Xiao, and then the reporter took a photo of the three people sitting in a row with deformed sour faces.

Two hours had passed, and it was finally time for the best actor award. The host announced, "The nominees of this award are: Yang Fan, representing the work "Lost Meteor"... and the new actor Tao Ran, representing the work "Hua Zi Yan"

The two hosts were still joking on the stage. The hostess said, "The competition this year is so fierce, I can't help being nervous."

The host said, "You are nervous but the handsome guys are more nervous than you, so we have to announce the results quickly."

"But they look so afraid..."

"Let's see now. Announce the results."

The male host opened the card with a smile, and then showed an exaggerated expression of exclamation. "To be honest, I really did not expect this result, but it is reasonable. Okay, the best actor of this Huangtian Film Festival… The winner is..."

Long Qiu sat upright, staring at the host nervously.

"Tao Ran!"


There was thunderous applause from the audience, and the host said loudly. "Although Tao Ran is just a young rookie, he contributed an outstanding performance in Hua Zi Yan. From the limping and running in a narrow street, to the emotional performance back in the alley, to the silent expression, the desperate look that quietly appeared on his face... With this performance, it's hard to see that he's just a newcomer that has just graduated. His interpretation of the role was deep and unforgettable.

"Cui Xiao stood up with Tao Ran and gave him a tight hug. He turned around and saw Long Qiu right behind him, so he opened his arms in front of Long Qiu indicating that he wanted to hug her too. Long Qiu's cold expression eased up slightly and she couldn't help but curl her lips in a smile as she hugged Tao Ran.

After taking the stage, Tao Ran respectfully accepted the trophy from the award-presenting guests and expressed his gratitude. As soon as he looked into the microphone with so many eyes staring at him in the audience, he instantly forgot the acceptance speech he had just recited.

Tao Ran was a little embarrassed so he said, "Actually, I've only just memorized the acceptance speech on my seat right now but standing here on the stage now, I can only remember to thank CCTV."

The audience suddenly burst into laughter.

Tao Ran took the trophy and said, "First of all, I am honored to receive this award. Secondly, I would like to thank those who gave me this opportunity. The director, screenwriters, and studio staff, and my partner Miss Cui Xiao. I definitely have to thank Ms. Cui Xiao as she just shared her acceptance speech to me in the audience. I don't know how much she still remembers though."

There was a burst of laughter again from below.

Finally Tao Ran said, "But the person I want to thank most is my friend and my boss, Ms. Long Qiu of Star Entertainment. I want to thank her for believing in me and willing to give this rare opportunity for newcomers like me. I want to wish her happiness forever..."

Tao Ran stepped down amidst applause. What he just said was sincere. He liked Long Qiu very much, and he sincerely hoped that Long Qiu would be happy.

Looking at the dazzling Tao Ran at this moment, Long Qiu had forgotten everything unknowingly, only the young man slowly approaching in her eyes. Tao Ran sat down beside Long Qiu.

Long Qiu asked, "Why didn't you sit back with Cui Xiao?”

Tao Ran said with a happy smile, "I like sitting next to you."

Long Qiu didn't say anything and couldn't help but raise her eyebrows, although her mouth betrayed her with a deep smile.

The next award for best actress, without suspense was Cui Xiao. She stood on the stage with red eyes, saying thanks to everyone. She dropped out of high school and went out to fend for herself. After so much hardship, she finally got where she was today. Now at the most glorious moment of her life, Cui Xiao couldn't help but cry.

When she was about to go down, the host suddenly said, "Young actress, don't step down yet. Someone has prepared a mysterious gift for you."

Cui Xiao was still in a daze as the music on the stage changed. Bai Shaohui walked out of the darkness step by step with ninety-nine bright red roses in his hand. Finally, he walked onto the stage, came to Cui Xiao's face, and said affectionately, "Xiaoxiao, the most regrettable thing in my life is, I was not a part of your previous life. I hope that from now on, our world will become one. Please let me be your guardian for the rest of your life."

He knelt on one knee, raised a beautiful ring, and said softly, "Xiao Xiao, will you marry me?"

There was cheering and booing in the audience, and Long Qiu stared at the man and the woman on the stage with a pale face, her eyes full of anger at the deceit. Long Qiu turned to look at Tao Ran. Seeing that there was no surprise on Tao Ran's face, she said, "You knew it a long time ago?"

Tao Ran didn't say a word. Long Qiu said, "You have been deceiving me!"

"Don't go." Tao Ran stopped Long Qiu's hand as she was getting up and said, "Look at them, they are so in love, why do you have to separate them? You are such a good woman, you will find your own perfect true love."

Long Qiu fiercely broke away from Tao Ran's grip. Her eyes were full of anger and resentment, "You liar."

After saying that Long Qiu ran out. Tao Ran chased her out without thinking. When he reached the door, he was blocked by reporters.

"Mr. Tao Ran, why did you come out in a hurry?"

“Why are you rushing?"

“What is the relationship between you and the lady who just ran out?"

"You got the Best Actor award at such a young age. Is there any inside story in it?"

Seeing Long Qiu running further away, Tao Ran became anxious. He couldn't help but stretch out his hand and push them away. "Get out of my way!"

"Tao Ran hit someone!"

"The actor hit someone. !"

Tao Ran was so angry that he suddenly suffered from severe pain on his head.

Panda Xiaomei said, "Host, your drowning sequelae has occurred, please leave here as soon as possible, or you will faint."

Tao Ran’s world turned black and he fell to the floor with his head hitting the ground.

The reporters were shocked, and then frantically took photos of Tao Ran lying on the ground.

Tony, who rushed over, was mad at this scene. He screamed and ran over to punch and kick the reporters like he was crazy, then squatted down to support Tao Ran. The security guards ran over to drive the reporters away. Tony had no choice but to call Long Qiu.

Long Qiu, who was walking alone on the street, heard the sound of her phone ringing. She immediately pressed it down to decline the call. She felt like she had been deceived. She treated Tao Ran as a friend and treated him sincerely, but he helped Cui Xiao and Bai Shaohui and deceived her.

Her phone rang again. She was about to decline the call again but she saw that Tony was calling. She answered the phone indifferently. "What's the matter?"

Tony's voice cracked like he was about to cry, "President Long, please come and help us. Tao Ran was coming out but he passed out at the door. The reporters are blocking the door and we can't get out..."

Long Qiu felt her mind black out. When she recovered, she was already on the way back. She rushed to the door, and saw the reporters blocking it. Long Qiu rushed in front of them, her eyes red with anger as she shouted, "Do you all want to go to jail!?"

"If something happens to my people, Star Entertainment will definitely make sure all of you will never work in this line again!"

"Get out of here!"

She arrogantly pushed the crowd apart and saw Tony putting his arms around Tao Ran who was in a coma.

When Tony saw Long Qiu, it was as though he'd seen the heroine of a movie "Ms. Long..."

Long Qiu said, "What are you still doing? Don't just cry there, hurry up and put him in the car!"

"Yeah!" Tony, who was as thin as a water snake, carried Tao Ran on his back into the car.

"Where is the driver? Where did he go?" Long Qiu shouted at Tony frantically.

 "I don't know..." Tony said, "I'll fire him when I get back."

Long Qiu got in the driver's seat and drove away. She drove through a couple of red lights all the way to the hospital.

After the hospital staff wheeled Tao Ran away, Long Qiu stood in the corridor with a headache and asked, "Why did he faint?"

Tony said, "He saw you running away and he ran after you, and I followed, but you two ran too fast. I saw Ran Ran being blocked by a group of reporters at the door. He seemed to have gotten into a big fight. After pushing the reporters a bit, he fainted."

Long Qiu said with a terrible expression: "These reporters, they dare to bully Starlight’s people? Do they really think I can't do anything to them? Go, find out all the reporters who blocked Tao Ran at the door today, then call their newspaper boss and have him fire them all."


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