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Chapter 20: The Domineering Female President [20.1]

"Yes." Tony was stunned by Long Qiu's domineering tone.

As Long Qiu turned around and was about to leave, he suddenly thought of something and asked Long Qiu, "Ms. Long, did you have a fight with Ranran?"

Long Qiu glared at him fiercely. "Leave now."

“Yes, I'll go now.”

Tao Ran was soon transferred to the ward.

Long Qiu asked the doctor that came to check Tao Ran, "How is he? Is he okay?"

“Yes, the last attack was due to the sequelae of brain hypoxia. It’s nothing serious but it is best not to have more feelings of anxiety, anger, etc." The doctor answered. "The patient's family should be reminded and pay attention to him."

Long Qiu nodded. She turned her head to look at the pale Tao Ran who was lying on the bed. She was no longer as angry with him now. What should she do? Unconscious people are more real. She sat on the edge of the bed and watched Tao Ran quietly, her mind messed up. She kept thinking of her friendship with Tao Ran and everything he had done for her. He cooked her noodles and would give her night snacks. She thought Tao Ran had really regarded her as a friend, so she didn't expect him to help others to deceive her.

The thing that she hated most in her life was being lied to by others.

At this moment, someone unexpectedly appeared in Tao Ran’s room. Bai Shaohui brought Cui Xiao to the hospital to see Tao Ran. Seeing that Long Qiu was also in the hospital, Bai Shaohui said, "Miss Long, you’re also here. You suddenly rushed out from the hall earlier and we were all shocked."

Long Qiu didn't want to talk to these two people right now, but she couldn't simply ignore them. With regard to face, she could only keep her mouth shut.

Bai Shaohui looked at Tao Ran and said, “I didn’t believe it when Tony said that Tao Ran had fainted. This buddy of mine is usually healthy.”

Long Qiu said, “He had an accident while shooting a car ad by the beach a few days ago. The car tumbled into the sea. He wasn’t breathing when he was rescued. The doctor said that there would be sequelae."

Cui Xiao looked shocked. "How come I didn’t know of this at all?"

Long Qiu said with a cold face, "The company suppressed the news."

Bai Shaohui nodded his head and said, "Is he okay now?"

Long Qiu nodded and replied, "Are you close and familiar with each other? I had no idea."

Bai Shaohui couldn't help but laugh. "He’s still hiding it from you."

Long Qiu: "What?"

"He lied to you before. The reason he told you that was to get close to you." Bai Shaohui thought that Long Qiu was asking about Tao Ran who had claimed that he was gay. "Tao Ran and I often go out drinking together. We have some topics in common. I told him about Xiaoxiao, and he told me about you."

Long Qiu's heart seemed to be pricked by something. It didn't hurt, but it was a strange feeling. She asked, "What do you mean by ‘talking about me’?"

Bai Shaohui planned to help the shy boy Tao Ran once and for all, so he said, "He likes you.”

These three words made Long Qiu dumbfounded for a moment.

“I drove him back to the company to see you because he had to buy milk tea and cream puffs for you. This buddy, I don't think he’s able to express himself well. When it comes to this kind of thing, he’s more perplexed than anyone else. It has been so long and he still dared not confess to you."

Long Qiu was shocked. It turns out that Tao Ran likes her?

Bai Shaohui said, "Xiaoxiao and I won't bother you two being alone. Don't tell Tao Ran that I spilled his secrets."

After that, Bai Shaohui took Cui Xiao and left, leaving Long Qiu who was still immersed in her own thoughts. She was really shocked. Did Tao Ran actually like her?

Everything suddenly made sense. No wonder he helped Bai Shaohui and Cui Xiao behind her back, no wonder he was always looking for her, no wonder he wanted to take care of her when she was sick, no wonder he brought her dinner and cooked noodles for her.

Everything had a reasonable explanation.

Long Qiu wanted to say that he wanted to eat swan meat, but she felt sour in her heart. She wanted to wait for Tao Ran to wake up and listen to his own explanation, but Tao Ran did not wake up all night.

There were still a few meetings to be held the next day, and Long Qiu had to go to the company. After she sat down in the office, the assistant brought her a bowl of poached egg noodles.

Tao Ran was a little surprised and asked, "Why is this the breakfast today?"

"Don't you like it?" The assistant asked. "But Tao Ran said you like this in the morning. He asked me to buy it for you."

Long Qiu looked at her assistant’s face with a particularly complicated feeling in her heart. "You can go now, I want to eat the noodles by myself."


Long Qiu took a bite of the noodles bought by her assistant. There were too many spices in it, and it was not as delicious as Tao Ran's cooking. She felt a little uncomfortable when she ate it. For the first time in so many years, someone cared about what she had for breakfast.

The phone rang and Long Qiu answered.

Tao Ran held the phone with a guilty conscience and began, "President Long..."

Long Qiu: "You have something to say?"

Tao Ran was silent for a while before continuing, "President Long, I know you don't want to hear me say this, but I still want to say it. You really deserve a better person. Bai Shaohui is not your beloved. You should look at others. There are many outstanding people around you."

Long Qiu quietly listened to Tao Ran’s words, the morning sun shining from the floor-to-ceiling windows behind her. She raised her lips slightly and said in a very pleasant voice. "Then you come to me with ninety-nine roses? If you come to me, I will give up on Bai Shaohui."

Panda Xiaomei shouted frantically, "Host! Did you hear that!? Go! Go! Victory is right in front of you!"

Tao Ran jumped out of the hospital bed, but he couldn’t find his clothes to change into, so he rushed out in his hospital gown. The doctor passing by was taken aback by his actions. They knew that his hospital fees had already been paid, so why did he rush out so quickly as if he was running away from paying his bills?

Tao Ran rushed to the hospital's flower shop only to find out that he had no money. The flower shop owner saw Tao Ran and immediately screamed, "Ahhh! Tao Ran!!"

Tao Ran looked at her with embarrassment and said, "I want to buy flowers."

"Buy!" The lady boss said. "I have all kinds of flowers here!"

"No, I... don’t have any money with me now." Tao Ran was embarrassed. "Can I get the flowers first and give you the money later? You can rest assured that I will be back and never fall back on the bill."

"I will give the flowers to you for free." The lady boss said boldly. "One flower, one photo."

Tao Ran: "..."

In the end, Tao Ran took ninety-nine pictures with the lady boss, and he went out carrying the ninety-nine roses in his hands. Tao Ran called Tony immediately. "Hey, Tony, I have something to tell you. I may be famous again. I just took ninety-nine selfies with the flower shop owner..."

Tao Ran stopped a taxi. As soon as the driver saw him, he pointed at him excitedly, "Hey, are you..?"

"Yeah, that’s who I am." Tao Ran cut the driver’s speech immediately agreeing with him, went inside, and said, "Take me to Starlight Building."

The driver kept the conversation while driving, "I just watched the movie you acted in yesterday."

Tao Ran: "Well, thank you for your support."

"You acted really well, and the costumes you had for singing were beautiful." The driver gushed as he kept on staring at Tao Ran. "Why are you wearing a hospital gown?”

“Oh because— Hey, drive well… look at the front… look at the front!” Tao Ran hastily said as he saw an upcoming car.

The driver turned his head forwards and started chatting again, “Hey, why do you have such a big bunch of flowers in your hands, ah? Are you going to give them to that rich woman?”

Tao Ran was surprised for a moment and asked, "The rich woman? What rich woman?"

"That… I was the one who was going to take care of you that day." The driver said. "You took my taxi that day, and that rich woman said that you didn't agree to her 'hidden rules'... and then in the end, you agreed."

"..." Tao Ran was silent for a while, then slightly, sadly answered, "Yes, it's her."

"Hey, it's not easy to make money these days." The driver shook his head at the vicissitudes of life. "It's hard to serve guests, it's hard to serve the boss, and it's even harder to serve even the owner of the money. This is too much. You’re ill, but you still need to serve her.”

Tao Ran wiped the sweat from his forehead, and said inwardly, isn't it? For that 99,999,999.998, I've been threatened, had to be a spy, and nearly drowned in a car accident. Was it easy for me?

When he arrived at Starlight Building, Tao Ran said, "Mister, wait a minute, I'll go in and let someone give you the fare, I don't have any money with me now."

The driver waved his hand with understanding. "Just go brother, it's not easy."

As expected, he is still a good person. But he was a bit amused by the misunderstanding that he was serving the rich woman… as a ‘pretty boy’.

Tao Ran rushed into Starlight holding the flowers. Everyone in the hall on the first floor was taken aback by Tao Ran, who was wearing a hospital gown holding flowers. Tao Ran had just rushed in when he saw Xiang Chu who had just come downstairs. Thank the heavens that there is always someone in this world that I know.

Tao Ran shouted to this Chu, "Xiang Chu!"

Xiang Chu turned his head and saw that Tao Ran was holding a large bunch of red roses and looking at him with a bright smile. Tao Ran held the flowers as he rushed forward. "Xiang Chu, it's great to see you."

Xiang Chu immediately became frightened. He took a step back and looked at Tao Ran with a conflicted expression. Tao Ran was a little embarrassed as he asked, "Do these flowers look good?"

There was an uproar in the people around them who stopped and saw what’s going on. Were they about to witness this unforgettable forbidden love?

"Yes… They look good..." Xiang Chu was afraid of irritating Tao Ran, so he tried to explain euphemistically, "But I… I'm not ready yet..."

"What preparations?" Tao Ran said blankly. "If I borrow ten dollars, I will pay back, what do you need to prepare?"

Everyone: "Huh?"

Xiang Chu: "What? Ten yuan?"

"Yeah." Tao Ran said with some embarrassment. "I didn't bring money for the taxi and the driver is still waiting outside."

Xiang Chu: "Oh..."

Xiang Chu took out a crumpled ten-dollar bill from his pocket. Tao Ran patted him on the shoulder and said, "Brother, you are a little imprecise. Help me give this to the mister outside, I'm in a hurry."

Tao Ran walked away as fast as he could after he finished speaking, leaving only Xiang Chu standing there. His lonely figure looked so disappointed, and the people watching the excitement patted their thighs together, after waiting in vain to see a show for a long time.

Tao Ran was standing in the elevator holding a bunch of roses, and several girls who were in the elevator with him kept staring and whispering at him. Finally, a girl couldn't help it and asked, "Who are those flowers for?"

Tao Ran answered, "Who else is there besides Miss Long?”

The people in the company had much speculation about the relationship between Long Qiu and Tao Ran. Tao Ran's sentence was tantamount to admitting that. The few girls immediately became excited, their legs went soft, and their mouths made a weird cry, "Ah~ the Female President and the little wolf dog..."

"So romantic..."

"So exciting..."

Tao Ran: "..."

Having hurried all the way from the hospital to the company, Tao Ran was sweating a lot, and he felt a little thirsty. The girls should have gone out long ago, but they wanted to stay in the elevator and follow Tao Ran out.

As Tao Ran walked towards Long Qiu's office with the flowers in hand, he turned his head and said to them, "Don't read too much into it, it's nothing special. It's not what you think; I'm here to take the blame."

The girls: "Ohh~"

Damn. That explanation wasn’t clear, I only hope that Long Qiu will not hide herself because of this. Tao Ran stretched out his hand and pulled his hair, knocked on the door, and said, "Ms. Long, I'm here."

Long Qiu's cold voice came from inside, "Come in."


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