Domineering CEO Is My Son

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Chapter 3: He is Going Home

President Kang patiently sat on the waiting chair in the police station.

Yes, president Kang was waiting quietly. He was almost certain that his body’s mother wasn’t weak.

When she’d realized that the middle-aged man had hit her son, the young mother almost instinctively rebutted, saying that he even dared to hit her son. She had a mighty composure, implying that she was stronger than him, and he had offended someone he shouldn’t have. Had she been someone weak, she would’ve never said something like this!

Xia Sheng had finished recording her testimony. Turning her head around, she noticed that her son was obediently wrapped around her arm, not crying or whining.

Xia Sheng suddenly felt her entire body ache. For the past few days, she felt as if her son was separated from her by a screen curtain, but she couldn’t quite tell why.

She sharply sensed that her son had changed, one way or another. He resisted her friendly approaches. She was on pins and needles, clueless about what happened to her son.

Now, her son acted like before again. He was willing to depend on her, and so he would also soon help her make sense of what happened like before.

“Don’t worry, Kangkang. Mama is here.”

President Kang wanted to cry. I’m only scared because you’re here.

The female police officer was in shock. “That child abductor had someone wrong in his head. His entire nose bridge got fractured.”

It was hard to believe that a frail, young mother with wavy hair a little over 160cm tall could knock down an 80kg man almost a head taller.

President Kang raised his head, looking at the placid young mother beside him. She tidied her hair, like a fragile flower, even speaking in a gentle voice when explaining to the female police officer, “I don’t know how I did it. The only thing I thought of at the time was to get my son back.”

Everyone concluded that it was the power of maternal love.

However, the stronger this force was, the more dangerous it was for President Kang. He wasn’t her son!

President Kang had an even stronger urge to leave this place. However, Xia Sheng was also more careful, worried that her son might run off again.

She didn’t tell the father about this. He had been worn out from work for the past few days. It wouldn’t help his state of mind if he knew about this. She could handle all of it anyway.

So, Xia Sheng brought her son to the hospital by herself to check that the injuries on his face were fine. On the way, President Kang was constantly looking for an opportunity to run away, however, none presented themselves.

President Kang froze when they arrived at the hospital, immediately realizing that it was the one his original body was in!

Was this the fabled saying of coming back empty-handed after searching everywhere and wearing out your iron soles, only to have it present itself right after?*

*Note: Direct (and very wordy) translation of the Chinese idiom 踏破铁鞋无觅处,得来全不费工夫

However, the reality was still harsh——

They were going to register a walk-in. He was in her arms, stretching his neck out to see which floor the intensive care units were on.

In her embrace and lining up, he finally was able to see that the intensive care units were on the 12th floor.

When the doctor came to check on him, he still wasn’t able to go anywhere under the watch of both the doctor and Xia Sheng. He could only conform himself to the doctor’s treatment.

He tried to struggle, but it was inconsequential.

In the line to pick up his prescribed drugs, President Kang’s eyes were still fixated at the elevator door. He was becoming restless.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be home soon.” Xia Sheng comforted her son.

President Kang’s mentality crumbled upon hearing this sentence. For the past few days, the only way he kept himself calm was by thinking about returning to his own home.

Theoretically, he just needed to take an elevator up to find his old body.

However, finding his body wasn’t the key, the important part was that his butler and brothers were certainly by his side.

Even though he couldn’t talk, he could still write. He could let his butler know who he really was.

Once he got his identity through, the butler would arrange everything else for him.

President Kang saw that Xia Sheng was almost at the front of the line. After she picked up the medicine, she would definitely bring him straight out of the hospital.

He was somewhat agitated. If he couldn’t escape this time, it would be completely up in the air when the next opportunity arose.

“Ah- Ah-”

Xia Sheng looked down and saw his son with a hand extended out, pointing in a direction, babbling.

She was shocked. Her… Her son spoke?

However, in that short moment of surprise, her son broke free of her grasp, mixing into the crowd.

On the twelfth floor in the intensive care unit, the butler looked at the man in the bed, secretly pleased in his heart.

It was finally the day. Kang Yue was the most vicious person he had ever met. He had been like this since his childhood. No one liked him.

But what could he do? He had a massive inheritance from his parents. This fortune was restricted by various conditions, forcing everyone to babysit him.

But now he didn’t need to anymore. None of them had to live the way they used to live.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Little President Kang’s conditions have stabilized.” The butler reported to the person on the other side of the phone. “The doctor said that he'll be fine if we take good care of him despite the severity of this car accident.”

President Kang heard the familiar voice, following it further down the hall. He was beyond euphoric. He could finally go back, get away from that couple, and stop acting dumb.

He could sleep on his big bed again, in his elaborate villa instead of that cramped apartment. He wouldn’t have to be in a class with all those toddlers with runny noses.

He’d finally be returning to his home, his company, and his girlfriends!

In the fire escape staircase, the butler continued, “It’s not tiring at all. It’s so much easier taking care of a person in a coma.”

“The doctor said that he still has a twenty percent chance of recovering.”

The person on the other side said something, and the butler immediately corrected himself, “My bad, they said that it’s one hundred percent that he won’t be able to wake up.”

The butler knew he said something wrong, quickly switching the topic. “What do we do with Little Kang’s girlfriends? They all want compensation for breaking up, threatening that they’ll expose Little President Kang for cheating on social media.”

The butler listened to the other person’s response, flattering, “Okay, yes.”

He started smiling. “Not without President Kang’s help. I’ll report you if anything happens.”

The butler hung up his phone, lightly walking back to the room. He ran right into a little boy. His cheeks looked inflated as if he was sucking a piece of candy in his mouth. Anyone with experience would be able to tell that it was inflammation from getting hit.

The boy was about four years old. His eyes were filled with hatred, staring dead at him.

The butler confusedly took two steps back, his senses quickly coming back. Why was he frightened by a little boy?

The butler reapproached him, asking gently, “Whose child are you? Where are your parents?”

When Xia Sheng found her son, he was all over a middle-aged man, like a mad beast, biting the man hard.

“You! Huai Yin!”*

*Note: Hua Yin is the pinyin for ‘坏银’, which is common internet slang for ‘坏人’, meaning ‘bad guy’, because little children often mispronounce ‘坏人’ for the similarly sounding ‘坏银‘.

Xia Sheng heard her son spit out a few words. Even though they were ambiguous, it was certain that her son spoke something!

The author has something to say: Little Theater

Mama said that birthday wishes would all be realized.

Little Kangkang looked at his birthday candle, making his birthday wish——

I hope papa and mama can have a normal kid, not me.

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