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Chapter 11: Shooter Game

President Kang could faintly sense something was wrong. Even though his cheap mother still acted gentle to him after leaving the company, he felt that she was about to explode.

Xia Sheng turned her head around and felt her son trustingly pull her hand on his head, quietly staring at her with his large eyes.

Xia Sheng’s heart softened, patting her son’s head. “Son, did you also understand that?”

Xia Sheng recalled how her son’s behaviour changed after he came back from the annual company celebration, especially how he wanted to talk the next day, then became silent, and was finally able to speak again.

Did her son also hear what the boss had said that night?

“Don’t worry about telling us anything. In mama and papa’s minds, you’re the best child in the world. The boss who said you were bad isn’t a good child himself.”

Xia Sheng thought for a moment. Then, she brought her son to the amusement park to relax, not just for her son, but also for herself.

She would suffocate from anger if she continued to hold this in.

As Yue Qin completed his last request and came to pick up his son, he noticed that his son was staring at him with a wistful expression.

Yue Qin laughed and carried his son over. “What type of look is this?”

President Kang wanted to say that it was a hint that his wife had discovered him getting fired.

However, he was only the best child in the world, so he knew nothing.

He had to be the best child in the world because he’d witnessed firsthand his mother hitting all the moving targets at the shooting range in only a short time.

Thank you, government, thank you for gun bans.

“Son, your gaze is really weird today.” Yue Qin came out of the kitchen with a bowl of egg custard.

President Kang quickly climbed onto his children’s chair, sitting upright and waiting for him to place the bowl in front of him.

Yue Qin pulled over a small stool from the side, sitting down in front of him.

He had especially prepared the egg custard as an additional meal for his son. He even added minced meat, making it smell even better.

However, Yue Qin didn’t place the bowl down on the children’s seat. Instead, he scooped up a spoonful of the custard. “Are you hungry, son?”

President Kang: “…”

The slippery and soft egg custard jiggled on the spoon. The meat immediately released President Kang’s appetite.

Yue Qin watched as his son extended his neck, his eyes filled with a desire for food.

“Doesn’t papa’s custard smell good?”

An uneasy feeling developed inside President Kang. What is he doing?

“Come, say ’papa.’” Yue Qin placed his spoon right next to his son’s mouth.

President Kang’s head was immediately filled with black lines.

It was too cruel for a four-year-old child. It would become a traumatic experience for his son.

He could say ’papa’ for tens of thousands of Yuan, but never for a few months of egg custard!

“It smells so good.” Yue Qin waved the spoon in front of him. “It wouldn’t taste as good if it turns cold.”

He has a point. President Kang stared at the egg custard: the soft egg mixed with minced meat. It would smell fishy if it became cold.

He was also only four, so it was almost positive that he would get a stomach ache after eating it cold.

But he could just refuse the custard completely. There was no way he was going to call this big guy ’papa.’

Ten minutes later, President Kang finished the last spoon of the egg custard, wiping the corners of his mouth with his baby bib.

However, it came with a great benefit. He saw the big guy’s phone password.

He could contact his girlfriend now.

He thought of his girlfriend’s distressed look, feeling a bit desperate about contacting her. He felt too insecure right now.

During the evening, President Kang unlocked the big guy’s phone and hid in a corner of the sofa. However, he fell into deep thought, and a problem he hadn’t considered appeared in front of him.

What was his girlfriend’s phone number?

President Kang couldn’t remember.

Who purposefully memorises their girlfriend’s phone number? He only memorised his various passwords.


He still knew his passwords: From his socials to bank accounts and payment apps, he knew them all.

He could log in to his social media. He had money in them. Everything would be fine with money.

WeChat——New login device detected, please verify.

QQ——New login device detected, please verify.

Alipay——New login device detected, please verify.

President Kang: “…” Verify my ass!

Everyone else seemed to have no restraint when it came to taking his stuff, from his company to piano, but he needed to verify!

What shitty system was this? Trying to bully him? The child’s cheeks burned with anger.

Wait. The kid suddenly came to a realisation: He had a game account.

He fluently tapped into the game app on the phone, trying to log in to his account.

“Son?” A voice came from behind.

The child half-buried in a corner of the sofa froze, turning his head around with difficulty. His cheap father was looking at him in surprise.

“Son? What are you doing?”

President Kang’s head numbed, feeling like this was his last day. His brain emptied, almost spitting out instantaneously. “Papa!”

Yue Qin lifted him off the sofa, taking his phone back when he realised that his game app was open. He almost jumped in his place. “Don’t let mama find out about this!”

President Kang was super nervous. He was only in a four-year-old’s body, his cheap father must’ve realised that something was off about him.

Expectedly, Yue Qin realised the next moment. He turned around to his son, saying in disbelief. “Son, you’re a child genius, aren’t you?”

President Kang: “…” As long as you can’t guess the truth, then I surely am: recognizing thousands of words, writing hundreds of poems a day, and easily getting into top universities!

Yue Qin happily lifted his son up in the air. “Son, you are a child genius, right? How else would you have known about this game?”

“Last time I played this game in front of you, you were only two years old. You must have superhuman memory, right?”

It was a shooter game, President Kang’s favourite shooter game in the past.

So big guy papa also played video games?

The only impression President Kang had gotten from knowing him was an image of a devoted husband and father.

Him playing video games was the last thing he would have thought. He suddenly felt that he was a lot more unremarkable.

Yue Qin took his phone back, looking at the shooter game. “You can’t play this, okay? It’ll be over if your mother finds out about this.”

President Kang looked at the man, thinking, Bro, you know way too little. Your wife’s aim might be better than yours.

“Again, you’re looking down on me.”

“Even if you’re a child prodigy, your father is always your father. You can’t look at papa this way.”

President Kang continued to stare at him.

Yue Qin was a bit confused, mumbling, “Why don’t you ever look at your mother this way?”

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